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#Why is this my life though?

me texting my mum today has just been 

‘morning mum! just ate coleslaw and my upper lip got itchy and swelled up! weird!’

‘hey mum, just had some more coleslaw for lunch! this time my bottom lip got itchy and swelled up!’

‘had a real good dinner but the coleslaw made BOTH my lips get itchy and swell up. i look stupid. like bad lip injections. hope your dinner was nice!’

i think she probably really loves my messages

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#pt 4 Jesus Christ, #’i promise baby i will take the best care of you! i knew from that first day that u were the one! it’s always been u doll!’, #’now we never have to be apart again! isn’t that great?? i know u have a crush on me too doll! i read all about it in ur journal!’, #’ur so cute writing about how handsome u think i am! but baby ur wrong about not being good enough for me! ur everuthing to me!!’, #u can’t believe what’s happening. he’s throwing so many things at you at once. he read ur diary?? he LOVES u??? is this real or a dream?, #u start crying again but u aren’t sure why it’s just so overwhelming! he shushes u again and tucks u into his chest. uve been dreaming, #about this for so long but never like this. on the other hand though his chest is so strong & so warm & yu can’t help it. u cuddle him back, #‘it’s okay doll it’s gonna be okay i promise. it’s a lot i know but im here now. & it will always be that way. we can finally be happy!, #i promise to spend every day making u happy love i promise promise promise!!’, #before u know it ur both in bed togther, #ur wrapped up in his strong arms and he’s kissing your head and whispering the sweetest words you’ve ever heard, #the two of you stay like that for a long time. until sleep comes again and u wake up in the arms of ur dream man, #u tell urself to run. u need to escape while he’s asleep. but .. ur legs won’t seem to move, #all u can do is stare up at this beautiful man who wants u so much he stole u away just to be with you, #he’s been watching u. he said he knew from the moment u met that he loved u. could that be true, #and would it be so bad? to let him have u. to be loved like that by someone you’ve loved all ur life??? maybe not, #maybe you could learn to be loved by him & only him forever & ever & ever, #u sink back into his chest & listen to his heartbeat, #the number one hero .. all yours, #god im so sorry for this i had to get it out of my broken brain 😂, #izuku 💚
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Reminder that if you catch me referring to you by they/them pronouns, chances are I do not feel comfortable assuming your identity, if you did not mention it during our convos or you did in fact say it at some point, but I ma boo boo the fool and completely forgot and now I am struggling really hard to save face

I am sorry fams, my memory tends to fail me like a Russian roulette (the biggest asshole in my life smh) ~ Mal

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starter for @guideinferno​​


He felt weak, so very weak - it did not help him either, that his lungs was filling up with blood, chest impaled like a weak little butterfly. Frail little fingers scratched at the dirt, trying to dig into the earth. He could feel the demons pull at his leg, threatening to rip his limbs apart. Why they didn’t kill him out right, Vitale didn’t know… but they wanted him for some reason.

Hazy eyes stared forwards, the form of someone standing blurry against the flaming background of their burning home. 

Was it his older brother?


But he didn’t leave the house - only he and Vergil did.


But Vergil went all the way to the graveyard… Vitale never caught up to his healthier brother.

The yanking at his legs continued, ripples of pain and the sensation of flesh almost ripping nearly bringing tears to his eyes. He bit his lip, trying not to cry out in pain - why were they playing with him, instead of killing him? Vitale bowed his head, eyes closing and his entire body shivering, fearful of what these demons wanted from him.

The sound of fighting brought the child’s gaze up, and the figure that had been standing before the mansion was moving - killing “… Bro… ther?” His voice, hoarse, weak… but seeing someone still fighting… Vitale’s struggles began anew, twisting and turning to loosen the demon’s hold. Biting through his lip, he twisted his foot, hearing a violent crack in his leg, knowing that something broke… but it was enough for him to slip from the demon’s grip and stumble towards the mansion.


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My mom: I just don’t like *sister’s bf’s mother* I don’t know why I just cant stand her

Me: well she’s okay with pedophilia

Mm: what do you mean

Me: do you not remember her trying to set me up with her 21 year old son when I was 14 almost 15

Mm: but *sister’s bff* said he only just now turned 20

Me: then who was she trying to set me up with!?

Mm: when did this even happen?

Me: when she tried to get me to do a “play date” with a grown man!

Mm: oh yeah, well they are mormon

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i’ve thought very hard about how i’d tell him

#i don’t know that there’s a best way tbqh, #i think you need to let it come up organically and just let it come from the heart, #it gets so hard sometimes though, #like everything in me is screaming to just TELL HIM already so i’m not constantly trapped in my own head about it, #and we can at least move on from there, #i wish i could just record my thoughts without having to write them down or say them out loud, #because i feel like i have to structure thoughts logically like into sentences with points and purposes, #but my brain just conglomerates everything together about him and it jumps from thought to memory to emotion to fantasy too fast, #to the point where trying to write it out coherently is impossible, #like what’s the point of relationships, #do i actually want to date him or do i love him strictly platonically, #would i actually be happy spending the rest of my life with him or am i only happy with the romanticized version of us i made in my head, #why do i overthink things that probably won’t come to fruition, #what would happen if we just went for it? would that be incredibly dumb with the way our lives are going?, #he’s my favorite person in the world and i think i do legitimately want to spend the rest of my life with him, #i want to do everything with him, #we talk on the phone constantly these days and it makes me feel so loved that he just wants to sit and tell me about his day, #and listen to me complain in real time and we just cook breakfast together and and and, #i just love him so much but so many things are holding me back and i just want my thoughts to be transparent, #so he could see how much he means to me and what a time i’ve been having with this
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Goshhh my phone usually plays songs while I’m showering in between the curtain curtain and the lil uh.. translucent waterproof layer but in our new setup it’s not translucent it’s transparent and like.. yknow can’t exactly keep my camera there huh.. what am i gonna do?!

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