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#Writer meme

me at 5am, tired as hell and staring at my empty word doc because i woke up in the middle of night with an idea for my wip that i forgot before getting to write it down:

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Send me ‘NEXT!’ and I’ll write and post the next sentence of the fic I’m working on.

A few more skeletons of forgotten people who had left no logs and thus no names to be remembered by, more computer banks that could have been worth the wiring in them if there wasn’t a sea of ionizing radiation in the way of getting it anywhere useful, a pair of Protectron pods with their respective robots sealed up in stand-by mode, a door that looked very much like a cargo elevator, and–

Hello… what is this doing here?”

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My organism:*Needs rest and sleep along with exercise and so on to function properly*

My brain: …Psst-

My organism: …

Me: … What?

My brain: I’ve got a fluffy comfort… and just a little tiny bit of hurt fic…

My organism:


My brain:

Me and my brain @ my organism:

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