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#X-Men Evolution

Um…Magneto sounds more like Apocalypse than Magneto. Asteroid M but only the strong and the worthy who prove themselves in battle will move on. 

Wow. The things I didn’t notice when I watched this as a kid.

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”Yeah, so I was told you claimed you have something that can help me not kill my friends when my gloves are off? Is that true or did you make it up just to get me to come over here?”

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Saw this tag floating around where you post gifs of your top 10 TV shows - no titles, only gifs - and I just had to do it! Tagging anyone else who wants to share their’s!

(Note: So I’m going to do half live action and half animated because I knew it was going to get out of hand. Also I feel like all of these shows come with personal memories for me)


Tagging: @idrillalaith @bolontiku @xx3fsxx @the-shadow-of-atlantis @coffee-randomness@olive-tini@0hmydeku

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Pride moodboards now open ❤💛💚💙💜 I’m now accepting any and all pride moodboard requests. Send me a character from any of the tagged fandoms and a gender/sexuality and I’ll do a moodboard for them.

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As much as I love Evolution Nightcrawler, I have some gripes. They’re mostly nitpicks. Mostly.

  1. Let Kurt have curly hair!! Fluffy hair, messy hair boy!
  2. I would have loved more about the circus, or at least some nod to the fact that he’s pretty damn strong.
  3. This one isn’t a nitpick, I’m actually kinda mad that they nixed Margali and the circus and replaced them with Two Random White Farmers?? Give the boy his circus family!
  4. Him eyes kinda weird, but that’s just the art style so I can get that.
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Been loving these Evo requests of yours. Crew reacting to a new member that’s very much a Mom Friend - they’re mutation basically makes them the human equivalent of a bat - fangs, claws, big ass wings, but give of big warm batwing hugs
  •  They love you, so much.
  • You make sure they aren’t staying up to late and give them ‘gentle’ reminders to do their homework.
  • Although, sometimes, if you know for a fact they never had the time do the homework or study for a test you might just ‘help’ them out with it.
  • Kurt, Kitty, and Evan compete with each other for your affection but whenever they do, you just use your wings to put them in a big group hug and they feel so secure whenever you do that.
  • Your motherly nature is enough to even have Rogue warm up to you, especially since she didn’t really have a father figure in her life and it’s like every mother figure she had has betrayed her so I feel like she’d sort of be attracted to your motherly nature.
  • Logan and Storm are also not spared from your motherly nature.
  • If Logan has pushed himself too hard in terms of training or so, you will be there with a first aid-kit while also lightly scolding him to take it easy.
  • If someone has activated Storm’s claustrophobia, you are ready to throw hands or…claws.
  • Professor X finds it amusing whenever you fuss over him, whether that be asking him how you can help him or what you can do to make his day better.
  • Whenever they jokingly call you ‘mom’, they very much mean it in the most endearing way possible.
  • Out of all of them, Kurt will be the one to call you ‘Big sis’ or ‘Schwester’ since the two of you look very much alike in terms of appearance. Pointed ears, fangs, but you have wings instead of a tail.
  • They like patting the top of your head or ruffling your hair because your ears perk up happily and you give them the cutest smile with your fangs.
  • They also admire your powers, like a sonic screech, and the ability to hear things from far away.
  • You are the best wing woman btw. If they have a crush on someone, you will use your abilities to overhear conversations and report back to them. 
  • You prioritize them a lot during dangerous missions, often flying in the sky and trying to make sure you know where each of them is just in case you need to carry them away from danger.
  • Whenever the get cold, you just wrap a wing around them and they get warm? Like, stop being so cute? please, they can’t take it.
  • The Brotherhood also can’t be mean to you, like, they try but they can’t and it confuses them.
  • Like Pietro could be bragging about how he’s so much better than you and the team but then you just give him one of your famous bat hugs and softly tells him he has nothing to prove.
  • And then he just…cries, like, that’s something he really needed to hear.
  • You are invited to boys nights with Kurt, Scott, and Evan because chances are they are going to do something stupid and need you there to keep it from getting too out of hand.
  • I’m sorry but I can’t get over the batwing hugs like that might just be your greatest weapon. They make one feel so safe and secure and they’re honestly just great.
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