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#WtNV weather

I thought I smelled your Marlboro burning
As I rinsed my hair this morning
When I called out, you weren’t there…

And the diesel truck the neighbor drives
Fools me into thinking you’re alive
And coming home to stay

But you were running like a chalkboard scratch
Up all night long, no turning back
Or guilt would eat your heart alive

And so you’ve left me here in pain and wonder
Regretting never pushing you like thunder coming from the gods

Oh, it might have saved you from the dark

Come by if you’re downtown
We’ll drink and celebrate the moon
And all the things you left behind,

I’ve forgiven you for all that you did
Still all I can do is write these letters
that will never get to you, 

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WTNV Headcanon:

The weather is a prerecorded segment the interns are supposed to cut to when Cecil signals them to, but it’s a long running joke for the interns to play their current favorite song instead. It started as a prank, and it continues as a small act of retribution for Cecil not seemingly caring about the short turnover rate of radio interns.

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This is it, friends!  The last day.  The finish line is in sight.  Midnight CDT.  Thanks for helping me pump hard through the final mile, all the way through the tape.

Here’s that link one last time:

Tell your friends.  Tell your strangers Tell your family.  Tell your music-loving peeps.  Tell em to give a listen, watch the video, and they can decide for themselves if this is something they’d like to be a part of.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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