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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I am a shitty artist but this is my concept art for a Transformers/Aliens crossover. The most advanced race in the universe meets the ultimate killing machine. Notes below:

The first image is of a Shockwave/Xenomorph hybrid. Fascinated by their biology, he begins horrifying experiments on POWs before eventually making himself the ultimate life form.

The second image depicts a mutilated Cliffjumper (following an ambush on the Autobot rescue team), birthing a new form of Xenomorph. Biomechanical and extremely resilient. They quickly over power the rescue team, leaving a single survivor.

Third is Star-Hunter of the Auto-Warrior clan. A Yautja whose clan had been met by the Autobots millennia ago, and incorporated Cybertronian culture into their own. She has been sent to destroy the abominations, before finding herself allied with Autobots much like her ancestors.

Fourth up is Alt-Mode Soundwave, releasing a trapped Xenomorph. Initially the Deception contact team was able to outrun or hide using their Alt-Modes. The Xenomorphs soon grew aware of this, and began hunting with the Alt-Modes in mind.

Lastly we have a Xenomorph/Cybertronian hybrid queen, impaling a Seeker with her tail. Had they been prepped on Shockwave’s experiments, the contact team may have survived. Instead they were taken by surprise, and most were killed shortly after arriving at the laboratory.

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A commission i did for someone name @playful_daemon on instagram.
A rendering of one of his Alien OC.
The lightning inspired by the lighting from classic movie Alien .
Had tons of fun doing this

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Alien/BatIM Crossover/AU

The Xenomorph is the Ink Demon (Or Ink Alien in this case lol)

Facehuggers are searchers

Xeno Queen would be the Beast Bendy

Takes place in Weyland-Yutani studios

The derelict would prolly take the place of the Ink Machine

Would follow BatIM’s plot more with WY studios wanting to bring their toony alien mascot to life.

There is most definitely a lil toon Jonesy

That’s pretty much what I’ve got so far, because I don’t know who of the human (and Android) characters would fit into this because I haven’t watched anything other then Alien, Aliens, and playthroughs of Alien Isolation.

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