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I play as Warren from the most recent X-Men films and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a plot where he possibly gets captured? Themes would be dark as he'd be a hostage to someone, but I imagined he'd either be kept as entertainment due to his specific mutant abilities, or someone would want to use him for his wings/experiment on him. Please be 18 or over, I'm up for MxM or FxM.
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I'm still reading Uncanny X-Men (just finished Days of Future Past) and I saved your Polaris reading list but... I'm seeing panels of Havok x Polaris and... they're always talking about him? If I didn't knew, I'd say Lorna is his therapist not his girlfriend. Another question: You know Lorna. You know how amazing she is. Do you think Lorna was a Cool Girl (trope) when dating/around Havok? I know she's a comic books character and it's extremely unlikely we'll see her talking about it on panel.

I haven’t read much from before 2009, and in the case of the Claremont era, I don’t want to either. So I can’t say with absolute certainty if my views fully apply to all of it.

That said, Lorna does suffer from writers after her initial introduction treating her like a prop instead of a character. Sometimes a writer will give her slightly more thought, but ultimately their views tend to be how she can serve their faves rather than how she would actually think, feel and act as herself.

I do think this has its roots in the scenes you describe. In that time, Lorna “exists” to talk about Havok incessantly and bolster his image. She’s a sacrifice for his reputation. “This guy’s so cool, he has this girlfriend who’s always obsessed with him and eager to support him.”

It’s the same male fantasy wish fulfillment that these days gets derided as not only unrealistic, but setting up poor expectations of what men should expect concerning women and relationships with them. “I’m not your therapist” being common. Also ties into the theory that “incels” think of women as “rewards” that they’re “owed” as men for any simple good behavior. Hold a door open for a woman? She should eagerly accept when you ask her out on a date! /s

It would be one thing if this was all stuff we could relegate to mistakes of the past. “Yeah, that was bad, but that was a different time, the Marvel of today is better.” Except for Lorna, the Marvel of today hasn’t changed from the Marvel of decades past. The people working there look on how Lorna was treated with Havok not with a critical eye and awareness that things need to change, but with nostalgia and a desire to force people into accepting their nostalgia. They keep forcing him into everything she does, refusing to give Lorna a real platform of her own and support needed.

They’re no different from how DC and Warner Bros insisted a Wonder Woman live action film wasn’t viable because an animated film didn’t sell well enough, but a Green Lantern live action film somehow was fine to go forward despite its animated film selling roughly the same with far more promotion. Loading up on excuses, biases, refusal to put any real thought and effort in, blaming the character for the company’s sabotage.

The instant they do something for Lorna for real, it’ll pay off - as we saw with how popular Gifted’s version of Lorna was. Sadly, the show’s own many missteps undermined what she offered.

Any possible future the Lorna x Havok pairing could have isn’t in repeating mistakes of the past and trying to trick people into thinking they’re good. It’s in first giving Lorna decades-overdue love, respect and use. Then in second, slowly and carefully rethinking and reworking the dynamics between them from the ground up. Anything else is at best a well-intentioned misstep, at worst deliberate character assassination for personal interests. There are no shortcuts, because all a shortcut means is someone’s eventually going to break it down and go back to the awful again.

It got a bit ranty, but there be my thoughts!

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