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Attempted to draw semi-realistic portraits of Clone Force 99 to get myself out of an art funk, and honestly it was fun. Tried to keep a balance between including some of Temuera's features while also keeping the individuality of their animated designs in mind, minus the whitewashing... Hope you like them 馃槄 I will draw Echo and Omega once I have time again!
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a-lil-perspective 2 days ago
Wrecker: If Redbull gives you wings, what does Monster energy give you?
Crosshair: Testosterone. Too much of it.
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bibannana a day ago
Tooka Dolls: The Bad Batch
Here we go! Got all of them done.
Each name is linked to when each of the Batchers recieved their individual tooka dolls and their reactions! Aw well as design choice explanations.
Echo 501st
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jealous-sloth77 2 days ago
If you gave Omega a pack of stickers, her and Wrecker would sit and stick them all over Wrecker's armour.
And then they'd try and stick them in random places: on the side of Tech's goggles where he can't see them, on Echo's left arm where he can't peel them off because of his scomp link, on the hilt of Hunter's knives where he sees them but doesn't have the heart to peel them off.
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din-djarins-riduur 2 days ago
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i had the sweetest dream last night 馃枻 i dreamt that i was writing a confession letter to Crosshair and i noticed that he was also writing something from a few tables away in the mess hall. Before i could give him my letter though, he got to me first and handed me a note asking if i鈥檇 like to go on a date with him and omg he was so shy and nervous 馃槶 of course i said yes (i wrote it down) 馃枻 and when he read my answer he looked so shocked and was blushing hard, and then the most beautiful smile came from him when he looked at me馃ズ馃枻
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ahsarah-tano 2 days ago
bad batch modern au: breakfast
wrecker: *stumbles into the kitchen and slumps into a chair*
hunter: kriff, you look terrible. what鈥檚 up?
wrecker: i had a dream last night that i was playing catch with omega.
hunter: huh, we鈥檒l that鈥檚 good.
wrecker: no, with her.
hunter: what?
wrecker: she鈥檚 the ball.
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rubyxrzunifying 12 hours ago
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ct-7567 26 days ago
no ill go ahead and say it in a post too replies arent public enough
if you cannot see the problem with lightening the skin of a polynesian man to call his white clones genetically superior than their darker brothers you are a bad star wars fan
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kamino-coruscant 26 days ago
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TECH in The Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer
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lorjukka 2 months ago
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they peeking 馃憖
[please reblog if you like it]
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lornaka 9 months ago
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omegas-spaghettios a year ago
Plot of The Clone Wars: Man who has no experience with children takes care of a child
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Plot of Rebels: Man who has no experience with children takes care of a child
Tumblr media
Plot of The Mandalorian: Man who has no experience with children takes care of a child
Tumblr media
Plot of The Bad Batch: Men who have no experience with children take care of a child
Tumblr media
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alasion-art 10 months ago
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Bad Batch 馃挜
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bibannana 10 hours ago
*Tech shuffling slowly around the ship with his hands infront to of him*
Omega *curious, leans over to Hunter*: Hunter, what is Tech doing?
*Tech muttering curses under his breath as he stubs his toes, continuing to shuffle out of the room*
Hunter *glances up and goes back to his caf*: Don't worry about it
Omega *hears a thud in the other room and more shuffling*: Is he okay? Where are his goggles?
Crosshair *sniggering into his caf*: Took 'em.
Omega * -_-*: You took them? Why?!
Crosshair *looking a bit too happy*: Well not me personally, but yes.
*Tech shuffles back into room, data pad practically touching his nose so he can see it*
Hunter *chugging his caf*: This is the only way to get him to stop working. He'll go back to bed when he can't find them and get some rest.
Omega *nodding like she understands*: And where are his goggles then?
Hunter *leans over to whisper to her*: With Echo and Wrecker at the market
Crosshair *louder at a passing Tech*: Somewhere his blind shebs can't find them!
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jealous-sloth77 11 hours ago
Rex meets Omega for the first time and she straight up calls him old.
"You're generation one."
"Now how do you know that?"
"The lines on your face."
Omega, love, they're probably stress lines. This man has literally had to put up with Echo, Fives and Hardcase.
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theotherartblog 7 days ago
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聽I am very interested in the story they鈥檙e going to end up telling with this series, whether I end up liking it or not. But in the meantime, I am all about indulging my foolish hopes for happy family shenanigans.聽
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003mm 9 months ago
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Credit to @Bribinart
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ivythefangrill 26 days ago
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autiloidea 10 months ago
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Brother play鈥斺
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paperback-rascal a month ago
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How does it feel? To be on your own With no direction home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone?
-Like a Rolling stone/ Bob Dylan
Crosshair plays harmonica. Wrecker plays banjolele. It started as a dare but evolved into an actual thing they did together at campfires between missions.
UPDATE: Companion piece is -> here <-
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch 漏 George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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