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Prompt list by Angsy_Cheez-it on Wattpad.

English isn’t my first language sorry if there are mistakes.

Warnings : Multiple several alternate universes - neighbors, roommates, bar/pub, stangers, aftermath of violence, assault, blood, bruises, injuries, gentleness, help, pre-poly, pre-relationship, flirt, potential death, shock…

Day 26 : Broken ribs. (Bokuto/Akaashi/Kuroo/Tsukishima)

The laughs were loud in the pub. The place was crowded like every Friday nights. Kuroo sighed as he hung up his black apron in the employees’ room. Terushima had just freed him from his night shift a few seconds ago. The clock on the wall was showing a good three in the morning. Repressing another sigh, the black-haired man waved goodbye at his friend throughout the open door and exited the establishment by the back. He shivered from the cold night and took one or two steps in the black alley that leaded to the front of the bar and to the street. His body froze before he could process what was happening. All his senses were on alert, the feeling of danger omnipresent. Then he heard it. Muffled whimpers of pain and rushed breaths. Without thinking of what could be behind the big dumpster, the rooster head trotted to the source of the noises.

There was a blond guy with glasses in a really bad shape, seated on the cold floor. His glasses were twisted and wobbling on his nose, blood was dripping from his split lip and bruises were forming almost all over the skin Tetsurou could see. He knelled besides the poor boy, startling him slightly.

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Aldar had been trying for hours now to fall asleep. Instead, he lay in his small bedroom, staring up at the dark ceiling and wondering how much worse things could get for him now that his mother was gone. He could tell from the sounds out in the hall that his new roommate was still unpacking and organizing things in the small apartment they now shared. Normally, Aldar would have gotten up to help, but in his current state, the thought didn’t even cross his mind. 


“What possessed me to keep you around this long?” Zoltan ranted, glaring at Aldar’s mother with a hateful expression on his once handsome face. From the stairwell behind the man, Aldar saw his father’s temper and agitated behavior escalate. He was used to Zoltan being angry, but never had he seen him so resentful towards his wife. As he watched, his father’s words grew fewer and fewer, though his motions became more violent by the second. 

“Useless woman! I can’t believe I ever thought you could be anything to me!”

Aldar cringed and instinctively looked away as Zoltan raised his hand. There was a sound of impact, followed by a cry from Analia. Aldar glanced back for a second, his eyes locking with his mother’s instantly.


He didn’t have to hear it. He saw the word on her lips, saw the look in his mother’s eyes just before Zoltan’s hand came down again over her face.

He ran.


“Hey, Aldar? You still awake in there?”

The sound of his roommate’s voice outside the door pulled Aldar back to the present. 

He didn’t reply. 

He didn’t get up and answer the door. 


“Aldar? I need some help.”

I couldn’t help you…

Aldar rolled over and squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back tears he knew were coming. Outside the door, he heard a sigh, then the sound of receding footsteps. 

I left you…

Finally, silence.

Why didn’t I stay? I could have saved you… you’re gone because of me…

He couldn’t help it anymore. Disregarding the presence of his roommate in the hall, Aldar buried his face in his pillow and let his emotions loose. The image of his father beating his mother to death filled his mind, along with all the thoughts he had been suppressing for so long.

He cried because of the sadness.

He screamed because of the pain.

The guilt.

The regret.

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On the Run | Failed Escape | Rescue

He has to move or they’re going to catch him.

Damian has not stopped running.

A series of tiny little cuts dot the heels of his palms from where he’d fallen and scrapped up his knees as well. He allows himself to catch his breath for a split second before he’s scrambling to his feet and taking off again. He can hear movement behind him and scattered voices, but he can’t make out the words.

His feet pound against the ground and out of the corner of his eye he catches the glimpse of a figure surging forward.

Instinct tells him to keep moving, because stopping means death and death is unacceptable.

His lungs burn and Damian forces himself to move faster even as his palms bleed and his step falters in blind terror, the likes of which he has never felt before. Damian doesn’t feel fear. He gets fear and failure beaten out of him. He has a sword placed in his hand and if he doesn’t hold a proper stance a rap to the back of the knuckles is seen as a kindness. His mother watches and he remembers looking at her with a sense of betrayal when she made no move to stop it.

Behind him, Talia tells him to run and then she screams. Damian’s never heard his mother scream before.

There’s a voice beside him, gaining on him, telling him to slow down, and he barely has the chance to drag in another breath before someone is bodily throwing themselves at him.

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Athos had always been a good rider, but now he realized how much of that ability was based on seeing. As his horse, tied to d’Artagnan’s, trotted along at what should be a comfortable pace, he had difficulties staying in the saddle. With his eyes bandaged, he had no inkling in which direction they were heading, what kind of ground they were navigating, if they were approaching an ascent or descent, and he was at the complete mercy of his animal’s whims. A few minutes into the ride, he’d given up on holding the reins and had been clinging to the pommel instead, his legs soon hurting from clenching them around the horse’s sides. 

They’d discussed letting him ride together with one of them, but Athos had insisted on using his own mount. His dignity was taking enough of a hit already, and he hated being a burden. At least he had d’Artagnan as his navigator. The best rider of all of them and gifted with horses, he was doing what he could to help Athos, guiding the black Friesian with a calm hand and warning Athos about changes in territory or speed.

Nevertheless, when they reached the garrison, Athos was drenched in sweat and sore all over. Under the bandage, his eyes were sticky and stung incessantly, and he could tell they were swelling shut. The cuts on his face were burning and he felt a little seasick. Although he couldn’t see anything, he could hear the noises of the garrison dying down as they rode into the courtyard. Sparring matches ended abruptly, conversations stopped, and Athos felt curious and concerned eyes on him.

“Come on, slide off that saddle.” Porthos clapped him on the thigh. “I’ll give you a hand.”

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I know I am technically 18 days late, but I finally finished Whumptober.

Day 31 is at 14.1k words and now only needs to stew over and for my beta to go through it plus for me to just gather my wits about it.

Anyway, thought I should update because this year was my first Whumptober experience, first year participating, and I completed it. I wrote fics for every day.

It was a trying two months, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


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Running through the woods in the direction of the safehouse, the three Fables couldn’t help but glance back over their shoulders every now and then. The knowledge that they were being hunted scared them, and that fear fed into their desperate energy, lending to their speed. 

They had just reached the last hill when they heard a gunshot from somewhere in the distance behind them. A second later, it happened.

Shot in the leg, Lore went down almost instantly. His younger siblings turned at the sound of the harsh cry that escaped him, and both ran back to his side. “Lore!” Allira exclaimed as she knelt next to him. A quick glance revealed the source of his fall; the bullet had gone straight through his thigh. On the other side of him, the youngest Fable watched the color disappear from his brother’s face as he went into shock. “What’s wrong?” He asked, not really understanding what had just happened. 

“Come on, Lore. We’re almost there!” Allira begged, trying to haul her older brother to his feet. When that didn’t work, she glanced over frantically at Asterisk, as if asking him what to do. The seven-year-old caught the fear in her eyes, and his own widened with realization a second later. 

“Guys… just go…”

At the sound of Lore’s weakened voice, both siblings looked back at him anxiously. The eldest Fable closed his eyes for a brief moment, took a deep breath, then looked back at them. “Keep going.” He said. “The safehouse… you know where it is.”

“But we’re not leaving you behind!” Allira protested. Lore shook his head. “You know that doesn’t work. I’m not going anywhere. You guys… just keep moving.”


Go!” Lore insisted with a groan. “You can’t stay with me. Then we’d all be dead.” When his sister said nothing, he reached over and laid a hand on her arm. Allira looked back at him, tears filling her eyes as she shook her head. “I can’t… we need you…”

“No you don’t. You already know the way.” He winced, then gripped her arm. “Take Asterisk home. Mom and Dad… they’re waiting for you.”

Allira shook her head. “They’re waiting for all of us.”

Lore opened his mouth to argue, then inhaled sharply at the sound of shouts from the other side of the hill. “Get out of here!” Lore growled. “I want you to leave! Now!” 



Tearfully Allira scrambled to her feet, grabbing Asterisk’s hand and pulling him with her. As they turned and continued running, she glanced back one last time. “Goodbye…” She called, uncertain whether or not her voice would even reach him. Back on the hill, Lore watched his siblings disappear into the trees. The faint sound of his sister’s voice sounded in the wind, and he sighed heavily.

“Goodbye. Tell Mom and Dad…”

“…that I’m sorry.”

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“Hurry up over there!”

“Do we have all the data yet?”

“We need more time!”

As the analyst who had been standing next to the bed rushed away, Nael sighed and leaned back against the pillow once more. He found it curious that all these people should be so agitated. Especially over him.


He sat up again, though slowly. “Hey, guys.”

Approaching the bedside, Zeplyn gave him a concerned look. “How you feelin’?” She asked, reaching over to take his hand in her own. Behind her, Bruin leaned over her shoulder. Nael could tell by the look on the big man’s face that he was worried. He blinked, then gave his friends a small smile. “Same as always.” He replied. “Lonely as heck and wishing I actually mattered to everyone.” He chuckled softly, then frowned. “Why are you guys here?”

His two friends shared a look. “We… we wanted to ask you one more time…” Bruin started slowly, “…if you’re sure about this. Do you really want to go through with…”

“Yes.” Nael interrupted automatically. “I already told you. I’m sure.”

Zeplyn shook her head vehemently, failing to hide the tears that filled her eyes. “I don’t…” She began, biting her lip for a moment. “I don’t understand why. You have so much potential, Nael! You have friends! Why would you want to throw that all away?” As she spoke, she raised her voice slightly in order to be heard over the many scientists in the small room. It was strange, hearing her voice that loud. She was usually so soft-spoken and quiet, but now…

“Because I am nothing.” Nael replied after a moment of relative silence. “The only potential I have is as a tool and, quite frankly, I don’t want that for myself. I know it sounds strange, but I don’t want this life. Not like this.” He closed his eyes for a second, then looked back at his friends. “And I’m sure you don’t, either.”

“That’s wrong.” Bruin said quietly, his deep voice heavy with emotion. “It’s true that we didn’t choose this life for ourselves, that we might be better off somewhere else. But you’re wrong, Nael. You’re wrong.” He brushed a hand over his eyes, then gave Nael a stern look. “We are willing to live this life for each other. We don’t just leave; we’re meant to be like this. More importantly, we’re meant to live.”

All of us.” Zeplyn added, squeezing his hand gently. Nael glanced over at her. His vision was beginning to blur, but he could still make out her teary eyes and the sad look they gave him. “Not me.” He replied. “Just… keep the antidote for yourselves. You’ll need it.” Then he looked over at Bruin. “Don’t leave her.” Then at Zeplyn. “And don’t leave him. You two… you were meant to live. Together. Without me.”


Amidst the chaos that filled the room, two friends stood together by the bedside.

Just the two of them.

And they mourned. 

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“So, then. You lost again. I hate to say it, but this is becoming a pattern.” The Sumeleian general said, his tone carrying just a hint of mockery as he stepped around to the front of the table. On the other side of the room, the head of the guard detail gestured to his men to advance. Kyst grunted as he was forced forward once more, the guards on either side of him grabbing hold of his arms and half-dragging him to the forefront of the detail. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw the head guard gesture once more to his men. Before he had time to think, his legs were abruptly kicked out from under him.

He hit the floor hard, a rough cry of pain escaping him as his injured side struck the stone surface. Behind him, he heard several of the guards snort with laughter. 

“That’s just pathetic.”

At the sound of the general’s voice again, a sudden silence fell over the security detail. Kyst opened his eyes briefly, glanced once at the Sumeleian’s face looking down at him, then squeezed them shut again. For a few seconds he lay still, trying to recover his breath. The pain in his damaged shoulder and ribs worsened with every inhalation, but he couldn’t adjust his position with both his hands and feet chained. Finally, he managed to sum up the strength to speak. 

“Sadoc… why can’t you just…”

He broke off with another cry as the general, angered by the sound of his rival speaking his name, lashed out with his boot-clad foot, striking Kyst in the chest. “Don’t presume to give me orders!” Sadoc growled. “You are no longer in a position from which you may even address me! You have lost, and now you are mine!”

At a gesture from their leader, two of the guards came forward. Kyst bit back a scream as they grabbed hold of his shoulders and hauled him to his feet once more. Sadoc, noticing the agonized look on his rival’s face, nodded with satisfaction. Then, turning to the head of the detail, he gave his instructions.

“Take him to the cells. I want him in the Inner Ring this time; don’t give him any outlets for escape. Make sure he’s secure first, then report back to me.”

The detail head nodded. Sadoc turned to head back to the table, then paused. “And one more thing.”

The guard blinked. “Sire?”

“Instruct the Keeper of the Cells. I want both his arms broken beforehand. It’ll lessen his chances of escape…

and make him easier to deal with.”

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Prompt list by Angsy_Cheez-it on Wattpad.

English isn’t my first language sorry if there are mistakes.

Warnings : Restraints, birthday cake, fire, trapped, firefighters, asphyxiation, burns, smoke, accident…

Day 25 : Restraints. (Miwa/Alisa)

Saeko laughed as she watched her friend wiggling on her bed. Miwa had have a good idea, for once. Alisa would totally go crazy about that.

- It’s done ! the blond exclaimed after knotting the red ribbon in a cute way, just in the middle of the dark-haired woman’s breast. Believe me girl, Alisa will like this lingerie for sure !

- Thanks, Sae. You should go now, she will be here in half an hour or so. Don’t forget to lock the door and hide the key under the carpet !

- Got it ! Enjoy yourself while you wait aha !”

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Opportunity of a Lifetime

Whumptober: Prompt 31

Today’s special: torture | experiment, left for dead


Peter pulls the knife from his forearm, blood spilling out onto the sidewalk and tries to stem the bleeding. Peter sprays some web around his arm as a makeshift bandage till he gets home and then slowly climbs up the side of the building next to the alley he’d been sitting in. Peter walks to the side of the building and jumps, firing a web from his good arms web shooter and swinging home.

Perhaps if he hadn’t been so preoccupied with his arm he would’ve paid more attention to his senses going off, warning him of the man that had been watching him from the other end of the alley.

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Why Didn’t He Notice?

Whumptober: Prompt 30

Now where did that come from? | wound reveal, ignoring an injury


Alexander leads his men back into the entrance of the camp. Cheers fill the air as people see that they have returned. The men’s mission had been dangerous, borderline suicidal, and everyone was relieved to see their friends returning to them mostly alright.

The men all take care of their horses and wander off still cheering and chattering loudly to go celebrate with the little amount of alcohol they have.

Washington smiles as he watches his men before realizing that Alexander was still sitting on his horse just looking at the ground warily. “Hamilton what are you doing still up there, come back to my office and have a drink with me.” Washington touches Hamilton’s arm and he flinches and sucks in a breath.

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The Worst Allergy

Whumptober: Prompt 29

I think I need a Doctor | reluctant bedrest


Alexander Hamilton has one of the worst allergies know to mankind, at least in his opinion.

A peanut allergy.

And it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so severe, just a little bit of a peanut is enough to send him straight to the emergency room. He knows this and so he doesn’t know why he is wasting his time arguing with Jefferson that peanut allergies are actually very serious and possibly deadly.

Jefferson will never take him seriously, he won’t ever change his mind. He is one of the most infuriating people Alexander Hamilton has ever met. Alexander bristles angrily when Jefferson just laughs at him, whatever.

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It’s Hunting Season Boys!

Whumptober: Prompt 28

Such wow. many normal. very oops | hunting season, mugged


Johnny and Roy are just walking back to their little camp with their catches when a man walks up to them. “Hey fellas, looks like you got a couple of good catches there.” The man says while smiling.

He’s wearing ratty looking clothes with holes in them, dirt and grime are caked to his face and in his beard and yellow teeth flash at the two partners when he smiles.

“Yeah, we just got done at the river. There’s usually some pretty good catches down there,” Johnny says while smiling uncomfortably.

“Well I bet, so what are you boys doing here? How long do you plan on stayin’?” The man asks while sitting down in Roy’s chair and pulling out a cigarette.

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Non-Stick Webs

Whumptober: Prompt 27

Ok, who had natural disasters on their 2020 bingo card? | extreme weather


Peter is swinging through the storm trying to get home as quickly as possible. He’d been all the way in Manhattan when it had started pouring, it was his own fault really. The weather app had said there was going to be an extreme weather event and the skies were a dark gray, he should’ve gone back home earlier. But then he’d heard the alarms and had seen the robbery taking place and needed to go stop those guys, it had taken longer than usual because Peter had to be quiet so they wouldn’t hurt any of the hostages.

Now Peter swinging through the pouring rain and strong winds. He looks up when he feels a jerk in his web and sees that they aren’t attaching to the walls like they are suppose to, he curses and tries to pick up the pace.

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The Longest Week Ever

Whumptober: Prompt 26

If you thought he head trauma was bad… | migraine, concussion, blindness


Peter feels the web stretch and lets go waiting a second to let himself fall a little before shooting another web to catch himself. He loves web swinging, it feels so freeing. Being hundreds of feet in the air by himself, all the little people down below looking like little ants.

Peter gasps when something shines in the corner of his vision, momentarily blinding him before he feels himself freeze and start to free fall. Unable to stop his rapid descent, unable to move at all.

His breath is forced out of him when he slams down into a roof top. He lies there stunned and gaping, before he finally catches his breath. Then he realizes-

He can’t see anything.

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