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Whumper Weekly, Caffeine series: Heart Rate

Some people have a bad reaction to coffee or caffeine. Your whumpee may be one of them. A rise in heart rate may be one of these reactions. It would be very startling for your whumpee’s heart to start racing for reasons unbeknownst to them. Are they scared? Anxious? It won’t feel like it, so why is their heart racing? You may be able to trick a whumpee into thinking they are far more frightened of you than they actually are, convince a strong and rebellious whumpee think they have broken, or can trick a skittish whumpee into a meltdown. There’s just so much psychological damage you can do with a racing heart. Get creative, try something new, and, most importantly, have fun.

Suggested by @whimpity-whumpity

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Yay, an order

The whumpee, sent on a task/mission outside the base (and therefore in public), is so focused on doing a good job, on making whumper proud, on completing the order given to them, that the idea of “oh, I could escape right now” completely slips their mind.

A few hours later, they return to whumper, task completed, and the whumper rewards them for a job well done.

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I had pneauonia once… I was home from school for 2 weeks and when I came back my friends were genuinely surprised to see me still alive. Ty for the prompt, this one was fun lol.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re… sick?” The whumper asks with disgust.

With heaving lungs and a burning fever, the whumpee nods weakly.

“Gross… I guess you’ll either die or get better on your own, so I guess I’ll see you when one of those two things happens!”

The whumper shuts the door behind them, leaving the whumpee in complete darkness once again, shivering against their fever and hacking their lungs up with every breath. They felt like death, and they wondered if the whumper was actually going to let them die. Then, they collapse.

The room was cool, and dark, and waking up felt like lifting heavy weights from their bones. They feel a prick on their arm, and jerk their hand away in shock.

The doctor, who the whumpee had met more than a few times, smiled down at them.

“Good news! Your fever broke. And besides, it was just pneumonia, you would’ve lived anyways.” The doctor stands up and huffs. “But, I have orders, so the meds should ease the symptoms.”

Leaving quickly, the man disappears through the door.

Weirdly comforted knowing that the whumper wouldn’t let them die after all, the whumpee sleeps deeply (with help from the meds), and doesn’t even have any nightmares.

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New Fic: Death is a Circle (Round and Round It Goes)

The last official fic I’ll be posting on my AO3; which was only further proven to me based on the engagement it has received why it will be the last >>. If you like time loop fics, platonic Klance, angst for all and plenty of whump, you’ll hopefully like this fic. And if you do, please do leave a comment on the fic. It means a lot.

Summary:  Watching someone die in front of you, unable to do anything to save them, is a beyond horrific thing. And to have it happen again and again and again? That’s the situation Lance has found himself in as Keith is the target of the Druid’s newest robobeast and each time Keith dies the time loop restarts. But as if watching Keith die over and over wasn’t horrible enough, there’s a limit. And unless Lance can figure out how to protect Keith, the next time he dies… he’s going to stay dead.

Story snippet:

Lance’s heart skipped a beat and his head jerked once more to the right.



But that was…

“Keith,” he breathed, feeling tears re-forming in his eyes.

Keith was alive.

He was marching towards Lance from a rocky outcropping, eyes both narrowed and searching and, “What did you do?” he demanded as he approached.

Lance’s heart skipped another beat.


“What?” he croaked out.

This was…

It was…

Just like before.

“What do you mean ‘what?’” Keith frowned at him. “You’re the one who shot the machine, right?” He peered closer. “Are you… crying?”

“What? No!” Lance shot to his feet, fingers awkwardly scrunching beneath his visor to wipe at his eyes. “I just…” he took a step forward, hand hovering. “You’re… you’re here?”

“Uh, yes?” Keith’s gaze darted from Lance’s hand to his face, brow drawing further. “Did you hit your head?”

Had he?

He must have.

It was the only thing that made sense.

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Omg I actually really really like this one!! Tysm for the inspiration 😳

It had been four days since the whumpee had gotten hold of the tiny shard of glass. It was the size of a fingernail, and was just sharp enough to slowly cut into the rope digging into their wrists.

In that four days, they had sawed and sawed, and now it was loosely gathered in their hands. Waiting for the right moment had never been so nerve wracking.

And finally, the coast was clear enough to consider. The whumper was upstairs and most likely in their office, which didn’t have a view of the front door. The guard on whumpee’s cell was dozing just enough that if they tip toed, they might make it past. And yesterday, Whumpee had learned that the space between the last cell bar and the wall was wider than the rest, and that they were just skinny enough to squeeze through. It was the luckiest coincidence. It had to be a sign.

Today was also delivery day, meaning every spare hand and guard was in the back, unloading the truck of miscellaneous items for the house, and probably some new pets to process.

It was now or never. They had to leave it up to chance that upstairs was clear, and they’d have to be as fast as they could possibly manage. They silently stretched their legs a little, waiting for enough courage.

Okay. Now.

Squeezing through the cell bar and the wall, the whumpee pads through the room and up the stairs, trying to avoid the creaky spots.

They slowly slowly slowly open the door, and manage to peak through. They couldn’t see the front door, but they couldn’t see any people, so they held their breath and decided to run for it.

They ran. All they could see was the front door, and all they could hear was the rhythmic slapping of their bare feet on the ground.


In a careen of limbs, the whumpee whips their head around to face the voice, their body clumsily following orders as they crash to the floor, only feet from the front door.

They stare up at the whumper with wide eyes, too scared for tears. On their knees, now bruised from the impact, the whumpee’s head empties as they wait for a punishment, a beating, anything.

The whumper sneers down at them. Their glare could make even worms squirm in the dirt, and the whumpee is but a worm beneath their feet.

“Did you really think you could beat me?” They say at last. You could hear a pin drop, but all whumpee could hear was their racing heartbeat.

“N-no!” They force out. Deadly silence.

“Did you really think,” the whumper spits, “that you could beat a lifetime of training?”

They shake their head no, frantic. Would they be punished? Killed?

Clicking their tongue, the whumper shakes their head along with their pet. “Perhaps today, you and I can put on a little… demonstration for the new pets, how does that sound?”

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“Say please”

“And besides, I’m almost done with you, pet.”

The whumpee looks up with a jolt. “A-almost done?”

Laughing, their owner bends down to reach eye level. “I’m getting a new pet soon, aren’t you excited?”

Their mind going a million miles per hour (or as fast as it can go on all the drugs, anyway), the whumpee is silent for a while.

“What are you thinking about, pet?” The whumper wants them to beg to stay, and they know exactly how to get it out of them. “Are you worried I’ll abandon you?”

Silently, the whumpee nods once.

“Can you use your words for me?”

Looking up with teary eyes, they try not to let their voice shake. “Are… are you gonna leave me?”

Hiding how much they’re smiling at how cute that was, the whumper nods their head, putting on an act to scare them into saying it.

In a burst of fear at being left behind, the whumpee panics. “B-but you can’t! You can’t just leave me! Don’t leave me!”

“Say please?” The whumper asks cruelly.

Their pet looks at the ground for a moment, then back up at them. “…please,” they beg.

Grinning wide, the whumper pinches their pets cheek. Maybe they won’t tell them that it’s a lie quite yet, since that panicked look plus begging was quite the view. They were getting a new pet, sure, but not as a replacement. They were an addition.

Yeah, they’ll wait a few more days before saying anything. “Oh, by the way, you leave in three days.”

Standing up and fixing their coat, the whumper has got an amazing three days ahead of them, and then a lifetime after that.

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It’s the cracking of bone that does it.

Whumpee cries out as they collapse to the floor, clutching their face as they taste blood on their tongue. Their nose is broken, and holy fuck does it hurt. Spitting out as much blood as they can, it’s no use as it streams down their face. Just… Agony.

@whumpster-dumpster, I was inspired 😇

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Fandom: GOT7

Sickie: Jaebeom

Caregiver: Jackson + Jinyoung

Jaebeom’s POV.:

The festive season was just starting up and so did the dinner parties with sponsors and potential investors who could possibly help in promoting GOT7 as well as my own music under the artist name Defsoul. For the sake of the bands popularity it was important to leave a lasting positive and professional impression. Over the next few weeks there were many formal dinners scheduled that GOT7 are going to attend, sometimes even a few per week. I had never really liked formal dinners, everyone was acting so uptight and the mood was often tense. As an artist looking for investors you were always walking on eggshells, afraid something you’d say would be taken the wrong way. My members often complimented me on how I charmed new investors during formal dinners, that’s why I was the leader, to speak for my group. They have no idea how nervous I always am until the business deal is settled and I’m not planning on letting the know either. The key was to drink with them but to only take tiny sips, so while they were tipsy enough to relax into the situation you’d keep your own head clear.

Right now, we were getting ready for another formal dinner. I could feel the tension settle over the maknaes of the group first. They were jokesters and I loved them for their childish teasing, however they were well aware of the importance of this dinner and were worrying to misstep despite trying hard to act professional. It’s not like I couldn’t relate to them, I was worried about misstepping too and I don’t think that will ever change no matter how often I practiced. The suits we wore looked good and most importantly professional, however they were nothing like the suits we wore during dance performances. They were thick and stiff, making moving uncomfortable. With our hair and make-up done I gathered my members for a moment, mostly to calm them down, not to threaten them into behaving, they knew to do that already. When I was done with my short speech, I took a deep breath to calm and mentally prepare myself.

At the restaurant we started making polite small talk, the first round of drinks already being served. Another thing I dislike about the holiday season, they always serve eggnog. Given I was not really into sweet stuff, you can guess how much I liked eggnog…. Correct, not at all. Masking my distaste towards the served beverage, I mirrored my table partner, raising the glass to my lips but only pretending to drink from it. Our conversation continued and as his glass slowly emptied, I had still not taken a single sip. For fear of causing suspicion, I started to take small sips to ensure my glass would be empty at some point too. When the appetizer was served, I made eye-contact with Bambam, giving him an encouraging smile, rightful so, as the woman opposite of him seemed to be taken in by his charm already. The tension was loosening, no wonder, while I was on my second drink, my conversation partner was on his fourth. We enjoyed our meal, paying extra attention to table manners, when at some point about half through my dish, my vision swam for a moment. I didn’t think much of it because after blinking my eyes a few times, everything went back to normal.

It happened again during the break between the main course and dessert, this time however, it didn’t just go away. When my head started spinning too, I excused myself politely and walked towards the restroom. As soon as I was out of sight from the table, I extended on arm to the wall for balance. I made it to the restroom, feeling unsteady on my feet. Having broken into a sweat, I unbuttoned the top buttons of my shirt, fanning my flushed face with my hands. In an attempt to stop the dizzying spinning going on inside my head, I breathed deeply, holding onto the sink to not fall over. Apparently, I had lost track of time as I just stood there unable to move, not being in command over my own body anymore because Jackson walked in to check on me. He looked at me with his brows furrowed: “Everything alright, hyung? You look off.” Still panting, I just managed to shake my head slightly before my vision dipped sideways.

Jackson’s POV.:

Our leader had been gone for a while, so I decided to see what was taking him so long. I spotted him right when I opened the door, clutching the sink while swaying slightly. He looked rough, sweaty with a few buttons of his shirt open. His face was pale and clammy, eyes glassy and disoriented. I approached him asking if he was ok, though it was obvious he wasn’t. He shook his head before his knees gave out. Barely managing to grab him in time to keep him from hitting the tile, I gently lowered him to the ground. He wasn’t unconscious though, his eyes darting through the room, lips mumbling something incoherent. To say I was terrified would have been an understatement. I was unsure whether I was supposed to call an ambulance so I settled for calling our manager instead in hopes he’d know what to do. Though it felt like an eternity to me, I knew our manager actually arrived very soon while our leader lay spaced out across my legs. I described the situation I had walked in on when Jaebeom suddenly pushed off of the ground, dragging himself into an unoccupied stall, slouching over the toilet bowl. Being confused at first, I sprang into action hearing a harsh retch. I crouched behind my hyung, quickly gathering his long hair and keeping it out of his face. Cringing in sympathy, I placed my free arm across his chest to steady his dinner made a reappearance. Despite still sweating buckets, he had started to shiver while gagging helplessly.

“Jackson, I appreciate your concern for your leader but to me it looks like he just didn’t watch how much he was drinking. I’ll call a driver and guide you to the back door. If people hear about GOT7’s leader drinking way past his limits, that will leave a terrible impression, so I’ll make up an excuse like him being unwell and you take him home. Not sure he’ll need a scolding for his actions, the hangover tomorrow might already be enough”, the manager spoke up, disappointment evident in his voice before leaving the restroom. I was stunned because Jaebeom knew his limits and would never even go close to reaching them during formal events. Unsure if I had seen correctly, I took a closer look at his face watching a tear roll down his cheek before he tensed in my grip, heaving up another wave of his undigested meal. “Be honest with me hyung, you didn’t really drink anything, did you?”, I asked sternly, the tear having caught me off guard. He weakly shook his head, throwing up again as I watched on helplessly. He wasn’t drunk, so what was going on?

After spitting into the bowl one last time, Jaebeom attempted to rest his head on the toilet seat but I quickly pulled him back to lay against my chest. “What’s going on, hyung?”, I whispered. “I-I don’t know. I only had about one and a half glasses of eggnog. My vision got funny, everything was too hot and spinning. So I came here to pull myself together.”, he relied with his eyes closed, voice weak and raspy from throwing up. I frowned, moving my hand to his forehead, feeling the sweaty burning hot skin under my palm. We sat in silences till our manager came in again ushering us to a side exit. It took both of us to keep a dizzy Jaebeom on his feet and I could tell our manager was pissed, thinking the leader had just drank his head off. I was upset myself, being worried for my friend and seeing him judged for something he didn’t do. Luckily, the ride was short and though he was ghostly pale, Jaebeom managed to keep his stomach in place. Back at the dorm it was completely on me to drag him from the car to the correct floor. Passing by the bathroom on the way to his own room, he insisted to stay there instead and surely, he got sick again not soon after. I hung up our jackets and helped my hyung remove his sweaty and sticky shirt, handing him a soft cotton t-shirt in exchange, so he wouldn’t get too cold. When he just sat there not making a move to put it on, I took it again and carefully slipped it over his head, guiding his hands through the correct openings. He went back to dozing off with his head against the bathtub afterwards and I quickly changed into more comfortable myself, not wanting to let our sick leader alone for too long. I just settled for keeping a close eye on him, holding his hair back every time he jerked up and threw himself over the toilet again, throwing up.

A few hours later, the rest of our group returned and after changing into less stiff clothes, Jinyoung took over from me listening to my explanation of what had been going on from the moment I had found Jaebeom plus the few things he had told me about back at the restaurant.

~ the next morning~

Jinyoung’s POV.:

We had gotten home late last and I had taken the place of an exhausted looking Jackson to watch over our sick leader. At that point, none of us had had an idea of what was wrong. Now however, sitting in a chair close to Jaebeom’s bed, I read over a very apologetic message from our manager. Yes, at some point during the night I had managed to drag him to bed. Looking up from my phone, I found my hyung watching me. “Good morning, how do you feel”, I asked, relieved that he was awake and his eyes looked less glassy though he flinched as I spoke. “Headache?”, I whispered. “Yeah, what happened? I can’t remember anything from last night. Please, don’t tell my I got so drunk that I can’t remember. Did I mess things up? Did I….”, he started to panic and I was quick to sit down next to him, putting a hand on his chest. “Ssh, you didn’t mess anything up and you didn’t get drunk either, although that’s what our manager thought at first. He just texted me that he’s sorry for judging you like that and that they found out that your drink was spiked. That’s probably why you don’t remember. And before you asked, no you didn’t do anything scandalous. Jackson found you in the bathroom before it fully took effect, took you home and kept an eye on you till the rest of us came back and I switched with him. You don’t have to try to hard to remember, you were basically just switching between zoning out and throwing up, so no memories that’d be necessary to have”, I calmed him. “Hmm, explains stuff. Like, why I feel as if I got hit by a train”, he mumbled into his pillow. Scooting to one side of his bed, I lifted the blanket a bit, an invitation. “You look tired, the way I know you, you didn’t sleep”, he closed his eyes again and I slipped under the blanket. Cuddled up against my leader’s warm body, I quickly drifted off to sleep and we both napped till the late afternoon.

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thank you! hope this does something for ya x

“if you think i’m just willingly gonna go in your car with you, you’re delusional,” whumpee said slowly, trying to keep their voice from shaking too much.

whumper just let out a smirk, walked sideways over to the back of the car. “i don’t think, my dear, I know.”

their confidence made whumpee feel sick and unsure. when whumper opened the back door, whumpee immediately recognized the shoes pointed towards them as caretaker’s. “no…” they whispered, as two of whumper’s men held whumpee back from the car.

whumper men dragged an unconscious caretaker out of the car, their head nearly slamming on the pavement. they positioned caretaker upright - like a doll - then smacked their face until they were awake. “wake up, sweetie, we’re here!” 

caretaker blinked awake, slowly realizing what was going on. “whumpee,” they breathed, “whatever they do, don’t go with them. don’t–”

“shhhh shh sh,” whumper said softly, shoving a piece of cloth into caretaker’s mouth and pulling their head up straight by the hair. whumpee struggled against the mens’ grasp but they were so much stronger than them. “you have a nice little protector, don’t you?” whumper said mockingly. they walked around caretaker’s front and punched them in the nose, blood splattered on the two of them along with the car. caretaker lost consciousness again.

“stop!” whumpee yelled, struggling more and more but all they were doing was tiring themselves out. their legs gave out, and they would’ve fallen to the ground if the two men hadn’t continued to hold them upright. “god, please stop. just… just take me.”

whumper had stopped, and closed in the space between them and whumpee as whumpee bowed their head. whumper grabbed their chin, tilted it up towards them and forced whumpee’s gaze again. whumpee’s chest was falling up and down as they stole a glance at caretaker’s limp body. “say that again,” whumper commanded. 

so whumpee took a deep breath, stood up as straight as they could. “take me.” whumper smiled. “hurt me, do whatever you want to me just… just please,” their voice broke, “please, don’t hurt caretaker anymore. please.”

whumper stroked whumpee’s cheek, softly, slowly, and whumpee winced and bowed their head again. “you know it’s you I want anyway,” whumper says while petting whumpee’s head. “we had such wonderful times together and i’m desperate for part two.”

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The hollow dead wale came at night.

But instead of food, how the sharks had proclaimed, full of their own pride and fish corpses, it had brought pain.

Pain and ropes and a deep, deep nothingness.

The mer’s consciousness drowned in an abyss deeper than the eternal night that would crush you beyond recognition if you dove to deep. They feared, in the surface-thin moment between nothing and pain, if the darkness gnawing at their mind would ravage their body too.

Their head breached the surface and the moon reflected round and bright in their wide dark eyes before they fluttered shut.

The hollow dead wale came at night.

But instead of bringing food, it came to devour the mer.

(Or how to catch a giant deep-sea mer. The answer is with a harpoon, rope and lots and lots of tranquilizer darts. Oh you aren’t sure how much sedative is safe to give? Never mind. It is safe as long as the thing doesn’t wake up while we heave it on board. To us at least :)))))) (click for better quality) )

@ashintheairlikesnow​ sending more mer-whump your way.

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Crackcember: Day 4

Epic driving times with the boys because they simply would not shut up this chapter!

Content warnings: light head injury, reckless driving and crash mention, pet whump mention/implication (just used as a joke though)



Hilbert’s ankles banged against a couple of stairs as they stepped up to the front of the RV, settling into the passenger seat with one final shove. 

Dennis fastened his own seatbelt and didn’t bother to help Hilbert. He focused instead on slipping the key into the ignition, finally starting the vehicle on the third twist, and pulling out of the driveway. 

“Dennis, I don’t have my seatbelt yet, hold on-!” Hilbert protested and Dennis stepped on the gas, sending them flying down the street. 

“We’re wasting daylight! No sense in waiting,” he shrugged, skidding around a left turn and flinging Hilbert into the door. 

“Yes, but the speed limit sign says twenty-five miles per hour,” he grumbled, sitting back up with a wince, “and you’re- you’re going-” he cut himself off, jaw going slack. “Where the hell is your speedometer?!

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chapter 4

A couple weeks had passed since Deku joined the gang and he was starting to feel at home. Dabi and him shared a room but they usually kept their respectful distances.

“Hey, Izuku.” Dabi called from the makeshift desk in their room. “Master has a task for us.”

“So soon?” Deku questioned. “What’s the target?”

“Our target is a high school girl named Ochaco Uraraka.” Dabi said as he prepared himself, grabbing a belt full of weapons from his closet.

“I’m sorry, who?” Deku clutched his chest as he remembered the girl who had always been so nice to him even when he was a wreck.

“Ochaco Uraraka. She’s from U.A. high school.” Dabi turned to look at the green haired boy. “What’s wrong?”

“What are we going to be doing to her?” Deku whispered.

“We have to kill her. Her father can’t pay back the money he owes. We’ve even been generous enough to give him an extra year to get his shit together.” The scarred male said and inspected his outfit. “This should be enough for him to understand we aren’t fucking around. Come on, let’s go.”

“They’ll recognize me, can I wear a face mask or something?” Dabi looked through his clothes before throwing a hoodie at him.

“That’s gonna have to do for now. You ready?” Deku looked down at his hands. ‘Am I?’

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Where is she?” Deku whispered to his partner. Dabi discreetly pointed at the target and Deku’s heart caught in his chest. As Dabi was about to move in, Deku put his arm out and put his hood down. “I have an idea.”

“Better be fucking good.”

“I haven’t talked to her since I ran away. I’ll lure her away from the crowd and we can move in from there.” Deku offered but saw Dabi wasn’t watching him.

“No need. She’s already leaving alone.” The males separated on predetermined paths. Deku hid behind a corner of a shady building and waited for the girl to come close before grabbing her and covering her mouth. She thrashed against him but couldn’t escape. ‘Am I actually going to kill her? She’s my friend! Or.. maybe she used to be. I need to do this! It’s my job now.’

“Sorry, Uravity.” Deku whispered and brought his hands to the top and bottom of her head before jerking his hands in seperate ways. Her neck made a sickening snap and her body crumpled to the ground, her lifeless eyes staring up at the sky. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Deku came undone and slumped against the wall, tears streaming down his face.

“Izuku,” Dabi’s quiet voice said from around him. “You did good. I’ll take care of it from here.” Deku looked away as his partner hoisted the dead girl into his arms and disposed of her. He came back and sat next to Deku and placed an arm around his shoulder.

“I killed her.” Deku breathed.

“The first few are always hard.” Dabi comforted him. “Come on, let’s go home.”

“Izuku! How was it? How did it feel?” Toga swarmed around him as they entered the hideout. “That face doesn’t look good to me.”

“I- sorry Toga, I can’t right now.” Deku pushed past her and into the shared room, Dabi following after him. The green haired boy sat on the edge of the bed and stared aimlessly at the ground, his actions haunting him. Dabi’s face appeared in front of him as he squatted down to be eye level with his partner.

“I’m not going to ask if you’re okay because I know you’re not.” Dabi sighed. “Just know I’m here for you. I have to go report back to Master. I’ll be back soon.” After he left Deku laid down on the bed and tried not to let his feelings overwhelm him. The sound of her neck snapping still echoed through his mind and he clutched the blankets. He got up and shuffled back to the main room and sat next to Toga.

“You don’t look too good, Izuku.” The blonde pointed out but Deku heard the concern in her observation. “Do you need a hug?” Deku nodded and the girl’s arms went around him and for once he didn’t mind that she was touching him.

“How about movie night?” Twice’s voice rang from across the room. “There’s a comedy I’ve been wanting to watch.”

“Sure, Twice. I think that would help.” Deku sniffed and pulled back from Toga’s hug. “Thanks by the way, Toga.”


The movie just started when Dabi came back and sat down next to Deku, his arm instinctively went around the boy. Deku rested his head against his partner’s chest and tried to focus on the movie to forget what he had done.

“Aww, Jin look!” Toga whispered to Twice and pointed to Deku and Dabi. “Izuku’s sleeping! He’s so adorable when he sleeps.”

“What about me?” Twice whined and Toga giggled at him.

Dabi gently positioned Deku on top of him and hoped he was comfortable. He was new to the whole caring about someone thing and wasn’t sure if he was doing it right. Deku shifted in his sleep and ended up sitting on top of Dabi and the scarred boy struggled to control his urges. ‘He’s sitting right on it! God, this is so not fair. Get yourself together, he’s asleep for crying out loud.’

The movie ended but Twice wanted to watch another one and Toga decided to stay with him.

“I’m not watching another stupid movie.” Dabi groaned as he stood up and carried Deku to their room before setting him on the bed. He walked back into the main room and got their attention. “Hey, I’m going on a quick patrol. I’ll be back soon.”

But he wasn’t back soon. It was late into the night when Deku woke and searched for his partner.

“Have you guys seen Dabi?” He asked Toga and Twice who shook their heads.

“He went on patrol like five hours ago but he said he’d be quick.” Toga yawned. “He’s probably fine.” Deku put on his shoes and started to leave. “Wait! Take this with you.” She tossed a knife at him and he fortunately caught the handle instead of the blade.

“I can defend myself.” Deku said and gave her a confused look.

“I know, that’s why I gave it to you.” She giggled. “Have fun!”

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