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perfectfeelings · 2 days ago
Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are.
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boyjumps · a day ago
99% of information is useless.
When you really want to do something about your problems and suffering, you start to sort through the information. Wisdom emerges from this, and a sense of meaning for life is developed.
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When looking at your own problems, you will need to be educated. In this context, the term "education" is not the same as simply acquiring information or knowledge.
Why do we need to be educated?
It is to have a "world view" when thinking about problems. What kind of place is this world for you? What is my relationship to the world? Without a world view, you cannot see it. And the only way to do that is to be informed and educated.
First of all, 99% of the information in the world today doesn't need to be there. At most, only 1% of the information you need will be relevant to you.
The 1% selected is called "knowledge". When you can integrate that knowledge into your own life and use it, it becomes "wisdom". But if you don't have your own view of the world, you can't extract the 1% you need from the flood of information.
In other words, information > knowledge > wisdom > education > worldview is a loop.
So how can we have a world view and education?
The first step is not to run away from your problems, but to be troubled and worried about them thoroughly.
You only start to learn when you are able to acknowledge your troubles and problems and when you really want to do something about the situation. That's when you start to sort through the information. Of course, things don't change immediately from there. But as we repeatedly practice using the information and solving the problem, the loop from information to worldview starts to turn.
The speed may be slow. And if you fail to identify the problem, you may find yourself stuck in a loop.
Nevertheless, the loop keeps turning, slowly. And that rotation will certainly develop your world view.
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relatablepoetryandquotes · 18 hours ago
“Love has a way of cheating itself consciously, like a child who plays at solitary hide-and-seek; it is pleased with assurances that it all the while disbelieves.” - George Eliot, Adam Bede
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