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#Wynonna Earp
  • So we all know CJ and Nicole have been through a lot 
  • and tbh CJ was Nicole’s only ‘friend’ when she moved to Purgatory 
  • naturally, Nicole will be super sad if something happens to CJ
  • in this HC CJ is pretty old like Nicole had her since forever
  • anyways Waverly finds CJ not moving one morning and she knows that Nicole will be sad if she found out
  • Waverly uses her angel powers to keep CJ alive
  • once Waverly found out she could do this, she keeps CJ alive as long as possible
  • so fast forward like 60 years and CJ is still alive and Nicole is a bit confused but is happy her cat is alive
  • No one really questions it but one day Wynonna walks in and sees Waverly saving CJ again
  • and Wynonna is like ???
  • So Waverly explains to Wynonna 
  • and Wynonna promise to keep it a secret bc she wants her best friend to be happy
  • as well the grandkids love CJ and always play with her
  • but one day Nicole asks about it bc she’s just so confused
  • and Waverly finally comes clean that she kept CJ alive this whole time bc she doesn’t want to see Nicole sad
  • This fills Nicole with joy bc she’s so grateful Waverly kept CJ alive so she won’t be sad about it
  • and folx is true love
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  • Ugh I miss Calamity Jane
  • Anyways when Waverly came back from the Garden she was confused why CJ wasn’t in the Homestead
  • so she asks Rachel but she didn’t want to say anything, she promised Nicole she wouldn’t talk about it
  • One night before Waverly and Nicole went to bed, Waverly asks Nicole about CJ
  • and Nicole got sad bc she misses CJ so much
  • Waverly can see Nicole is pretty upset about this and assumes the worst
  • like Nicole softly admits that CJ, unfortunately, died within the time period Waverly was in the Garden
  • Nicole and Rachel had a little funeral for her and buried her next to Waverly hamster, Pikachu
  • This makes Waverly sad bc CJ and Nicole was so close
  • also, she was sad bc she wasn’t there to support Nicole when CJ died and she wasn’t at the funeral
  • Nicole just starts crying bc she misses CJ and that she never really talk about it with Rachel or anyone else
  • Waverly is there trying to help support Nicole bc we all know CJ was one of Nicole’s favorite pets/her best friend
  • After a while Nicole stops and just snuggles into Waverly in bed and soon they both fall asleep.
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Gloria, one of the writers/producers tweeted last night that it’s not looking good for a renewal. Please help spread the word to anyone you know to watch episodes 5 & 6 LIVE on cbs. If we can get a boost in views for those two episodes we might have a better chance to keep ODAAT and get it renewed! Also, on Friday (tomorrow) help trend #WeWantMoreODAAT on Twitter. Episodes 5&6 air on CBS at 10&10:30pm EST on October 26! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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Remember when Nicole list of priorities after seeing Waverly were:

- Hug Waverly

- Kiss Waverly

- Have sex with her against the wall

- Have sex with her on the floor

- Have sex with her in the stairs




- Maybe ask her where has she been this 18 months, 3 weeks and 4 days

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Things are stressful right now, and when things get stressful, I tend to write comforting stories. Sometimes even shamelessly self-indulgent ones that I don’t necessarily intend to post. But I also like to read fics like that when I’m stressed, and maybe other people do, too, so I figured I’d post it in case other people get some catharsis from it.

Anyway, it’s a short and sweet WayHaught story about Nicole coaxing Waverly into taking a break. Just for five minutes.

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The sad part is that in 15 years young queer women will not know about so many Queer ships….to only name a few Dani and Jamie, Brittany and Santana, Waverly and Nicole, Callie and Arizona …. they’ll maybe see them in YouTube compilations but other than that they won’t know how big of an impact they had on us.

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“Waverly I don’t think you understand. I think it’s time we talk about this, about us”

“Please Nicole, listen to me. I love you”

Tears run down Waverly’s face, not ready to hear those words from Nicole’s mouth nor to have this conversation with her. Sitting in the small dorm room, Waverly never could imagine that Nicole would be breaking up with her. 

“Waves, I hate to have this conversation but I think it’s better if we break up”

“No, Nicole, please. Please talk to me. I want this to work out. I want to be with you”

“You know we tried, but nothing works. We took some time off from seeing each other, we expanded our friend groups, nothing worked”

“Nic, I want this to work. I could only see myself with you”

Tears start to run down Nicole’s face now, knowing how hard it is for the younger girl. But they both know that they need to break up, the relationship is taking a toll on their mental health and other relationships.

“Please listen to me, please Waverly. I think we can both agree it’s time for us to break up”

More tears come down Waverly’s face, as she tries to hide her face from the redhead.

“What about you and Wynonna?”

“She knows already.”


“I’m sorry, Waves. Please don’t be mad at her, it’s my fault really”

“Nicole, I can’t lose you”

“We’ll figure it out, I promise”

“You promised that you’ll love me forever.”

Nicole froze, knowing how much her words meant to Waverly. Knowing how easily those can break her.

“That’s before all the shit we have been through Waverly.”

“Well that wasn’t fault is it?”

“You could’ve done better at preventing it!”

“Like what?”

“Like not kissing Rosita back at that party when I was there with you!”

“We were drunk, Nicole!”

A sigh was all Waverly got from Nicole.

“Well at least I didn’t forget to tell me that you were engaged to someone else”

“Shae and I were engaged for like a month! That doesn’t count and you know that”

“You should have told me earlier!”

“I wanted to but it never came up!”

Puffy eyes, and broken hearts. Both knew that all good things had to end.

“I don’t need you, I’m fine on my own.”

With that, Nicole stood up and walked towards the door.

“I think it’s over Waverly, I’m sorry but we through”

Tears run down both of their faces as they realize that it had to come to this. Nicole walked out without looking back, only hearing muffled crying as the door shut behind her.

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