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Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

As for your question— yes but with an asterisk, would be the answer I lean towards. Wolverines do interact with their relatives (sometimes for up to a week!), but it’s usually adult-subadult interactions or subadult siblings (mothers and their kits also interact, but I’m mostly ignoring this because that’s extremely common of mammals) which complicates things a bit. I would probably read them as people who can be family-oriented, but still very socially selective and prefer being on their own. They do enjoy occasional companionship on their own terms, but it has to be with people they don’t feel challenged by, so the long-term, support and care-based relationship of a family member (be they by blood or found) would fit, I think.

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sat up in bed last night with a sudden thought:

if elliot page is a short canadian man (and as far as i’m aware, he is)

they could play wolverine

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1) wolverine is CANONICALLY A LITTLE SPOON!!!! this is grounds for me to finally declare hugh jackman an Actor I Like. 

2) wolverine and professor x interactions are A+, diametrically opposed asses, wiseass and smartass respectively, trying their best to character develop it’s great.

3) you know that fucking meme? that fucking clip? with the UST between Charles and Erik and Quicksilver just fucking standing there with the faintly disgusted expression? yeah it’s 1000x more uncomfy and charged when you watch it. plus the punch. must-watch scene for both the awesome quicksilver saving everyone and cherik ship fodder.

4) was pretty awful, still. so fucking confusing like all the bad timeline plot shoehorned in. shoulda gone straight chronological. also wtf happened to alex after mystique saved him? anyways, the actors carried that shitty script so hard.

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