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Stones and moss are just a perfect match, aren’t they?

Moss is seriously one of my favorite plants, I feel like my ugly photos don’t manage to capture how beautiful nature can be

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I wasn’t getting anything done, so I decided to go to the woods to see if the lady slipper’s were starting to bloom (they are). So what happens?

Thunder storm!


In the old days Pop would have called me to tell me he would meet me with the pickup at the edge on the woods. Or, since Pop died, I would have called Mom to ask her to meet me.

Until my feet/ankles got so bad I would have run. With my ankle braces and boots I still walk faster than most people, but I can’t really run. **

Instead I had to walk, knowing it would take half an hour for me to get back. 

Thankfully the force of the storm skimmed by, though it looks like there will be more later.

In a weird way that’s more frustrating, having my walk cut short and ending up wet more than sweat than rain….

**TBH I miss occasionally just running out of the exuberance of being alive.  Once back then,  I startled a deer out in the cotton fields and I “raced” it across.  I ended up panting and laughing as it darted into the woods. It was just fun!

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