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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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ppl r BOLD bold on karl’s alt stream

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oh my god

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ok but does anybody know why there are not ANY mma nominations for itzy…..gfriend…..TWICE?

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techno’s gonna wake up to everyone calling him a traitor, realize that wilbur is going insane, and absolutely side with him in blowing everything up. like yall think techno wouldnt jump to be absolute BONKERS with wilbur. wilbur “i don’t trust techno” techno doesnt CARE if you trust him because he will stab anyone and everyone and wilbur currently wants everyone to go down in flames which aligns, pretty damn well, with techno’s MO. 

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yo wait darkstripe is still alive in the dark forest?

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There are really people in my college anime club’s discord THIRSTING over HISOKA

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did i really just see a kaylor comparing a pandemic quarantine to being a kaylor…..

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was anybody gonna tell me that cheerwine, clint ‘merle highchurch’ mcelroy favorite, was a cherry soda and not a canned wine like i assumed, or was i just supposed to read that myself on a wikipedia journey after a jjba blog scared me that maybe coca cola has bugs in it on purpose (it doesnt btw)

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broke: flint is English

woke: flint is Scottish and was raised in Scotland by his grandparents, but he hid his accent so people wouldn’t make fun of him in the navy

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i thought ship hate was like something that we buried in 2016

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jswoozjs I clicked on this one just to be nosy and it’s like 3 suggestive gifs scattered amongst like 15 different people just saying “hi” and nothing else

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This is just another way of saying Magnus

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do ppl really think calling jk’s tatts ugly is funny………..

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I just stepped in SHIT on my way to accounting?? Do we not have toilets? Should I be shitting on the grass?

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Do I headcanon Warren taller than Nathan.. MM YES..

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