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#Why god

okay so i was skipping back through season 4 for all the deancas bits and FUCK… the end of episode 16? right at the end when it’s just cas and dean and they’re talking and dean’s like “don’t you go disappearing on me” to cas?


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Jaboukie is having a show at my school on saturday but I already made plans fuck 😭😭😭😭

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oh my god why cant I at least be funny

I try so hard to make ppl laugh

bc fat bitches like me can only be on par w attractive women if we’re funny…

but no… I just depress ppl or make them angry… always a negative emotion thrown my way, or insincerity, and then ppl accuse me of being negative/pessimistic…

lmao…? how can I not be…

really wish I knew coz ppl just want me to stop existing…

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Oof, when you probably have to sacrifice cheer for a year bc you only have one year of NCAA eligibility left in your stupid life and you’ll be in college longer than you’ll be eligible and should definitely take advantage of an opportunity in a new sport, Oh Jesus Christ.

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