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#Winter Soldier
nxtashasmcu · 2 days ago
[ sam and bucky are sitting on a bench ]
steve: why do you guys look so sad?
sam: sit down and we'll tell you
steve: *sits down*
bucky: the bench is freshly painted
steve: sh-
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bossnori · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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maxkennedy24 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Winterbaron tarot commission <3
Commissions are open as usual, contact me via email
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Can I request a fic from your 🍁 prompts list? With dialogue 42 and 24? Maybe with a Roommate!Bucky? Thank youuuuuuu!!
I hope this is what you were looking for! Thank you for your request love!
Roommate!Bucky 24: Your feet are fuckin' cold! 42: Can we just snuggle and watch a movie instead?
Warnings: Cuteness, implied smut
As always, 18+ only, Minors DNI
(look I found my new favorite gif)
Cold Feet
Tumblr media
You were humming and swaying in the kitchen, waiting for your muffins to be done in the oven when a half-asleep Bucky stumbled in.
“Good morning,” you sang. It was a particularly good morning because it was the first day of fall, and it was raining. The temperatures outside had dropped fantastically overnight and you were finally comfortable in your sweat pants and baggy Henley shirt you had stolen from Bucky a few months ago.
“Yup,” he grunted as he took a mug down from the cabinet. He poured a stout cup of coffee and held it in both hands, eyes glazed over staring into the distance. You knew better than to interrupt him and just smiled, patting his hip with your hand as you slid past him in the narrow space.
“Ooohhh, perfect,” you said as you pulled out a tin of apple cinnamon muffins, one of your personal favorites reserved for autumn. Bucky reached for one and you grabbed his hand before he could make contact. “Don’t! It’s like four hundred degrees! I’ll bring you one in a second.” He didn’t let go of your hand and your cheeks tinted pink.
“Thanks,” he mumbled, kissing your knuckles before letting go and shuffling to the couch. He sat down in his favorite spot on the end, propped his feet on the coffee table, and took a long sip of coffee.
It wasn’t like you and Bucky didn’t flirt. In fact, once he had come home absolutely shmacked after a night out with Steve and Sam and told you he loved you and wanted to take you out. You, of course, said yes if he remembered in the morning. Which he did not. So you didn’t say anything, but after that you flirted without reservation.
After carefully moving the muffins onto a plate and allowing them to cool for a minute, you took them into the living room. “Here, hon.” You picked one up and handed it to a more awake Bucky.
He took a large bite and his eyes fluttered closed. “Damn that’s good,” he said, trying to talk around the muffin.
“They’re my favorites. So, what do you want to do today since we’re both off work? You wanna tackle a project around here?” You hoped he wanted to be lazy today, but you weren’t willing to make that call first.
He groaned and rolled his eyes. “Can we just snuggle and watch a movie instead?”
You had a brilliant idea. “Oh, yeah, we can watch a movie. I don’t know about snuggling though…that’s a part of the Boyfriend package. Unfortunately, your subscription is only for the Roommate package.”
He raised his eyebrows at you. “Oh, really. Well do I qualify to upgrade?”
“Hmmm…my records indicate you might…” You couldn’t hide your smile. Just then, a glint came into his eyes that made you nervous. He set down his coffee and turned toward you, resting his forearms on his thighs.
“Might?” he said lowly.
You just nodded. The sight of him staring you down like that made your brain a little fuzzy. Suddenly, his hands reached out and started tickling your sides. “BUCKYYYY!” you squealed. You thrashed around, but he was too strong. After a few seconds of laughing and wriggling, you fell onto the floor and scooted away from him. You hopped up and dashed away to put the kitchen island between you and him. He leaped up and chased you around and around through the apartment. You managed to dodge him until you made a fatal mistake and ran into his bedroom. There was no way out after that. He grabbed you by the waist and flung you down on the mattress, climbing up after you. He pinned your wrists above your head and started to tickle you again.
“Ok, ok!” you screamed. “I give up! You qualify, yes!”
The hand at your side moved away, but the one holding your hands didn’t. His free hand came up to cup your cheek. “Are you sure? Would you be my girlfriend, Y/n?” he asked quietly and earnestly, suddenly serious again.
You caught your breath and looked into his nervous eyes. “Yeah, I’d love to. And since you wanted to upgrade I’d love to snuggle and watch a movie.” You giggled at the look he gave you. He bent forward the rest of the way and kissed you softly, letting go of your hands. He got off you and helped you stand up, holding your hand again and leading you to the couch.
The two of you settled down, his arm around your shoulders and a blanket laid over both of you. After all that excitement you were a little sleepy, so you kicked off your socks and snuggled down, wrapping your legs around his.
Suddenly, he yelped. “Your feet are fuckin’ cold!” he cried. You shoved your cold feet between his calves and he hissed.
“That’s part of the boyfriend package, babe. No downgrading on the same day.” You smirked up at him and he just shook his head.
“I guess that’s a fair deal. Kiss me, darlin’,” he demanded before pulling you up to straddle his lap and claiming your mouth again. He found several ways to warm you up that day, all of which were very enjoyable exclusives in the Boyfriend Package.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Thank you for reading! If you wanna see more of what I’ve written, here's my masterlist; its also the top pinned post on my blog. It has info about Tag Lists you can join, Request Guidelines, and my Prompt Collection if you're interested. Love y'all!
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margarethx · a day ago
One thing I really, really like about Sambucky is the fact that there is so much contrast and dychotomy between them and, yet, they are still very similar to each other. It’s poetic, in a way, but not always obvious. They complement each other and fit together on every level, because and in spite of these differences.
We have a person who doesn’t know if they’ll ever be able to fall in love again and a person who doesn’t know if they’ll ever be loved by anyone. Someone who needs to be taken care of (Sam) and a natural caretaker (Bucky)... Someone who needs to be taken care of (Bucky) and a natural caretaker (Sam). A person strong physically and a person strong mentally. A person afraid of falling and a person scared of watching someone fall. A person who needed to be caught and a person who desperately wanted to catch someone. Ground covered and sky covered in a fight. A cold, frozen body and a body soaked in warm Louisiana sun. Sun and moon imagery. Russian and Arabic. Black and white. Red and blue. An obviously harsh person with a rarely visible soft side and an outwardly friendly person with a lot of pain hidden deep underneath.
A person who tends to be overlooked and someone who cannot take their eyes off of them. Dark brown eyes (which can seem much lighter in the sun) looking into bright blue eyes (which can seem darker and cloudy in the shadows). A person who was looking and a person who was hiding (but let himself be found). An introvert with natural love for people and an extrovert who now prefers to avoid them. Two men from two vastly different epochs. A person who just wants to be left alone and a person who cannot sit still if they don’t do something to solve problems. A dark hand and a light hand lovingly holding each other.
There’s a lot of unexplored potential in this contrast.
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majestyeverlasting · a day ago
can you write prompts 3&10 with beefy!bucky x reader where he takes her on a surprise date under the stars n they cuddle n it’s cute n shit :)
✩ Alas, the time has come for a night under the stars. These prompts are amazing together, and tried my best to make it as cute as possible. It takes place in Brooklyn, and there's fairly lights, caresses, and of course kisses. A sprinkle of innocent teasing as well. Thank you so much for your patience, and I hope you enjoy.
✩ Prompt 3: “I told you the stars were gonna be out tonight.”
✩ Prompt 10: “It’s hard to concentrate when you’re kissing my neck like that.”
Brighter Than We Know
The same sky that was once a rich blue mixed with the warmth of orange had begun to welcome the beginnings of darkness. Only a trace of daylight remained, nothing more than a fleeting hint of illumination that proved the sun once shone over Prospect Park. That's where the two of you found yourselves, settled on a red blanket in a clearing of grass with a view of the lake. A few small mason jars filled with fairy lights were positioned on the ground around you.
The hands of time always seemed to move faster when you and Bucky were together. An indescribable easiness never failed to accompany his presence.
There was a warmth to the air of the budding night, and cricket chirps ascended from all around. Bucky sat with his legs outstretched, leaning back onto his hands. And you laid perpendicular to him with your head resting in his lap, gazing upwards and allowing yourself to be lulled by the atmosphere. When you closed your eyes, he traced a finger along your hairline and all the way down to follow the curve of your jaw. A pleasant tingle was left in its wake. The content hum that rose from your throat served as all the encouragement he needed to continue.
However, as his fingertips began to trace your lips, you opened your eyes and took his hand in yours—you’d always adored his hands. They were so strong and yet so gentle. You pressed a kiss to his palm, smiling at the way his fingers curled ever so slightly. Then you let go, and he continued to caress your features as if trying to further engrain them in his mind.
Soon, Bucky eventually said. Soon it would be dark enough for the stars to be seen in the heavens above. There was an inkling of doubt that you ended up voicing to him, but he soothed it with an easy smile and another promise that it was only a matter of time. The outing itself had been his idea. After dinner, you were expecting to go back to his apartment. But that’s when he’d told you that there was one more thing he’d planned.
Curiosity getting the better of you, you’d asked him question after question as the two of you arrived at Prospect Park, and began to walk through it; even going over your favorite bridge, and getting to hear the trickle of the small waterfalls leading into the pond beneath. There was something different about the way he was holding your hand, he was guiding you. Not merely walking with you.
It came to the point where the path you’d been following was no longer lined with trees. That’s when you saw everything in the grass a short distance away—the blanket, the mason jars. There were others out enjoying the stillness, but nobody occupying that space. Surely, that wasn’t for you two. But he led you right to it, and your heart soared in awe. There were a couple pillows and a bag of your favorite chocolate as well. You’d attempted to ask Bucky how he’d managed to put everything together, but the only answer he gave you was that he'd had help from somebody who was fond of the two of you.
Ms. Cleary. It had to have been her. Bucky winked when he saw the realization in your eyes. Virginia Cleary was a kind, older woman who lived across the hall from him. She spoke whenever she saw you, and had given him an original canvas painting of hers back when they first got acquainted. Her husband had passed away years prior, and her son worked as a businessman upstate. So she took pleasure in being caring and nurturing towards the two of you.
In that moment, you swore your gratitude for them was endless. The week had been so demanding of you, and in an instant their efforts had lifted the ghost of the weight that lingered on your shoulders.
Bucky began to shift, and you realized it was because he was lying onto his back. Naturally, you repositioned as well, opting to snuggle into his side and rest your head on his broad chest. You felt its steady rise and fall as his arm wrapped around you. He smelled woodsy with a hint of something warm and spiced. The dark gray shirt he wore defined his upper body, and you let one of your hands run up his torso, and over the hard shoulder of his metal arm. There was a solidness to his muscularity, but he was relaxed underneath your touch. There was no tension to be felt.
You glanced at his face, and saw that his eyes were directed upwards. You followed his gaze to where the stars still had yet to appear. Any moment, though. You craned your head and began peppering featherlight kisses to the crook of his neck. His stubbled Adam's apple bobbed with a swallow. And you felt him squeeze your waist as the exhales leaving his nose grew more audible.
“Doll.” His voice was gruff. “It’s hard to concentrate when you’re kissing my neck like that.”
You hummed, but went on to start nibbling his skin, unable to contain a smile. After a few more seconds, you relented, and heard him whisper something quick under his breath. A chuckle bubbled out of you, as you propped yourself on his chest.
“What was that?”
He lips twitched upwards. “I said ‘please give me the strength.’”
You playfully clawed your fingers in his thick pecs. “You’re already pretty strong.”
“Not up against you, I’m not.” There was love in his eyes. A silence settled between the two of you for a few moments. You even let your cheek come to rest on your arms as they were folded on top of his chest.
But then Bucky shook your shoulder after a while. “Hey, look up, pretty girl. You can see ‘em shining now—all over.” His voice was low and measured, proud too.
As if charged, you pushed yourself up into a seated position, eyes wide and curious as they began to scan the vastness of the sky. They seemed to be everywhere, the stars. Some were clustered whereas others seemed to be off by themselves. But no matter the distance, none of them were truly alone as they shone amongst each other.
“See there, pretty girl?” Bucky said. “I told you the stars were gonna be out tonight.”
The moment you turned around to look down at him, he feared being awakened because your smile looked like something out of a dream. The glow of the fairy lights and the lampposts in the distance just barely helped illuminate your face—he saw you nonetheless. In a way only he could, however. He saw beyond your appearance, to what radiated from within you: the childlike wonder you held onto like a friend, your constant pursuit of the ‘extra’ in the ordinary, the love you were always so willing to extend. The extent of your beauty was a fountain that never ran dry.
Bucky thanked his lucky stars that out of every soul in the universe, he got to grow in the understanding of yours.
“You did tell me,” you spoke up. “Thank you. For this—for everything.” You meant that, strongly.
“Of course. Figured you’d appreciate it. I know you’ve been working really hard, and that you…”
His words trailed off as you moved to lay on your stomach beside him. You remained propped on one forearm, and rested your free hand on his chest before dipping your head down to kiss him. But not on his lips quite yet. You pressed one to the tip of his nose, then some to both corners of his mouth. Flutters of anticipation stirred within his chest, and you rendered them into longing when you placed yet another to the dimple of his chin. The sight of you pulling away to study his face made him release a quick exhale of disbelief tinged with amusement. You gave him a little knowing smirk before finally leaning back down to connect your lips.
Bucky used his weight to push you onto your back so that he was the one hovering over you. In the process, your lips parted, only to find each other once again. The way he kissed you was more tender and reverent than anything. But of course, fueled by that spark of passion that was always alight whenever he was with you.
After pulling away, he dipped to return the little kisses you’d given his neck. The added scratch of his stubble drew the sweetest giggles out of you that you attempted to stifle by biting your lip. Bucky felt like he was floating as he detached himself from you entirely, letting himself roll onto his back once again.
There the two of you were, buzzing and looking up at a sky full of stars.
Bucky took your hand in his, and ran his thumb over the back of it.
“They’re the brightest I’ve seen them in a while,” he said.
You squeezed his hand. “And they’re even brighter than we know because they’re so many miles away.
✩ Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed your night under the stars.
✩ More fluffy Bucky fics
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The United States of Captain America #4 - "I Hate When This Happens" (2021)
written by Christopher Cantwell art by Ron Lim, Cam Smith, & Scott Hanna
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stevebuckydogtags · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the moment that bucky realised he almost killed the person he sworn to protect with his life.
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inesguedesart · a day ago
Tumblr media
This just in: Local 21-year-old waits until the year of 2021 to start watching Marvel movies This quartet owns my heart, idk what to tell you 🤷‍♀️ Absolute icons It has been really fun to dive into such a popular franchise and to find this super active and creative fandom (and to see everyone talking about the upcoming releases while I'm still catching up on the 2010s movies lmaooo anyway, hello Marvel fandom take this as my arriving gift 😎)
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graktung · a day ago
bucky: i’m playing a new drinking game. it’s called “every time i’m depressed, i take a drink”
sam: it’s already a game. it’s called “alcoholism”
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maxkennedy24 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Winterbaron commission <3
Commissions are open as usual, contact me via email 
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bvccy · 8 hours ago
The Sea of Love | Winter Soldier x Reader one shot
— PAIRING: soft!Winter Soldier x female!Reader — SYNOPSIS: Reader spills milk on herself, but WS is there to clean her up, by kissing and licking all of it away. A very soft fic, requested by @sugarpplum​​ 💗 — CONTENTS: Fluff, smut, gentle kissing, body worship, milk, licking, just a lot of love — WORD COUNT: 3K
Tumblr media
The Winter Soldier never expected to be in this position again — had he ever been in it before? Hurt but healing, convalescent, actually cared for. They had run away together: he escaped Hydra during a botched mission and then came back for her, took her right up from under them. The guards only noticed in time to shoot him in the back, but it didn't stop him.
Now safe in their hideout, the Soldier could allow her to take over. He was healing fast already, had survived what nobody else could, and though more than anything else it humiliated him to have to depend on this young woman, he had to let it happen. A betraying thought teased him that he even liked being under her caring hands. Then again, he'd been their victim before, when they met at the base and he was still the Asset and she was just a clerk in the archives, a little desk mouse who caught him in the middle of the night as he searched for his file.
She seemed more scared to see him than he was to be found out, but to be fair she was alone, with him, and he could have killed her then. But there was something about having his own life in his hands that stilled the rage and made him want to be better. And then, she pushed him further in the shadows while more of her colleagues filed in for their overtime — fixing a mess they'd made before their boss found out — and the heat of her hands sunk into him through the leather of his armour and her breath cut through the cold and dust of the room and he felt it on his lips and he felt younger and truly alive — a lost boy looking for trouble. She was like the childhood sweetheart he'd never had.
He felt a childlike love for her even now, as he grit his teeth and tried not to groan while she peeled off the soaked gear from the half-healed flesh, claws of dented leather uncurling from his skin, bits of dried blood flaking off. The girl smiled at him as if she noticed, and when he gathered the courage to meet her gaze, the pain all went away. She cleaned his wounds with care, as well as she could with the few things they had.
"Are you sure you'll be alright?" she asked in a small voice as she plucked out a stray piece of shrapnel.
"It will heal," the Soldier grunted. He'd had worse before. He didn't know what Hydra had put in him exactly, but whatever it was made him stronger, more fit and healthy than any normal man. "I have a better place set up for us," he added in a gentler voice, eyes tracing her face like a caress. He wanted her to feel safe, and be impressed, and want to stay with him forever.
Since when do I feel this way? the Soldier asked himself. It wasn't a familiar feeling, but he had fallen in it like in a pool of dark water, deep and without end, drowning him at its leisure. Since forever, a voice answered, just didn't know her before.
He went out of the apartment first, after a couple of days, just to scout around and see if they were being tracked. The man who'd arranged for this place for him, a rodent-looking fellow with a past more dubious than his, seemed confident with the promises he'd made. That wasn't a reason to believe him… Still, they seemed safe here. He even let the girl go outside next, told her where to find the nearest shop. How she managed with the local language, he'd rather not think, but she made it back alright.
"I think when I said 'thank you', he understood something completely different. Looked like I insulted his mother…"
"I told you, it's pronounced like —"
"I know what you said," she laughed as she put the groceries away. "Let's go to the bedroom, it's too cold in the kitchen."
His smile melted under the heat of a blush when she said that, just like every time that he was reminded of how they lived together. It embarrassed him a bit, somehow, but the Soldier knew he wouldn't have it any other way. She had become his only light in the facility, his friend, and he thought he was her friend as well. The girl was terrified when he suggested that they run away together — that he would save her, though he never called it that in front of her. But she trusted him, and she kept trusting him now. He had to wonder how long it would last, how long he could live with her without betraying her trust somehow, or disappointing her, or…
They didn't eat much — rationing as he called it — just in case they needed to go into hiding again and had food saved up. Coffee in the morning, then she'd cook a decent lunch, and in the end a lighter dinner. Tonight was buttered toast and two glasses of milk. They sat together in the light of the one lamp they could spare, sinking into a pair of armchairs by each other's side while she listened to the radio and he read through his file — Seargent Barnes' file.
"Should I start calling you that?" she asked.
It took him a second to realise she'd asked it, and looked up. The girl seemed genuinely curious in her polite little way.
"I… I don't know. I guess."
"So, 'James'?"
She chewed slowly as she looked back at him. The faint light of the room was completely captured by her eyes, growing brighter just by her looking his way.
"I'll call you whatever you'd like me to," she smiled in the end.
He couldn't help but smile back too. Her gaze then slipped downward from his, tracing his lips, his neck, his body, and the breath nearly froze in his throat before she spoke again and asked:
"How are your wounds?"
"All healed by now, I think."
"I can have a look… if it's alright."
He couldn't stand to ask for her to touch his skin again, so he just shrugged and let her understand what he wasn't brave enough to say. With a last lick of butter from her fingers, she slipped down from her seat like a stranded mermaid and kneeled right in front of him.
"You haven't even eaten," she said without so much as looking up while he put the folders down on the nearby table, eyes drinking in her every move.
"You can have it."
"You need to build your strength up."
"Think so?" he smirked, and she smiled too when her eyes went up to his. She could understand his meaning: he was strong enough, and they both knew it.
"Still… At least have some milk," she whispered as her hands felt up his torso, peeling off the gauze with her careful little fingers.
"I don't want it, doll."
As the girl undid and put away the bloodied bandages, she could see he was indeed all healed, not a trace of the gaping wounds of before, or even scars. She looked at his body in quiet wonder and tried to think only of how well he'd healed, how special Hydra had made him, how immeasurably strong, and not of just how beautiful the man before her was.
"See? I'm right as rain."
"You are… It's pretty remarkable," the girl said quietly, letting one hand trace his skin as she took away the last bit of bandage from around his ribs. His flesh was so hot, even in that cold dark room.
The Soldier's grey eyes heated as they took her in, and a smile grew on his face.
"You really think so?" he asked in a low voice, sounding a bit more hopeful than he had intended.
Her eyes licked a path up his body until she met his gaze and, trying not to smile or blush, she said instead just: "Drink your milk."
"I told you, I don't want it."
With a hiss, the metal hand picked the plate up off the table and offered it to her. He didn't need to eat so much, she did, and he knew she noticed that he was skipping meals for her but she had her sense of honour too and didn't always take it. Maybe tonight she would.
"No, s-stop," the girl protested with half a laugh as she tried to push the plate away, but all she managed to do was make it slip between his metal fingers until the big glass of milk leaned precariously toward her. "Oh no—!"
Not much of it was spilt before he caught it with his other hand, a curse at the edge of his lips, but at least he saved half of it.
"I'm sorry," she sighed, feeling awful now about her stubbornness and perhaps a bit embarrassed. The cold milk was already soaking through her nightgown. "I just wanted to…"
"I know you want to take care of me," the Soldier grumbled as he set the plate back down and took a napkin in the same frustrated move. "But you don't have to."
Before thinking much about it, he began to dab at her wet chest, ignoring how her hand went up thinking he wanted to give the napkin to her. But no, he was doing it himself, perhaps to drive the point home that he wanted to care for her as well. With a trembling hand, she undid just the first button of the gown — a very old and modest thing, something they'd found in the apartment from whoever lived there before. When his motions stopped and he looked up at her, she flushed and shrugged a little.
"It feels damp," the girl explained.
The Soldier's hand felt heavier on her chest the longer it stayed there, but then suddenly he kneeled down alongside her and then gripped her hips, and with nothing but a frightened gasp from her he lifted the girl where he had sat on the armchair, and now he was kneeling in her place. His hands, slowly beginning to move again, stopped trying to soak away the milk and fiddled with the rest of the buttons instead.
"I think you need to take this off," he growled. The metal arm was steady, but his flesh shuddered at even the thought of her rejection.
"Y-you think so?"
Faster and more steadily, he unwrapped her like a present, while he looked not at her revealed and tempting body but her eyes, where fear battled with her courage.
"I won't hurt you," he promised. The sight of her never failed to soften his heart, and though he felt her shiver as he eased the gown off of her shoulders, he tried still not to stare. She might have been alone with him and at his mercy, but there would be nowhere else she would be safer — and he wanted her to know it. "I… I won't… d-do anything you —"
"I know…" the girl nodded, still afraid but trusting him.
The nails dug into her palms but she kept her hands apart and didn't cover her chest as he revealed it, his eyes finally slipping down to drink her in. As the thick material slipped down her peaks, they blushed and perked up just as he was watching. The sheen left by the stains of milk, that went all the way down to her stomach, chilled her skin even more in the coldness of the room, but the girl didn't mind. The heat radiating from his body could almost warm her up.
The Soldier slipped her arms out of the sleeves distractedly as he looked at her darling body, at what she allowed him to see, and tried to temper his greed with gratitude. Still kneeling in front of her like a faithful knight, he leaned forward just a bit then looked up once more, keeping her gaze fixed in his as he approached until his breath fanned over her skin, then slipped upwards to catch her lips in the briefest, lightest kiss. He closed his eyes to savour it, fingers curling on the armrests at the shiver that ran through him when she pressed herself against him. Her wince of surprise turned into a loving moan, but then he left her and slipped down. The girl didn't stop him, nor complain, but she wasn't begging either — maybe he could change that. Slow and easily, he let his lips fall on her chest to suck at the little spots of milk, right between her breasts, going back up to her neck, then down again to chase the droplets. He felt her breathing in, deep and panicked, but he kissed her more until he felt her calming down.
"You… you want to do this?" she whispered.
"Do what?" asked the Soldier as he moved his lips over the surface of her breast. "Kiss you?" His mouth left a trail of warmth on the path toward her neglected little tip. "I do, I want to."
He wrapped his lips around her and she burst into a needy moan, high and breathless and a bit embarrassed, but he seemed to drink it up — like he did her. His lips were so soft at first, gentle and almost shy as he tasted her, then opened up to feel her more, to press his tongue against that hardening nub and scrape it up and down. His teeth rested right against her flesh, caging her almost like a warning, holding her there for him to taste and tease.
She had never felt something so warm and gentle, but then he moaned right up against her and his voice, in its low and wordless cry, sunk into her, sounding in her blood and through her heart. Timidly, the girl raised her hands to his head, just to thread her fingers there, wanting to hold him still but not quite daring to. She distracted herself by caressing him as he licked and kissed and sucked her in until it hurt. Feeling her begin to twist within his grasp, the man raised one hand up gently and rested it on the side of the breast he was then kissing, holding it still with the greatest care. His thumb was moving back and forth, petting the little mound with something that felt like love or gratitude, while he kept suckling it.
He only stopped when she began to wince and plead, and started with his light and teasing kisses once again, drop by drop like a loving rain as he made a path toward her other breast. The girl's fingers brushed the hair out of his eyes, and just as gently his arms went up around her, holding her hips in his broad hands without squeezing or even keeping her still — he just held her, let his warmth sink into her, giving her everything he could. The Soldier showed the same love here as he did before, drinking her in but stopping before the point of pain, trading kisses for little nips and suckles. The wet sounds of his flesh caressing hers drowned out the faint melody playing on the radio, and with her heart right there beneath that fragile layer of skin and bone, she was all that he could hear.
"Please, James…" the girl moaned faintly, almost to herself.
It got stuck in her throat when she realised she'd said it, and it gave the Soldier pause as well, unsure how he should feel about it — it was his name, after all, but it felt like someone else. His eyes slipped to the folder on the table, closed, but with some files and photos peeking out like a haunting.
"Don't call me that," he growled but kissed her chest with even greater care to make up for it. "It doesn't sound like it's mine."
"Alright," she said, biting her lower lip and nodding as she looked down at him. "Whatever you want…"
"Good girl."
His hands slipped lower as he bent to kiss her stomach, lapping at the dried milk there until she was all clean. The girl's hips and legs were tangled in the nightgown, soiled like a fish tail or perhaps disgarded snake skin — his captured little beast. The Soldier's kisses covered the arch of her lower ribs then focused on the middle, catching the drops where they stopped, sipping them up, then going lower. The edge of the material stopped him, but he could already smell her — sweet, a little salty, excited because of him and smelling warm, welcoming him most of all. He growled and forced his lips back upward.
Between the hands that gripped her, he could feel the girl begin to rub herself just slightly on her seat, hips canting back and forth, causing her to whine in pleasure.
"You want something?" he smirked, lifting his eyes up to hers in between the trail of kisses.
"Only you," she whispered, small claws curling right against his scalp.
"You have me."
His mouth covered her breast again and he felt her lips come to rest on the top of his head. The girl's hands slipped lower down his naked back, hold him to her as she could while she covered his body and laid a crown of kisses on his messy locks.
The Soldier's arms curled around her too, holding her body to his as if she could slip away, and kissing, lapping, nipping at those two warm points and in between them, taking in the scent of her skin that felt so sweet, more nourishing than anything, and right now the only thing to live for. She had even stopped canting her hips, slipping forward, lower on the seat so that she could be closer, hold him tighter, never let him go.
Tumblr media
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thy who plays foolish games, shalt garner foolish prizes | 1
MCU | dark!Stucky x f!Reader | 18+
Tumblr media
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Summary: It all starts with an innocent crush, and your passion for teasing and banter. You don’t mean anything by it, really. However, unaware of what you’ve started, the consequences will soon catch up to you.
Warnings/Info: Though this chapter does not contain smut or fits the following warnings, the story will be 18+ only! For good measure. I mean it; don’t come at me if you read it despite the trigger warnings, and not liking what you’ve read, please.  | TW:dark content | eventual dub-con/non-con; stalking; gaslighting; explicit sexual content&language; cussing; smoking/drinking
Tags: @sweetdreams25​ @nichia88-blog​
Tumblr media
You look up from your laptop screen, utterly perplexed, when a Starbucks cup is placed on your cluttered desk with a thud.
“One Venti Pumpkin Spice latte just for you”, Miss Pepper Potts, your new boss and CEO of Stark Industries, smiles down at you triumphantly, one perfectly manicured hand on her hip.
“Oh my gosh, how’d you know? Thank you!”
You adjust your reading glasses with a sheepish smile and roll your eyes with a satisfied hum as you take a sip of the heavenly brew.
“I don’t want to sound creepy, but you post a lot on social media” The strawberry blonde waves her smartphone in the air. “the fall season aesthetic of your Instagram profile is so pretty, and then I just had to put two and two together”
“I’m that basic, huh?”, you chuckle nervously; internally embarrassed by the fact that your boss knows about your social media accounts. Could it be a warning? Her telling you to watch out about your posts in a roundabout way. But Pepper has been nothing but incredibly nice to you, it’d be out of character for her to think that way; perhaps you are just overthinking again.
“Hey, I finished your schedule for the next six weeks, by the way. I’ll let you know about any changes ASAP if something comes up”
“Ugh, thank you! Your precursor had messed it up completely before she left” She gesture at the clutter of papers and folders on your desk. “which explains all this. I’m so sorry you have to fix it”
You click your tongue and wave her off with a smile. “Don’t apologize, Miss Potts, I’m so grateful for this opportunity”
Her phone starts ringing, Pepper looks at the screen and back to you with an apologetic smile. “I have to answers this, sorry. Enjoy your coffee and call me Pepper! I’ve told you that already, Y/N”
You thank her again as she leaves, and the clicking of her high heels echoes down the hall as she disappears into her office. The backrest of your luxurious office chair gives in as you sink into it with a heavy sigh. Your gaze roams over your desk, and your shoulders slouch when you think about the remaining paperwork for today.
Another sip of coffee gives you the motivation you need to tackle what you’ve started. Three hours, tops, and you’re free.
Your own phone buzzes and the screen lights up with a preview of a text from your best friend. You barely use your phone at work since you want to keep up a good impression, but whenever you’re sure Pepper is busy, you sneak a quick look.
Friday, 8pm. Chillout at my place! I got two bottles of that Rosso Nobile red wine you like. Bitch, you in?
You snicker to yourself as you answer Mya’s text with a simple thumbs up.
Tumblr media
You’ve just sorted the last documents into the proper folders and with your arms akimbo, you look at your clean desk with a satisfied sigh. Even better, you’ve managed to finish it 23 minutes short of three hours. Time to go home.
Your phone vibrates and the screen shows P. Potts; with pursed lips you swipe your fingertip over the screen to answer the call.
“Hey, Y/N, I got something for Mr. Stark to sign but I have to be in a conference call in 5 minutes. Could you get them from my office, please?”
“Uh, yes, sure”, you answer as you pack up your bag with the phone clenched between your cheek and shoulder.
“Thank you!” Pepper hangs up and you smirk to yourself as you make your way towards her office. Mister Stark, she said, as if their relationship is a secret. The large door to her office is cracked open, but you knock anyway before stepping inside.
Pepper is sitting at her desk, a document in her hands, and when she notices you, she greets you with a beaming smile.
“Thank you, Y/N! I swear it’s the last thing I ask of you today, you can be off as soon as you have his signature”, she explains to you as you approach the desk. She puts the documents in a black folder with the company logo on it, and hands it to you.
“Take it home with you and just give it to me tomorrow, I know he’ll forget it in his workshop if he keeps it” She rolls her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose as her phone buzzes.
“Will that be all, Miss – uh, Pepper?”
Pepper winks and nods as she puts the phone to her ear. You wave goodbye as she starts talking to whoever is on the phone with her, and you close the heavy door behind you as you exit her office with the folder in your hands and the strap of your bag on your shoulder.
Tumblr media
You practically skip down the long hall way towards the elevators and as you step inside, you scan your work ID on the black screen next to the buttons and push the one taking you to the level of Tony Starks workshop afterwards. The door closes and you sway back and forth on your feet in anticipation.
Sometimes you still catch yourself wondering in awe how lucky you were to score a job as Pepper Potts personal assistant at the new Avengers Facility. You’ve never admitted it, not even in your job interview, but you’re a major superhero geek. The first time you met Tony Stark in person, he landed in front of you in his Iron Man suit when Pepper was showing you around the facility.
And don’t even get started on Captain America…
On your third day of work, you were casually greeted by none other than Steve Rogers himself as you hurried to the elevators. It was 7 in the morning; you nearly fainted.
Since then, you’ve gotten way more comfortable at your workplace. Hell, you could even say you and Steve have developed a somewhat flirty relationship, on your part at least. He always has a compliment for you, a polite comment, or a friendly greeting, and you’ve rarely seen anything sweeter than Captain America’s bashful smile after you give him a compliment in return. If only you could run your hands through his soft, dark blonde hair, just once, and you’d truly be happy.
You can hear the booming sound of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid as you approach the workshop.
Tony is engrossed in some holograms, stuff you couldn’t understand even if you’d try, and yelling wouldn’t be enough to get his attention, so you walk up to him and wave the folder around until he turns his focus on you with a quirked eyebrow.
The music quiets down, you don’t know how he did that, and he rolls his eyes as he spots the folder.
“I told her I’d sign it later. Did she sent you down here just to get my signature? What time is it anyway? Shouldn’t you be off, kiddo?”
He snatches the folder out of your hand and scans the papers haphazardly before holding his palm out to you.
“All right, Miss Moneypenny, pen, please”
You wrinkle your brows at his nickname, rummage through your bag while his intense gaze is on you, and hand him the elegant Stark Industries pen you’ve gotten from Pepper on your first day. He looks at it and the corner of his mouth twitches in amusement as he finally signs the three documents.
“Pepper told me you’re doing great at your job so far”, he says as he hands you back the folder and pen. “Are you happy at Stark Industries? Everyone treating you right?”
You nod eagerly, intimidated by his casualness. “Absolutely, Mr. Stark, thank you, uh…for asking”
A deep voice interrupts you, and you’d recognize it anywhere.
“Capsicle”, Tony greets him with a smirk and puts his arm around your shoulders. “have you met Y/N already? She’s Pepper’s new assistant”
Steve Rogers stands leaning against the doorframe, and you wonder how long he has been standing there. His navy-blue button-down shirt is rolled up to his elbows and you let your eyes roam over the veins in his muscular arms until you force yourself to stop. He smiles innocently at you and nods.
“Of course, I have. Good to see you again, Y/N”, he greets you politely, and the way your name rolls off the tip of his tongue makes your heart skip a beat.
“Hi…Steve” You give a small, awkward wave and feel your cheeks heat up. Tony snickers as he lets go off you and goes to shut down the holograms.
“Tony, team meeting in five. We have some issues to discuss”, Steve informs him, but Tony waves him off.
“Yeah, I’ll be there. Hey, Cap, be a gentleman and escort this lady to the elevators, hm”
You grip the straps of your bag tighter as you thank Iron Man internally. Bless this man, this wonderful, wonderful man.
“Oh, that’s not necessary, you have a meeting soon”, you decline, faking bashfulness, fully aware that a man like Steve Rogers would never accept this answer, and you’re right.
Steve shakes his head with a smile and nods his towards the hall. “Nonsense, come on”
“Atta boy”, Tony mutters absentmindedly, now focused on another task. “See ya, Y/N”
You follow Steve down the hall and inhale his scent deeply as you walk next to him. He smells like aftershave, hair gel, and tangy body wash; overall just heavenly.
“So, do you have any plans for your evening?” He clears his throat and stuffs his hands inside his pockets. “Perhaps with your boyfriend”
You snort and apologize when he furrows his brows at you with a smirk.
“What’s so funny about that?”
“No, it’s just – I don’t have a boyfriend”, you answer sheepishly as gaze up at him. He hums in acknowledgement and his jaw clenches.
You two approach the elevators and your stomach drops a little. How could you get your hopes up and think Captain America would ask you out on a date? Pathetic.
You press the button, the silver doors open swiftly, and you step inside with your eyes focused on the floor.
“Well, have a good night then. Thank you for walking with me”, you say and try to keep the sour undertone out of your voice. However, as the doors try to close again, Steve holds them open with one hand.
“Y/N, wait”
Your heartbeat speeds up as you watch Steve scratch the back of his head awkwardly, searching for words.
“I was wondering if…if you’d like to, I don’t know, have a drink with me?”
You stare at him dumbly; lips parted a little as you process his question.
“Only if you’re up for it, of course, I mean –“
“Yes!”, you blurt out suddenly, too loud, and too eager at that, and Steve’s lips pull into a smirk. “I mean” You clear your throat and shrug your shoulders. “yeah, that’d be…nice”
The doors try to close again, but Steve stops them once more as you scribble your number on a piece of an old grocery store receipt. Your hand is trembling ever so slightly as he takes the paper from you, and even the delicate brush of his fingertips over your own sends shivers down your spine.
“Text me the details…or call, whatever you prefer”, you chuckle nervously as he shoots you a lopsided grin.
“I will” He steps out of the way, so the doors can close eventually. “Have a good night, Y/N”
You grab the straps of your bag with a beaming smile. “You too and have fun at your meeting”
Steve waits until the doors close, and when they do, you brace yourself on the elevator door for support, breathing rapidly. Your knees are weak, your stomach is in nervous knots while butterflies are going rogue.
Captain America just asked you out on a date.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The United States of Captain America #4 - "I Hate When This Happens" (2021)
written by Christopher Cantwell art by Ron Lim, Cam Smith, & Scott Hanna
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sambuckysplumtree · 19 hours ago
Okay so it’s totally canon that Sam leaves little notes stuck to Bucky’s arm with the cutest little animal magnets and Bucky just wakes up with thousands of notes like “we need milk” when they don’t actually need milk and “let the dog out when you wake up” when they don’t even have a dog. Ugh, domesticity at its finest.
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