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#William Twinning
If Kevin had raised William (since more years than in the manga) [4]
Kevin: *close the book* And it was the history of Moses!!
William (9 years old): ...Say Kevin....
Kevin: (No...)
William: Why God has killed all the children, all the egyptian firstborns?
Kevin: For that the Pharaoh release the Hebrews.
William: So he has killed the innocents.
Kevin: I....Well the Pharaoh has killed a lot of baby Hebrews.
William: ...Yes. So He's not better than the Pharaoh.
Kevin: ....But...
William: I don't care that the egyptians didn't believe in him, the first borns were innocents! Why he has not kill the pharaoh? It would have been more logical, right? His son would have been more easy to manipulate for Moses..
Kevin: ....I....It's...
William: It was also necessary to destroy Egypt, to make suffer the egyptians? I mean it was Pharaoh's fault after all.
Kevin: ...I....
William: What a cruel guy....And I'm supposed to believe in a guy like that?
Kevin: ...*cries*
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If Kevin had raised William (since more years than in the manga) [3]
Kevin: I will read the story of Abraham!!
William (9 years old): ....Why he has accepted to sacrifice his son without ask questions?
William: ...
Kevin: Young Master....NO!
William: So you believe in this guy, has faith in him, and then he ask you to kill your son? It give me reasons to be atheist...
Kevin: *Cries*
William: What?
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Actually I’m very very worried for William.

Why? Because….

1) Dantalion makes a pact with Gilgamesh and left the school.
2) Camio has been kicked out by Arthur.
3) Sitry has been kidnapped by Metatron.
4) Uriel/Kevin is in heaven and could be blocked in Heaven.

So It means that William is totally alone? For the first time since the beginning of the manga? (Not sure if “Solomon in his soul” account)  

Potentially defenseless if some demons want to kidnap/kill him? Yes he does magic now but he can’t do a lot of things against a powerfull demon (especially one demon who is not one of the 72 pillars), right?

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