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#Xiao Cean
root08 · 5 months ago
OMG OMG Qiang Jin Jiu will be adapted to a drama..OMG I’m screaming!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!
Tumblr media
I love the novel and the characters. It has a very heavy Storyline ( if you do not like Empires/politics/wars/ or power schemes , you probably won’t like this book.) Personally when I started reading, i was bored and confused but by chapter 20 i was suck in it, i couldn’t let go; it’s so good (for me anyway)!
The plot is amazing with many twists and mysteries. And the main characters are *the cerises on top of the cream *! They are so complex and NOT your loving loving usual BL couple. They were ennemies at first , As a matter of fact, they were always trying to put little traps for each other and sometimes the way they communicate is so funny, they back stabbing each other with words🤣 ( reminds me of that couple in Peerless which i love by the way as well). But they protect each other as well and are cute in their own way ❤️
Protagonist: Shen Zechuan also called Lanzhou
Tumblr media
Yooo he is a piece of work okay? He is soo ruthless, cunning, scheming and almost indecipherable. Sometimes he is killing and you will be: “like what???like how can he do that? no wait did he just do that?”🤣🤣like damn I love him. In the beginning everyone is seeing him like a beauty (which he is, he’s the most prettiest man described in the whole novel and he got the Gong/Seme so much in love with him) incapable of doing nothing even to a fly and then he turns around and BOOM he kills hahahaha. OMG i love him so much, he fits right in the bill of my favorite type of protagonists which is scheming and strong Ukes.
ML: Xiao Chiye (Ce’an)
Tumblr media
How can you not like Xiao Chiye? He is badass, wild and ALWAYS horny/ in heat (estrus whatever, i mean who bangs on a horse?tsk tsk anyway..)! He is so intelligent and moves like no other. In the beginning, he acts as a fool or more a wasteful rich young master BUT he is just as scheming as Shen Zechuan if not more. Everything he does has a reason and he understands and see through mostly every schemes around him except understanding sometimes what Shen does ( even i as a reader i have a hard time to decipher Shen’ moves).anyway....
I can’t wait to see the cast especially of the main characters cause they’re so complex, i wonder who will fits the bell! I’m so excited already.!!!!
If you’re interested and would like to read it. Here is the link:
Artist of the arts/illustrations: @夏之杪 (weibo) ; however she also has an account on GRACG with many beautiful arts. here is link to her profile
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shandian-go · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[PRE-ORDER] Camphong Merch
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CP badge set: 2 badges per set, options include Bingqiu, Wangxian, Hualian, Ranwan (2ha), Cezhou (Qiang Jin Jiu)
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ohsantaclara · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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myzneths · a month ago
Tumblr media
chapter 144 : orange jasmine
we all want a devoted bf like xiao chiye ✨
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jiangchenggf · a year ago
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The River by Blues Saraceno
Oasis by A Great Big World
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Meet Me On The Battlefield by SVRCINA
I Think I’m Okay by Machine Gun Kelly
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root08 · 3 months ago
Quiang juin ju & Rumors
Tumblr media
Finished my mid-exams,tried to catch up with some series, and just happened to see rumors of the Cast for Quiang juin ju (QJJ) and I have to say i am not only disappointed but also very skeptical.
Since Chinese adaptation are just bromance and not the real thing, i personally never care about the cast or stuff like that cause i just see it as something for money & not really serious. For example, I have seen the rumored cast of Heaven’s official blessing and was kind of okay with it, but that primarily was because they kinda look like the characters and also i never saw any of their work so I was like “see before judging”; anyway waiting on official confirmation to rant about them so back to my main topic.
Like I stated before, “See before judging” but personally I do even want see this cast at all let alone judge. I really hope it is just rumors and not true. The rumored leads are Simon Gong and Xu kai, who will play Xiao chiye and Shen Lanzhou respectively. I, personally do not see any fit between the characters of QJJ in the novel and the actors chosen.
Simon Gong
Tumblr media
If you have read the novel, Xiao Chiye is very manly, Tall and savage. In my opinion although tall, Simon do not match this description at all. The only little similarity i find between this character and Simon is that Xiao chiye is a little shameless & always in heat, I guess from Simon’s role as Ghost Master where he was flirty and shameless, one might think he fits the role but he DOESN’T. Xiao chiye is much more than that, a very complex character! I know Simon is a talented actor & I love him, but i really wished he don’t take that role. Beside, he had played 2 BLs already and the last one not too long ago. I know there’s fame/money here but unless he wants fans to speculate about him, he should tone it down a little.
Xu kai
Tumblr media
Again, in the novel Shen Lanzhou who is rumored to be played by Xu kai is also a very complex character. In top of that, thoughout the novel he is described as the most beautiful man. Sorry but Xu Kai is not pretty enough to play this role not even close! As matter of fact, I can’t even see any actor pretty enough to play Lanzhou ( i had the same issue with Hua Cheng, i can’t find anyone as handsome and gorgeous to play him but imma let it slide with Zhang, who is the chosen actor, cause I think maybe he can handle the role’s acts/emotions) . But this one I am not seeing him even handle my Lanzhou. Before I was into BL, I was addicted to K-dramas and some Chinese dramas. I happened to stumble on one of his drama, and I didn’t get through 5 episodes so imma pass on him. Sorry but not sorry!
Anyway I really hope it is a rumor, I love QJJ, it is one of my favorite novels of all time so please i hope they don’t kill it for me😢! Tell me what are your thoughts on this? And for anyone who read the novel do you think they fit the characters? Cause I don’t know maybe if I’m not seeing it on the right way, but i just can’t put them in the characters maybe y’all can change my mind!
©️®️: Art from the audio drama.
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t110n · 5 months ago
I already heard before about “Qiang Jin Jiu” having licensing rights for a live action, and now sounds like it’s gonna happen?
I don’t know many Chinese actors so I hope if it happens, the casts will be great because I really love Xiao Chiye and Shen Zechuan. Of course, the storyline needs to be good too.
To me, I think the storyline’s quite complicated so I don’t know how the live action team’s gonna deal with it, if it happens. 
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t110n · 9 months ago
Omg, the scene when Xiao Chiye rode his horse and stole away Shen Zechuan. Epic.
Tumblr media
Makes me think of this, unless it is this scene. Because the horse and the earring.
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t110n · 7 months ago
“Lanzhou, come with me!”
“Ce’an.” “Go home.”
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t110n · 7 months ago
Chapter 101′s just so touching and lovely.
The first scene was one of the scenes that's most well-known, I swear. The two million talk and the smile. I thought that conversation was really beautiful and sweet. 
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t110n · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made me flashback to when Xiao Chiye was younger.
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