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For @mysme-fictober 2020

Day 22: Serial Killer

“Close your eyes! Stop looking at me!” Saeran berated himself as those damned amethyst eyes watched him in terror. He should have left this one alone, but he’d become obsessed. Changed his pattern. Convinced himself that he was justified in taking him. But he clearly saw now that his infatuation with this one had nothing to do with his other proclivity.

Most people had secrets, and many of those secrets were evil. Evil enough to kill them for. It was easy to extricate them from his prey. Usually he already knew what that secret was, though there had been times when he’d gone with his intuition before verifying. His intuition was always right.

He didn’t listen to it in this instance. He’d grabbed the prey with considerable ease, but things had gone horribly wrong. He’d found nothing to justify killing him. In fact, Yoosung Kim’s history was pristine and kind of boring. Plus he wouldn’t stop looking at him with those damned eyes!

Saeran turned away from the man on the table. He’d tied him down and gagged him but couldn’t bring himself to cover his eyes. His chest was exposed, and it would be an easy thing to slide his thin blade through his ribcage and puncture his heart. There was a muffled sound coming from behind him and he turned towards the man. Those eyes penetrated him again. As if they could pierce through to his dark soul and shine a light on it. It made his skin crawl.

“I said stop looking at me!” he screamed in Yoosung’s face. The blonde closed his eyes, squeezing them tight, but only for a few seconds. He blinked rapidly and met Saeran’s gaze. Fear was what he expected, but that’s not what was reflected. Pity. Was that pity?

What he was trying to say was incoherrant through the cloth gag. With furrowed brows he slowly pulled down the gag. Yoosung licked his lips, never wavering in his focus.

“It’s OK.” He whispered. “Do it, please.” Saeran fell back as if slapped. He wanted to die? His eyes were sorrowful, pained, accepting of what was to come. That had never happened before. His victims always cried, wept, pleaded, promised to reform their evil ways. None had ever been ready to die, and had they been, Saeran would have gladly ushered them into that darkness. This was different. Yoosung was different. He didn’t deserve to die, he had never done anything wrong to anyone. The life he had lead for the past 21 years was free of any wrongdoing worse than perhaps arguing with his older sister.

“Why?” he moved closer, curious.

“It hurts to live.”

“Why?” he asked again more forcefully than before. Reaching out towards the dagger he took it in his grip so tight his knuckles turned white.

“I can’t live with this sadness anymore. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but I could never go through with it. Knowing what it would do to my family, to my friends. I don’t want them to feel any guilt for my decision.” He was calm, coherent.

“Why would they?” Saeran asked.

“Because they would blame themselves for not seeing how depressed I was. For not believing me when I questioned the information I was given.”

“You mean about your cousin?”

“How…how did you know about that?”

“I know a lot about you Yoosung Kim. I’ve been watching you.”

“Oh…well…yes…I don’t believe she killed herself like V said she did.”

“Ah, then that’s why you would prefer your death was at my hands? So that your friends and family will have nothing to question. Simply assume you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, am I right?”

Yoosung began to cry, unable to say anything, he simply nodded.

“I understand. But I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He set the dagger down and turned his back to the man.

“What? Why? Isn’t that why you kidnapped me? Do it! DO IT! YOU COWARD!”

Those words should have gotten a rise out of him, maybe even done what Yoosung wanted him to do without thinking. But he’d made up his mind. He could no more kill Yoosung than he could kill a cat. What to do then? He’d seen his face, he could go to the authorities. Would he though? There were things Saeran knew about him now that perhaps the blonde would not want known by anyone else. It was slim chance to hold on to, but it was a chance.

“No. You have too much life to live and you deserve to have it.”

Yoosung sobbed, knowing that his hope was finally dashed. Saeran untied him and helped him to sit up.

“I’m going to blindfold you and take you somewhere safe.” Yoosung nodded, uncaring what was about to happen. Saeran caressed his cheek, running his thumb across his bottom lip. “I will watch over you.” He whispered and kissed the side of his mouth.

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For @mysme-fictober 2020 prompts

Day 18: Ghoul’s Day

“Come on!” Saeran shouted, pulling Yoosung behind him. They ran through the cemetery, zigging and zagging around the tombstones and mausoleums. Yoosung panted behind him, he was trying to keep up, but was much slower than Saeran.

“I…I…ca…” Yoosung was out of breath.

“Stop talking and just run!” Saeran looked over his shoulder and picked up his pace, dragging Yoosung along now. He veered left but Yoosung ran into the tombstone Saeran had just avoided and flipped over it landing on his back on the grave.

“Fuck!” Yoosung’s hand slipped out of Saeran’s as he fell. “Get up!” Saeran stopped and bent over trying to get Yoosung back on his feet. Two hands erupted from the ground and grabbed Yoosung’s shoulders. Yoosung screamed and tried to get the rotting hands off him. A head pushed through the dirt and grass and gnashed its teeth towards Yoosung. Saeran couldn’t get the hands off Yoosung either so he pulled him out of his shirt instead. The ghoul shoved the shirt in its mouth. There was blood on Yoosung’s shoulder seeping through his T-shirt.

Saeran turned and ran, once more dragging Yoosung behind him.

“We’re not go…go…gonna…make it…” Saeran could hear the tears in Yoosung’s voice.

“Yes we are, don’t give up on me babe.” He wished desperately that he could stop and hold his boyfriend. To help him. To encourage him, but there was not time, he had to keep them both moving.

The sound that surrounded them grew louder, indistinct voices that now came from every side. The moon was not full and there was only a scattering of stars visible. The cemetery had no working lights, the darkness engulfing them. He felt the truth of Yoosung’s words in his heart, but he couldn’t give up. He had to recalculate, at the rate of the increase in volume around them, he figured that more and more ghouls had arisen. Too many for them to make it to the gates and get through to the other side. He wasn’t even sure that would assure safety. If they could wander on consecrated ground, how much easier would it be for these evil creatures to walk outside of it? A huge mausoleum came into view, the gate was open and Saeran veered to head straight for it. He slipped through the doorway pulling Yoosung behind him.

“What are you doing?” Yoosung panted, trying to catch his breath once they finally stopped moving. Saeran closed the gate with a loud clang and looked around. He took one of the braziers in the corner and shoved it through the handles. A soft scratching sound came from behind them, deeper into the mausoleum. They both stood up straight and turned around slowly. The tomb was barely visible but there was clearly some movement in the darkness. Yoosung backed up until his back hit the gate while Saeran grabbed on of the other braziers and used it as a weapon.

The scratching stopped but then came a soft flop, as of bare feet on the concrete. Soon enough the ghoul manifested into the meager light coming from the moon through the gate. It had been a woman, her long dark hair stringy, bald patches on her head. She looked down but they could see the glistening saliva as it fell from her eager mouth. Her arms raised, long fingers with curled fingernails stretching towards them.

Saeran planted his feet, ready to jab the brazier into the woman’s head as soon as she came into reaching distance. Yoosung screamed and it made Saeran turn towards him. Two ghouls had reached through the gate and were grabbing onto him, one was trying to bite his flesh. Yoosung struggled and moved too much for either to get a good grip and a bite, but it was only a matter of time.

“Duck!” Saeran commanded, without hesitation Yoosung dropped to the ground, his arms being pulled forcefully behind him. He screamed out in pain because of it, but also because of the ripping bite that one of the ghouls took out of his wrist.

Saeran jammed the brazier into that one’s head and pushed until it pierced what was left of the brain. He pulled the brazier out and stabbed him again and again until it fell to the ground, he turned to do the same to the other one when he was pulled back by the one inside. It grabbed his arms and dug its mouth into his neck. He screamed and dropped the brazier. He tried to pull its hair but it just came away from the scalp.

Yoosung was terrified as he saw the blood course down Saeran’s side. He fell on his back pulling away from the ghoul as much as possible, it was incredibly strong. He brought up his legs and began to kick at its face and arm, he was afraid it would do nothing but eventually it let go of him. Yoosung slid away from the gate and picked up the dropped brazier. He bashed at the ghoul’s face, praying he wouldn’t hit Saeran. There was pain in his wrist, but it wasn’t registering. The ghoul finally let go of Saeran and fell to the ground. Yoosung kept stabbing at it stomping until the head was nothing but a rotten, gooey mess. He threw the brazier down and went to help Saeran who was now sitting against the mausoleum wall, his hand covering his throat.

“Oh fuck! Saeran!” Yoosung pulled his T-shirt over his head and replaced Saeran’s hand with it against his neck. “Stay with me babe, don’t…oh god! Please…” the tears flowed freely now, fear surrounding him like a cocoon. Saeran smiled at him and lifted his bloody hand to slip Yoosung’s hair away from his eyes and tuck it behind his ear. His eyes were closing, his body slipping. “NO!” Yoosung pulled Saeran onto his lap and he held him, rocking them both back and forth. 

They just had to survive the night. Once the sun was up, someone would come looking for them.“Just hang on. I’ve got you. Don’t leave me.”

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For @mysme-fictober 2020 Prompts

Day 17: Ghost Town

Saeran sat against the tree watching the clouds float by. Yoosung was by his side, their hands intertwined, his head on his shoulder. It was a lazy afternoon, and they were enjoying the cool breeze in the air.

“Remember ice cream?” Yoosung sighed.

“Don’t remind me, of course I remember ice cream. It’s what I miss the most.” The coolness as it touched his tongue, the sweetness that infused his mouth. There was nothing like that here and he mourned the loss.

“I know, I was just thinking how jealous I always was that you could eat so many sweets and not gain an ounce while I just looked at a piece of cake and gained five pounds.” Yoosung exhaled.

Saeran laughed, “I guess you don’t have to worry about that anymore huh?”

“Yeah, be careful what you wish for…” Yoosung stated.

“You just might get it.” Saeran finished.

They commiserated. It was sad to think of their old lives, but there was peace here and they were among friends. In fact, they could see Jumin walking up the hill towards them even now.

“It’s almost time, you should get down to the buildings.” He stated, though it was a steep climb, the businessman showed no signs of sweat on him.

“Is that why you came all the way up here?” Saeran asked as he stood and helped Yoosung up as well.

“No, it’s a beautiful day and since there was nothing else that required my attention, I decided to take a long walk. Saeyoung and MC are already at their place.”

“Of course they are, it’s exhausting trying to keep up with them. Although, I’d rather deal with them than Zen!” even Jumin’s stoic visage showed a smirk. Zen never missed a chance to be dramatic.

They walked down together, Yoosung stopping a few times to pick some wildflowers that he insisted on placing in Saeran’s hair. He scowled in disappointment whenever one of the flowers would disappear, but it didn’t deter him from continuing to do it. Saeran allowed his boyfriend to continue to use him in this diversionary fashion, it hurt nothing and made him relatively happy. If only he could give him something more permanent.

Arriving on their street Saeran kissed Yoosung on the forehead and headed towards the ice cream shop, Yoosung made his way to the flower shop and Jumin to the tallest building, which had once been a subsidiary of C&R. Jaehee met him in the lobby and they took their places behind a desk to wait.

Further down the street Saeyoung and MC stayed busy in the toy shop, Saeyoung tinkering with a new toy he knew he would never finish while MC absently swept, her eyes distant and wistful.

“What do you think our children would look like?” she asked.

Saeyoung stopped working and sat up straighter, watching his beautiful wife. He smiled, contemplateing that very thing. “If it was a girl, as beautiful as you.” He stated.

“No, I think they would have your hair and freckles, that would be adorable. I bet you were the cutest little boy.” She smiled. The thought made Saeyoung sad, he never felt cute, adorable, loved as a child.

“Wouldn’t matter what they looked like. They would be loved unconditionally.” He said. MC set the broom against the wall and kissed the top of her husband’s head.

“You’re right, that’s all that matters.”

Across the street in the theater Zen stood on stage in full costume, his face painted white, eyes as crimson as blood, his silver cape almost the same color as his hair. He ran through his lines and danced the same dance he had perfected now for so many years.

They waited. Waited for the bus full of people who came almost every day to walk and be terrified by their ghost town. They didn’t have to participate of course, not every spirit that resided in the town did. Some pleaded for help, some, angry at their lot attempted to harm the living breathing humans that walked through the streets. Others, like the RFA members, tried to give those alive an experience they would never forget. It was fun and kept them energized. Not all would be able to see them, most adults could never fathom such a rich spiritual world, and those that did see them were not believed. Mostly it was the children whose minds were still open to the possibility possessed the necessary sight.

Saeran would try and give them ice cream, winking at them and putting a finger against his mouth in a shushing motion. Saeyoung and MC would play with them, showing off the myriad of toys on the shelf. Yoosung would place flowers in their unaware parents’ hair and dance around them, making the children giggle at the antics. Jumin and Jaehee would pretend not to see the humans, passing through them and sometimes sitting on them. They would argue about cat projects, Jumin acting like a jerk and tossing papers around while Jaehee ran around trying to pick them up. The antics were comical enough for the children to enjoy, while terrifying any adult who could see. Finally, Zen, who had the strongest aura of them all, would spellbound his audience with his acting, even those adults who could not see, could feel his presence, the emotions he was trying to convey leaching into their skin making the hair on the back of their necks stand on end.

It was a peaceful existence, but it was a dead one. Perhaps one day they would tire of this playacting. Or grow angry with it. As it was now, they had each other, it was all they could ask for.

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Mysme Fictober Oct 15th

For @mysme-fictober 2020 prompt list

Day 15: Full Moon

“So, you don’t have the uncontrollable urge to howl at the moon when it’s full?” Yoosung teased.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Saeran rolled his eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know, I think I’d like to see that.” Yoosung said.

“Why don’t you go badger Saeyoung about it then.” Saeran said.

Yoosung sat at the kitchen table and placed a bowl of ice cream in front of Saeran.

“Just one?” Saeran arched his brow.

“Yes, one, just for you.” Yoosung smiled.

“I know, but you always eat at least half of it when you don’t get your own.” Saeran complained.

“Don’t be like that, we’re mated, doesn’t that mean we share everything?” Yoosung took Saeran’s spoon and scooped up a large portion of the mint chocolate chip ice cream and staring right into Saeran’s green eyes as he entered it into his mouth.

“Oh oh oh!” The brain freeze was intense, and he almost spit the ice cream out.

“Serves you right.” Saeran laughed and yanked the spoon out of Yoosung’s grasp.

“You’re so mean.” Yoosung almost spat the ice cream from his mouth.

“What’s going on here?” Saeyoung entered the kitchen and took Saeran’s full spoon and ate the ice cream.

Saeran growled and took the spoon back, circling his other arm around his bowl of ice cream. Saeyoung simply chuckled.

“I was just teasing Saeran about the myth that wolves howl at the moon when it’s full.” Yoosung was once more cheerful.

“Sounds fun! We should do it! The full moon is up, come on Saeran!” Saeyoung jumped up and down as MC walked in to her husband’s antics.

“What has you so excited?” she laughed as he took her in his arms and twirled her around.

“We’re going out to howl at the moon!” He chanted. Yoosung joined them and Saeran simply shook his head.

“Have fun with that, I think I’ll get more ice cream.” Saeran stood and started towards the freezer. Yoosung grabbed his arm and pulled him into the circle.

“Come on Saeran! Let me see your beautiful shagginess howling at the moon! I bet the sound will be deafening.”

“Of course it would be, that doesn’t mean I want to do it.” Saeran protested, but Yoosung could see he was relenting. Saeran enjoyed howling, running in the night, the wind racing around him feeling free from every responsibility.

“Come on.” The three pleaded and Saeran relented with another roll of his eyes.

“Fine…” he set the bowl down and began to transform without taking his clothes off first, “Last one to the cliff is a rotten egg.” He smirked as his mouth elongated and the fur grew from his pores. Dropping down to all fours he nipped at Yoosung who eagerly jumped on Saeran’s back, they took off through the back door which they normally lest open just for this purpose.

“NO FAIR!” Saeyoung complained and began to change himself. MC straddled across his back and they shot out after Saeran and Yoosung. Running through the woods they yelped and nipped at each other, MC and Yoosung laughing as they held on tight. The twins howled and howled as the moon rose higher and higher.

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For @mysme-fictober 2020 prompt list

Day 12: Witch’s Brew

“Eye of newt eye of newt eye of newt. Where is the eye of newt?” Yoosung ran his gaze across the jars on the shelf. Ah, there. Grabbing it his fingers slipped around the glass and it fell on the floor shattering instantly. The smell hit him and he gagged, running towards the bathroom, squishing eye of newt in his wake.

Finished emptying his stomach he flushed the toilet and rinsed out his mouth. He stared at himself in the mirror, his large amethyst eyes wide with disappointment. Why did he even bother at this point? He wasn’t a good witch, more often than not his spells went awry. And if he was honest with himself, he didn’t have an evil bone in his body! He didn’t want to curse anyone. He didn’t want to defeat his enemies. He wasn’t even sure he had any enemies to defeat. He didn’t take pleasure in hurting people, he just wasn’t a good witch!

Sighing he shook his head and prepared to clean up his mess. It took him a good long while, as the smell kept him going back to the bathroom often. Why were so many spell ingredients so disgusting? Once he was done he threw the towels into the bathtub and decided to take a walk. The moon was high and the air was cool, it would help clear his head. Before he left he opened a window, hoping the smell would also be cleared out by the time he returned.

Wrangling his bicycle out of the garage he jumped on and began to pedal. The park wasn’t far and he enjoyed walking the hiking trails there. There was nobody out, it felt as if he had the earth all to himself. Once he made it to the park he dropped his bike and took trail 1, it was the longest and he felt as if he didn’t want to go home anytime soon. The coven would ask if he’d brewed the potion and expect to see it. Maybe he could just lose himself in the woods and disappear.

The climb was bracing and the physical exertion helped keep his mind occupied. At the top he paused and took in the view. There were few lights below, the world slept and only he was awake to witness its slumber. Ready to head back down he noticed the path he was on actually continued further into the woods. He’d never seen the trail before, it was overgrown, but seemed to have been recently disturbed. There were broken branches and trodden underbrush. Curious, and still ambivilant about returning to his life, he stepped onto the newly discovered path. He had to push limbs aside for much of the way, wondering if he shouldn’t just return. However, he was glad he had continued as the path opened up to a large clearing, the full moon overhead, beginning to decline.

In the center there was a large stone table. It appeared to be made out of a boulder. A man stood beside it, a large cauldron on the ground above a roaring fire. As he watched, fascinated, the man reached towards the table, picked up a pot, took the lid off and pinched out some powder, he then sprinkled it into the brew. Without realizing what he was doing, Yoosung began to walk towards the man, who obviously was another witch.

As he drew closer, the man raised his head and pierced him with his golden gaze. The fire made his eyes look ablaze.

“Who are you?” he questioned. He came around the cauldron and stood before Yoosung. The man was about his own age, similar height, but with paler skin, freckles and red hair.


“What are you doing here? How did you know I was here? Answer me!” the man pressed.

“I didn’t! I was just…I found the trail and followed it, I didn’t know. I don’t know who you are I swear, but it’s OK, I’m a witch too.” Yoosung tried to calm the man down.

“A witch?” the man backed away from Yoosung and began casting.

“Wait!” Yoosung was unable to get anything else out, his lips felt glued together and his body stiff. He had been taking a step forward when the spell hit him and he fell on the ground with his momentum.

“Fucking evil piece of shit!” the man hovered over him. “You think I’m anything like you?”

Yoosung tried to plead with the man with his eyes, suddenly he was terrified, the man appeared to be about to kill him, or at least hurt him very badly.

“I’m going to let you speak, but if I hear the beginnings of any spell I’m going to plunge this into your heart!” there was a pressure against his chest and Yoosung understood it was probably a dagger of some sort. He tried to nod, but of course it was impossible for him to do so.

Suddenly he was able to move his head and his mouth.

“Start talking.” The tip pressed inwards and Yoosung felt it nick his flesh.

“I…I don’t know what you want me to say!” he was flustered, his mind frantic. How could this man deny he was a witch? He’d been practicing magic.

“Why are you here?”

“I told you, I…I was just out for a walk and saw the trail. I…I don’t understand, you…you aren’t a witch? Then…” he glanced at the cauldron questioningly.

“I’m a practitioner of white magic, what you do is an abomination of nature! Where is your coven?”

“White…magic…?” he had never heard of such a thing. He had always assumed there was only one type of magic, the dark kind, the evil kind, the killing kind. He’d never questioned his teachings.

“You don’t know.” The man was genuinely surprised. He sat back on his heels and retracted the dagger, placing back into his voluminous robe. “Sit up.” He commanded. Yoosung’s body relaxed and he was able to control himself again.

He did as he was asked, stretching out his strained muscles.

“No, I was taught there was only one type of magic and that it was only used for gaining more power and influence, for personal pleasure and personal grudges.” He spat the last out in disgust.

“You don’t agree?”

“It never felt right to me. Maybe, maybe that’s why my magic never works correctly. I haven’t ever been able to complete a successful spell, it always goes wrong!”

The man stood and walked to the table where he picked up a book. He sat back down and opened it to a particular page.

“Here, try this.” He handed the book to Yoosung, who took it carefully. A man’s spellbook was a precious thing.

“Are…are you sure?” he doubted the man was really going to let him cast a spell, it was probably a trick, yet he trusted those eyes.

“Positive.” He said and waited.

Yoosung swallowed hard and read the spell several times before attempting it.

He held his hand over the grass beneath him, “Moon above, earth bellow. A gift is given and received. Balance ordered; balance kept. An ounce of blood, an ounce of flesh. The trade is made, sustenance obtained.” As he cast the spell, he could feel the blood drain from him, a life essence that would quickly be replenished. It felt right, not a single thought of trepidation and beneath his hand, the bounty his spell had coaxed, traded, from nature, a single ripe watermelon.

“I did it! It didn’t mess up! I did it!” he was so excited, setting the book down and picking up the watermelon. He looked at the other man, who now had a smile on his face.

“Congratulations witch. You just cast your first white magic spell.”

White magic? Was that it? Was that why his spells never worked? He smiled, sure of the answer, and filled with a million other questions.

“Hi, my name is Yoosung, will, will you teach me?” he asked hopefully.

“Nice to meet you Yoosung, I’m Saeran and I’d be happy to teach you.”

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Mysme Fictober Oct 3rd

For @mysme-fictober 2020 prompt list

4: Scream

“Go ahead. Scream all you like. Nobody can hear you.” Unknown walked around Yoosung a grin on his face and a demented look in his mint green eyes.

Yoosung knew he was in trouble, but his mind wouldn’t shut the fuck up. He knelt on the floor a hand over his left eye, it hurt like hell but there was too much else to think about to worry about it now. All he could hope for was that Seven had escaped and the rest of the RFA was safe. It would be worth his life if that was true. Suddenly Unknown yanked Yoosung’s head back by grabbing a clump of his bloodied blonde hair. Yoosung did scream, right into the whitehaired man’s face. But he only laughed and joined his scream, eyes wide and crazy. It took Yoosung’s breath away and his throat closed up, even as it was being stretched to its limit.

Unknown’s gaze traveled every inch of Yoosung’s face, taking in the damage he’d already done. Yoosung tried to calm down, but his adrenaline was still racing through his blood and his heart beat so fast it felt like it would explode through his chest any second. He’d never been so scared in his life.

“You’re filthy! Clean yourself up!” Unknown shoved Yoosung down and walked away, arms crossed. Yoosung gulped and got unsteadily to his feet. The bathroom was a few feet away, but it felt like a thousand miles. He almost fell twice before reaching the doorframe. Unknown sneered behind him but at least the sound let Yoosung know the man wasn’t going to suddenly grab him again.

He turned the water on and finally looked at himself in the mirror. He could barely see the color of his hair; it was dark and clumped with blood. His left eye was swollen and already turning purple. He couldn’t open it and when he tried, he hissed at the pain.

“What’s the matter puppy? Does it hurt?” Yoosung’s one good eye found Unknown right behind him; green eyes boring into his soul. He swallowed painfully but said nothing. Unknown stroked the back of his head almost lovingly, his lips dangerously close to his neck. Yoosung felt a sudden revulsion with himself as he realized he was getting aroused. He doubled over and puked in the sink, some of the vomit rebounding onto his face. Painful as it was, he began to cry. He couldn’t help it. Whatever had been holding him together was completely gone and he fell to the floor, his body shaking, his mind broken.

Water splashed on his head and he convulsed, his mind clearing enough to realize he was now sitting in the bathtub with the shower running above him. He instinctively tried to get up and out, but a pair of hands held him down. They were persistent and strong, yet strangely gentle. Enough so that Yoosung stopped struggling and let himself be manipulated back down.

Unknown washed his hair, coaxing Yoosung out of his clothes and tossing them on the bathroom floor. Once the boy had been thoroughly cleaned, he wrapped a towel around him and gently rocked him back and forth.

“There there, shh, shh…don’t you worry. I’m going to take very good care of you, you’ll see.” Unknown whispered into Yoosung’s dripping hair. “You can scream all you want, but only I will ever hear you again.”

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For @mysme-fictober 2020 prompt list

Day 3: Murder

“Saerean? Oh my God! It is you! I haven’t seen you in ages!” The tall dark-haired man with glittering green eyes embraced Saeran, a little too familiarly for Yoosung’s taste.

“Haven, uh, how are you?” Saeran gave a quick hug and stepped back.

“Good good! And you? You look amazing as always.” Haven gave Saeran an appraising look from head to toe, completely ignoring the blonde at his side.


“Good enough to eat.” The man smirked, his tongue peeking through his lips sensuously. “I’m only in town for a day, why don’t we go have a drink, like old times? My hotel is just over there.” The man pointed down the block and gave Saeran a knowing look.

“Haven, it’s great to see you, but I’m going to pass on that drink, and…everything else.” He turned towards Yoosung but was halted by Haven’s laughter.

“I’ve never known you to play hard to get, as a matter of fact, I’m surprised you didn’t do the suggesting in the first place, you’ve always enjoyed a good roll in the hay.” His eyebrows rose invitingly.

Yoosung cleared his throat and glared at the man. Haven finally gave the blonde his attention. “Who do we have here? A new playmate? That’s OK, I don’t mind sharing, invite him along. He’s a little on the feminine side, but I’m intrigued.” He ran a finger down Yoosung’s flushed cheek and Saeran slapped it away.

“That’s enough! Yoosung is my boyfriend and we aren’t interested.” Saeran hissed.

“Boyfriend?” Haven’s eyes almost protruded from their sockets. “Since when do you do relationships?” the man appeared astonished and confused.

“Since none of your business.” Saeran seethed.

“OK OK.” Haven put his hands up and took a step back. “Well, if you change your mind…” he took out a business card and wrote something on the back of it, stuffing it in Saeran’s front jean pocket. Yoosung growled but Saeran held him back. “Your puppy has teeth, must be fun in bed.” He winked at Saeran and turned, walking away from them.

Saeran breathed a sigh of relief as the man left. Before he could stop him, Yoosung reached into his pant pocket and pulled out the card.

“His hotel and room number!” he hissed. He slammed the card against Saeran’s chest and began to walk away in the opposite direction as Haven. Saeran caught the card as it began to fall. He didn’t even glance at it, tossing it in the closest garbage can as he quickly followed after Yoosung. The man was pissed, and Saeran couldn’t blame him, he had a lot of making up to do. Haven had been a frequent sexual partner for him, but that was well before he’d met Yoosung. The man didn’t hold a candle to Yoosung, but how to prove it?

The next morning:

“Oh my God.” Saeran stared at his phone, reading and rereading the text. Yoosung was in the kitchen making breakfast.

“What is it?” he asked over his shoulder as he scrambled some eggs.

“That guy…from yesterday…”

“Haven?” Yoosung spat. They’d talked the day before and Saeran had told him everything about the man they had run into. Yoosung asked a million questions and Saeran didn’t hesitate to answer them all.

“Uh…yeah…” suddenly Saeran wasn’t so sure he should say more.

“What about him?” Yoosung asked. Saeran saw how his shoulders had tensed up, he was angry again. He should have kept his mouth shut, but he’d reacted to the news. Besides, it wasn’t right to keep secrets from Yoosung, even if it meant Saeran would be in the dog house for a bit. He knew it was just Yoosung’s jealousy at work, he had nothing to be afraid of, Haven had never been a threat to their relationship.

“Well, apparently somebody murdered him last night.” Saeran said. A mutual friend had sent him the link to the news article, the details were grim.

“Oh?” Yoosung’s shoulders eased and he began to hum under his breath.

“Yeah, according to the article, it was pretty gruesome, how could somebody do that to another human being?” Saeran shook his head.

“I don’t know, maybe he deserved it.” Yoosung shrugged, dividing the eggs between two plates. He went around the counter and set one in front of Saeran, the other next to him and sat. He dug into his eggs and pancakes.

Saeran simply stared at him.

“Yoosung, you didn’t…I mean…ahh…never mind.” Saeran pushed the idea out of his head. Certainly, he’d seen and felt the underlying yandere vibes from Yoosung, but murder? This brutally? He watched his boyfriend, his sweet and innocent boyfriend who screamed when he saw a spider. Ridiculous, it was just a tragic coincidence. Right?

Yoosung hummed happily to himself, a small, satisfied grin on his face.

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Day 1: Cemetery for @mysme-fictober

Trigger warning for gore???

The darkness was only broken by the faint light of the waning moon. Saeran dragged Yoosung through the graveyard, weaving in and out of the tombstones.

“Slow down!” Yoosung pleaded.

“Can’t, it’s almost midnight, you know what that means.” Saeran wasn’t even out of breath, unsurprisingly.

Of course Yoosung knew what that meant, Halloween wasn’t his favorite time of year. He’d rather just spend it quietly, away from all the goblins and ghouls. But Saeran loved it and his excitement was palpable.

“Aha! There!” Saeran stopped and pointed towards a group of teenagers climbing over the locked gate. “This is gonna be great.” He smirked. Yoosung sighed, but let himself be led towards the group, he always hated this part.

As they neared the group there was a lot of giggling. The girls clung to the boys, eyes darting in every direction. Many held beers in their hands and took long swallows, often throwing the drained containers into the darkness of the graveyard. Yoosung frowned and narrowed his eyes, maybe this was a good idea after all.

“What time is it now?” he asked.

Saeran laughed as he more gently pulled Yoosung along, “Almost, just wait for it.” They trailed the gang of kids as they meandered around, one boy actually pissing on a tombstone. Yoosung gritted his teeth. “Wait…” Saeran now had to hold Yoosung back.

Yoosung glanced at the red head and he eased up on his anger, watching in fascination as Saeran’s entire visage changed. He was such a beautiful man. He must have felt the stare because Saeran turned to the blonde, his mint green eyes shining and bright in the moonlight. He gave Yoosung a smile and leaned in for a kiss. It curled Yoosung’s toes as it always did, but now was not the time, indeed, they could both feel the change in the air. It was time. They turned towards the group and began to walk towards them slowly.

The teenagers noticed nothing at first but a swirling wind.

“Fuck, that’s cold!” a dark-haired girl complained.

“Yeah, where did that come from?” a brown-haired boy answered.

“What the fuck is that!?” a girl shrieked, her brown eyes wide, finger pointing towards Saeran and Yoosung.

They appeared hazy, the edges of their bodies fuzzy and indistinct. The rest of the graveyard could be seen through them, as if they were nothing but a mirage.

“Gh…gh…GHOSTS!” The tallest boys screamed and tossed a beer bottle through Yoosung’s body. The blonde growled, his jaw disconnected and dangled, teeth razor sharp, blood oozing from his eyes. A quarter of his skull was missing, the brain beneath the bone pulsing. His clothes were ripped and torn, a tree branch sticking through the middle of his chest. He wore no shoes and only a single sock with cats on it on his right foot.

Saeran’s skull was caved in, his right eye dangling from the socket, the left bulging as if trying to escape. He walked with a limp as his right leg was twisted, the femur poking out of his ragged and dirty black jeans. He reached out towards the teens and grinned, beckoning them.

The screaming reached a crescendo as the two manifested from ghostly images into flesh and blood right before their eyes. Yoosung grabbed a boy’s arm and raised it to his eager lips. The boy fell back, his arm sliding from Yoosung grasp. Then they began to run.

The two didn’t follow. Yoosung grabbed Saeran’s hand and they watched as the living desperately tried to stay that way.

“Admit it, that was fun.” Saeran glanced at his boyfriend.

“OK, I admit it. I didn’t mind giving them a scare, maybe that will teach them not to throw garbage in here!” he screamed at the fleeing group. He looked around and realized where they were. A look at Saeran proved the man knew as well. Without a word, they made their way down a path to a single black tombstone. There were fresh flowers at the base. Yoosung sighed and knelt, picking up the flowers and smelling deeply. Etched on the stone was the end of their lives.

                     Saeran Choi                                        Yoosung Kim

              Born 1997 Died 2020                            Born 1999 Died 2020

                                Together in Life, Together in Death

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