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#With a little SarahxBucky flirting on the side
bethtru · 6 months ago
Here we have the result of me being physically unable to write anything other then angst but al least I am doing better at giving people happy endings. But yeah just another SarahxBucky one shot because I am absolute trash for this pairing!!!
Right after the events with the flag smashers Sarah cornered him one day in the kitchen.
“Hey Bucky”
“Hey Sarah”
“I have something important I would like to speak with you about” she said playing with the end of one of her braids.
Bucky sensed this was going to be a serious conversation so he simply nodded his head ready for whatever she had to say.
“As you know, I lost my husband right after AJ was born, right after loosing my parents and then only two years later I thought I lost my brother, if it hadn’t been for my boys I probably would have given up, and I never want to feel that pain again.”
“You don’t have to say anything else” Bucky said when she paused to breath, “for some unknown reason your brother has become my best friend, and I have always had a knack for pulling by best pals out of trouble they couldn’t get out of on their own, and I can tell you right now I would do anything to make sure your brother comes home, although don’t tell him that”
She smiled a little at the natural teasing that had become the staple of Sam and Buckys friendship. “That is all I needed to hear Bucky, thank you, I’m glade he has you covering his back.”
And they had left it at that, with an understanding that Bucky would watch Sam’s back, and Sam would always make it back home. After a Year of Bucky visiting the Wilson home regularly it stoped being just for his friend, he started to care for all of the Wilson’s and they started to care for him. He became uncle Buck to Cass and AJ, and built a friendship with Sarah and through that friendship he began to feel the deepest parts of his soul come back to life. Sam’s family began to feel like his own, he began to develop more then a simple admiration for Sarah. That first day he met her had been the first time since he fell from that train, that he had felt like Bucky, not the winter soldier not Captain Americans broken friend not the white wolf of Wakanda, just Bucky the man who could charm his way out of any trouble, the young man he hadn’t been since before he went to war. Sarah brought out a part of him he thought died and God did he lover her for it, even if she had no idea the effect she has on him, bit that wasn’t the only reason he loved her, it was also her kind heart, her willingness to give whatever she could to those who had less even when she didn’t have much herself, it was the way she taught her boys to be men by feeling their emotions instead of ignoring them, it was the way she excepted anyone from any walk of life without judgment just like she had excepted him, it had been easy to fall in love with Sarah, but he would never let her know that.
Bucky knew who he was now, and although Sarah brought out that dashing young man from the 40s he knew he wasn’t that man now he had seen to much and committed to many sins to ever allow himself to taint her with his darkness so he would flirt here and their and he would help out around the house when he wasn’t helping Sam on the boat and he would be her friend and he would do whatever it took to protect her brother, because that he decided was how he could love her from afar.
It was a year after the flag smashers and the mission was supposed to be an easy in and out but somehow a small group of terrorist in the Middle East had gotten ahold of some wakanden tech and they had not been ready for it, Bucky had almost missed the man aiming the viburnum bullets at Sam’s an he knew back he wouldn’t be able to stop the man from firing in time, but he would be able to stop the bullets from hitting Sam and without a thought he was throwing his body between the gun and Captain America. He felt three bullets enter his body, one hit his left shoulder about an inch away from where is arm attached, it would have hit Sam in the right shoulder blade one hit him in the thigh about three inches above his knee, it would have hit Sam in the spine, the last one hit him in his abdomen, it would have hit Sam in the heart. He managed to fire off a shot of his own hitting the shooter before he dropped to the ground. Bucky felt each impact and a man who had spent most of his life killing knew when the job had been done. As he collapsed to the ground he knew they where to far from a base, to far from a hospital to save him, he would bleed out before they could make it to help.
It seemed like taking down that last man was all that was needed to end the fight because everything calmed, immediately. Sam spun around and was at Buckys side in a moment.
“What the hell Buck, what were you thinking” Sam said putting his hand to the wound on Buckys abdomen trying to stop the bleeding.
“Promised Sarah, to keep you safe,” Bucky forced out through the pain of his body going into shock, “couldn’t let her, lo-loose you again”
“Not at the rusk of your life buck, you can heal from this right man”
“Not, not before I bleed out, Sam it was a pleasure, knowing you.” Bucky forced out he needed to tell Sam how important he had been to him, “thanks for not giving up on me, and Sam”
“Yea buck, tell me whatever you need man but I’m not letting you die here, no brother of mine is dying here” Sam replied then spoke into his ear piece “Sargent Barns is down we need emergency medical now”
“Sam, please, I need a favor, please,”
“Anything Buck.”
“I need you to tell Sarah, I need you to tell her she reminded me how to live, tell her she taught me how to love again, without knowing it,” he had to pause to get his breath
“No Buck you are going to tell her yourself then I am going to beat your ass for flirting”
“Sam, please just tell her that, I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and Just knowing her it was worth 100 years of torture just to meet her” Bucky could feel himself slipping he heard Sam screaming into his ear piece for medical while begging him to just hold on and tell Sarah himself, but he had finally run out of time so he closed his eyes and pictured Sarah’s face that fist time smiling down at him and then his world went dark.
Sarah was tired of the dancing around the obvious so she had made the decision that as soon as her brother and Bucky walked through the front door she would confront the super soldier. She was tired of his longing looks and flirting, she was ready for action and if he wasn’t going to give it to her then well she would be the one to do it. She heard the tell tail sound of the Quinn jet landing to drop her super heroes off and she ran out the back door to meet them the boys already outside waiting for their favorite two uncles, but she knew something was wrong when her brother walked off the plain and Bucky didn’t fallow. One look at her brothers face had her almost collapsing to the ground the only thing holding her up being the railing of the porch.
“Samuel, where is he” she said as soon as her brother was close enough to hear her.
“Sarah, there was an unexpected complication to the mission they had weapons we did not prepare for and A guy was about to shoot me in the back and Buck got in the way”
“Sam where is he!” She said with more force this time.
“He’s in DC at the shield medical center when I left he was stable, but Sarah he lost a lot of blood and one of the shots his some vital stuff.”
Sarah was in shock for a moment, she lost one man she loved and she was not going to loose another without him even knowing.
“Sam, take me to him”
In minutes her elderly neighbor was at the house to watch the boys and Sarah was boarding the Quinn jet to DC praying the man she loved would survive, refused to loose anyone else that she loved.
When they arrived Maria hill was waiting for them with an update on Buckys condition.
“The blood loss was major and one of the bullets had lodged in his abdomen keeping him from being able to rapid heal, but we got it out and the serum is taking over from here, we have him sedated for the moment but it won’t last much longer with his elevated metabolism he should be awake within the next couple hours” she explained as they weaved their way through the base.
“I need to see him” Sarah said “I need to see that he’s alive”
Same nodded his head beside her and agent hill led them to a window looking into his room. Bucky was laying on a hospital bed with wires connecting him to machines monitoring his vitals he look so pale to Sarah but the low beeping of the heat monitor and the steady rise and fall of his chest showed that he was alive and she would not be loosing him today. She turned to enter the room when Sam stopped her.
“He wanted me to tell you somethings if he didn’t make it and I’m sure he won’t tell you, himself so against my better judgment I’m telling you them now,” Sam looked at her intently and she nodded for him to continue. “He wanted me to tell you that he was in love with you and he also wanted me to say he kept his promise to you, I’m not sure what the promises was but he wanted you to know.”
For the second time that day Sarah felt like she might collapse, this had not been what she meant when she asked him to look after her brother, she had meant that he should keep Sam from running in without a plan and make sure he didn’t take any needless risks, she did Not mean for him to throw himself between Sam and an insane terrorist with super bullets. She was going to have to explain herself more clearly as soon as he woke up because she could not handle him almost dying because of a promise he made to her not when she now knew that he felt the same for her as she did for him.
Bucky woke up to the beeping of the heart monitor and for a moment he began to freak out, thinking he was back under hydras control and the last 8years had been just a dream but then he caught sight of Sarah hovering over him shushing him and telling him to breath.
“What happened?” he crooked sitting up
In the bed while Sarah took a seat on the edge beside him.
“What happened James Buchanan Barnes, is that evidently I am going to need to be far more clear when I ask you to do things for me,” said Sarah in her stern voice she normally only used on the boys. “When I asked you to keep an eye on Sam I did not mean to go get yourself almost killed, throwing yourself in front of some insane terrorist with super bullets! And definitely not before you were able to tell me yourself that you are in love with me and denying me the chance to tell you that I’m in love with you to-“
“Bucky didn’t give her the chance to finish before he was pulling her to him, crashing his lips to hers, the kiss was passionate and heated, they immediately fell into a rhythm moving together like they had been doing so for years. Only breaking apart when they could no longer go without air.
“Sorry I scared you doll,” he said touching his forehead to hers. And all of the anger Sarah had a moment ago melted out of her.
“Just promise me you won’t scare me like this again.” She said looking deep into the beautiful blue depths of his eyes.
“I can promise you I won’t throw myself in front of any more ‘terrorist with super bullets,’” he chuckled using her description. “but I’m not sure they will get a chance if Sam just saw me kiss you through that window.”
And as if Buckys words had summoned him Sam burst in the doors.
“Seriously man 8 hours ago you are dying in my arms and now you are locking lips with my sister in a hospital room!” Sam said with a disgusted look at his sister and friend “that’s just disrespectful!”
“Sorry, Sam but after a near death experience you just gotta kiss your girl” Bucky teased back
“Not when your Girl happens to be your only friends sister man, and Sarah really, the bionic staring man”
“I find his stating endearing, and you know you are just as happy as me to see him alive and flirting.” She said
“Hear that Samuel, she likes my staring, and she has made no complaints about my kissing, and if I have my way we are going to enjoy way more then kissing as soon as I’m out of this hospital” Bucky said with a mocking gleam in his eye.
“Come on man,” Sam wined, “this is my Baby sister, and. You are a 100 year old cyborg I do not want to hear about you two getting your freak on”
Sarah just looked between the two of them and laughed as they started to bicker, this had not been the plan for getting him to admit his feelings but nothing with Bucky seemed to be normal and she was perfectly happy with that, as long as he always came home to her. And she didn’t say anything in front of her brother it she was definitely looking forward to ‘more then kissing’ as soon as her man was healed and rested. Because if she was Buckys Girl the he was definitely going to be Sarah’s Man.
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