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Fic Writer Interview

RIP tagged by the dearest @bitterleafs.

Name(s): Ico(sagens)

Fandoms: I’m not bringing up ghosts of fandoms past XD. My current AO3 account only has works under the DC Comics umbrella, so let’s stick with that.

Where you post: AO3

Most popular one-shot (by kudos):
On Wet Paper Wings
This Year: I haven’t even had this account for a year, so ditto.

Most Popular Multi-chap (also by kudos):
Overall: Big Top of Babel
From this year: Ditto.

Favorite story you’ve written so far: is finished but hasn’t been posted. Shh, it’s a secret.

Fic you were nervous to post: CHCl₃—it was a gift and I live in perpetual fear that when I write for people it will not be what they hoped for.

How do you choose your titles: The first concept that comes to mind based on the way the story feels and “tastes” to me. They usually end up being pretty pretentious XD.

Do you outline: I do! It’s a relatively new thing and I haven’t always done it, but I find that I enjoy it more than actually writing the fic. So I’ve stuck with it.

Complete: 1

In progress: 3

Coming soon/not yet started: I have upward of thirty open projects right now, although I’ve shoved a lot of them to the backburner.

Prompts?: I love prompts! I probably shouldn’t say I take them, though, because… way too many projects already whoops.

Upcoming work you’re most excited about: My baby is one that I can’t say anything about—it’s a gift—but it will hit the AO3 feed in a little over a month. It’s not something I would have ever written otherwise, but I enjoyed creating and executing the concept a lot; I’m grateful to my giftee for having the set of interests that they do XD.

@rainbowfoxes, @niullum, @workingchemistry@reikadoodles—Pikachu, I choose you!

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OOF straight for the jugular, babe!

2.Tell us about what you’re most looking forward to writing – in your current project, or a future project

Ooh you know there’s lots of things we’re working on together I’m excited for! I dragged you into AHIT for a reason! Just working with these characters is so much fun, and it’s nice to breathe more life into our Victorian au after all this time. Something I’m really looking forward to though? Hmm… hard to pick just one but damn if I’m not excited to see Bendy getting to Vanessa’s manor and learning about Snatcher’s past!

4. Share a sentence or paragraph from your writing that you’re really proud of (explain why, if you like)

you just had to pick a tough one here didn’t you? Shit dude I’m not often straight up proud of my work. But I suppose I really like this bit from that project I’m working on. Feels good and delightful, like it should be. 

A bubbly laugh works its way out of Hat Kid, growing until it nearly knocks her right off her perch. This planet! This strange, bizarre, crazy planet. It never stopped surprising her. Refused to stop surprising her, even. Every time she thought she was understanding everything about this weird place, something new happened.

5. What character that you’re writing do you most identify with?

ANOTHER TOUGH ONE you rude butt. I suppose I put quite a bit more of myself into characters than I intend to. I’ve recently realized I have a bad habit of giving people abandonment issues. I could list too many characters here for various reasons. I suppose one person I identify with a lot is Greg Universe. Bisexual disaster full of anxiety and self worth problems but loves his family/loved ones very very much and would do anything for them.

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That’s a tough one! There’s a lot of characters I have a lot of fun with. Ocs and canon characters alike. Right now though I’m having a LOT of fun writing Snatcher though! He’s so dramatic and silly, and it’s always fun to get loud and boisterous with characters. I tend to have a thing for writing dramatic assholes I think. XD

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Tagged by @the-unwrittenwriter !! Thanks you buddy!! Sorry this is a wee bit late! 

Rules: Bold the themes that apply to your WIP

WIP: Escape of K-10

addiction | beauty | betrayal | change vs. tradition | chaos vs. order | circle of life | coming of age | communication | convention vs. rebellion | corruption | courage | crime and law | dangers of ignorance | darkness and light | death | desire to escape | dreams | displacement | empowerment | facing darkness | facing realityfaith vs. doubt | fall from grace | fame and fortune | family | fate | fear | fear of failure | free will | friendship | fulfillment | good vs. bad | government | greed | guilt and forgiveness | hard work | heroism | hierarchy | honesty | hope | identity crisis | immortality | independence | individual vs. society | inner vs. outer strength | innocence | injustice | isolation | knowledge vs. ignorance | life | loneliness | lost love | love | man vs. nature | manipulation | materialism | motherhood | nature | nature vs. nurture | oppression | optimism | peer pressure | poverty | power | power of words | prejudice | pride | progress | quest | racism | rebirth | relationships | religion | responsibility | revenge | sacrifice | secrets | self-awareness | self-preservation | self-reliance | sexuality | social class structure | survival | technology | temptation and destruction | time | totalitarianism | weakness | vanity | war | wealth | wisdom of experience | youth

Tagging: @tenacious-scripturient , @adycat2 , @scxundress , @hannahs-creations , @nya-is-typing , @squidlordt , and @writingamongthecoloredroses if you guys want!! 

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22. how much of your own self/experiences do you believe pours into your projects? if this differs per project, which projects have the most and least of you?

Answered here!

23. what do you do to engage with your projects which isn’t actually writing? ex: playlists, pinterest boards, etc. how much do they play a role in the development of your work?

Tbh, I don’t do anything but actually write them lol, I can’t listen to music and write at the same time so the playlist thing is kind of a non-starter for me

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1. give short descriptions of all your current WIPs.

Okay so of the ones I’m “actively working on” (and by that I mean thinking about more than writing bc work is taking over my life rn), this is what I’ve got:

Malex Sex Shop AU: Michael works at a sex shop to pay his way through grad school, and when Alex comes in one day looking like a whole damn meal, Michael is very committed to making sure he leaves a happy customer.

Untitled Malex Smut #324: When someone who looks exactly like Michael, but isn’t, finds his way to Roswell, the Pod Squad needs to figure out a way to send him back where he came from. Before they do, though… maybe Alex wants to have some fun. (If you’re wondering whether this one is just an excuse for me to write double penetration, you are correct.)

Petrichor: Buffy (who is Alex’s dog bc fuck canon) looks for Michael when it rains and is depressed when she doesn’t find him. With a little push from Kyle, Alex tries to remedy that situation.

10. which patterns keep popping up in your projects/characters?

I mean…. smut, lmao. I don’t even plan it, sometimes I’m just writing and my brain is like “You know what would make this better? If they fucked.” 😂😂😂

22. how much of your own self/experiences do you believe pours into your projects? if this differs per project, which projects have the most and least of you?

I would say the Michael Sanders AU has the most of me. Y’all probably already know this, but I identify a lot with Alex, especially him as a teenager, and that isn’t all due to the fact that he looks like he models for Hot Topic. 

Part of why it’s taken me so long to write the post-A Father Like That fic I’ve been wanting to write for a while is that I’ve literally been in Alex’s position before. I’ve lived in that surreal and liminal space of being free of my abuser, but not at the same time, waiting for a judge to make a decision that will essentially decide my life for me.

It didn’t work out for me the way it will for Alex in my fic, and even though I  would say I’m remarkably well-adjusted (and, to be clear, things are a lot better for me now), writing those scenes is hard, if not a little triggering. They force me to go to a place in my head that has a giant “DO NOT ENTER” sign on it, and, idk. I just can’t put it into words. I want to, I think it would be really cathartic for me to give Alex the happy ending I didn’t get, but it’s hard. 

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