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yiqithings · 3 years ago
which craft
PED #269 2017
They reached for the organic honey crisp, one coming from the right the other from the left both men froze until the old woman plucked the apple from their grasp, they both turned and stared at the contents of their baskets red wine, camembert, celery, milk chocolate toffee nut the man on the right took in  the revelation he was looking at his reflection and laughed like a man in a cellar awaiting a deeper level of dungeon.
-- yiqi 25 october 2017 9:46 am
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fluttery-fairy · 2 months ago
Do t you hate when you restrict all day and then yiq r friends offer you alcohol
Wtf is this shit how may calories did I just consum w
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marsdream · 5 months ago
支持图片格式包括:.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .xpm .
跨格式对比- 例如 .jpg 和 .png 对比.
 支持不同图层的对比图Supports comparison of images with different layouts.
 使用 YIQ NTSC transmission 算法对比视觉差异.
odiff <IMG1 path> <IMG2 path> <DIFF output path>
odiff --help
GitHub 仓库挂件 WordPress 插件
dmtrKovalenko / odiff
The fastest pixel-by-pixel image visual difference tool in the world.
1,19260 Download ZIP
    图片对比开源工具-ODIFF was originally published on 开源派
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greenthing06 · 12 months ago
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yiqithings · 4 years ago
coordinates of preferences
PED #232 2017
You take your tea, coffee, sammich and black bean patties just like so Brush your teeth, your hair and lint-jeans just like so They take their bagels, sodas, milk and peas in all kinds of ways unlike those you’d ever known Alien becomes disgust or it can become ethnography, so just watch  don’t participate, it’ll be easier to swallow that way.
-- yiqi 17 september 2017 12:15 pm
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jaboooss · a year ago
My animation on my youtube channel!!
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StarScape #beats #melodIye #Q #motion #star #graphics #gif #art #digital art
#color #colors #colorful #artists on tumblr
#visual #backgrounds #relaxing #visuals
#colourful #gifs #designs #aesthetic #calm
#motion graphics #graphics #stimming
#background #YIQ #*d41 #*h 232 #*ky2
#*pfn e-e20 sp1 r169 #*c4.
#*mp8783.2009.0129 #*tp4451.0006.0016
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visuallullabies Folgen
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blkcatfelix · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
new character i got from yiq/gripelord !!! still undecided on a name. they came with their head wings over their face and i wanted to experiment with what it’d look like beneath there.... got a bit carried away but i just love this design so much!!!!
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nzaircraft · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 landing at Christchurch
Type: Boeing 737-8FE
Registration: VH-YIQ
Location: Christchurch International Airport
Date: 07/05/2016
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daily-klingon · 2 years ago
wotmey vagh
Sab decline, deteriorate v Sach expand v Sagh be serious v SaH be present (not absent) v SaH care (about), be concerned (about) v Sal ascend v Sam locate, seek and find v Sang obliterate v Sap volunteer v SaQ cry v Saq land v Sar be varied, various v SaS be horizontal v Saw marry (husband does this) v Saw' have a depth of v Say' be clean v Say'moH clean, cleanse v Say'qu'moH sterilize v SeH control v Seng cause trouble v Sep breed v SeQ be formal, be ritualistic, be ceremonial v Sev contain (an enemy) v Sey be excited v SeymoH excite v SIch reach v SIgh influence v SIH bend v SIj slit v SIm calculate v SIQ endure, bear v SIS rain v SIv wonder v SoD flood v SoH you pro So' encrypt v So' hide, cloak v So'Ha' decrypt v So'Ha' decloak, emerge from concealment v Sol quarrel v Son relieve v Sop eat v SoQ be closed, shut v SoQmoH close, shut v Sor speak literally v SorHa' speak metaphorically v Sorgh sabotage v Sot be distressed, be in distress v Sov know v Soy' be clumsy v Sub be solid v Such visit v SuD be green, blue, yellow v SuD gamble, take a chance, take a risk v Sugh install (in office) v Suj disturb v Sum be near, be nearby v Sup jump v Suq acquire, obtain, get v SuQ be toxic v Suq gain v Surgh skin v SuS blow (into musical instrument) to produce sound v Sutlh negotiate v Suv fight v taD be frozen v taDmoH freeze v tagh begin a process, initiate v taH be at a negative angle v taH continue, go on, endure, survive v tam be quiet v tammoH silence v tam exchange, substitute v tap mash, squash v taq be scarred v taQ be weird, bizarre, unnatural (maybe creepy) v taqmoH scar v tatlh return (something) v tav shake v tay be civilized v taymoH civilize v tay' be together v ta' accomplish v teb fill v teH be true v tem deny, contradict, disavow, claim as false v ten embark v tenHa' disembark v teq remove, take off v tet melt v tey scrape v tey be uncomfortable, be close v teybe' be comfortable, be easy v tey' confide v tIch insult v tIj board, go aboard v tIl salivate v tIn be big v tIq be long, lengthy (of an object) v tIQ be ancient v tIS be light (weight) v tIv enjoy v tIw react emotionally, behave emotionally v tI' fix, repair v tob test conclusively, prove v toD save, rescue v togh count v toj bluff, deceive, trick v toq be inhabited v tor kneel v toS climb v toy' serve (a master) v tuch forbid v tuD thunder v tuH be ashamed v tuHmoH shame v tuj be hot v tul hope v tun be soft v tung discourage v tungHa' encourage v tuQ wear (clothes) v tuQHa'moH undress v tuQmoH put on (clothes) v tur carry out, conduct (a mission), perform (duties) v tuS cough v tutlh be tattooed, have a tattoo v tutlhmoH tattoo v tuv be patient v tuy' spit v tu' discover, find, observe, notice v tu'lu' there is ... v tlhab be free, independent v tlhap take v tlhaQ be funny v tlhaS fight, battle (relatively minor fight) v tlhaw' hit (percussion instrument) with fist v tlhay' be tame, domesticated v tlha' chase, follow v tlheD depart v tlhej accompany v tlher be lumpy v tlhetlh progress v tlhe' turn v tlhIb be incompetent v tlhIH you (plural) pro tlhIj apologize v tlhIl mine v tlhIn be particular, individual v tlhIS spit out v tlhIv be insubordinate v tlhob ask v tlhob request, ask, plead v tlhoch contradict v tlhoD be somewhat obscured, filtered, smudged, fuzzy v tlhogh get married to, marry v tlhoj realize v tlhol be raw, unprocessed v tlhong barter, bargain v tlhorgh be pungent (referring to food) v tlhorghHa' be bland (referring to food) v tlhot land on water (like a bird) v tlhov wheeze v tlho' thank v tlhuch exhaust v tlhuD emit (energy, radiation etc) v tlhuH breathe v tlhup whisper v tlhutlh drink v tlhu' be tempted v tlhu'moH tempt v vaD be flexible v val be clever, smart, intelligent v van salute v vang act, take action v vaQ be aggressive, be effective, be vigorous v vaq mock v vay fight, battle (mid level ferocity) v veb be next (in a series, sequence) v vegh go through (an open door, a tunnel, etc.) v vel cover, coat, mask v vem wake up, cease sleeping v vemmoH wake (someone) up v ven be nerdy v ver be dizzy v ver be spiral v vergh dock v vev insert, put in v vev pin, attach or fasten with a pin v vey' be comfortable, be plentiful v vey'Ha' be uncomfortable, be meager v ve' travel with a purpose, for a specific reason, travel on a mission v vIb move through time toward the future, propagate v vIbHa' move through time toward the past v vID be belligerent v vIH move, be in motion v vIl be ridgy v vIng whine v vIt tell the truth v vItlh be high, great (in quantity, size, intensity) v vI' accumulate v von trap, entrap v vong hypnotize v voq trust, have faith in v voqHa' distrust v voQ choke v vor cure v vorgh be previous v vo' propel v vuj expel, eject v vul be unconscious v vum work, toil v vun order (in a restaurant, from a catalog, etc.) v vung cyclone, hurricane v vup pity v vuQ fascinate v vur be modern, up-to-date, state-of-the-art v vuS limit v vut cook v vuv respect v vuy be helpful, supportive v vu' manage v wagh be expensive v waH taste, try out (food) v waH try out, test, use experimentally v wal vibrate, be in a state of vibration v wam hunt v wan be straight v wanHa' be crooked, bent v waQ obstruct v waS be wrong, awry v watlh be pure v wav divide v way be striped v way' parry, deflect a lunge v web be disgraced v wech serve fermented food at its peak v wegh confine v weH raid v wel owe (someone) v wem violate v weq hit (percussion instrument) with palm v wer be creased, be wrinkled v wermoH crease, wrinkle v weS lose, no longer have, suffer a reduction of v wew glow v wIb be sour, be bitter, be tart v wID massacre (connotes indiscriminate killing) v wIH be ruthless v wIj farm v wItlh break something off v wIv choose, select v wob hurl a spear by means of a chetvI' v woch be tall v woD throw away v wogh transgress, do more than is acceptable v woH pick up v woj sterilise v wol be creased, be folded v wolmoH crease, fold v wom peck v woq confirm, substantiate, corroborate v wov be light, bright v wuD snore v wun be unprotected, vulnerable v wup burst into song v wuq decide, decide upon v wuQ have a headache v wuv depend on, rely on v yach pet, stroke v yach strum (a stringed instrument) v yaH be taken away v yaj understand v yajHa' misinterpret v yan use or manipulate a sword v yap be enough, sufficient v yatlh be pregnant v yay' be shocked, dumbfounded v yegh be spotted v yem sin v yep be careful v yepHa' be careless v yeq cooperate v yev pause v yIn live v yIQ be wet v yIr gather (items) v yIt walk v yIv annoy, bother, irk, irritate v yIv chew v yI' speak in an honorable or respectful fashion v yob harvest v yoD shield v yoH be brave v yon be satisfied v yong get in v yonmoH satisfy v yot invade v yov charge (military term) v yoy be upside down v yuD be dishonest v yuDHa' be honest v yugh include, consist of, be composed of (in chemistry) v yughmoH filter v yuq outwit, outsmart v yut distract, create a diversion v yuv push v yu' question, interrogate v 'ab have a length/height of (object is length) v 'aD have a length of, measure v 'agh show, demonstrate, display v 'al float (in/on air) v 'ang show, reveal v 'ap be dented v 'apmoH dent v 'argh worsen v 'av guard v 'aw' sting v 'el enter, go in v 'ep consume soup v 'eq be early v 'eS be low v 'ey be good, be delicious, be tasty, be harmonious v 'IH be beautiful, handsome v 'Ij listen v 'Il be sincere v 'Im render, boil fat v 'Ip vow, swear v 'IQ be sad v 'Iq be too much, be too many v 'Irgh bully, intimidate, pick on, harass v 'It be depressed v 'Itlh be advanced, highly developed v 'oD arbitrate, mediate v 'ogh invent, devise v 'oj be thirsty v 'ol verify v 'ol verify, check if (something) is true, make sure that (something) is true v 'om resist, fend off v 'ong be cunning, sly v 'or pilot, operate (an aircraft) v 'oS represent v 'ot withhold (information) v 'otHa' disclose, divulge v 'ov compete v 'oy' ache, hurt, be sore v 'uch grasp v 'uch hold, grasp v 'ugh be heavy v 'uH have a hangover, be hung over v 'um be qualified v 'umHa' be unqualified v 'up be unsavoury, be disgusting, be repugnant v 'ut be essential, necessary v 'uy press down v
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