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#White British

Only 17% of the UK are white british, like wtf?? Is this true?? Why are the government still accepting people from different countries. Its bad enough for us white british people to find jobs and places to live. Dont let in more people that would steal our jobs because they would work for less than the minimum wage.!!
     If we went to foreign countries we are forced to learn their language without any help, but when they come here they get free translation services and extra hrlp finding jobs and homes, why dont the government do that for us??

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Why A Turkey Is Called A Turkey : Krulwich Wonders: NPR
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Me: before I start watching Ranboo, is he British?

Smigs: no he’s white asf

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Part II spooky Joj photo

I love his smile - and his hair looks amazing here 🕉💜

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im so sad.. this anon was blissfully unaware of the crimes ive committed and you MONSTERS brought it back to light…. now im being tried in court so thanks :/

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the way this show insists on saying over & over that monsters are IMPORTED they come from OTHER PLACES is sooOoOooOooo disturbing, its so blatantly racist that the creators had to have known

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I love this photo so much (it gives me spooky/creepy vibes for some reason but I still love it 🤣) 🕉💜

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These Red Letter Photocards were for the British release of his Essanay films. Many times they included the name Charlie into the title, for instance this is from “The Champion” but in it’s British release “Champion Charlie”, “Work” was called “Charlie at Work”.

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Ailanthus Tree and Yangtze River, Study 1, Nantong, Jiangsu, Michael Kenna, 2015

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