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“ well ,then.. I guess we show the Krakoans what the Barber twins can do “ Aurora from the pages of @mymonsterischic Xfactor issue 5 #Xmen #Marvelcomics

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Scott: “I, through a strange series of circumstances involving time-travel, have now adopted a large number of teenaged superheros. Though the duty of mentoring them will be great, I will accept the role.”

Jean: “… Would you like some help with mentoring them, dearest?”

Scott: “… Please help me. They are so precious to me.”

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Do you ever remember that Peter Parker and Scott Summers are roughly the same age? As both were introduced at 15 in the 1960s.

Yet as of now, Scott is written/drawn as a 30s/40s something dude with 2 wives, a husband, 2 kids (maybe more), a granddaughter, stable job as a War Captain of the Mutant Nation, and the respect of his friends/peers.

In contrast to Peter, who has been aging in reverse since OMD (I swear he was supposed to be in his 30s in the 90s, but how in the 2020s he is supposed to be in his 20s?), no wife (again OMD/Slott), no kids (fuck you clone saga), no house, inconsistent job, and inconsistent respect from his fellow heroes/friends.

I know this is because Spider-editorial and X-editorial have always been different beasts, but I find the contrast funny.

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【スト5】表示バグ? ROUNDが消えませんw -Display bug???-【Street FighterⅤ】
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What your X-Men Crush says about you:
Logan: You have daddy issues
Scott: You desperately want this man to get the therapy he needs.
Jean: You have mommy issues
Ororo: You have a taste for women who are better than you in every conceivable way, and you are aware of this.
Warren: You want sugar, hold the daddy
Kitty: Your type is 'the girl next door'
Rogue: You just want someone who seasons their food
Piotr: You saw the ‘non-threatening’ part of the Himbo description and went nuts huh
Charles: Either you’re in it for James McAvoy or you have a crush on Picard. Both are valid
Hank: You like your men well-read and just on the side of cultured... Or you’re a furry. Maybe both.
Kurt: You have acquired a taste for ✨sexy Catholicism✨
Emma: When you say “step on me mommy”, it’s unironically.
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