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#X Men

I think I’ve complained this before, but I hate when mutants and humans are treated as separate things in X-men comics. Mutants are humans, that’s the point

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What your X-Men Crush says about you:
Logan: You have daddy issues
Scott: You desperately want this man to get the therapy he needs.
Jean: You have mommy issues
Ororo: You have a taste for women who are better than you in every conceivable way, and you are aware of this.
Warren: You want sugar, hold the daddy
Kitty: Your type is 'the girl next door'
Rogue: You just want someone who seasons their food
Piotr: You saw the ‘non-threatening’ part of the Himbo description and went nuts huh
Charles: Either you’re in it for James McAvoy or you have a crush on Picard. Both are valid
Hank: You like your men well-read and just on the side of cultured... Or you’re a furry. Maybe both.
Kurt: You have acquired a taste for ✨sexy Catholicism✨
Emma: When you say “step on me mommy”, it’s unironically.
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I’m not sure if I would say Hellion has an Asian fetish…since he only flirted with Hisako and Noriko was only an AU…

I’d say- Clones, Women who can dominate/murder him, verbal sparring as a form of romance, Latina’s, and sharp objects…

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90s Jean: Are you supposed to be me?

Evolution!Jean: I am, but more useful :)

I’m in the camp that states “90s Jean Grey is useless” and she really was. 🤦 When even the kid appeal character was more useful at times. I understand nerfing a character so they wouldn’t be too OP but the way the cartoon handled Jean was just absolutely pathetic and even misogynistic at times. Plus the love 🔺 was pretty narmy and sometimes not in a good way.

With Evolution Jean was still nerfed but now she was capable of using her powers efficiently and not have Scott/Rogue/Wolvie bail her out. No hideous love triangle here: her romance with Scott is genuinely healthy and her interactions with Wolverine has no weird undertones. She also isn’t a Mary Sue/Martyr compared to other Jeans.

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