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PED #269 2017

They reached for the organic honey crisp,
one coming from the right
the other from the left
both men froze
until the old woman plucked
the apple from their grasp,
they both turned and stared
at the contents of their baskets
red wine, camembert, celery, milk chocolate toffee nut
the man on the right took in 
the revelation
he was looking at his reflection
and laughed like a man
in a cellar
awaiting a deeper level of dungeon.

– yiqi 25 october 2017 9:46 am

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PED #232 2017

You take your tea,
coffee, sammich
and black bean patties
just like so
Brush your teeth,
your hair and lint-jeans
just like so
They take their bagels,
sodas, milk and peas
in all kinds of ways
unlike those you’d ever known
Alien becomes disgust
or it can become ethnography,
so just watch 
don’t participate,
it’ll be easier to swallow that way.

– yiqi 17 september 2017 12:15 pm

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a lil doodle of yiq’s lovely hildy!

it might have come out a little weird to pair them with a jolly chimp now that i think of it, but that toy and this character both really remind me of that feeling you got as a little kid when something was just far enough in the uncanny valley to give you a nightmare or two the night after you saw it so it seemed like a good fit

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reupload of this piece because i didn’t like it the way it is, and i tweaked for a competition thing. much more pleased with those colors…

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The tank tops i ordered on society6 finally came in the mail LOOK
They were made by Ginsengandhoney (check out their art blog and their society6 gallery their work is really really great)
I love these tops they’re so cute and comfy!!

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