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why does talking feel so heavy? making myself known.

honestly, it makes my insides turn and my thoughts go into overdrive.

when i’m uncovering, i do not want my name or face to be known. when my name or face are known, i do not want to uncover.

online, i’m most comfortable on my side accounts where barely anyone follows me. in life, i’m most comfortable on the side lines where barely anyone notices me.

i’m comfortable but sometimes it hits me that i’m alone. not lonely, just alone.

honestly, i’ve always wanted to be a mystery.

mysteries are fun and draw people in; they make you want to uncover them.

now people finally tell me i’m mysterious but they somehow don’t seem interested in uncovering.

i wonder if it’s a compliment or just an emphasis on the bridge i’ve built between me and the outside world.

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Was watching some dumb ass tedtalk where they said the world has never been so divided on opinion

Really? Civil war wasn’t a big disagreement? How about WWI, or WWII

Revolutionary war prob had people upset

It’s just dumb founding when people speculate how the present is worse than the past. How TF would you know? All you’ve got is the myths they left you with

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