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#Winter Soldier

so I always headcanon Bucky being stronger than Steeb even without his metal arm but I hadn’t put much thought into justifying why––until I did. Here’s what I got. 

Looking at Banner and Barnes and the modified version of Split Personality Disorder they’ve got going on, something Rogers clearly doesn’t have, I want to attribute that to the serum. Logically, I know it’s borne from trauma, it’s a clear defense mechanism but… taking liberties by way of comic book science. So. 

I think that Erskine’s formula achieved harmony between strength and a split mind, like a perfectly balanced seesaw. But in trying to have both, he had to make sacrifices in how strong and agile Steve could become. This was not a hindrance Bruciebear and the HYDRA scientists faced. They weren’t able to/didn’t want to do this properly and so bye bye peace of mind, hello incredible superstrength. Bruce is immensely stronger than Steve and consequentially his mind fractured and fissured into two more dramatically. Bucky is somewhat stronger than Steve but not as much as the Hulk, so he sits somewhere in between. 

Obviously this is isn’t really supported by canon unless you go cherrypicking but <3 i still believe <3

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series masterlist

series summary: She’s his muse and he’s hers…it’s just that neither of them know it

warnings: swearing, alcohol, loki being a pain in the ass, 

taglist is open lavs

a/n: yes, i started another social media au. Why? Because my creativity for  traditional writing and my work ethic for that is gone n i need to get these ideas out my head somehow-


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series masterlist

series summary: She’s his muse and he’s hers…it’s just that neither of them know it

warnings: swearing

taglist is open lavs

a/n: did i start another series even tho i already have one in progress? yes. why? because social media aus r things i can work on in class

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Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers    

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: Smut, Smutty smutness - NSFW 18+ Only!

Prompt: Oct 21 - Anal Play

A/N: This is for HBC’s Kinktober! @the-ss-horniest-book-club​​​ @the-ce-horniest-book-club​​​ / Divider by @whimsicalrogers​​​


You had been dating Steve and Bucky for a few weeks, ever since they pulled a little thing you liked to call the Coffee Stunt. They told you to dress up for your date tonight, one of Tony’s parties. You had gone all out with a matching lingerie set, garter belt, stockings, heels, and a killer dress. It was altogether different than your usual loose fitting dress or work slacks. You were running a little late and had texted them that you would meet them at the party. As you enter you survey the room looking for the two of them and spot Bucky at the bar. Catching his eye, you smile brightly. Bucky’s mouth drops open as he looks you up and down and then you see him hitting Steve’s arm frantically. Steve looks at Bucky in confusion and then follows his  gaze. He stares at you for a moment before breaking into a grin. In unison, the two move towards you. 

“You look gorgeous, dollface!” Bucky kisses your cheek. 

“Thank you, Bucky.” You smile at him and turn to Steve who delivers a swift kiss.

“Wow, I’m… speechless.” Steve gives you another once-over. 

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Author: I’m so sorry to anyone that wanted to read part 2 sooner, work has been kicking my ass and I’m trying to get stuff straight to get a new car and the sorts. I’ll try to get better on updating and posting more often just bear with me please. My tag list is open for anyone that would want to follow this story, and my requests are also open. Sorry if this chapter is a little rushed or cliche the next one will be better. Thank you and remember to live a little. 

Summary: Y/n explains to everyone what happened. They all agree she needs to show everyone what she can do and Steve makes her and Bucky start training in the mornings instead for now on.

Warnings: uh just mild cursing, talk about death, talk of being kicked out, a little fluff normal stuff honestly nothing too bad 


Y/n stood up and walked to the end of the table to explain. Taking in a deep nervous breath, all eyes were on her. She barely knew the people in the room with her, now she was forced to tell them what she so desperately tried to hide.

“I’ll start with an apology for keeping secrets. I guess everyone now knows why I’m called the She-Devil. Basically I can shift into whatever you want to call it. I grow black horns and devil tail, I don’t really know why. I don’t really know why, I got angry one day at my mom and it just sort of happened. I also gain super speed in that form, and a few years ago I found out I also have fire power. I got kicked out of my home when I turned 16 by my mom. When I was living on the streets I was attacked by some drunk guys and some man saved me.” She said nervously and thought back to that day.

She watched as a man dressed in all black stabbed the highly intoxicated men. She was scared, her true form showing. When the man finished he spoke to her, “What is such a young lady doing out all alone at this time of night?”

“Pl-please leave me alone. I won’t tell anyone. I promise!” She stuttered out taking a step back. “I won’t hurt you, I can see you’re  special. I can give you a place to stay, in exchange for working for me. Theres plenty of people there, including some girls your age.”

Not knowing what else to do. She agreed. Unknowingly becoming part of the biggest assassin organization in new york.

Y/n snapped out of her thoughts when Fury cleared his throat, “Y/n continue. I don’t have all day.”

“Right sorry. So I agreed to his offer. A place to stay, as long as I worked for him. Who wouldn’t when you’re 16 with no where to go? At first it was easy, just finding info on certain people. Then he forced me to train to be an assassin. He black mailed me into it. So I did. That was years ago. I found out the people I killed were innocents trying to take down my boss. So I killed him. Convinced some of the other girls to help me. And now I’m here.” She finished. She caught Bucky’s eyes, they were reassuring. He went through this, he had to explain what happened when he was in hydra’s clutches. He understands.

Steve was the first to speak after some silence, “Y/n, Bucky. I want both of you to start training with us. I want to know what you can do. Tony and Bruce will be doing some testing so maybe we can learn a little bit more about the she devil.”

Y/n froze, they were ok with this? Why? Why weren’t they scared and kicking her out. “Hey, Y/n it’s ok. We don’t look at you any different, we all have red on our ledger. You’re no different than us, I promise.” Nat said and everyone agreed.

After more conversation about it Bruce brought her to the lab immediately. He was curious about it, wanted to know why it happens and what happens when she devil comes out.

Y/n was internally groaning, she just wanted to go back to her room and read her book. “So Y/n, first i’m going to start with a body scan while you’re shifting. Please onto the platform.” She complied.

When Bruce gave the go ahead she shifted. Tony gave a cat call when he walked in, “Damn I expected something scary not something of a fantasy.” She gave him a glare her red eyes piercing his. “Ok ok I yield!” He put his hands up in surrender, “So Brucie what did the scan show?”

“It’s so odd, its like the horns and tail grow from her body within seconds. There’s no magic involved with the shift, but I don’t know how. It’s showing your canines grew too, mind showing me?” Opening her mouth it showed they had gotten longer and sharper. Just enough to obviously not be normal.”

An hour later and Bruce taking blood for more testing she was headed to the kitchen. She was hungry and tired after the previous events. When she walked into the kitchen she bumped into a firm chest of someone much taller than her. “Oh shit!…” She looked up to lock eyes with the super soldier, “Sorry Buck I wasn’t paying attention.” 

“No no it’s fine I should’ve been paying more attention too y/n/n, I ordered pizza  if you’re hungry.” She could’ve sworn he seemed a little nervous talking to her. It make her sad to think about honestly, the first friend she made here being nervous to talk to her now. Putting the thought onto the back burner for now she accepted the offer. They both made their way into the living room and sat on the sofa next to each other. She still made sure to keep her distance of course, still waiting for the rejection she’s been expecting. 

When the pizza arrived it didn’t take long for everyone to gather around in the living room watching a movie. After having blood drawn y/n got increasingly tired after eating. About an hour in she finally passed out, her head resting on Nat’s shoulder. Bucky looked over to see the girls reaction to the scene playing only to have the assassin tell him to be quiet. 

He take a second to take in the scene, not only was the fiercest assassin letting someone fall asleep on her shoulder, but the reserved girl who didn’t really talk to anyone or touch anyone or even really come near anyone at that. Was asleep peacefully on the assassin’s shoulder, all the fear and stress of hiding what she is and then being exposed wiped from her face. He hadn’t really thought about how pretty she is before, but damn is she gorgeous. 

A little later Nat got up to go to bed, so she carefully moved y/n to where she was laying her head on Bucky’s lap instead. Whom had also fallen asleep during the second movie of the night. Everyone else had pretty much gone to bed by then except for Steve and Tony. Both of them watched Nat’s antics knowing the two most reserved people would freak when they woke up like that later. They were complete opposites in appearance, Bucky much larger than the girl laid out on the sofa with her head on his lap. Though both of them could absolutely fuck you up in a fight. 

“I bet you $20 that Bucky will wake up in the morning and bring her to her room.” 

“I dunno Captain I bet you $50 they’re going to wake up in the morning cuddled up on the couch to the others talking about it.” 


The next morning Y/n woke up to the smell of food being cooked. She hadn’t moved yet, she was enjoying the warm embrace of arms wrapped around her waist.

….Wait. Her eyes snapped open to see the living room instead of her bedroom wall. She carefully craned her neck to not wake the mystery person up and looked behind her. She immediately recognized the man propped up against the arm rest and back of the couch. She was laying on her side with her head on his lap. 

With a beat red face of embarrassment she carefully started getting up. “Please do not wake up.” Was on repeat in her head. 

When her mission to get up without waking up the man she walked silently to the kitchen. Stopping in her tracks when none other than Steve Rogers turned to look at her while standing at the stove. “Damn, looks like neither of us win this time.” Tony makes his presence known sitting at the table. 

“I was looking forward to that $20 too.” Steve complained.

“Who else saw?” She was red again from embarrassment. 

“Just me and Tony, well I mean Nat technically but she was the one that laid your head on him. She didn’t want to wake you up by taking you to your room. Want some pancakes? You have to train this morning so I suggest eating.” Steve explained flipping one of the pancakes. 

This was going to be a long day. 

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‘Sun and Moon’ characters

main characters with aesthetics and basic info (name, code name, strengths/abilities)

*updated to include hometown and languages :)

James “Bucky” Barnes//Winter Soldier


strengths: highly trained with blades/firearms, super strength, bionic aem

specialty: guns

hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA

languages: English, Russian, German, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portugese Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese



strengths: energy manipulation, force fields, heat/light generation

specialty: energy blasts

hometown: Strasbourg, France

languages: French, English, German, Russian, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, ASL

Steve Rogers//Captain America


strengths: hand to hand combat, super agility, super strength

specialty: vibranium shield

hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA

languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

Tony Stark//Iron Man


strengths: intelligence, flight, super suit

specialty: repulsor blasts

hometown: Manhattan, New York, USA

languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese

Natasha Romanoff//Black Widow


strengths: spy, assassin, martial artist

specialty: widow bites

hometown: Stalingrad, Russia

languages: Russian, English, French, German, Romanian, Czech, Dutch, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, ASL

Wanda Maximoff//Scarlet Witch


strengths: mind reading, mind control, levitation

specialty: telekenesis

hometown: Sokovia, Czech Republic

languages: Czech, Ukranian, Russian, German, French, English

Sam Wilson//Falcon


strengths: hand to hand combat, firearms, flying suit

specialty: flight

hometown: Harlem, New York, USA

languages: English, Spanish, Pashto


Clint, Thor, and Bruce will be in this story too but they won’t be main characters

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Peter Parker: Is really good at it due to spidey senses, however, he gets distracted, almost misses and panics when the ball is flying for him. The ball ends up webbed to the ceiling.

Steve: Everyone expects him to be bad at it but he turns out to be decent. Like, casually good at it, nothing special, just good.

Tony: He gets Dum-E to play and it goes well at first. Then, the incident happens..

Clint: Everyone expects him to be really good at it but hes actually horrible at it. Constantly getting hit with the ball and manages to hit himself with the paddle a couple of times. “This is different than shooting arrows, very different!”`

Bruce:Refuses to play but eventually Tony talks him into it. Once he gets the hang of it he finds it very relaxing, just listening to the ball bounce back and forth.

Natasha: No one expects her to play but when she finally does shes REALLY good at it. Her and Bucky end up playing together because they are evenly matched. However..

Bucky: He and Natasha end up playing but because they are both so good at it they get REALLY competitive. The ball gets faster and faster until everyone is worried its gonna hurt someone. Finally one of them misses a shot and the ball shoots past, burying itself in the wall. They have two walls just covered in ping pong balls.

Loki: He refuses to play at first, opting to just watch their “silly Earth games” However, Thor convinces him to play, he doesn’t particularly enjoy it but he doesn’t hate it either. But, don’t tell anyone else but he uses his magic to cheat slightly, causing the other person to miss more shots, unless its Peter.

Thor: He was very excited to play for the first time, he’s okay art it. But he gets over-enthusiastic and accidentally hits them too hard, he frequently contributes to the wall.

If you have anyone else you want me to do just say so, I also do requests for other headcanons and fandoms!

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I don’t know how you’re doing this, but here’s a little more of orc!Stucky filth I love so freaking much 🙈 


Pairing: orc!Stucky x knight!Reader

Warnings: yandere, dubcon, degradation, overstimulation, breeding, just general orc filth 🙈

Words: around 500.

Part 1

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Sun and Moon (part 1)

relationship: Bucky x fem!reader, Bucky x mutant!reader, platonic!Avengers x reader

word count: 1.5k

summary: You’re the Avenger’s sunshine, the complete opposite of Bucky, but maybe you’re exactly what each other needs.

warnings: none

a/n: your codename as an Avenger is Solar


[gifs not mine]

“Ok so you’re gonna live on this floor with me.” Steve spoke, Bucky trailing behind him as they left the elevator. The brunet clutched the bookbag strap slung over his shoulder, his eyes scanning his surroundings.

“This building is huge so if you get lost or anything just ask Friday for help. She’s there for a reason.” Steve chuckled as they walked through the perfect living room, approaching a plain white door, “And here’s your room. Mine is right here down the hallway.”

“I just… talk to the ceiling?” Bucky asked, still caught up on the whole Friday thing.

Steve couldn’t help but laugh at his awkward expression. He mentioned the artificial intelligence earlier but he couldn’t really explain it. “Just say her name… It’s kind of comforting, actually. She’s always there.”

“The computer voice thingy is a she?”

He snorted at the question. Bucky looked completely serious, obviously trying to understand the situation.

“Well I guess you haven’t heard her voice yet, have you? Hey Friday?”

“Yes Captain Rogers?”

The sound made Bucky flinch in surprise but he looked curious, his eyes lighting up. He did always love science - it’s nice some things haven’t changed.

“Could you make sure Sergeant Barnes settles in? I need to get some work done.”

“Of course, Captain. Your meeting started 5 minutes ago.”

“What? Why didn’t you give me a heads up?”

“You told me that a random voice may startle the sergeant so I was waiting for you to introduce me, sir.”

Bucky smiled at the response, the first real smile Steve had seen since he found him in Romania. The blonde shook his head with an amused huff, knowing the AI was technically right. Steve looked at his friend with a small smile, “If you need anything, just ask Friday to get me.”

Bucky nodded, waiting for him to leave before sighing, looking around the room carefully. The bed was way bigger than he was used to. He experimentally pressed his hand into the mattress, it felt comfortable but not too soft.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

He perked up at the voice (he decided he liked Friday, she sounded very soothing). The Irish accent reminded him of something… something like home but he couldn’t remember. “Yes?”

“Before your arrival Mr. Stark prepared your room for you. Pajamas are in the dresser and regular clothes are in the closet. The bathroom already has supplies but please inform me if you want a certain product.”

Bucky felt shame curling in his stomach, Tony not only gave him a place to live but also went out of his way to make him feel comfortable. He knows he should thank the man but he feels like the nicest thing to do is stay away. Tony probably hates him and is just letting him stay so the Avengers can be back together.

He sighed at the deep thoughts, tugging on his hair in frustration. He let his eyes scan the room, stopping on the large television. That seems like a good enough distraction, “Hey Friday, could you help me out here? I’m not really good with technology.”

“Of course, Sergeant. First, pick up the remote located on the dresser.”

You walked into the tower with Natasha and Sam, still in your mission suits. Your hair was a mess and you definitely had dirt on your face but you couldn’t help but laugh at Sam’s dramatic retelling of the time Steve ripped his pants mid fight. Even Nat was smirking, her arm looped with yours (she was always in a good mood after kicking ass.)

“The three musketeers!” Tony exclaimed, walking towards you, “how’d it go?”

You smiled, “It was good, we got everything we needed, but the intel was wrong.”

His bright smile instantly faded, eyes full of concern as he scanned for visible injuries. Tony might joke around alot but you know how much he cares about you and the rest of the team.

“There were more Hydra agents than we were expecting.” You explain, Nat still holding onto you protectively. She knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault but she was still upset, it’s never fun to get ambushed.

“We can debrief later, I think Solar needs to rest. She took out a lot of Nazi’s today.” Sam bragged, squeezing your shoulder. Tony nodded, “yeah, of course. Cap is busy right now anyways.”

You smiled in appreciation, “Thanks guys, I’m gonna go change. Burgers tonight?”

“Obviously,” Tony scoffed, “Now go relax. You deserve it, kid.”

About an hour later you were fresh from the shower and in your comfiest clothes but you still hadn’t heard from Steve. He’s usually a mother hen whenever someone returns from a mission so it’s weird that he hasn’t barged into your apartment yet.

“Hey Friday, is Cap on his floor?”

“No ma’am, Sergeant Barnes is though. Captain Rogers is currently in a meeting.”

“Oh… Is Bucky resting? Does he need anything?”

“He’s just settling in, I’m sure he would enjoy your company.”

You play with your sweater, moving into the elevator to go to Steve (and now Bucky’s) floor. You met him a few times briefly when he was still recovering. You winced at the memory, hoping he didn’t remember you blasting him into a wall when he was the Winter Soldier.

Bucky flinched at the sound of knocking. He remembered Steve telling him that he would be alerted if there was any security threat but he couldn’t help the paranoia.

He shuffled towards the door, almost dropping his knife when he saw you. You always make him flustered, he doesn’t know how he feels about you, honestly. Part of him knows you make him vunerable, you’re a distraction. The other part feel pulled towards you for some reason. It’s very confusing, he can’t remember ever having these feelings before.

“I know we’ve met before but I feel like we should kind of start over.” You explain, holding out your hand to a very confused Bucky, “Hey, my codename is Solar and I’m an Avenger. I love animals and ice cream, I hate rude people and small spaces.”

He shifted nervously, “I’m Bucky.”

“Ok Bucky, what are your likes and dislikes?”

He scrunched his nose in a way that was way too adorable for an ex-assassin, “I don’t know.”

You smiled reassuringly, “Don’t think too hard, just answer.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, “I love cafés and the color blue, I hate crowds and being cold.”

“Café’s huh?” You ask, playfully tilting your head. Bucky hummed, leaning on the doorframe, “They’re peaceful.” He stated simply, a content look on his face, “And I like the deserts.”

“Really? I bake when I’m bored, I’ll make you something.” You straighten up, flashing a confident smile, “I got a 40’s cookbook recently, and not to brag, but Steve says I’m the best chef ever.”

Bucky actually chuckles at that, your eyes widening at the sweet sound, “Yeah? I cooked some while I lived in Romania…” He trailed off, looking away shyly.

A grin spread across your lips at his confession, “You know food can help with memory loss.”

His eyebrows raised, “Really? How?”

You opened your mouth to respond, slightly leaning on your good leg. Bucky noticed the movement instantly, “Are you hurt?”

You paused, blinking in surprise , “What? Oh, I’m fine. Just had a little run in with a Hydra agent.”

He frowned, not liking your response. “I’m sure there’s a first aid kit in here somewhere, come sit down.”

You wanted to tell Bucky it really wasn’t that bad but his concern made your heart flutter. You bit your lip, following him inside the familiar apartment wordlessly. “I’ve already been patched up, it’s just a little sore.”

You sat on the couch, Bucky nervously sitting beside you (after 70 years of brainwashing his social skills were a little rusty, he can’t remember the last time he interacted with a woman he wasn’t trying to kill.)

You smile, trying to ease his nerves, “So, what were we talking about before?”

“Um… food helping your memory.”

“Right, of course.” You perk up, meeting Bucky’s ocean blue eyes, “Well, certain foods are good for amnesia. Fish, eggs, coffee, berries, nuts, dark chocolate…” You traill off.

“Oh, and smells are one of the best ways to trigger memories. If you want to remember something specific think about the smells.”

He nodded, taking in the information. “You know a lot about this stuff.”

You shrug, flashing a small smile, “I know a lot of random facts, I like to learn new things.”

“Ms. Solar?” Friday’s gentle voice called out. You pout, “Let me guess, debriefing?”

“Yes ma’am. My apologies.”

You snorted at the professional tone, you swear she’s teasing you (but you’re still pretty sure you and Peter are her favorites.)

You send him an apologetic look, “Sorry Buck, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Bucky nodded, not knowing what to say. Not only did you call him by a nickname (which sounded really cute when you said it) but you also wanted to spend time with him? It was slightly overwhelming.

He waited until you had left to go to his room and pull out his journal. He grabbed a pen and started writing:

‘I talked to Solar today, she loves ice cream and animals, hates rude people and small spaces. She likes to cook. She said smells and certain foods are good for memory loss (do more research on this later.)’


character aesthetics

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Based on the request “Bucky having a nightmare from his HYDRA days and him choking you. You throw things and thrash until all the members come in and pull him off you. Tony just cuddling you as you grip on to his t shirt sobbing. A bruise around your neck from his robotic hand. You choose the ending :))”



Originally posted by spidermando

The sound of Bucky’s labored breathing wakes you. It’s a quiet night at the Avengers Tower, one of the rare still nights when you can’t hear the sounds of Tony or any of your friends working on projects that will keep them up until sunrise. This calm quiet surrounds you, but yet you’re certain you heard something else. You listen again, lying still in your bed to make out any possible noise, and then you hear it again. It sounds like someone trying their hardest not to scream, and instantly, you know who it is.


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