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smashmouth-hargrove · 23 hours ago
Current Brainrot:
Tommy outing Steve after their falling out.
It’s stupid, it’s petty, it’s irresponsible, but he doesn’t regret it. Feels like Steve deserved to hurt after what he did to him and Carol even if they were both in the wrong.
It destroys Steve’s reputation. He becomes the butt of everyone’s jokes, even the people he used to make fun of himself. He falls all the way down the totem poll, beneath the lowest of the low in a matter of an afternoon.
It destroys him. He can’t leave his house without being picked on, teased, or harassed by the people he used to call his friends, or at least people he didn’t think we’re his enemies.
Steve would drop out of school if his dad wouldn’t rip him a new one because of it. Not like his C’s and D’S were gonna get him very far anyways. It just wasn’t worth it anymore.
One night while sitting at the quarry, the one place he can find peace, he hears footsteps coming up behind him and he can’t find the energy to do anything but let out a tired sigh.
”Hey! Pretty Boy!“
Ah, shit.
”If you came to rock my shit, Hargrove, you’re a little late to the party,” he called back, reminiscing to when a few nights before Chris Sammons decked him in the jaw coming out of Melvand’s. Had it not been for Joyce shooing them off he probably would have been a lot worse off.
“Ah,“ Billy hummed in recognition, “Shame,” the blonde boy planted himself next to Steve on the harsh gravel, “‘S not why I came, though.”
Suddenly a beer was shoved into Steve’s lap, Billy’s already open as he took a long swig. When the brunette looked over he winced at the sight of the shiner swelling his left eye almost completely shut.
”Shit, man,” he marveled, “What happened to you?” He popped his beer open with his pointer finger, not looking away from the boy opposite him.
Billy shrugged, ”Could ask you the same thing, amigo,” he challenged, lips pulling taunt as his head finally swiveled over loosely to look at Steve.
And Steve couldn’t help but huff a laugh as if to say ‘C’mon‘, “Like you don’t already know,” he spoke, before taking a long swig of the bitter drink.
The blonde boy just nodded and bit his lips as if to keep any unsolicited comments from slipping out. Steve appreciated it.
Quickly it fell silent between them, something borderline uncomfortable but not quite so. They just looked up at the stars and drank their respective cheep beers.
“I don’t think it‘s weird,” Billy finally broke the silence by announcing, causing Steve to look his way, even if he himself didn’t turn his head.
”Huh?“ He wasn’t confused about what was being said, but rather shocked by it.
”I don’t-“ Billy pursed his lips as if he had to force it out of his throat, “I don’t think you’re weird just because you’re… y’know-“
”A fag,” Steve finished, able to see the way the word almost stung him.
”A queer.”
“No different than what I just said-“ Steve argued only for Billy to argue right back.
”It’s nicer,” Steve just smirked and shook his head, looking back out towards the water. Before tonight Steve didn’t even think Billy Hargrove did nice, it seemed the guy was full of surprises.
The silence fell again, more comfortable than the last time and a lot shorter.
”Thanks, Billy,” Steve spoke sincerely, small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.
”No problem, Harrington.”
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nolookfive · 15 hours ago
i have made the executive decision that jake and lil mac should wear matching check shirts at some point in s8 and i will be severely disappointed if that doesn’t happen
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dreamquackity · 4 months ago
idk it just feels so good when you realize a fandom friend has become ur friend friend—y’know? like instead of only talking about ur common interest u start branching out and talking to each other about your lives, your other hobbies, and it’s even cooler to remain close if one or both of you lose interest in the fandom you met in. your bond, no longer dependent on the mutual love you had for some thing—now lies upon the kinship you’ve built. i think that’s beautiful
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maxbegone · 3 years ago
You know what I love? The coattail spin Taliesin does in CR’s first intro. You know, this one:
Tumblr media
I love it
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skeleton-shit · 2 years ago
One thing that’ll never cease to amaze me
Tumblr media
Ok hear me out
Tumblr media
So like..,,
Tumblr media
Incineroar has rlly niCE HANDS OK
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ash-and-starlight · a month ago
Tumblr media
kith 🌅
[ID: a colored digital drawing of Sokka and Zuko. They are sitting on the ground facing the viewer, smiling and leaning into each other. Sokka is resting a hand on zuko’s knee, and their noses are touching. Sokka has his legs stretched in front of him and is wearing jeans overalls and a purple short sleeved shirt with bright patterns, and his hair are left down. Zuko has his knees drawn up, he’s wearing red pants and a black t-shirt, and has a red dragon tattoo on his left arm. He has a hearing aid on his scarred ear. On the ground next to them there are bags of snacks and take-away cups, and a purple skateboard with a water tribe symbol drawn on it. The wall behind them is full of graffiti, such as a fan, a blue spirit mask, a stylized doodle of appa, a big heart with Sokka’s name written inside it in Chinese characters and a poster with Toph’s face scribbled on it. The picture is set at sunset, an has a warm orange tint. /END ID]
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li-wri · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
dream is so right george DOES look cute in baby blue 💙
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shittycryptids · 5 months ago
A sentient shed that can turn into different types of outdoor buildings.
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