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shorkbrian · a year ago
Stretch and Relax
hello I’m here with some Horny Victor Thots (especially thinkin about like that scene where he wants to sleep with Yuri that first night but Yuri’s too shy hurr hurr)
Really vibing with like, reach around masturbation.
(Gender neutral reader yayyyy)
(Warnings - coercion, dub-con. Reader’s too shy to say no but they don’t like what’s going on. Victor just bulldozes past that. fingering, overstimulation, NSFW)
Victor knows how to handle shy little things. He just keeps pushing and pushing and pushing until they do whatever he wants. He knows his confidence can be intimidating, and that it can be used as a tool to make cute, trembling little messes like yourself let him do whatever he wants.
It’s easy for him to get you pressed back-to-chest with him, the man able to look over your shoulder. 
“You need to stretch, it’s good for you! Look at how stressed you are, it’ll release tension!” he tells you when you try to squirm away. Two quick hands on your thighs keep you anchored against him.
Victor uses his hold on your legs to slowly eases them open, hooking them up and over his own legs, pulling back so you’re exposed and open to the world. You’re just in your bedroom though, no need to be shy!
In no time he’s got his hand down your shorts, petting over your underwear, murmuring in your ear about relaxing and how it’s normal for friends to help each other out like this. It’s okay, you trust him don’t you?
And you do, or you did, so you let him touch you while your face burns and you hide it with your hands.
Victor knows the gentle petting probably feels nice, but he wants to make you feel amazing. He was being serious when he said you looked stressed! He also wants to know how you feel inside.
So he creeps his long fingers beneath your underwear, smiles at the way you gasp when they come into direct contact with your flesh. He starts rubbing and stroking, when you begin to leak he swipes up your wetness with his fingers, uses that to help him wiggle and smooth his fingers into every place he can reach.
And you’re squirming in his lap, unable to close your legs, whimpering out please and stop and it’s too much.
“But that just makes it all the better, no?”
Victor kisses your neck, letting his free hand reach around your chest to play with your nipples, squeeze your flesh, tease and grope whatever he can grab with his hands.
You arch into him as you cum, just from a little bit of heavy petting - he barely even touched you.
Victor’s giggling, nuzzling into your neck. “Mm, I bet that felt so nice. And I hardly did anything! You’re so perfect.”
He keeps touching you, even though you whine and try to push his hands away. You might be strong, but he’s stronger, and he’s more coordinated with his limbs. Plus, the way he has you situated against him makes it easy to keep you pinned.
The way you keep writhing makes his dick twitch, already hard as a rock from the very first second he touched you. 
The man uses your cum to get his fingers nice and wet, all slick. It makes it easier to push them inside you, especially with the way you’re clenching, so tight and clenching like you want to break his first finger when he tentatively pushes into you. 
One finger turns into two, and then you’re crying, overstimulated, overwhelmed. Victor keeps going though - you’re flushed and you look divine like this, and right now, he doesn’t care if you notice how he’s slowly rocking his hips against your back. You probably couldn’t notice even if you tried, considering that you’re fucked out in his lap from just a few little touches. Victor thinks that’s so hot.
The pads of his fingers stroke at your insides, you’re burning inside, and you feel like velvet, and Victor can’t stop himself from groaning. His fingers skirt over a spot when he adjusts the position of his arm, and you tense up in his hold, eyes fluttering shut, mouth dropping open amidst your cries to wait, oh please wait!  
“Ah, looks like I found something fun~” Victor sings.
He probs at that spot again, and you jerk. 
“Oh fuck, wait, wait wait wait! It’s - I -! Too much, oh god, oh gOD!” You whine, the feeling of his fingers massaging that spot inside you relentlessly making you cream and gush and leak. 
Victor can tell it’s too much, he’s not blind. But he likes this look on you - this sweaty, dopey, pleasure-drunk look. So he continues to work with his fingers, abusing your insides, shifting and stroking and drawing little circles and then you’re humming for the second time, hunching forward. 
He almost laughs as you do so, because you shoot straight back up. Hunching like that only intensified the feeling, and it’s too much, it’s too much, it’s too much!
You’re a babbling mess, and Victor is loving it. You’ll be so relaxed by the time he’s done, he could probably even cuddle with you on your bed after he helps you clean up. 
His fingers haven’t stopped, practically milking the pleasure out of you, and you’re thrashing now, begging, pleading for him to let you up. He doesn’t
“But you’re feeling so good sweetie pie, I shouldn’t stop, it’d be cruel!”
The sounds feel so weird in his mouth, and he wishes he could coo to you in his mother tongue, but he knows it makes you uncomfortable when you don’t know what he’s saying. Victor will settle for praising you in ways you can recognize, for now at least.
“One more, yes? And then we can stop.”
You seem comforted (or at least resigned) by that, and slowly stop thrashing. Victor slowly eases his fingers out of you, sighing into your ear as he feels the way you clench so tightly around his slender digits - you want to keep him inside, your body’s sucking him back in so tightly. He tries not to think about how that would feel around his dick - he’s not an inexperienced man who’ll cum from a touch, but he’s beginning to feel like a sensitive little virgin again.
But he knows that it might be painful (for both you and him, his arm is beginning to cramp) if he continues to finger you, so he’ll make you cum one last time in the same way he pulled your first orgasm from you.
You keen as he finds a sensitive spot, buck away from his touch but he follows you.
“No more, no more - Victor, Victor please.”
“Shh shh shh-” He shushes, fingers still gliding over that sensitive spot “Just one more.” The man comforts.
And then-oh-you get determined. Determined to cum, determined to finish so that you can finally rest. 
You push into his hand, circling your hips, chasing after your orgasm so you can be done with all of this.
“Oh, mmh! Right-Right there!” You whimper, hands clutching at Victor’s thighs.
“Right here?” His voice is deep, throaty, heavy in your ear. He can feel your skin prickle with goosebumps.
Victor continues to fondle the spot he had just brushed over, quickly pinching at the skin just to hear you yelp before quickly massaging the tender flesh. You’re getting closer and closer, whining, keening, humping against his hand like a dog.
And then you crest, body shaking violently as you cum (almost painfully) for the third, and final time.
You’re quickly scrabbling at his hand, trying to pull it out of your shorts as he keeps touching you.
“Alright, I’ll play nice.” Victor laughs, finally withdrawing his wet, sticky hand from your shorts. 
“Messy messy.” He teases, holding his hand up and stretching his fingers apart in front of you both to show how your cum sticks and drips to his digits.
You’re crying, embarrassed, exhausted, and Victor clicks his tongue in sympathy.
“I know, sweet little thing. Here, just sit for a minute.”
You slump back against his chest, breath hitching. 
Victor can’t resist bringing his hand to his mouth, licking at his fingers, sucking them clean. You taste nice - maybe soon he can help you stretch and relax in other ways, ways that will end up with his mouth in-between your legs.
After you calm down, cries softening to little sniffles, Victor helps you up, guides you to the bathroom. He tries to convince you to let him shower with you (”You can barely stand, your legs are all jelly. Let me help, it’s only fair!”) but you almost start crying again, and he knows not to push his luck.
He doesn’t want to make you hate him, after all.
While you’re cleaning up, he quickly jacks off while sitting on your bed, groaning when he thinks of your little body trembling against his own as he forced you through orgasm after orgasm. 
Victor’s able to clean himself up before you step out of the shower.
You look exquisite like that - clean and fresh and glowy. You can’t seem to meet his eyes, but you’ve always been so shy, Victor knows it’s not anything personal.
He was right, earlier. You’re so tuckered out that you simply flop onto your bed, let Victor settle in beside you and pull the covers up over you both.
Yes, you flinch when he slings an arm over your waist, and you shuffle awkwardly when he presses close to you, cuddly and needy and affectionate. But he doesn’t mind. You’ll get used to him soon enough.
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cosmiclatte28 · 11 months ago
Hello!! I'm finally back with a story! I hope it's not like a beginner story but oh well i tried!
Tw : surrounded by males. Pool game, touching without consent
Net @superm-net @multifandomnet tagging @neopalette
Here we go!! Thanks for reading hope this is enjoyable
Friday night, the awaited day has finally come! All the fatigue of the week is expected to be drowned in lots of fun games and by sharing laughter. You sit nicely on one of the corner of the common room, casually playing with your mobile phone while you wait for your best friend, Mark, rushed back to his room because he forgot his wallet. You tap your heeled boots to the rhythm of a song playing in your earpods and hum along to the lyrics. 
As you throw your eyes to the big window panel that shows you the picturesque scenery of purple sky, your smile brightens when you hear Mark's footsteps approaching you. 
"Come on, the boys are already waiting! We'll gather at Johnny's dorm as he has the most game options in the common room there." Mark explains as both of you start taking steps down through the stairs.
"Well, blame the students here for stealing the pool ball." You giggle when you remember checking the pool table with Mark earlier and found out that it was empty. 
"Right, well we can always hit the club to play but I guess Johnny's dorm has complete balls there." Mark gently opens the door for you and soon after the two of you are already in front of Johnny's dorm. 
You can see the guys gathered near the pool table and at the table soccer place.  You shrug your shoulder when Mark noticed there's no other girl.
"You wanna bring your friends?" Mark offers after greeting Johnny. 
You shake your head "I'm good. Just Johnny, introduce me to these hot people." You wink and both Johnny and Mark, who knew you by heart, just nod their heads.
There are not many boys, actually the lobby is empty and there's only Johnny, you, Mark and three other guys you never met before. 
Mark just greets them but from the vibes,you know he also just knew these guys. 
Johnny claps and catches the attentions of the boys who were chatting. 
"Guys, meet (y/n) and (y/n) meet Jaehyun, Taeyong, and Yuta." The Chicago man points to the guy with a dimple, a guy with a sharp jaw and super small face. He looks so godly, and lastly to a guy who smiles so sweetly but in a mere of second after shaking your hand can give you a super sinful smirk. 
You blink one time after shaking all of their hands, whoah did you really just hit the jackpot and you're standing in front of three deadly handsome people. 
"So, Johnny said we could play pool because I guess everyone knows how to." Mark moves to take the sticks and hands it down to the people.
"I haven't played lately, I used to play for fun three years ago." You rub your neck, feeling shy that you're surrounded by tall people.
Jaehyun smiles, "You sure? What if suddenly you're super good?" 
The boys burst into a laughter "Nah, she looks amateur." Johnny teases you and you are totally fine with it. 
You shrug your shoulder "We'll see, so how do we play?" 
Taeyong smartly suggests making a team of two and just have four of us play first and the winner can go up against the best, in this case Jaehyun and Johnny. 
"I'll play with (y/n)!" Yuta calmly assign the team and everyone else agrees. You don't mind playing with anyone because you don't want to make yourself too confident too and be embarrassed if you lose.
Yuta made a nice opening shot, breaking the balls to different direction. Everyone cheers when Mark already pockets his first solid color. 
"We're doing stripes now (y/n), don't be nervous." Yuta helps you aim for a ball. You can feel your stiff playing, well there's no warm up so you're just trying your best and at least your hits are accurate.
Yuta claps when you pocket two balls inside "Whoah you're not bad." He high fives you and your heart grows warmer. Well it's either your happiness of playing the game well or his sweet smile. 
Taeyong is the hidden ace card, on his turn he almost finishes pocketing his solids but one missed shot and Yuta is taking over the table now. 
Despite Yuta's precise shots, your team still has two more balls because you did some mistakes earlier and that aided the other team.
Johnny and Jaehyun are just enjoying it, keeping calm and helping the four of you play. 
"(Y/N), try this." Johnny shows you a steadier way of placing your fingers to give friction on the stick. 
"I am not used to it, I'll stick to mine." You tried to aim but feel something's off with your hand. 
Yuta chuckles and stands next to you "Go like this, and excuse me," He shows you his hand position and after you copy it, he suddenly holds your hand and help you aim. His bigger frame cages your shorter body and he helps you move the stick so you get the feeling.
Your heart skip a beat and you can feel your cheeks go red. No one made a comment as they are all busy watching the ball and trying to calculate the game. 
Yuta smirks when he sees your red face, he lets go off you and steps back. "Got it? Now do that it will make your shot 90% accurate." 
You focus on what he taught and sure enough put two more balls inside. 
But on the next attempt, you missed and that means it's Mark's turn to play.
"Oh dude we only need to pocket 8!" Mark was so happy and Taeyong just remains calm.
"Okay  call the pocket Mark or it's not counted." Jaehyun calmly examines the table. 
Mark thinks for a while and finally goes with the upper right corner. Everyone holds their breath when Mark made his shot, the ball bounced and rolled and made it into the hole… another hole, not the one he called.
"Fuuuckkkk" mark yelled and taeyong only laughs. 
You are still confused but Yuta is clapping so hard with Johnny "We won by default!!" Yuta explains to you and you laugh "So we're going against Johnny?" 
Johnny just keeps teasing Mark about losing and Mark is still agonizing himself. 
Jaehyun already rearranges the balls and this time, you got the honors to do the first hit. 
"Just hit super hard." Yuta advises you, and as you start to warm up from the first game, your hit makes a nice sound and the balls roll around the tables.
"Sweet, that was nice!" Jaehyun whistles as he realizes there's not much good shot for any of the balls. 
The hot man tries to attempt a short hit. He places the stick behind his back and gracefully tries to hit a solid near the hole, but he missed and you smirk. 
You've learned about the back hit before and you were once good at it. 
It is your turn now and Johnny takes a look on the table "(y/n), do you want to try do the short aim like Jaehyun did? It looks hard but it's not." 
Yuta was trying to find another possibility but looks like doing what Johnny said is the best option.
"But she might not have the height to do it." Mark blurts a comment and Yuta was ready to throw punches. You, however, only quietly bring yourself up the table. You sit on the edge and place the stick behind your back. 
"Ohh looking nice girl," Johnny comments on your posture and your aiming direction.
You move your right hand and give a very nice strong spot on hit on the stripe.
"Woah" Jaehyun and Yuta both scream and clap. You just smile "Guess I still have it." 
Johnny gives you a thumbs up and Mark is left speechless. The rest of the game happens quite fast since Johnny keeps pocketing all solids and Yuta backs you up a lot leaving you with two stripes but Jaehyun is already trying to pocket the last 8 ball.
"Come on we got this (y/n)!" Yuta cheers you up when Jaehyun missed the shot. 
You try to not feel nervous and gather your focus.
One clean shot, and the boys all have their jaws opened.
"Wait what? She did that?!" They were surprised when you made one clean shot and now you're boldly striding across the table  aiming for your last stripe.
"Take it easy." Yuta whispers and hints you which side of the ball you should hit. 
You aid his words and true enough you pocket the last stripe.
Now everyone has their eyes on you. "The last 8 ball! If you pocket this and call the right pocket, we win.. but once you miss its their win!" Mark tries to make you worked up but that makes you super nervous instead.
"Yuta do you want to do it?" You plead but he shakes his head "No, it's your turn. You should do it. It's okay to miss. It's only a game." He squeezes your shoulder and bends to match your height 
"Go hit that side and call the middle left pocket. I know you will win it." He pats your shoulder and leaves you a space. 
You take a deep breath, Johnny is watching you from the aimed hole. He also looks nervous and you did your shot. 
"Yayyyy!!!!" Jaehyun screams when you missed by a hair on the aimed hole. Johnny is already screaming around with Jaehyun too  laughing at how they win because you missed the ball.
You grin and Yuta pulls you into a hug "Great job girl! That was a nice game!" He ruffles your hair.
You freeze in his hug and pull back "What? You're okay with me making us lose?" 
You almost say sorry for messing it up, but Yuta already shuts you up. "Nope. It's a game and I'm having fun! i don't need to win, i just love spending my Friday like this!" He pinches your cheek and you blush. 
"We can play more if you want," Jaehyun already has the table ready. 
You glance to Yuta and after sending a quiet conversation with your eyes you click your tongue 
"Let Mark and Taeyong play, the winner play against us." You hand the sticks over and pull Yuta away to the side. 
"While they play, why don't we get something to eat? i haven't eaten dinner." You cock your head to the side.
Yuta gives his warm smile and touches your cheek "Okay cutie, let's do that. Look at you hitting on me smooth like butter.
You wink and Yuta only snickers "We'll see who is the better flirt-er then!"
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zipas · a year ago
Tales of the SMP; The Pit Headcanons cause im bored. Its mostly Ran sorry.
-Ran is from the City of Mizu (see post under this to read about it) and choose Technoblade as his idol because they found him highly interesting and wanted to learn to fight.
-Ran says this place is going down as it reminds him of Mizu, unknowingly heading towards its fall.
-Ran is almost completely Enderman
-Jackie actually didn't know Ran was a enderman and thought it was a disguise until he looked him in the eyes for to long and Ran started getting aggravated.
-Levi also didn't know Ran was a enderman until he spilled beer on him and his skin started to sizzle/burn and hurt Ran.
-It is rare for enderman hybrids to teleport. But Ran can do that, and also pick up blocks.
-At the end of everything, Watson somehow gets Ran to agree to travel with him.
-Lagguis is actually sick during the battles.
-King Porkius actually isn't that bad of a King. Definitely isn't best but also isnt the worse.
-Because I'm a sucker for happy endings King Porkius let's everyone live yayyyy!
-Watson is the dad figure even though he doesn't want to be.
-Jackie is 16. Ran is 19, almost 20. Watson is 35. Porkius is 36. Levi is 23. Bartholomew is 29. Edward is 28. Grievous is 22. Genevieve is 28. And Lagguis is 27.
-Ran sometimes has night terrors (about the deaths in Mizu mostly)
-During one of the rounds it started to rain, and since Ran was in the round, they got rained on. When he realized it was raining he immediately ran from his advantage point on the King of the Hill and ran into one of the open caves. Where they eventually surrendered/forfeited when the rain wouldn't stop.
-Ran is he/they.
-Jackie is basically attached to Ran, almost always seen by him. Ran acts annoyed by this but he secretly enjoys it and doesn't mind.
-Bartholomew is a drunkard of course, but when he's not drunk he is an extremely good fighter albeit easy to knock off balance.
-Genevieve is a mother figure to Jackie, and to Ran but they'd never admit it.
-Ran is actually a good fighter.
-While Ran can teleport he sometimes has problems teleporting accurately. For example if they want to teleport next to a tree, he can end up under a different tree. This is due to his hybrid status which complicates things like teleporting.
-Karl couldn't/cant tell if Watson is Phil or if Watson is a decendant of Phil.
-Porkius isn't directly related to Technoblade (like father son related), Techno is more of a very distant uncle.
-Ran is about 8'7 but is still growing and is the tallest of the group. The second tallest is Porkius at 6'9
-Ran is Ranbobs younger brother
Sorry this includes some elements of a au I have (mainly the letting everyone live) I couldnt help myself. If anyone wants to hear the au im more than happy to share!
Thats it for now tho, maybe I'll do more later.
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shortyisweird9 · a year ago
Tumblr media
'Lonely ghost serie'
Quiet Night - part I
Tw: swearing ⚠️
It all started on a quiet night, the raining outside trying desperately to calm your nerves. To stop this feeling of shutting down that creeps down your back.
You don't know why you feel like this, why your internal organs feel like they will give up on you any second, why your lungs seemed to be on the verge of collapsing, why you couldn't sleep and why you couldn't keep your mind quiet. Your anxiety made you feel like every you think you have will be gone on the blink of the eye, your depression made you feel worthless, just a waste of space, time, money and resources. A nothing that won't be missed if something were to happened to it. But they were wrong , you were more than that.
You sighed, licking your dry lips as your tired eyes watched the dark room. Shadows that made your imagination ran wilde. When you were a kid , you used to be afraid of the dark ,now you found solace in it. Shelter from the loud,obnoxious, scary world that was outside of your small house.
What I won't give from some water.
You didn't want to get up as you fixed your disheveled clothes on your plump body but you couldn't sleep on the overturned bed or have any wish to hop on YouTube or any crime investigation shows. You couldn't shout at your cat to bring you water, she will ignore you anyway.
You sighed, cleaning your eyes fron what remained of your tears before sucking in the walls of your mouth to create some interesting sounds of boredom.
As your mind did the excruciatingly hard task of thinking, your phone binged. A message but from who?
It was from your friend, Sabrina. She is an avid player of Among us even start a channel called dum Red where she and other classmates played. You are cool with the game ,not your favourite but a good pass up time.
"Hey, what's up?" She wrote.
"This early you are up?"
"Yeah ,why not."
"You will be dead tomorrow. "
"I suffer for the entertainment of others."
You laughed as you imagined the face full of tiredness of your friend. You were the night owl of the group but she... she is an imposter. Trying to pass up as a night owl but she is just a morning seagull.
"So.. wanna come up on the feed? =))"
"Hmm..you sure? I don't want to fuck up your stream."
"Nonsense, they will love you."
You sighed, it's not like you had anything better to do.
You groaned as your eyes burned from the brightness of the monitor, the writing hazy as ever. You moved to get your glasses from the night table, stretching and sighing when you heard the satisfying pop from your lower back. As you let Windows ran its course ,you grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, cold water was superior by a long shot. Your cat was watching you with her big yellow eyes. You baby talked with her for a bit ,petting her then washing your hands.
The invitation of the link long send ,was quickly tapped in.
"Hey ,guys! Welcome back!" Your friend's voice ran in your room before you entered the headphones cord.
"Guys, I told you it was pink. You never believe me."
You smiled as the usual banter raged on , nice to know that even at this hour people were more alive than asleep.
"Yeah, yeah. Roberts you always complain."
"Because I am always right."
"Cool your jets ,Jamal. Don't pull out the 9."
They laughed at their friend's expanse.
"Um ,Red?"
"Yeah , Steve? What's up?"
"The sky."
"Robert, shut."
"Um..who is ghost?"
"Who? Ah! Everyone ,please say hi to my friend, Y- ghost!"
The loud chorus of salutations hit your ears as their characters circled around your still one. It was white with red pointy horns ,you liked the aesthetic of it.
"Um..ghost? Are you-..Are you there?"
You sighed, getting ready to talk after making sure it was on.
"Ghost? Hey, it's okay. We don't bite." A worried voice calm you a bit.
"Not too hard, ha."
They all began hitting on the desks with their fists to create a beat. Poor desks.
"'Sup motherfuckers."
The quiet settled in, making your dread more prominent and your skin tingle. You wanted to say something but the boys and girls beat you to it:
"What the fuck? Sovereign is that you?"
"Red you didn't tell us your friends with a MOTHERFUCKING reaper."
You laughed as the voice changer made it deeper, mechanic but enought to ignite something judging by the face of your school pal , Matthew.
"What's the manner toots? My voice is too much to handle?"
They were quiet again as Matthew cleaned his throat to finally address.
"Very funny, best friend. I am dying of laughter. "
He smiled though, knowing you were just teasing him.
"The matter of death remains to be determine."
"Phew ,is it hot in here or it's just..."
"You. It's just you." You spoke watching the blond boy with milk skin and acne scars move his green shirt to cool off, you chuckled at this.
People are so easy to get a reaction from. Not like you, yourself, haven't been affected by the charm of a deep voice.
"Ready to play?" Came the cheery voice of Sabrina as you watched her move in the chair, playing with her sand blonde curls and wearing your lavender hoodie.
"You still haven't got me the hoodie back, Red."
"Yeah, Red. You don't want Sovereign daddy to be mad,do you?"
You snorted in an ugly manner at the nicknamed a dude called David put you. He had a small moustache, black curls fit in a square like afro. He may be the Arab friend Sabrina told you about. He seemed nice, maybe a bit shy but then again so were you. Hmm...not shy,more like reserved. You liked being alone but you also craved the touch of another being.
"Mommy, David, mommy. "
"Alright you horny bitches ,time to play."
With that Sabrina began the match as your smirk grew when the word IMPOSTER was displayed on your screen.
Time to kill some bitches.
In the other corner of the internet, Corpse was getting ready to hop on another live stream with Jackie boy and Pewds. He loved how his life changed , how his supporters were kind and understanding. He was still nervous yes but the thrill was outweighed by the happiness of just being around so many good people.
His phone started to blow up as he was putting his headphones. People were tagging him on a small video of an Among us live stream, he pressed play not thinking much about the title of the video : HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!!
The film started with the host presenting their friends who seemed to by a bit scared of saying hi. The others started cheering them on but stopped abruptly when a deep mechanical voice hit their audio. It was from a voice changer no doubt but still..it shocked them as it did for him.
His eyes skipped on the funny comments left by his fans. Some where calling them his twin, other called for a collab and others thought it was actually he who spoke.
The other thing that stood out was the match. Ghost as she calls herself ended their match in one go... by killing all of them except the other imposter. He smiled at that , impressed of the skill of a casual player as her friend dum Red said she was.
A notification came from Discord, it was Lily. She send the same video he's been watching with the caption: Hey, guys! Look what I found.
The others flooded the chat with their own reaction as he drank his boba tea. The consensus was that they wanted to play with this person. His smile grew was the word 'yes' was sent.
This will be fun.
Hey guys! 💖
Hope you liked the first part of the serie! Feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions but please be nice and respectful. 👉🥺👈
Anyway, see yah!
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emilycollins00 · a year ago
Just found you and already read all you have! You gave me some feeeeells! If it's not a bother I'd like to ask for a scenario with Misumi. Maybe when you two go triangle hunting and that somehow ends in a proposal to be a couple? Thanks and have an amazing day or night haha (May I ask where are you from? Just curious ;0)
Oh, thank you so so much!! 💕 Means the world to me to know you enjoyed them, really!
Of course you can ask! I’m from Spain, so if you guys see sometimes weird sentences... I fully blame it on it (I swear every time I see errors after I upload I get a hard case of second-hand embarrassment!) Still, I have a wonderful time writing these requests so I wouldn’t change it 💕
Hope you also have a wonderful day dear, enjoy!
Pairing: Misumi Ikaruga x Reader
Title: Hidden request
You stretched in your bed, feeling the smooth sheets wrapping you as the curtains helped block out the sun coming from outside.
Your body had felt so heavy yesterday. You had been working until late and fell asleep the moment you entered the room. So, you had decided to stay inside all day. At least that was your first plan.
That peaceful time came to an end as a few loud bangs came from the window of the balcony. Trying to open your eyelids, you scrambled out of bed as you opened the window, not even surprised. “Hey there, Misumi.”
Misumi Ikaruga. Summer troupe member. Your crush.
Normally, people would die if they knew the person they were interested in came to their window to talk to them. Like a knight or a prince.
Reality was that being neighbors with the Mankai theatre meant you had gotten to know the jumping man from striking up conversations as you watched him on the roof of the dorm. At that time, he had seemed more like a graceful acrobat.
Casual conversations turned to daily conversations and before you noticed it, you seemed to have fallen for the sweet and curious actor, how some days walked to your balcony to ask you about your day and the cats he had run into. The way he viewed the world left you speechless and he had this aura around him that you couldn’t help but find endearing.
Shaking your head in disbelief, you smiled as the orange-eyed greeted you happily. “Y/N it’s too late in the morning to be sleeping!”
“Believe me, it’s not too late taking into account when I went to sleep. Everyone doing fine?”
Not that you minded him appearing without notice, but for some reason the athletic boy had made it into a common thing to come visit you more frequently as time went by. At first it both embarrassed and scared you -he had sometimes come at the worst times and you were also afraid he could fell- however, you got used to it, and seeing the facility the boy had to climb from their roof to your balcony, nothing surprised you anymore.
“It’s easy. I’ll teach you how to do it sometime!” he had said to you once.
“What you should do is knock on the door. For my sanity and the other neighbors.”
He had yet to knock on your door.
“Everyone is doing super great! Here, I brought you the tickets for our next play.”
“Neat!” You took it gratefully, although you didn’t know why he had taken them with him. You usually bought them from the website “Do you have plans today, Misumi?”
“Going for a triangle hunt! Do you wanna come with me? It’ll be fun!”
You considered your options. It had been a while since you had been able to relax but going out didn’t seem like a bad idea either. Besides, you could imagine it as a date as sad as it might sound.
You were trying your best, you really were… but sometimes it felt as if you had fallen for a dense rock. A triangle, dense rock. “Sure, but let’s have something for breakfast on our way out, my fridge is empty.”
“Okay so, if you had to choose between two triangles, the best ones you ever found but could only take one because you had a… heavy chest full of money in your other hand, what would you do?” you asked him as you finished the coffee you bought in an earlier stand.
Misumi didn’t hesitate “I drop the chest!”
“You would drop a chest full of money for another triangle?” he nodded at you with confidence.
“You said those that triangle would be one of the best ones I would ever find, right?”
You laughed. I mean, it’s not that you hadn’t expected it “Fair. Let’s just not play this game in front of Sakyo-san…”
You two suddenly stopped when you hear the meows in a close alley. Pepping, you found a mother cat sleeping, her kittens playing around.
“Aaaah so this is where you were, Fuku! I see you are a mom now.” as the blue-haired boy greeted the animals, you remembered how Misumi liked to name the district cats. Another endearing thing to write on the reasons you liked him.
He opened the bag he had been carrying all along and pulled out some onigiri. Spreading them on the floor, soon the mother and kittens gulped all it down, making you both smile.
“Was it delicious? I put salmon and plum filling inside!”
“Do you always bring food?”
“Yeah, they like it! Here, you can feed them too.”
You crouched slowly, you didn’t want to scare them “Here you go, mommy cat.”
The mother got close to you, cautiously smelling the food. She then bumped her head with your hand, purring. Misumi got closer too “I see… Yup! You don’t have to worry! Y/N is with me looking for triangles, they’re really nice!”
“Did I get approved?” Masumi nodded and you took one of the kittens and kissed its nose. “Good, now I can hug them all until I’m satisfied.”
After staying for a bit more with them, you both resumed your hunting walk. You felt your body relax. Watching you with a smile, Misumi sighed.
“How nice… I hope I also get to receive kisses like that from you soon.” he looked up, hands crossed over his head.
The sudden comment rushed right over you so much, you almost fell before looking at Misumi in shock. You didn’t want to think he was messing with you but even you hadn’t expected anything like that “K-Kiss…?”
“Yeah! Now we are dating so it’s ok, right?”
Your head started to get dizzy in a matter of seconds. Did he say dating? You two? In real life? “Misumi…? I, I don’t remember-”
“Mmm? But Kazu told me in order to date someone you should ask them out, and I did!”
You stopped him from saying anything more with your hands. This was turning into a mess and you needed to clarify it before you fainted. “Ok, hold on- You mean you coming today with the ticket for the performance, asking me to go triangle hunting…”
“…having breakfast and playing with the cats…”
“…was you proposing me to start going out?”
He nodded smiling brightly. “And now we are dating! so it’s okay to kiss, right? I have wanted to be with you for a long time”
“I, ah-“
“Go out with me, Y/N! I want to always hunt triangles together and watch you having fun when I perform!”
You were almost sure your heart was about to jump out of your chest? This could very well be the strangest way anyone had ever asked you out… but at the same time very Misumi-like. You looked at him, warmth spreading through you as it usually happened when you were with him.
Guess you really like this triangle boy.
“What are you thinking?”
“…I’m debating whether to have a talk with Kazunari or not, but I’ll decide later. Now, let’s look for those triangles” you kissed him on the cheek. He beamed at you.
“I love you, Y/N!” a beautiful rose color appearing on his cheeks
You smiled too. “Love you, Misumi.”
I love our sweet Misumi so much. Hope you liked it! 💕
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mayraki · 11 months ago
Girl I miss you too I have no idea ❤️❤️❤️
Yayyyy I’m so happy you’re fully vaccinated!!! It even makes it easy for you to get well if u ever get covid-I hope/wish you never will though hehe-
I’m doing fine I guess, been a little lost with myself lately but I’m trying to stay positive! Miss having nice and exciting conversations with u!!
i never got it so i’m hoping it stays that way omfg 👀👀👀
oh no, baby. it happens so this is me sending you all the positive energy that i can 🧡💘✨🌈🌹💘 remember that things change and you’ll find yourself again <3
here’s a meme that i found on pinterest that made me laugh to make u feel a little bit better
Tumblr media
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prismarts · a year ago
A Bond That Lasts Centuries... (Chapter 2)
Tumblr media
Plot: Hisirdoux Casperan, apprentice to Merlin, had been sent to the mortal realm to protect the mortals and finish the tasks given to him…. unknown to him and his familiar, an old student of Morgana Le Fay had been sent there by his master as well…
Notes: Mentions of blood and torture, i tried not to be too graphic cause I am no good at that stuff...., witch trials....yayyyy....., angst, Douxilly of course, inspired by AATY by @alovesongshewrote
Late 1500s
The 1580s was when it went south for the two apprentices still roaming around Europe, the people's worries and fear of witches grew to an all time high. Making it rather difficult to travel and finish magical tasks.
Illy had been a small local doctor in England at the time, but when the witch trials began, she grew paranoid of practicing medicine. 
Her reasoning being her focus was always going to be on magical healing and as such, she might get caught for witchcraft. Luckily, she had found a relatively abandoned small house to live away from any of the mobs that would happen during this time. She tried to blend in and hide for the most part.
Douxie may have been smart to hide during this time too, but in late 1599, he wasn't as lucky...
Due to his eagerness to finish the tasks given to him by Merlin, wanting so badly to prove himself, he had elected to try and finish two of them at once to save him some time. Freeing a creature from it’s magical prison and securing another one of Merlin's artifacts.
It should have been easy....
But everything went wrong when the creature decided to attack him, and more importantly, the people around him. Douxie got captured once the mortals saw him using magic against the creature even though he was trying to protect them.... Even though, he used that magic to save their lives from said creature.
They saw him as a threat.
Archie wasn't able to stop Douxie from being taken away, he may be a dragon but he was also still a familiar who needed to be in his less conspicuous form of a cat, surrounded by an angry mob. Instead, he spent the next few days searching for Illy, hoping she could help him save his wizard.
The familiar eventually found the apprentice on the outskirts of town as he ran over to her, Illy, upon recognizing him, immediately lifted the familiar up into her arms. Carrying him to an empty alleyway where they could talk, knowingthere was too much at risk if anyone were to see them conversing.
"Archie? Wh...what are you doing her- w...wait...w..where's Douxie?!"
"H..he...they caught him. He's in the dungeons..." The familiar seemed to be shaking in fear and worry. Looking up at the apprentice quietly as his voice trailed off.
"N...no...h..how long.."
"A few days now, I...I wasn't able to stop them and I...can't get him out on my own...h..how did you manage to-"
"I...i lived outside of town....I was able to hide before anyone noticed anything magical about me...." Illy shook her head worriedly, "B..but that doesn't matter....w..we need to get Douxie out..."
The two ran towards the castle dungeons as they wondered how they were going to do this. Having been too panicked over Douxie's safety to form an actual plan, they hid out somewhere nearby dungeon entrance to plan things out.
"I'll distract the guards, you sneak in and look for Douxie." Archie suggested as he looked up at the apprentice who was understandably afraid. Illy had never been in a situation like this, she was barely strong enough in magic. How was she going to pull this off?
"A..are you sure?...wh..what if I can't get him out?.."
"You can, Illyria... don't worry about me, just stay low and get Douxie out as quickly as you can"
Illy nodded shakily, watching the familiar shapeshift into a black raven. Archie flew off and proceeded to peck at the guards, bothering and distracting them. The apprentice watched quietly and found the perfect moment, running into the dungeon.
She focused, making a glowing light appear on her hands and looked around the dim dungeon cells. She could feel hear her breathing quicken out of worry as she almost ran through the hall, turning her head around, only stopping every second to check every single dungeon cell to see if her friend was inside.
'Please...please please be here....' She thought to herself, her fears grew worse as she felt her anxieties heightened when she couldn’t find him. Were they too late? Was Douxie gone? Did they-...... Did they kill him?...
The apprentice stopped in her tracks, her entire body felt cold and her face looked pale as she stared at the dungeon cell in front of her, the turquoise hue of her magic glowed as it revealed the wizard she had been searching for...
Except she could barely recognize him, Douxie was chained to the wall. His blood dripping down his head and soaking his hair in a dark crimson. He was limp, dangling from the chains. His clothes were stained red almost completely and was ripped in tatters, his arms and legs visibly bleeding out with large slashes and wounds..... 
The dark red, a stark contrast to his now pale skin....
"D..Douxie....no..no no.."
Illy panicked, she looked around in fear, trying to find something she could use to break him out but instead deciding to blast the cell gates open out of complete adrenaline. The metal bars of the gates flew around the spacious cell, landing with a loud clang as it hit the stone floors. She ran over to the bloodied and tortured apprentice, she could have sworn....he flinched at the sound of the metal.
She blasted the chains until they broke as she grabbed Douxie's arm and slung it over her shoulders as she hoisted him up. It proved difficult, seeing as how he was much taller than her but she was able to while levitating his legs up.
Illy ran back out of the dungeon cells as quickly as she could, knowing that Archie was still distracting the guards. She was able to get out and rush past  them, but felt herself suddenly stop in fear as she was soon surrounded by other guards and townsfolk.
The guards were starting to surround her and Douxie, she was still levitating his legs up and showing obvious signs of magic. But her fear was only powering her aura even more...
She put her arms up defensively but shakily, she didn't want this. 
She never wanted to hurt anyone, "S..stay away! P..Please...just let us go!"
The crowds started to get aggressive, they kept walking closer towards the two immortals. A clear motivation to kill and burn them as they carried torches and weaponry with them. The almost paranoid bloodlust in their expressions as they inched closer.
The apprentice was shaking in fear, not just for herself but also for Douxie, he had suffered so much and was obviously, fatally wounded. She didn't want him to die...she couldn't. She knew she had to find a way for them to escape but she didn't want to kill any innocent mortals who were just....afraid.
They were just afraid of beings that they didn’t understand, afraid that magic could hurt them....
She tried to think quickly, continuing to back away while carrying her wounded friend. Her mind started to race from all the panic as her turquoise eyes glanced around until she caught a glimpse of his rune bracelet, the same one he uses to channel his magic.
An idea struck inside Illy’s head as she backed up with Douxie still draped over her. She wasn't sure if it was a good plan, she wasn't as powerful as the wizard who was limp in her arms. Her magic wasn’t as stable... as...reliable.
But it was the only option she had left, carefully she hoisted the apprentice in her arms up a little more, closing her eyes worriedly for a second before saying the incantation.
"Interminus nocti sluumberso!!!"
She would have kept her eyes closed but she didn't as the magic aura seemed....brighter with hints of..... a familiar sky blue dancing around the turquoise glows of her aura.
Illy's eyes widened as she looked around, everyone surrounding were effected by the spell and were now in a deep sleep but...how? 
Her magic was weak especially when it came to spells like that....
She was surprised and confused before remembering the blue glow that seemed to have collided with her magical aura, her heart started to swell in the realization.
The apprentice quickly tuned her head down towards the limp wizard as she saw it...his bright sky blue magic fading from his hands and bracelet. 
He...helped her..
She soon shook her head, starting to levitate Douxie's legs again and running towards her home. Shee met back up with Archie, who had taken the form of a bear, helping the smaller apprentice carry their wounded wizard. Illy was shaky as they did so, she was still visibly traumatized by the sight of how bloody her friend was...but she didn't let it get to her...not now..
She couldn’t....
As soon as they got the apprentice to her small house, Illy levitated him to the bed and immediately asked Archie to get her a bucket of water and some rags as she worked to get the bandages, needle and threads, levitating them over towards the bed.
Living through the plague, she helped a few plague doctors treating the patients of the disease and picked up quite a bit of medical knowledge.
It took about an hour, from the sheer state of it all but she was able to clean, stitch and bandage the wounds all over Douxie's body as well as heal the ones that were still bleeding...
Her healing has gotten particularly better over the past couple of hundred years.
The tortured apprentice was still unconscious which was understandable from the amount of injuries he sustained.
Illy practically collapsed on her knees, staring down at her hands and clothes both stained in Douxie's blood, making her shake violently. She hugged herself and started to sob shakily. 
Tears didn't stop falling down her face as her breath hitched, she could barely breathe...she could barely think....
She wasn't taking this well at all...
Archie saw the complete devastation and fear in the girl's shaking. His ears flatten at the way she was sobbing and struggling to calm down.
He walked up to her in his cat form, purring and nuzzling her to calm her down. She shakily looked down at the familiar and petted his ears, her breathing was erratic, uneven from the traumatized state that she seemed to be trapped in.
Worried about her friend’s condition....
She could barely say a word...but was grateful for his concern....
Illy sat there quietly with Archie as they stared at Douxie, she could only hope they were quick enough to make sure he'd be alive but only time could tell...
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serena-waldorf · a year ago
Hey girl heeeey! Lol. Hope things are okay with you and you're surviving all this covid craziness relatively well. So I saw your post about that Melania and Me book and I found it on my e-reading app and I think I might just re-subscribe for a while so I can read/listen to it. God knows I have like zero use for any of the trumps but I've been in the mood for something juicy/gossipy lately too even though it's not what I'd typically read lmao. I'll have to let you know what I think ;)
Hey girl! Long time no see or talk since I basically quit Twitter without actually deleting my account or anything. So it's been nice to see you back on Tumblr the last few days 😊
I actually managed to land a temporary office job and have been working there about a month so yayyyy! I hope you are doing okay as well right now and also surviving all the COVID craziness!
And I don't know what's going on but I've felt really tired and rundown since Friday so I decided to read Melania and Me first, before reading Rodham since a book like Melania and Me is all my brain can handle right now lol and yeah I'm in the mood for something juicy and gossipy right now. I also decided it would be an easy read on the bus ride to and from work and on lunch breaks. I only had a chance to read the first 14 or 15 pages so far. I also have no use for any of the Trumps but I like getting a glimpse into worlds I wouldn't otherwise see and it's actually a pretty good book so far, I like the author's writing style so we'll see.
If I end up finishing it, and you decide to read or listen to it after all, we can both reconvene in a few weeks and share our thoughts lol.
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teawithastrangerr · 19 days ago
CW: brain tumor, mentions of anxiety attacks, severe headaches
ok. ok. so. about a week ago, i found out something really interesting that i wanna share with the tumblr ether-
in the spring, i was getting really burnt out really fast - i was having trouble focusing, it felt like every little noise was the biggest distraction in the world and i was having anxiety attacks/headaches almost every week. it was scary, overwhelming and i didn’t know what to do so i naturally turned to the internet, and everything pointed to me possibly having adhd…
for background, i have a benign brain tumor called tectal glioma that was growing between my second and third ventricles and the blockage caused fluid build up in my brain (obstructive hydrocephalus). i’m fine now, i had 2 surgeries for it in 2019. headaches were a common symptom i was experiencing, as well as much worse performance in school than usual, so naturally i started freaking out when i began experiencing that again this year(yayyyy, anxiety)
i recently was able to talk to my neurologist (brain doctor) about this, and as it turns out i don’t have adhd, but because of my hydrocephalus, when i struggle with something extensively and that thing is already something that i haven’t ever found easy, that causes my ability to do said thing to go down a lot, causing stress and anxiety and headaches etc. , in turn creating even poorer performance, etc etc etc - according to the neurologist, it is a lot like adhd (but isn’t adhd) and i might have to start taking adhd meds in november if this gets any worse.
in conclusion, CALLED IT
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imdarkinme · 2 years ago
Hey babe, it’s me again!!! If I’m as good as planning as I should be, I would be reviewing your works next week, YAYYYY! Talking about that, I have another headcanon request for Steve’s Therapist. Like headcanons on an au where Seve went back to Peggy but decided to come back because it wasn’t what he expected? What would happen to poor Reader (I am a sucker and like dragging people into shit so I imagine she has someone now who loves her and takes care of her and Steve ain’t happy)
Hi @belovedcherry !! I am happy to already have your reviews here! So I know I am very late, but here are the Headcanons which I went very overboard with. Also these Headcanons are based on the circumstances you presented for what would happen after the last chapter of Steve's Therapist. It does not mean that this is exactly what happens and can be taken as one of the possibilities.
Tw: rape, murder, psycho!Steve. Very dark.  18+ Only. Not for minors.
Living a peaceful life after what happened to you would not b easy. Years after he left, he still had his mark on you. You would be thankful that you found a man who loved you and wanted to take care of you, but it was difficult to manage the relationship and intimacy with all the trauma buried deep.
Your boyfriend would know about the attack (just the first day of it) on you, he just won't know that it was Steve Rogers who did it. But that would make him be extremely tender and patient with you when it came to dealing with your insecurities and anxiety, you would love him for that.
A person who would not agree to it in the slightest would be Steve, who would return from the past to the future after being frustrated of things not working out. He may not have intended to search for you, but his first instinct would to check up on how his little therapist was doing.
No, he won't be very happy to know that you are doing good all while he is suffering alone and yearning for satisfaction. Steve would have to confront his dark side again and would have to do something about his hands itching to cause destruction.
Steve would learn about you form afar at first, getting to know that you had quit your profession as a therapist and instead were doing the job of a professor at some University. He'd be a bit pissed as he had planned to book a session with you as a way of reunion, but he was resourceful enough to find other ways.
You would have been living your life in peace, thinking that Steve no longer existed in your time so you never have to be on a look out for him. All that would shatter when you see him approaching your table at a barista where you had been sharing a coffee with no one other than your boyfriend.
Steve would see it all on your face. The colors draining, the light going out of your eyes, your smile fading and the beautiful little trembling of your hands. That your foolish boyfriend was delighted to see him made it all the more better.
You would be inches away from having a mental breakdown right in the middle of the coffee shop and would have to use all your might to not do that. Instead you remained quite and as still as you could as Steve introduced himself to your boyfriend, telling him all about how he used to be your client and how you helped him through the tough post snap phase.
Acting as a friendly and warm man who appreciates what you did for him, Steve would pretend to thank you by inviting you and your boyfriend for dinner at his place. To your utter disappoint, in his moment of fanboying your boyfriend would alter the plans by asking Steve over for dinner.
The few days of waiting for the dinner night to come would be nothing short of a nightmare with panic attacks striking you back to back and you being unable to tell your boyfriend what the real cause of it all was. You could sense something dark coming your way, but you did not know why Steve won't just leave you alone. You wouldn't know how to help your cause because running had not helped you the last time.
And the dinner would be just as bad as you expect it to be. Steve would arrive with flowers and wine, acting in the similar deceptively sweet way you remembered him to do in the past.
Your mistake would be sticking too close to your boyfriend because he gave you a sense of stability and safety. Steve would be angered and triggered whenever he saw you holding your boyfriend and the sickening depictions of PDA.
It would be during the dinner when he'd finally lose his patience. Steve would not be able to tolerate your boyfriend gushing over the tale of how you to met and fell in love. Without any hesitation, he'd pull out his gun and shoot him in the head.
"Finally, we can have some peaceful time to ourselves, doctor. That boy was getting on my nerves."
You would be shaking, staring in horror at your dead boyfriend's body while his blood dried on your face. Your world would turn upside down in an instant and you'd be thrown back into the time when Steve had you in his clutches.
Steve would be happy to have the sweet look of fear back on your face. His cock would be stirring in his pants just thinking about all the bad things he was going to do to you.
He could not answer why he was like that, why he chose to return to you again, but would blame it one the rush of euphoria and relief he feels when he ruins you. He did not always want to be a hero, and if not with the rest of the world, then at least with you he could unleash his dark side to the fullest.
There he'd have the nostalgically satisfying experience of you struggling against him, thrashing and kicking as he drags you upstairs to the bedroom, to claim you and stain the place where your boyfriend and you made stupid vanilla love. Oh, your screams and cries would be music to your ears.
You would be a mess of tears. Fear would largely dominate your mind but grief would make it worse.You were aware that he was capable of doing such things, but you had not predicted that he would actually kill someone. You'd pathetically ask him why? You did not deserve this, you were a good person. Why must you endure this again?
"Because you belong to me, doctor. Doesn't matter if I went to the past or not. You belong to me."
Steve would fuck you through the whole night, in different ways and in different positions, as if to make up for the lost time. Very initially he won't care for the pain he is causing you, but then he'd want to feel you clenching and coming on his cock. His words would be filthy too.
You'd wake up in the morning exhausted, sore and bruised all over. Your nightmare won't end there as you'd realise that Steve is busy tying your legs together and your hands are already tied. Your mouth would be gagged to prevent you from screaming.
You won't have the energy to fight, only to cry through the gag as Steve would drag you outside of the house and to his car. The stench of your boyfriend's rotting body would hit you on the passing.
Steve would throw you in the trunk before going to the driver's. It'd be early morning so no one would be there to bear witness to what's happening to you.
You would not know what he has planned for you, but you'd end up in a cabin in the middle of the woods.
"They will come looking for you. You killed him! You cannot get away with this!" You'd be hysterical.
Steve would laugh at you. "I can erase my tracks very easily. I have the resources and no one is going to pin the hero who saved the world from Thanos for the murder of a petty worthless boy anyway. You should worry about yourself, Doctor. You are going to be that most obvious suspect."
That would be it. There was no escaping from him. He had knives laid out for you at every corner.
"But don't worry, doctor. They cannot really catch a missing person and I am going to make sure that you remain one for the rest of your life."
Begging and pleading would be futile. You'd prefer prison over facing what he has in store for you.
"There's no use for it. You are not going to leave so you better accept that you are going to be my personal fucktoy. We are going to have so much fun, Doctor."
Sorry if this got too dark or too long for headcanons. But I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for the ask ❤️
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Just found your blog and love your HCs! I was wondering if you could do the Obey Me boys realizing that MC is super confident about everything - except romance. Can she survive a year in the Devildom with 7 high ranking demons? Sure, easy. But romantic interest in her? LOL nope. After tons of flirting, the boys realize if they don’t just tell her plainly, to her face, she won’t believe them because she doesn’t want to falsely get her hopes up.
Sure! Thanks for the request :D
Obey Me with an MC who is confident but does get their flirting:
He likes how confident you are
You both get along so well
And he starts to fall for you
Lucifer is pretty clear with his intentions
He will always praise you
And he’s actually very surprised that you don’t get that he is flirting with you
Then one day when you’re talking you tell him that it’s just sometimes you don’t feel as if anyone will fall in love with you
And everything makes sense now
He grabs your hands and sighs
“Y/N. I’ve liked you for a long time now. I was very frustrated that you didn’t seem to understand what I was trying to say, or you just didn’t feel the same. But I get it now. Y/N, I like you, I love how confident you are.”
You will blush and Lucifer will smile and ask you out
He will try to always make you feel loved
Oh damn
You guys butt heads all the time lmao
He hates (but you know he secretly loves) your confidence
I mean it surprising for him that a woman would be acting like that in a place full of demons
Mammon gives you backhanded ones lmao so you literally have no idea that it’s his way of flirting with you
Until one day either Levi or Asmo get tired of his bullshit and tell you the at Mammon likes you
You laugh and think it’s a joke but Mammon will mumble that it’s actually true
“Wait Mammon are you serious?”
“M-maybe! Just, shut up! So what if I like you?”
You mutter you like him too and it’s just silence
But then you ask him out and he says yes
He acts as if he doesn’t care but inside he is so happy
You are very confident
He thinks it’s cool
I mean he’s not confident at all but he loves the way you just handle everything
Also it’s great because you’re always super confident you’re going to win at this video game and he ends up beating your aas and Levi thinks it’s the funniest thing ever
Levi is more subtle with his flirting
He will compliment you and everything, but it will take a while for him to confess to you
For a bit he thinks you don’t like him too and he gets sort of sad
So he avoids you for a bit but then you ask him what’s wrong and he confesses
“You like me?” You ask him
“Yes! I’ve been trying to tell you for so long but you just don’t get it! What is wrong with you?!”
You laugh and rub your neck
“Well I just never thought anyone would like me.”
He’s surprised that your think like that and just mutters an oh
Then he shyly asks you out
Satan also admires that you are pretty chill with friggen demons
He will always tease you and you’d tease him back
But when he starts flirting you laugh it off
He is pretty straight forward
So he will realize that you don’t feel like anyone would anyone like you
Satan will take you one day outside and confess that he likes you
“I really do like yoh Y/N. You’re an amazing person, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with you. Please go out with me?”
You have to ask him if he’s sure like three times and he laughs and tells you that he’s
And you become a couple! Yayyyy!
Lmao he’s triggered
He ADORES your confidence
He eventually falls in love with you and flirts with you
He doesn’t give a crap lol he is super straight forward
But then you laugh it off and say nah
And he’s like
So he just decided to tell You straight forward after MONTHS of flirting
“Woah. Asmo you like me?”
I’ve been flirting with you since you came here
“Yes Y/N. I really want to go out with you~”
And you become a couple! (The mirar confident couple ever too lmao)
He doesn’t really mind how confident you are
He loves spending time with you
And he slowly realizes he likes you
Now Beel doesn’t really have much experience
So he will ask for some help
Asmo will give him pick up lines but it’s not too much his style
So after a bit of wondering what to do he tells you he likes you
He knows you’re not so confident in the romance department
But he’s a really chill guy, so you don’t have to worry!
Like Beel, he doesn’t mind how confident you are
He likes spending time with you
And how you are always sure about yourself
And he falls in love with you
Ya boi will just straight up tell you
“Y/N, I like you. Really.”
And you’ll be looking at him like :O
But you tell him you like him too!
So he smiles and hugs you, and asks you to go out with him
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