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hi! im bored and in quarantine so i am gonna post my top 10 ships of allllllll time! so over the course of all the anime ive watched and the manga ive read, these are my 10 favs. this list changes sometimes, but all in all it relatively stays the same. okkkk lets go!

10. Tomoe and Nanami from Kamisama Kiss


Originally posted by narutoquotess

shoujo is very hit or miss with me, but this one is a BIG hit. the relationship between tomoe and nanami is sooo well paced and really enjoyable to watch blossom. they bicker, they hug, they are real cuties. also im a sucker for fantasy and gods and things like that so this is nice hehe

9. Jacuzzi and Nice from Baccano


Originally posted by bestshipoftheday

we love them. a lot. if u talk to anyone who has seen baccano they will tell u it is CRIMINALLY underrated which is very true. on top of that, jacuzzi and nice are an underrated couple. they have such a sweet backstory and their personalities work soooo well together!!!!! they are adorable. watch baccano.

8. Akihito and Mirai from Beyond the Boundary


Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

omggggg! a beautiful couple from a BEAUTIFUL anime. they are sooooooooo sweet. they are both just adorable ok. the movie made me love them 18972938230 times more omfg. if u are a sucker for cuties being cute while also risking their lives pls watch this lmao.

7. Tsuyopon and Yukirin from Rainbow Days


Originally posted by mikkaelas

omfg. they are one of those couples that is together from the very beginning and good lord is it incredible. the show/manga revolves around four “couples” and unfortunately, they are the one that is probably shown the least but when they do have moments i just wanna curl up and cry they’re so cute. towards the end of the manga they have…. an AMAZING moment it is so sweet i legitimately go back and read it like once a month. shy broody boy x sweet girl who is so in love with him are always the best pairings.

6.  Otani and Koizumi from Lovely Complex


Originally posted by arirna

ahhh lovely complex. SUCH a good show. short boy and tall girl who r both goofballs and argue! we love it. riza reminds me a lot of myself, so she will always have a special place in my heart. i really enjoy otani and riza’s relationship bc its realistic! they have their ups and downs but its still so enjoyable to see them develop. pleaseee watch this show ok u will not regret it.

5. Kabakura and Koyanagi from Wotakoi


Originally posted by vosmajamarta

kabakura and koyanagi are simply elite. its as simple as that. again, another couple that is together since the beginning (for a few years in fact) and i LOVE them. imma just say it…. they should be the main couple……. i love narumi and hirotaka tho! its just… i love these two a lottttt. their fights are so funny but they always make up in the end and they’re always there for each other ughhhh they love each other sm u can just tell. all of their moments are godly and i wanna see more of these two BADLY.

4. Ryuji and Taiga from Toradora


Originally posted by eremore

my<3 favorite<3 romance<3 anime<3. wow. these two go way back w me lmao. its like one of the first anime i watched and i just fell IN LOVE w them. i think these two are definitely more of a slowburn but theyre clearly soulmates from the very start. they got each other’s backs while also kickcing each other’s asses. they r made for each other and while this is, like i said, a slowburn, i think the pacing of their relationship is perfect and the payoff is so worth it. watch toradora ok.

3. Soul and Maka from Soul Eater


Originally posted by livingwithheterochromiairidum

sigh. soul and maka. talk about ACTUAL soulmates. they are just actually perfect for each other and…… the fact that there is no sequel to soul eater is simply CRIMINAL. i need more of these two sososo bad and ill never get it but ya know what thats ok<3 doesnt change the fact that their compatibility is unmatched and they are so much fun to watch. they kick ass and manage to still be adorable and soft for each other<3 stan soma.

2. Edward and Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Originally posted by thetatamigalaxy

oh and here we have my fav anime! of all time! yeah fmab is certainly not a romance by any means, but it still managed to portray edward and winry’s relationship perfectly. ofc i would have loved to see more of them BUT i get it, fmab isnt about romance. but when we do get moments w these two, they are just perfect. alllllll their moments and dialogue is always so MEANINGFUL even if its just when theyre bickering like a married couple! u just cant help but love these two and if you say they aren’t perfect for each other then u are just a big fat liar. 

1. Gray and Juvia from Fairy Tail


Originally posted by rushime

who is surprised here? WHO? yea do i even have to go into my reasoning for these two? theyve been my otp for a longgggg time now. so imma just leave it at this,i love them. they are perfect. period.

ok if u actually read all of this i love u a lot hehe<3

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Hirotaka can’t wink ♥️
This is a cute moment from 2nd episode of the anime Wotakoi, this is a really good anime I enjoyed watching it a lot!!
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