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Since I post pretty much nothing but Yooran, decided to change from “Passive-Aggressive” to “YOORAN FOREVER”!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Will still post other than Yooran, but let’s be honest, Yooran makes up 95% of what I post.

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Hey! I feel the same regarding to MysMe fandom which is sad. I am still very much love in with everything to do with the game and keep looking out for more fanfics all the time. I'm f2p so I only just unlocked V/Ray routes and I just feel so alone with it. Yooran is my favourite ship, there's not enough for it and your blog has made me so happy to read through

Oh I know what you mean! I haven’t done the Ray route because I just don’t have the time to devote to it! Both the V and Ray routes are so time consuming and intense! I’m not sure I could handle it TBH, lol. Besides, I just can’t romance Saeran at all. I just want to shove Yoosung at him! LOL. Not that interested in V though, so many things could have been avoided if he’d just been honest. But, I digress!

It makes me happy that you enjoy my Yooran! At least I’m not alone and hell, if I have to I’ll keep it alive even if it’s just for my own enjoyment. Thanks for sharing your love for Mysme and Yooran in particular! I will keep making quality Yooran content. Well, content anyway, LOL.

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Day 1: Cemetery for @mysme-fictober

Trigger warning for gore???

The darkness was only broken by the faint light of the waning moon. Saeran dragged Yoosung through the graveyard, weaving in and out of the tombstones.

“Slow down!” Yoosung pleaded.

“Can’t, it’s almost midnight, you know what that means.” Saeran wasn’t even out of breath, unsurprisingly.

Of course Yoosung knew what that meant, Halloween wasn’t his favorite time of year. He’d rather just spend it quietly, away from all the goblins and ghouls. But Saeran loved it and his excitement was palpable.

“Aha! There!” Saeran stopped and pointed towards a group of teenagers climbing over the locked gate. “This is gonna be great.” He smirked. Yoosung sighed, but let himself be led towards the group, he always hated this part.

As they neared the group there was a lot of giggling. The girls clung to the boys, eyes darting in every direction. Many held beers in their hands and took long swallows, often throwing the drained containers into the darkness of the graveyard. Yoosung frowned and narrowed his eyes, maybe this was a good idea after all.

“What time is it now?” he asked.

Saeran laughed as he more gently pulled Yoosung along, “Almost, just wait for it.” They trailed the gang of kids as they meandered around, one boy actually pissing on a tombstone. Yoosung gritted his teeth. “Wait…” Saeran now had to hold Yoosung back.

Yoosung glanced at the red head and he eased up on his anger, watching in fascination as Saeran’s entire visage changed. He was such a beautiful man. He must have felt the stare because Saeran turned to the blonde, his mint green eyes shining and bright in the moonlight. He gave Yoosung a smile and leaned in for a kiss. It curled Yoosung’s toes as it always did, but now was not the time, indeed, they could both feel the change in the air. It was time. They turned towards the group and began to walk towards them slowly.

The teenagers noticed nothing at first but a swirling wind.

“Fuck, that’s cold!” a dark-haired girl complained.

“Yeah, where did that come from?” a brown-haired boy answered.

“What the fuck is that!?” a girl shrieked, her brown eyes wide, finger pointing towards Saeran and Yoosung.

They appeared hazy, the edges of their bodies fuzzy and indistinct. The rest of the graveyard could be seen through them, as if they were nothing but a mirage.

“Gh…gh…GHOSTS!” The tallest boys screamed and tossed a beer bottle through Yoosung’s body. The blonde growled, his jaw disconnected and dangled, teeth razor sharp, blood oozing from his eyes. A quarter of his skull was missing, the brain beneath the bone pulsing. His clothes were ripped and torn, a tree branch sticking through the middle of his chest. He wore no shoes and only a single sock with cats on it on his right foot.

Saeran’s skull was caved in, his right eye dangling from the socket, the left bulging as if trying to escape. He walked with a limp as his right leg was twisted, the femur poking out of his ragged and dirty black jeans. He reached out towards the teens and grinned, beckoning them.

The screaming reached a crescendo as the two manifested from ghostly images into flesh and blood right before their eyes. Yoosung grabbed a boy’s arm and raised it to his eager lips. The boy fell back, his arm sliding from Yoosung grasp. Then they began to run.

The two didn’t follow. Yoosung grabbed Saeran’s hand and they watched as the living desperately tried to stay that way.

“Admit it, that was fun.” Saeran glanced at his boyfriend.

“OK, I admit it. I didn’t mind giving them a scare, maybe that will teach them not to throw garbage in here!” he screamed at the fleeing group. He looked around and realized where they were. A look at Saeran proved the man knew as well. Without a word, they made their way down a path to a single black tombstone. There were fresh flowers at the base. Yoosung sighed and knelt, picking up the flowers and smelling deeply. Etched on the stone was the end of their lives.

                     Saeran Choi                                        Yoosung Kim

              Born 1997 Died 2020                            Born 1999 Died 2020

                                Together in Life, Together in Death

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Day 7: Free day

For @mmfluffweek

Letting him know

“I look like a nerd.” Saeran complained. He faced the mirror in his bedroom and took himself in from head to toe. His hair was slicked back, barely holding its shape. It was his natural red now and matched Saeyoung’s perfectly. He wore a button-down shirt, a blue that complimented his eyes, and a pink bow tie. The shirt was tucked into a pair of khakis that MC had ironed for him.

“This just isn’t me.” Saeran ruffled his hair and fell on his bed.

“Then I think you should do you. Like we suggested in the first place.” Saeyoung was beyond frustrated with his brother.

There was a mumble from Saeran, his head in the pillow.


“You were right! I need to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing OK? You happy?”

“As long as you’re happy, yes. Come on. Get dressed and do your thing!” Saeyoung slapped his brother on the butt and left the room. With a sigh Saeran did as he was told. He slid off his bed and opened his closet, grabbing a black T-shirt and a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. From under his bed he pulled out his biker boots and slipped them on with a grunt. Having done that, he opened the top drawer of his dresser and pulled out his choker and earrings. Looping the choker around his neck twice he buckled it and craned his neck back and forth to make sure it wasn’t too tight. Now for the final touch, his eyeliner. It had been a while since he’d used it but it wasn’t too hard to do, it was all muscle memory. Finishing up he backed up and looked at himself in the mirror again. Perfect. He smiled and nodded to his reflection. This was who he was, like it or not.

“I’m ready.” He walked out of his room and Saeyoung tossed him keys to one of his babies.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” he patted Saeran on the back. “MC loaded up the car.”

“You look great!” MC hugged him and handed him a bouquet of flowers. “Here you go.”

Saeran took the flowers. “Sorry I didn’t wear the pants you ironed for me MC.”

“Oh don’t worry about that! I knew you would choose this type of outfit anyway. It’s very you.”

He nodded in appreciation.

“Are you sure this isn’t going over the top?” he arched his eyebrow, nodding towards the flowers, but also talking about the ‘loaded car’.

“Follow your heart.” Saeryoung shrugged.

Saeran agreed, over the top was the right way to go. He shook his anxiety away and nodded towards his brother.

“Now go get your man!” Saeyoung pushed Saeran towards the garage.

“OK OK, I’m going.” Saeran grinned and practically ran into the garage.

The drive wasn’t long and the car handled like a dream, but his thoughts were on his destination and his nerves started to get the better of him. He shook his head and pushed the feeling away. He had to do this! He eyed the items in the front seat and his stomach clenched once more, but he clenched his jaw with determination. Nothing else mattered. As he reached his goal he began to slow down. His chest hurt and he realized he was holding his breath. Letting it out and clearing his mind allowed him to focus on what he was about to do. Step by step, that’s how he could continue, one step at a time.

He looked around the campus and chose a good spot under a tree. Grabbing the items, he got out of the car and headed there. He took a tablecloth out of the basket he carried and lay it down, placing the basket atop along with the karaoke machine. His palms were sweaty, but he wiped them on his jeans and kept moving. Going back to the car he pulled out the balloons in the back and the bouquet of roses. Pushing the worry that this was all too much to the back of his mind he continued. Setting everything up the way he wanted, ignoring all the looks he was getting from the University students, he checked his watch for the time. His heart began to race, if things went as planned, he only had seconds left. He checked the machine, turned it on and set it to the song he wanted. The microphone was clutched in his hands, mint green eyes scanning the sidewalk for a certain blonde.

Finally seeing the man walk towards him made him want to run and hide, instead, he leaned over and hit the play button on the machine. There was a startling sharp sound before the music began to play. Everyone within earshot turned towards him, including Yoosung, who had been having a conversation with the dark-haired girl next to him. His amethyst eyes widened as he realized who was making the commotion. This was it, Saeran swallowed, hoping his voice wouldn’t crack. He’d practiced enough and both MC and Saeyoung had agreed it was perfect. Yoosung looked confused, but he made his way towards him. There were others making a circle around him but he only had eyes for Yoosung.

He began to sing, looking deeply into Yoosung’s eyes, focusing on him and only him, he poured his heart out:

I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over
I better read between the lines, in case I need it when I’m older

Now this mountain I must climb, feels like the world upon my shoulders
Through the clouds I see love shine, it keeps me warm as life grows colder

He stepped closer to Yoosung, the blonde’s jaw dropped as he realized what was happening.

In my life there’s been heartache and pain
I don’t know if I can face it again
Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far to change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is, I know you can show me,

Tears glittered in Yoosung’s eyes as Saeran reached to clasp his hand. Yoosung clutched just as strongly. Saeran poured his heart out in that song, every word etching his love into Yoosung’s heart. When he finished, he waited for Yoosung to respond. He didn’t wait long, Yoosung threw his arms around him, his tears flowing freely, sobbing against his shoulder. Saeran breathed a sigh of relief as he wrapped his arms around Yoosung’s waist and buried his face in the nape of his neck. There was a loud cheer that rose around them, people clapping and whistling with excitement.

Yoosung laughed and pulled away from him.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” the shout rose from one voice but was picked up by several more until it was a loud chant. Saeran cupped Yoosung’s face, green eyes meeting purple, both glittering, eager, and a little hesitant. He leaned towards the blonde and Yoosung met him in the middle, lips touching gently. The touch broke the hesitancy, and both pressed against the other, the kiss anything but soft. Yoosung sighed and moaned as Saeran’s tongue explored his mouth, hands clutching at each other. The roar of the crowd faded away…

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