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ajskdkfjsks nah I can’t draw, sadly

This one was a picrew! I wish I could credit but I can’t find it again :((( But if anyone knows which one I’m talking about, please send it to me so I can give proper credit!

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it’s amazing the information you get given after years and years that you get expected to absorb and understand immediately like no you give me this information about what you could have done and I end up rethinking a lot of shit in my life in an instant that I now have to deal with on top of everything else so THANKS

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When I first read this, I didn’t know what a tabaxi was and I was DELIGHTED when I looked it up. It’s very fitting to me that so far I have gotten bird and cat races haha.

I love the idea of Bard, because I really like the concept of the power behind music and stories and the magic that comes from them. I am not good at singing, but I’d like to think storytelling is something I’m pretty good at, so this definitely feels fitting!

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I hate how much jealousy burns in the back of my mind when people talk about their relationships because I want to be happy for them and I am!! But inside I feel stupidly bitter knowing my experiences and knowing I crave a relationship but the multiple issues I would have that prevent me and I swallow it down and try and pretend that I’m fine and I hate that so much my jealousy feels so ugly so I let it eat me up inside instead

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Parents be like “why are you not confident with low self esteem” when they guilt trip, hardly apologise, make comments about your appearance, use you as therapist, make jokes at your expense, yell at you and make you feel ungrateful if you say any bad things about them, so you’re standing there like internally thinking ‘well I’m selfish if I put up boundaries and ask for apologies might as well let other people trample over them to not cause a fuss’

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I just have so much emotion right now that’s spilling out,, so much emotional responsibility that I’ve had to deal with people who refuse to go to therapy but I’ve had to go to therapy as a result of them it’s coming out so much more now and it just hurts

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apparently I need to move on and stop giving my ex power but it’s coming from someone who still doesn’t continue to deal with her childhood trauma and neither does my dad so I’m not sure they’re in a position to tell me how to move forward

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Weird how I’m gonna look back at school memories now; the classmate that passed over 2 years ago was there at school but past 23 he’s just now not here. All there at school and into his early twenties. Looking back at school now feels weird seeing him alive and not thinking he wouldn’t make it past 23.

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it’s weird to realise later on in life that the people you know growing up aren’t all going to grow old with you

still, you’d never think they would ever be quite that young when they wouldn’t be there anymore

it’s weird how when people die, everyone carries on. time continues on. you were always that old when you passed at that time, but time moves on. and being one to carry on is just…weird

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the death of someone is different from all the time they could’ve had now lost forever and no matter what, things are never the same with that lingering empty space that they will never come back to fill

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