#Will Be A Healer {Children}
marysmirages · a month ago
Tumblr media
Chiron teaching Achilles and Patroclus medicine (2020)
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all-things-breathing · 28 days ago
something about Katniss being a good singer, something about jabberjays and mockingjays, something about her being from the coal district, something about her dad dying in in a mine shaft (and calling her to action to hunt on behalf of her family), something about Prim being selected in the annual reaping (and calling her to sacrifice more than she though she had left to give), something about Katniss being cornered into the role of revolutionary mascot, something about being the number one enemy of the state, something about avoxes having their tongues cut out as punishment
something about Katniss and canaries in coal mines
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dreadlock-detective · a month ago
Tumblr media
had this in my head for about a week now, finally worked up the energy to tackle it~ Someone's mildly harrassing or annoying Momma Dindel & Co and nobody's gonna make her kids feel uncomfortable on her watch~
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starry-bi-sky · 8 months ago
Hot take but fanfics that depict piglins having nothing but a Toxic Warrior Culture are BORING and uncreative
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bestiedionysus · 3 months ago
the chb campers should unionize
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jinxed-games · 4 months ago
How would the ROs react to a Fire Emblem situation? (Their kid with MC somehow travels back to the past and they get to meet them) both crushing stage and before crushing stage 👀
For this we are skipping the 'aaaaa magic' part of the non!etrean ROs
Before Crushing -- Pt 1
The Mage: I mean they really don't have a before-crushing stage... but let's say before they realize MC is crushing too. Panic? Panic would 100% be their first reaction. They, on account of the way magic and genetics work, would be able to confirm that the child was theirs. (They would pointedly ignore the MC side of the parentage, no matter how much their child insisted on it.) The Mage would be the only one (out of the ROs) with the ability to send their child back to their proper time.
The Royal: I can't describe the confusion that would come from this situation. While they certainly expect that someday they would have children, they wouldn't know what to do with the knowledge that someday they have a child with the MC. Definitely would make them consider their feeling for the MC a little bit deeper
Alistair: He would ask so many questions. Alistair would actually annoy his child back to their time. I don't see him being too phased about the fact that it's the MC's child too. If anything it would just click into place feelings for the MC that he didn't recognize before. Kind of like, 'Oh! Having a future with them is what I want!' He would wait until the child is gone though, before having any conversation about it.
Maeve: tbh after the shock wears off she'd scold them for going back in time? Maeve would absolutely refuse to know anything about the future. Unless the MC prompted a discussion about the fact that the child is theirs she wouldn't bring it up. But I can see the whole process of the relationship going a little bit faster than it would normally.
The Healer: They wouldn't ever acknowledge the child. Would also put a significant halt on their flirting with the MC.
Dorin: So if it's before he and the MC start actually getting along, then he will not acknowledge the child in the MC's presence. Depending on how much or little the child is like him it could get incredibly comedic. After that period though he would be awkward about it, but willing to accept the idea. Really the worst thing about the experience for him is how Theven would tease him about it.
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facadeslake · 11 months ago
hmm will whose healing powers work like ambrosia and nectar
too much of it will incinerate a halfblood and a mortal will simply die from one touch
and the reason why will has to also learn mortal healing is because despite his powers supposedly healing, it’s also killing both him and the person he’s healing by overloading their bodies with too much “ambrosia”
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threebea · 2 months ago
Sometimes I wonder if my refusal to fully reread Jedi Apprentice will start fanon misconceptions because boy do I dig through those books a lot without actually reading a single sentence.
Bless to whoever added the full summaries on Wookiepedia recently.
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freakxwannaxbe · a year ago
So I picked up pokemon unite bcs my gaming buddies are currently obsessed with it, and I started playing without them as well to get better and rank up
And it took like 13 days before it forced me to rage quit mid-match because my team was that incompetent.
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not-your-lifeline · a month ago
I don't get why so many people(probably most of them are underage) seem to get mad at KOS(Kill on Sight)ing on Creatures of Sonaria.
Like, the entire point of the game is pvp survival? Even the devs tried to prevent players from grouping in one place too long and it's just a f2p game where you can respawn immediately without any debuff. Session Gacha and Daily Mission requires you to kill at least 3 players for each token/reward.
Also when you die after a certain amount of time you get rewards for it depending on the rank. You're MEANT to be killed after a while.
I understand it can be annoying to start from the juvenile since some creatures take like 90 minutes to fully grow and glimmers are rare, but it's not like you're losing them forever. You can always use a revive token later. (Also I doubt you don't have enough Mush to buy one if you spend that much time on growing creatures in the first place)
And it's not even hard to avoid getting killed. You can hide underwater as a semi-aquatic to lose flying ones since most of them can't swim. Or run away with a small, fast creatures and hide in a cave, use defensive abilities to fight back, group up with your pack to scare kosers off. Don't just sit around the Oasis. If it's too crowded, you can be killed in the crossfire. Find places where players don't usually go.
And if you're low on health and don't want to risk losing the creature, you can always disconnect from the server to save it.
I don't mind either killing other players or being killed by other players. It's all part of the game. There's fun in learning how to survive from different creatures with their abilities and getting revenge. And hunting down terrified players. It's about uncertainty of what's going to happen next time you encounter another player.
Maybe there are some trolls who don't care about what you say and going to kill you anyway, but I tend to spare people if you ask nicely(especially when you're playing with your friends or doing afk farming. Try to explain that to kosers first before you decide they're 'toxic'. They can be killing you for a reason just like me. They're not intentionally killing your precious expensive storeds like some kind of evil mastermind.) instead of seething and crying on chat like a deranged toddler. You're only gonna get killed more and be kept in my collection folder as screenshots that way. I relish in your salty tears of rage over a mere low poly video game on a 13+ website.
Don't get obsessed with a video game to the point it hinders your mental/physical health and stresses you out. Games are meant to be simple entertainment. Change the server if there are too many trolls, take breaks between playing to reduce stress, try other games when you feel like CoS isn't for you.
I don't even play everyday but still unlocked Limited Gacha in less than a month. Be patient. This game literally gives you 5 Mush every 2 minutes. Use Auto Keyboard Presser with photovore creature in secluded area to grind Mush if you need. Don't spend your real life money on such low quality game like this.(You're most likely going to get bored of it at some point eventually.) You can sell your extra species for Mush to buy from Rotation Store or other players. (I use Traderie for it btw)
As for someone like me that usually buys and plays all kinds of games on Steam or Nintendo or Oculus and played Roblox games only recently, I'm both dumbfounded and concerned about how CoS players overreact over being killed in a pvp game. If you're reacting this badly in a free Roblox game, I can't imagine how you'd be like in other FPS or battle royale games.
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mercurydancer · a year ago
So...how many drawings has Maul gotten from his fanclub yet? And how’s he taking the attention?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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killerandhealerqueen · 6 months ago
I can not get over Sun Yongren and Song Rong interrogating Jiang Yuelou about what happened with him and Chen Yuzhi and why Chen Yuzhi was hurt.  The whole thing is so comedic and Jiang Yuelou’s just like “I am not talking about this with you two”
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bluebellwren · 2 months ago
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Saskia appreciation time
first | second
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im-a-bi-disaster · a year ago
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Tell me about your canon adjacent OCs
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smallest-turtle · 6 months ago
Should Ameliance Leveilleur be a Warrior or a Dark Knight
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lilhawkeye3 · a year ago
At Arm’s Length
Commander Wolffe x Jedi Reader (gender neutral)
Part 5/10 [previous chapter] • {next chapter}
Summary: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The General gets involved.
Warnings: little bit of violence, guilt.
A/N: sorry for the long wait. Burned myself out a bit. If you’d like to be added to the tag list, fill this out :)
Tumblr media
He really should’ve seen this coming from a mile away.
Hindsight was 20/20.
Wolffe staggered back at the hit, his hand flying up to cup at his nose as his eyes met Comet’s feral snarl. By the wet feeling against his fingers and shooting pain across his face, he knew immediately that Comet had broken it.
“I told you to fix this,” Comet hissed, taking a step towards him. Wolffe refused to give any further ground, but he did guiltily avert his eyes.
His admission only served to increase Comet’s rage. “I told you to fix things and THIS IS WHAT YOU DO?!“ He pointed angrily in Wolffe’s face to regain his attention. “Do you know what they said to us?” Wolffe stayed silent, and Comet growled in response. “They’re thinking about transferring back to the Temple!!”
“Wolffe... you did mess up here,” Sinker agreed from his place behind Comet, though with much less anger. “They were a wreck. It seems you only confirmed your hatred of them in their eyes.”
Wolffe stared blankly at his feet, his shoulders hunched in. “Maybe it’s better if they go. They’ll be safer away from the front—“
Comet lunges towards him ready to strike again, but Wolffe was able to block his blow this time. “You don’t get to make that decision for them! Just like you don’t get to throw them saving your life back in their face!!”
“Oh, dear...”
All three troopers’ eyes widened at the saddened sound of their General’s voice. He stood imposingly in the doorway, Boost peeking out from behind him and giving a half-hearted shrug in response to Wolffe’s grimace.
“Is that what all this is about?” General Plo asked quietly as he strode in, coming to stand between Wolffe and Comet in the hopes of preventing further bloodshed. “Commander, did you say this to my padawan?”
Wolffe winced as the severity of the question hit home. He’d seen how the General reacted to people who’d hurt the men under his command... but he’d hurt you. His padawan.
His silence drew on long enough that Comet huffed derisively and answered for him. “It’s what they told us, sir. Wolffe was there when they woke and said he didn’t ask to be saved—“
“Comet.” The General’s voice was sterner than they’d ever heard it before as he chastised the other trooper. After Comet let out a sullen apology, the Jedi turned back towards Wolffe, his gaze searing despite the goggles that blocked his eyes. “Wolffe. Is this true?”
Wolffe nodded stiffly. “Yessir.”
He’d never felt smaller than he did in that moment as Plo Koon stared at him silently.
“Boost, thank you for bringing this to my attention, but I must ask the three of you to leave us for a moment. Wolffe and I need to have a discussion.”
The three troopers filed quietly out of the room, although Comet did leave Wolffe with one last glare as he turned to look back just before the door slid shut behind him. Despite his brother’s well-deserved anger, Wolffe almost wished they hadn’t left him alone. He didn’t know if he could handle the General’s ire and disappointment by himself— even if he only had himself to blame for it.
“Wolffe.” The General’s voice and heavy hand coming to rest on his shoulder coaxed him to look up and face the Jedi. “Why would you say such a thing to my padawan?”
There was no playing games with the General. He was always able to see through Wolffe’s mask.
“They... they were hurt because they were close to me, General,” he said in a low and defeated voice. “My job is to keep them safe— I’m supposed to keep them safe and they almost died for me and I didn’t ask for that, I didn’t want that—“ He took a shaky breath to try and ground himself again. “I should’ve been hurt, not them.”
General Plo’s other hand reaches out to grasp Wolffe’s other shoulder, knowing he needed enough space to breathe but more physical contact to keep himself from falling apart. “Wolffe. It is never within our power to control another’s choices, even if they go against our own wishes.” The Kel Dor paused for a moment to let his words sink in before continuing. “My padawan knows you would never ask another to sacrifice themselves for you, and yet, they were willing to risk their life for yours anyways. It was their choice, and while I know you feel anger and helplessness from it... you should not make them feel shame for their choice.”
“But sir, I’m just a clone, and they almost died in my place...!”
General Plo scoffed. “Forgive me, Commander. I was under the belief that you are Wolffe of the 104th battalion.”
“...I am.”
“I was not aware there was another Commander of the 104th in the GAR: that another man had fought Ventress and lived to tell the tale, had survived the destruction of the Malevolence and lived to aid others, who led the aptly named Wolfpack and who I entrust routinely with my men when I am away on other duties.” The General’s tone turned sly with amusement once he saw Wolffe’s embarrassed expression and knew his point had hit home. “Or is that not you?”
“...It’s me, sir.” His mismatched gaze finally rose enough to lock onto the General’s.
“You are one of a kind, Wolffe. It does not matter that your genetic material is shared amongst millions of others. They do not have your heart or spirit.” General Plo’s voice turned wry. “Or, as it would seem, your way with words.”
Wolffe visibly winced. “I didn’t mean to hurt them more, sir. I just...”
The floor looked very interesting once again. “Yessir.”
“While it is one of your strengths, now we also see how it can be a weakness,” the General mused. “However, Comet is correct in that you are the only one who will be able to mend this— both the situation and my padawan’s heart.”
“I know. I will.” His words were heavy with the sincerity of his vow.
“I have faith in you, Commander.” General Plo tightened his grip on Wolffe’s shoulders momentarily before releasing him and beginning to stride back towards the door. “I’m afraid you are needed briefly at your station, but after that, I would highly suggest paying the medbay a visit once more.”
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