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detailedart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Moonlight interlude. Malmström, Wright, Friedrich.
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coffeeandwitchin · 2 days ago
1st Impressions of U
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these are others peoples 1st impressions, so you may not see yourself this way but this is how others may view you at 1st.
pile1} Other peoples impressions of you is that you are a loner and you stay mainly to yourself. You give off gothic vibes. Maybe you are more on the sadistic side with a deadpan sense of humor. It is obvious though you are an individual and don’t follow the rules or tradition. You could care less with you DGAF attitude. (I love it) You may have some Aquarius energy or air sign energies, but you’re seen as a rebel. You come off as if you own world and in you own head. Your aura is very powerful and intimidating.
pile2} You are viewed as high energy and expressive. You may have an animated personality which others are entertained by whether through social media or in person but, you have a big following or friend group. You’re seen as creative and thoughtful with your ideas, fashion, style, makeup, or hair. Whatever it is, it’s spontaneous and it makes you stand out. You are talented at many different things and have many qualities and you don’t share your secrets. You like to make it look effortless. Others look at you as successful and confident, very compassionate, motivated, fun, and proud.
pile3} you’re not easy to open up and others may think your anti-social at first, but when they start conversating with you they see that your a very warm and deep individual. you’re seen as patient and calm. someone who lets the chips fall where they may. you’re seen as feminine, and wise, yet full of quiet ambition. they find that you are confident and content in your own world and you don’t need to socialize all the time to be fulfilled. you might be the type of person in the corner reading a book to themselves while everyone else is talking but you’re not a bit lonely.
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citrusfoam · a day ago
Tumblr media
“A witch makes a potion with the help of her coyote familiars and drawing upon the knowledge of a greater wolf demon”
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yourwitchmama · a day ago
Emoji spell to free yourself from fear
Like to charge, reblog to cast
Take a deep breath. Listen to meditation music
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pastel-witchs-blog · a day ago
The Astrological Signs
📷 Aries (Ram)
Element: Fire
Mode: Cardinal
Archetypes: The Warrior, The Pioneer, The Daredevil, The Survivor
Keywords: courage, will, fighter, fierce, dynamic, quick, competitive
♉︎ Taurus (Bull)
Element: Earth
Mode: Fixed
Archetypes: The Earth Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One
Keywords: serenity, nature, silence, music, dependable, sensual, creative
♊︎ Gemini (Twins)
Element: Air
Mode: Mutable
Archetypes: The Witness, The Teacher, The Storyteller, The Journalist
Keywords: observer, communication, curiosity, wonder, intelligence, expressive
♋︎ Cancer (Crab)
Element: Water
Mode: Cardinal
Archetypes: The Mother, The Healer, The Invisible Man/Woman
Keywords: inward, feelings, nurturing, imaginative, kind, compassionate, protective
♌︎ Leo (Lion)
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Archetypes: The King/Queen, The Performer, The Child, The Clown
Keywords: personality, performer, dramatic, charismatic, outgoing, prideful
♍︎ Virgo (Virgin)
Element: Earth
Mode: Mutable
Archetypes: The Servant, The Martyr, The Perfectionist, The Analyst
Keywords: purity, perfection, service, detailed, practical, loyal, analytical
♎︎ Libra (Scales)
Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
Archetypes: The Lover, The Artist, The Peacemaker
Keywords: peace, harmony, balance, beauty, paradox, calm, diplomatic, gracious
♏︎ Scorpio (Scorpion)
Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Archetypes: The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist
Keywords: intensity, deep feeler, introspective, passionate, stubborn, resourceful
♐︎ Sagittarius (Archer)
Element: Fire
Mode: Mutable
Archetypes: The Gypsy, The Student, The Philosopher
Keywords: adventurous, seeks novelty & the foreign, optimistic, funny, generous, open-hearted
♑︎ Capricorn (Sea Goat)
Element: Earth
Mode: Cardinal
Archetypes: The Hermit, The Father, The Prime Minister
Keywords: worldly power, integrity, climber, patient, practical, disciplined, serious, independent
♒︎ Aquarius (Water-Bearer)
Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Archetypes: The Genius, The Revolutionary, The Truth Sayer, The Scientist, The Exile
Keywords: freedom, individuality, truth, original, imaginative, uncompromising
♓︎ Pisces (Fishes)
Element: Water
Mode: Mutable
Archetypes: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Poet, The Face Dancer
Keywords: consciousness, awareness, empathy, inner world, gentle, wise, artistic
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
Easy Color Magic Chart
This is the super simple, super easy list I have in my grimoire for colors and color magic. It makes it easier to decide what candles, wax, ink, etc. to use. I don't remember where I got it since it's been in my book for quite a long while, but it hasn't ever failed me.
Red: Grounding energy, Strength, Passion, Courage, Lust, Charisma
Orange: Creativity, Success, Justice, Opportunity, Ambition
Yellow: Intelligence, Learning, Reason, Focus, Confidence, Memory, Happiness
Green: Nature, Healing, Money, Love, Fertility, Growth, Self-Awareness
Blue: Communication, Traveling, Expressing yourself, Forgiveness, Tranquility
Purple: Influence, Psychic Abilities, Authority, Wisdom, Knowledge
Brown: Home, Protection, Animals, Stability, Family, Loyalty
Black: Banishing Negativity, Loyalty, Protection, Binding, Transmutation
White: Spirituality, Peace, Higher Self, Purity, Learning
You can also supplement any unavailable candles with a white candle, though I suggest carving the intention of your spellwork into the wax to really seal the deal.
As always, practice in a cleansed environment and always do your research thoroughly. Blessed be, everyone! Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi Apply the code WINTER20 at checkout for 20% off all shop items until Nov. 30, 2021!
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detailedart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. “The Super Blood Wolf Moon is seen beside statues in Brussels.”
2. “The moon is seen beside a quadriga on the top of the Cinquantenaire arch during a total lunar eclipse known as the "Super Blood Wolf Moon", in Brussels. Photo: Reuters.”
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themysticnamedamy · a day ago
The Planets In Your Birth Chart
Energy: Masculine
Sign: Leo
House: Fifth
Changes Sign Every Month
The Sun in your birth chart is your inner core. It´s the basis you built up upon and which influences the other aspects of your birth chart the most. Many people find it easy and fitting to mostly identify with their sun sign, though there are also people who feel more connected with their rising sign.
In my experience, Introverts tend to feel more connected with their sun sign. Rising/Ascendant
Zodiac sign that was rising eastern of the horizon when a person was born
The rising sign is how you present yourself when you are meeting new people. Many people also display the traits their rising sign has when they feel uncomfortable. Though for some people those personality traits are simply naturally happening, which leads to them identifying more with the rising sign than their sun sign.
In my experience, Extroverts tend to feel more connected to their rising sign. Moon
Energy: Feminine
Sign: Cancer
House: Fourth
Changes Sign Every 2-3 Days
The moon sign forms your inner self, your thoughts, and how you deal with emotions. It shapes your soul and also affects how you perceive yourself. The moon sign also influences how strongly your Sun sign is expressed, meaning the traits of your sun sign can be strengthened or weakened, depending on the combination of your sun and moon sign.
People with opposite moon and sun signs, such as water sun, and fire moon, for example, tend to struggle a lot accepting their emotions. Mercury
Energy: Neutral
Sign: Gemini / Virgo
House: Third / Sixth
Changes Sign Every 3-4 Weeks
The mercury sign shows how you express yourself and how you communicate with others. It also influences how we process information, how we learn, and generally how we tend to think. Mostly though it guides us how we talk to others.
People who have the same Sun and Mercury signs tend to be excellent at communicating their emotions to others.
People who have the same Moon and Mercury signs are excellent at accepting and working through their own emotions. Venus
Energy: Feminine
Sign: Taurus / Libra
House: Second / Seventh
Changes Sign Every 4-5 Weeks
The venus sign is displaying how we act towards our loved ones. It shows our behavior in love and what we need to be happy in a relationship. It also says how we show our affection towards other people in such dynamics.
People who have a fire sign in their venus tend to be very intense lovers, they are very protective of their partners.
People who have a water sign in their venus tend to be very romantic lovers, they feel everything very deeply.
People who have an air sign in their venus tend to be very interested in mental stimulation through a relationship.
People who have an earth sign in their venus tend to spoil their partners and see their connection as solid as a rock. Mars
Energy: Masculine
Sign: Aries / Scorpio
House: First / Eighth
Changes Sign Every 6-7 Weeks
The mars sign is displaying your deepest primal energy. It can also talk about your hidden desires and the most dangerous parts of yourself. The mars sign also defines your instincts, your aggression, and how you react towards negative emotions, mostly anger.
People who have many fire signs in their chart and also have a fire sign in their mars tend to be very hot-heated and explode easily. Jupiter
Energy: Masculine
Sign: Sagittarius / Pisces
House: Ninth / Twelfth
Changes Sign Every 12-13 Month
The Jupiter sign shows you which actions and which approaches in life you shall use to find good fortune and luck. It also shows you which opportunities may arise in your future. Saturn
Energy: Masculine
Sign: Capricorn / Aquarius
House: Tenth / Eleventh
Changes Sign Every 2-3 Years
The Saturn sign works with your fears. It shows you where you created your own limitations and where you have to work on yourself. It can also show you where you will struggle in the future. Uranus
Energy: Neutral
Sign: Aquarius
House: Eleventh
Changes Sign Every 7 Years
Since Uranus moves very slowly, this sign affects an entire generation of people. It shows us where we break old traditions and how we will shape the future. It is also connected with technology, innovation, and discovery. Neptune
Energy: Feminine
Sign: Pisces
House: Twelfth
Changes Sign Every 14 years
Neptune also moves very slow and so also affects and an entire generation. It is very connected to our dreams, visions, and imagination. It can help us guide us to our destiny. Pluto
Energy: Masculine
Sign: Scorpio
House: Eighth
Changes Sign Every 12 -31 Years
Pluto talks about destruction and rebirth. It often shows us endings and new beginnings, it also is the planet that is very connected to spiritual growth and offers a connection to the unconscious.
Feel Free To Reblog And Add Your Own Knowledge About Those Planets!
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korvascuriosities · 14 hours ago
Spore Prints!
These are from mushrooms I gathered from a cemetery:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This one is from a rosegill I found at the creek yesterday. I fudged it a bit lifting up the cap:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is from the big ass Shaggy Parasol, I also found at the creek yesterday:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I like to let the mushrooms I gather make it rain on the paper overnight. I like the dense prints they make, even if it warps the paper a bit. Then I let them dry for a day or more, and hit em with fixtative. 🍄🖤🍄
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punkylilwitch · 22 hours ago
Witchcraft for neuro-divergent folks!
Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate while doing stuff like meditating. Just remember that there are no hard and fast rules in witchcraft! (except the one about not appropriating other peoples cultures/beliefs)
So if you have attention issues and you can’t really concentrate on nothingness for meditation, just know that music is perfectly ok! Even if it’s whatever your own music taste may be :)
Witchcraft is about being in tune with yourself and your a surroundings, and if music helps, then go for it. And don’t forget, in witchcraft you affect the outcome more than any ritual can, so do what makes you feel secure, comfortable, and chill. The outcome will come to you if you just reach out your hand and allow it!
So take your time and do what feels right, feelings are a major player in witchcraft!
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tiannarosetarot · 2 days ago
Your Love Life In December - Pick-a-Card Reading
Hi everyone! I’m so excited for today’s reading! We are officially in Sagittarius season, and that means my birthday is coming up.
Today I wanted to offer a reading for your love life in December. I have 3 piles in the image below. I’ve added some cute objects to help make your decision. See which one resonates with you now, and scroll down to the correct pile 1, 2 or 3.
Tumblr media
Pile 1
Tumblr media
So overall I'm feeling such positive energy for you guys this month. I see a lot of advancement in different areas of your lives also, so it won't just be your love life improving this month. But overall I am feeling such a sense of fulfillment that you guys have been waiting for for a really long time and maybe too scared to ask for, or maybe feeling like you didn't deserve it. But you guys are good enough for this and you are ready for this so don't shy away now this is your time. I’m seeing you guys are kind of stepping out of a painful period of time, or maybe just feeling some stagnation for a while, but this is coming to an end this month. Any tears of sadness are transforming into tears of joy, so make sure that you are cleansing especially purification through water. It's time to leave that negative energy behind because there are new things coming. With both the cards Stimulation and Flame Tree this is super passionate energy coming in. With this new person that you might be meeting soon you're going to feel that immediate surge of energy, but I feel like it's going to be really refreshing at the same time. You might be worried that it's going to run out and while it is important to be cautious of anything like love bombing or stuff like that, I see this being a really really positive change in your life so I would try to avoid fear of the future and focus on the present moment. There’s going to be some really strong physical, emotional or intellectual stimulation going on between the two of you. but I also see just in general you guys falling in love with yourself this month, or falling in love with your careers, falling in love with a certain place etc. Especially with Sagittarius season you may be traveling a lot or feeling that urge to explore new places and expand your worldview. And so if for whatever reason certain connections with specific people aren't working out it is important to please yourself first. You might need to try to disconnect from what other people are doing and focus on your own needs. It is important to fill up your own cup. Nobody else can do that for you. So for some of you the month of December could be focusing on that own self-fulfillment so that in the near future another person will be able to come in and continue that energy for you. You might also be getting some unexpected financial increases, potentially new job opportunities. There may also be some people coming back from your past who thought the grass was greener on the other side, but now they realize that that wasn't the case and that they really want to be with you. Be cautious about this; might be a case-by-case basis as to whether you want to accept this person back into your life. But over all your wishes are being fulfilled your’re reaching a new level of transformation and self-discovery, overall positivity this month. So don't be afraid of this happiness. This is something that you 100% deserve and if it hasn't happened yet that is not your fault at all. The universe is really wanting to make you prepared so that you are in the right place to accept all of these blessings when they do come in. Some signs that may be significant are Virgo, Aries and Leo, as well as the numbers 1, 3, 10, 18, 30 and 32.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
So you guys are currently in a period of really important transformation. This could be peaking in the month of December or may be coming to an end but it might feel a bit scary. This is a time of really shaking things up, but it's going to help you to ultimately reach a sense of victory and end up in the place that you need to be. I'm seeing with the way that you guys might be living your lives right now it's not really benefiting your higher self, or maybe it's just not the best that you can have. Some of you may be in connections right now, and it may still be possible to work it out, but adjustments are required in order to get this to a more positive place. But overall a lot of these cards are representing transformation and some changes, and ultimately healing and recovery. There may be some repressed emotions between the two of you or just yourself. Maybe you are really really scared about putting yourself back out there after what might have happened in the past or maybe you're feeling like you don't have as much experience or you're not worthy of it. This month is about facing your fears, and it's about to get interesting. I'm seeing that you are either taking on too much responsibility lately or avoiding all responsibilities. Maybe you came to a conclusion that love wasn't possible for you so you shut it out or maybe anytime somebody gets close you push them away. And I think deep down this isn't what you guys want, but maybe you're just not entirely sure about how to get to that place where you want to be. You will be coming to a deeper sense of understanding coming out of this transformation process. And sometimes things need to change or crumble in order to find out where you need to be. There's going to be a major release and it might be a bit painful but ultimately you will be finding a much much more connected and fulfilled place in your life. For those of you who are in a connection right now or the rest of you who will soon, this person may act like they don't care, this could be picking up on your energy too. There's a lot of repressed emotions and you guys are both scared of sharing what you're going through and being vulnerable with your feelings. But I do see that you guys are both really going to care about each other. This connection might catch you off guard a little bit with how strongly it comes in and maybe it's not going to be like anything else you've ever experienced in your past. You might not know how to handle it but don't let past insecurities or things you've already worked on come up again in some form of self-sabotage. Spend this month working through those things so that when this connection does come around or when these things come up you are prepared and confident and you know your worth. There's a lot of abundance waiting for you guys so no matter your situation, there is going to be major improvements happening in the near future. I encourage you guys to not hold on so tightly to things that do not serve you out of fear that there won't be anything else in the future. This is all going to happen at the right time for you. So don't be afraid to be vulnerable and go through that shadow work in order to make yourself really available to fully explore this connection. The signs Aries or Aquarius may be significant as well as the numbers 2, 5, 8, 23 and 44. Gaia may also hold significance for you this month.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Pile 3! You guys have put in the necessary work and it's finally time to reap the benefits and the rewards. There might be some difficult decisions that you've made recently or that you are about to make but I see you guys are connected with yourself. You know what you want and you have your eyes on the prize. You're not here to waste your time and that is an energy that might scare the hell out of some people but this is something to be respected. You are getting your life together. You are tying up loose ends and already in the process of getting rid of the things that don't serve you. I think to continue this process, work on grounding yourself, connect with nature, try different things like meditation or yoga or anything like that. You are increasing your vitality and are really close to achieving your goals. You may be or are just coming out of a period of transformation and it's important to remember that some things need to end in order to make room for better things in the future. I think if you have recently needed to close out with a connection it was divine intervention, this energy was not right to continue much longer. Trust your intuition about this, especially if you're in a connection right now. You may be having somebody come back into your life or who wants to start over with you. There may be an apology coming. I think this person is finally realizing how much of a catch you are and they might have been a bit intimidated in the past but now they see your ‘true worth’. I think what this person used to or currently defines as worth in a partner is not the most healthy or maybe just doesn’t resonate with what you are looking for. It feels a bit temporary or shallow, so be careful about considering this connection again, because you guys are looking for ‘the one’. You are looking for that endgame connection, eternal love. And I know that some people are going to say that this doesn’t exist, but don’t settle babe! You deserve so much! You’ve been working hard, going through this transformation, and you are really starting to embody this Queen of Wands energy; confidence, warmth, dedication. You are rising above any difficulties. It might not always feel like you’re making progress but you are. And a new love offer is coming in soon, this is everything you’ve always wanted. Not only that, but this person wants you too (no longer falling for unavailable people). They are coming in hot and ready, and you are going to match/compliment this person’s energy. The universe has it lined up for you, as soon as you start believing in yourself and asking for what you truly desire. It’s out there for you, so don’t give up! The signs Taurus or Scorpio may be significant as well as the numbers 2, 6, 8, 11, 17 and 24.
Wishing everyone an amazing December and holiday season! Keep yourself open to amazing possibilities!
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hallow-witxh · 13 hours ago
Tools that I Think are Criminally Overrated and Underrated
Part one: Overrated.
Okay, okay, I get it, we aaaaaall have different ways of practicing witchcraft but we all have to admit there are tools that aren't really necessary. In the age of TikTok trends and instant gratification, it's easier and easier to fall into the mindset that some things are universally necessary when in reality you can function just fine without them.
Please note that this is not a list saying these things aren't useful, helpful, or otherwise handy to have. This is just a list of things that I've seen multiple people claim you MUST HAVE in order to be a 'real witch'.
Full Altars. Are they nice to have? Yes. Are they incredibly helpful? Yes. Is it fun to arrange shiny things? Also yes. But full altars are not a requirement for steadfast practice - especially in you're in the broom closet. Really, all you need are a few most valued tools, and you're set.
Tarot Cards. Again, super helpful and great, but they only mirror your own intuition and energies. They really are great for reflection and questioning, but if you don't have a deck, that's okay. If you're in the broom closet, you can always try cartomancy - which is like reading playing cards like tarot.
Pendulums. Same exact thing as Tarot cards. Super helpful, easy to use - but also easily influenced. If you have your window open for a breeze or your downstairs neighbor has a Bass Boster 5000 that shakes your floors, the swaying of the weight can throw off answers.
Crystals. Yeah, I said it! Crystals! Helpful, useful, and not to mention shiny - but your practice doesn't have to have those stones in order to be real. Sometimes we can't afford them, sometimes we just don't personally see the use. For me, I tend to only have a few at a time, usually quartz, because a lot of my practice is centered around herbs and oils.
"Shifting". Okay, I thought this one was obvious, but I just saw a few tiktoks (and by a few, I mean well over a few dozen) claiming that if you're a 'real witch', you can 'shift realities'. Like full on, actually be with Draco at Hogwarts. What the heck y'all.
Physical Grimoire. Although this is probably my favorite tool to have, you don't need a physical book with all your information - especially if you're in the broom closet. Notes on your phone, jotted down into random pages in random notebooks, or just memorizing things is the same exact thing as a Book of Shadows or Grimoire. It's just a way to keep your information.
Garden. And once again, I have to result to listing the obvious. Y'all... some people can't have plants. They just can't. It's seriously giving off very classist and ableist vibes saying you can't be a 'real witch' without growing your own herbs.
There are lots of other things I could list, but I'll leave it at that. As always, always practice in a cleansed space and do your research!
Blessed Be everyone
Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
Apply the code WINTER20 at checkout for 20% off all shop items until Nov. 30, 2021!
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