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What I like about you

I know you say that you absolutely hate the song “If This is It” by Huey Lewis and The News but I know you definitely don’t hate it as much as you say you do. And I know this because every time I put my music on in your car you groan and say, “Do we have to listen to this shit again?” But you let me play it and as I sing along as loud and obnoxiously as possible: “IF THIS IS IIITTTT PLEASE LET ME KnoWWWwwWww. If ThIs AiN’T lOvE YoU bEtTer LeT mE KnOooOooW.” And out of the corner of my eye I can see you’re tapping along on the steering wheel as we pull off into the night.

I like how unshakeable and level-headed you are. Like the time we were at that dive bar downtown playing pool, and I hit the cue ball so hard it bounced right off the table, rocketed across the room, cracked the faded jade paint off the wall and rattled across the century-old wood floor while everyone in the bar stared at us including the bartenders. And in the ensuing silence I went, “Eeeeeeeeeeee.” and you put your hand on my arm and said very calmly without missing a beat, “It’s okay but we need to leave now and we can never come back here.”

I like how on our third date I talked you into following me onto the grounds of the air and space museum past midnight and we walked up under the DC-8 parked outside the museum doors and you said, “My grandpa used to fly these planes.” And it was the unsexiest thing anyone has ever said to me ever but you better bet we still made out on the bench under the shadow of those aluminum wings.

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Much choppier style than usual, but I like how her cloak looks like it’s popping from the screen! This piece is one of the first scenes from my wip that I saw clearly, which also happens to be the very last scene of the book. So obviously I needed to paint my girl finally getting the redemption she deserves.

“I know I won’t die a hero, but I don’t want to die a villain.”

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B. ACADEMY :: nanowrimo 2020

*working title

GENRES: urban fantasy, romance, young adult

AESTHETIC: restless nights, dark mornings, the feeling of running out of time, fear of the future, overstaying your welcome at the local 7/11, evening drives, unexpectedly pretty sunsets

SUMMARY: there is something romantic about finding your soulmate and watching their eye color deepen with your love. romantic enough for losers to throw their money at Rudy to “discover the truth” about their soulmates. if top scientists hadn’t figured out a way to tell, what made people think a high school kid had?

one of those losers was Frida. he’d thought his nemesis was smarter than that. he supposed he’d do some digging. the worst he could do was ruin Dion’s chances with her. his best friend should’ve known to stay away from her, anyways.

just another routine job.


RUDY: hot-headed, self starter, romantic, royal family enthusiast, “born in the wrong generation”

FRIDA: hard-headed, stubborn, outgoing, gifted kid syndrome, gamer girl & coding wizard

DION: nonchalant, snarky, indie kid, fascinated with the supernatural, oversharer

NAIA: friendly, independent, sporty, green thumb, and a bit of a weeb

STATUS: planning / brainstorming

tagging: @viawrites-andacts (i don’t have a real taglist and i can’t promise to post regularly but if you would like to be tagged when I do let me know!!)

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All the 💖s to folks who reblogged/shared/liked my post! I plan to spend some time this weekend going through and following people/stalking new WIPs/etc. Thanks so much for sharing your work and giving me cool new stories to explore! 🥰

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The days between these updates are getting fewer and farther between. But to be honest, I’m beginning to consider a victory every time I’m able to post these. Because it means I created something

Current Work in Progress: The Ebb and Flow of Self Love and Sacrifice (My Upcoming, –maybe not upcoming if it comes out ugly-written– , blog article)

Stage: Drafting/Editing

Progress: Part 2 is still in its drafting stage. I haven’t gotten past my writer’s block from two weeks ago. However, I re-read Part 1 and I heavily revised a ton of sentences and it came out really, really well!


Originally posted by autumncozy

Oh and Happy Halloween Eve!

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Hey Writeblr! I’m back online after a very long hiatus and looking for buddies for this upcoming nano as well as some new faces to see on my dash! If you post any of the following, please please please rb and maybe include a link to your WIP ❤️:

  • High Fantasy (my fave)
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Low Fantasy
  • Writing advice
  • Writing memes
  • Short stories
  • Mood and aesthetic boards

If you’re looking for nano buddies, just shoot me a message and I can add you!

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Hey! I haven’t posted in a while, but I realize y'all are probably my only hope to keep me on a writing schedule.

Everyday, I want to work on my WIP in some way.

I’ve come up with a weekly schedule that I’ll post according to. Please note I will still follow the Weekly Writeblr thing, so go ahead and send me stuff for things like Worldbuilding Wednesday and Storyteller Saturday.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Character information. I will post something relating to any one of the anathema characters, randomly chosen each week. I will also be open to answering specific questions about said character until 22:00 Mountain Time.

Tuesday: I will post short scenes of my WIP. These scenes will remain open for criticism, so go ahead and judge it lol. I want y'all to tell me everything you think I can do better.

Wednesday: Worldbuilding! I will talk about different topics within the anathema universe, including history, religion, culture, cities, and many others!

Thursday: QnA: Ask me anything about anything. Questions could be anything from ‘Why did you start writing?’ to 'Can you tell me more about (x)?“ or even about other stories.

Friday: This will be a free-write day. If I like something I wrote: whether it be a line, a scene, or a short story, I’ll post it. Don’t expect too much though.

Saturday: Short Stories! I’ll post ~500 word short stories within the universe, though they may not be relevant to the canon. But who knows?

Sunday: AUs! Cause why not, right? I’m gonna yoink the anathema characters out of their world and fuck around a bit lol.

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ask to be added/removed from tag list.


  • name — virgo sinclair
  • traits — level-headed, adamant, practical
  • background — virgo is revolutionary in her indifference. with a family dragged down in violence, and a good amount of money passed on to her in pity, she’s decided to withdraw from the fighting and feud the world has to offer and focus on her world instead. she lives in a small apartment with her girlfriend, she tries her hand at clothes designing. she holds plans for a future that goes past thirty. virgo is happy in the bubble she’s carved out for herself - and she’ll do anything to keep it intact.
  • skills/magic — virgo can tear rifts through worlds. this is mostly kept in the confines of terras town - so, say, she can tear a rift in its space to store items, or to pull them out. cross dimensional rifts (reaching through the space between worlds and into the upper world) are something virgo has no interest in tampering with, as well as no desire to weaken the barrier between worlds or let the static of the space between seep in to either.
  • excerpt —

They’re outside an apartment now. Lev notes pale cream brick, small shined windows - plain at first glance, but sleeker than the other buildings they’ve crossed so far. Cleaner. New wealth, but disguised well.

She glances over at Egg, who’s, of course, already looking at Eve. Then offhandedly at Eve herself. “This the place?”

“Clearly, since we’re waiting outside of it,” Eve says tersely. She glances over her shoulder, then back at the door - a strand of hair escapes from behind her ear, and she doesn’t move to tuck it back. Lev’s hands twitch. “They should be home. You said they’d be home.”

The last part is addressed to Egg, who just nods. “Yeah. Weird.”

There’s a pause, where Eve clearly waits for him to continue. When he doesn’t, she sighs, teeth-hissed and strained. Was Eve this snappy all the way here? Lev could have sworn she hadn’t seemed stressed when they’d first stepped out the door. “Egg, if she doesn’t answer the door, I swear-”

But whatever she was going to swear never makes it past a suggestion, because it’s just then that there’s a click of a lock, and the door swings open to reveal a girl.

Lev’s first dazed, half formed thought is that she’s seen her before.

It all rings familiar- the dark skin, the artful braids. The sharp, practiced neutrality settled like fog on her features. The girl tilts her head, and for a moment Lev knows her, the sun a fleeting halo behind her face. But then she blinks, and the girl is a stranger again, studying them all with the least amount of curiosity Lev has ever seen.

There’s a long pause.

“Son of a bitch.”

Her hand moves to slam the door, but Eve, faster than Lev would have thought possible, has already placed a foot in the doorway, her shoulder prying it open. The girl stumbles, and Eve steps back, smoothing down her perfectly ironed shirt and awarding her one of those rare, weary smiles. “Daughter, actually.”

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