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milkacchan · a year ago
Request for anon: Bakugou and the reader are best friends --that he refuses to admit he's in love with-- but when it comes to other dudes, he acts like their guard dog. He overhears some jerks laughing about it calling the reader names and saying he could have anyone else in his class and goes off. The reader catches him fighting and stops it wondering what got into him but he refuses to tell them
2 things before we start
1. I'm gonna start doing tagging, so comment if you want to be tagged on the next posts. Starting out with 10 tags.
2. I listened to the song home by Catie Turner while I was writing this bc I wanted to be in my feels. So put that song on repeat while you read it.
Bakugou Katsuki honestly had no intentions of falling in love. He didn't have intentions of being friends with anyone really. Obviously Kirishima changed that- with the Bakusquad. But with you he fell deeper than he meant to with friends.
But Bakugou Katsuki was in deep. He was in so deep. And he fucking hated it but he wouldn't change it for the damn world.
Bakugou Katsuki, could not see himself with anyone but you. He's in full denial about it, of course. He could have any girl in the class, school even. Girls doted on him. His first year not so much, but after valentines day during his second year, he noticed (you did too) that women flocked to him. Some of them were cute, he'd admit, but if he tried to picture himself with any of them he felt weird. Sick almost. He figured it was just because he didnt know them- or he didnt want a relationship at the moment. But then came the fatal mistake.
You'd made him lunch, his favorite to be exact. You made him snacks every once in a while but this was new. You gave it to him, telling him it was extra from your lunch and walked away. He smiled to himself at the thought of making lunch for him, because you wanted to, not because it was extra- and that's when it happened. He thought of himself with you. This time he didnt feel weird, he didn't feel sick, he felt content, happy.
He ate his lunch that day in silence, away from the rest of his friends, hidden in the 1-A classroom. Aizawa didn't question it.
He tells his mom and his mom only. He'd be damned if shitty hair found out. He'd be even more damned if Mina or Kaminari found out because the two couldn't keep their mouths shut for the life of them.
"Katsuki you have a crush."
"Great, how do I get rid of it?"
"You don't? Katsuki have you never had a crush before?"
"Absolutely not."
"Wow, i just assumed you'd kept them from me and your father like every other teen."
"No I just don't have feelings, hag."
For the next half hour, he and his mother discuss what he could do. If he would do anything.
"Does she like you back?"
"How the fuck would I know?"
"Has she done anything out of the ordinary?"
"I mean she made lunch for me yesterday."
"Wow shes literally in love with you."
"Shut UP."
"Katsu, why dont you try making a move? They flirting?"
"Because she doesn't like me and I don't feel like dealing with rejection."
His mother sighed.
He went to school the next day, unsure of how to proceed when he spoke to you. How would it go down in the dorms? Theoretically he could just deny any attraction to you and be on his way- but he didnt want to loose you. He didn't want you out of his life, he knew that much. So he settled for just treating you as he always had.
However, when it came to other boys- he was on top of it. Just because he woukdnt make a move on you, didnt mean he'd let the greasy boys that flocked you. You deserved better than them. You knew it too. You were quietly thankful for his protection against unwanted attention from the boys.
He could pick up your signs of gratitude and he had no intention to stop. Especially when he heard guys talking, about you specifically.
Just listening to the words that oozed put of his mouth about you pissed him off.
"I could have any girl in the school." The boy scoffed. "Especially her- god I bet she's really fucking easy. She's never had a boyfriend and based on her personality it wouldn't be hard to hit it and leave-"
Katsuki had never swung on someone so quick in his life. His body acted before he could even think. Asshole boy stumbled back a little before lunging for Katsuki, grabbing his shirt and throwing his bodyweight on him to push him back. However- it wasn't really a match for him. A kid from the business class against Katsuki bakugou- part of the great three? No.
He refrained from using his quirk, knowing this- you'd rubbed off on him more than he cared to admit. But that didn't stop his fist from coming down on his face.
"Don't you DARE talk about her like that- she's not a fuckin object for your enjoyment you asshole-" He growled, his fist making contact with his face again.
"Katsu!" A voice yelled before he was being pulled off. A gentle hand cupped his cheek and turned his head. You. He saw you- through the red there was you. "What are you doing?" You ask softly- bowing slightly in apology before dragging him off.
He didn't say anything as he was lead down the hallway. That guy deserved what happened. He deserved every second of it.
"Katsu? Katsu- are you listening?"
"I was asking if you were okay. Your cheek is bruised." You stopped, gently touching his cheek.
You were always concerned with his wellbeing. How he was- before anything you made sure he was okay. Regardless of the circumstances- before he was scolded or cursed out, you made sure he was okay. Physically and mentally.
"'M fine." He mumbled, looking down. "M okay."
You nodded, leading him down the hallway once more- walking into the dorm. You grabbed something from the kitchen and then lead him to your room, having him sit on the bed.
"Katsu, what happened?" You mumbled, sitting next to him and pressing and ice pack (wrapped in a thin shirt) to his cheek. He struggled to not lean into it.
In all honesty, all he wanted to do what high you. He had this overwhelming feeling to hold you, bury his face in your neck and just stay there.
"Nothing. Just a brawl." He muttered, unmoving '
"A brawl? Really."
"Yeah. A brawl."
"Well something started 'your brawl'. You gonna tell me what it was?"
"I'm telling you it was nothing. Don't worry about it." He couldn't tell you- he didn't want you to feel weird or self concious. He knew how words from people affected you, even though you fought on and on to ignore them and keep them from affecting you. There was too much going on in your head to completely ignore them, even subconsciously.
"It is something though! Because you're hurt. That other guy, a douche bag I'm sure, is hurt."
"He deserved it."
"Why are you so concerned with it."
"Because you're hurt! I know it's not very hero like- but I couldnt care less about his injuries. You are my priority. And I walk into you in a beatdown-"
Katsuki pushed the ice pack away from his cheek. He leaned in and wrapped his arms around your waist, burying his face in your neck. He wasn't expecting much after that- so when your hand came to play with his hair and the other holding his back, he felt like he was going to cry.
God he was so fucking in love with you. It made him want to scream- why would you ever want to he with him? Why were you doing this?
"I just want to make sure you're okay." She whispered.
"M okay. You don't have to worry about me."
"Doesn't mean I won't. I always worry about you Suki. I don't think that's going to stop." You continued threading your fingers through his hair.
"Then I'll be here, to remind your dumbass I'm okay."
"I know you will." You whispered. "Katsu, look at me." You mumbled- voice unsteady. He frowned and slowly lifted his head up. You were looking at him with such intensity in your eyes, he was unsure why.
You leanws forward, gently pressing your lips to his- ah that's why. He was surprised for a moment- stilling unmoving. You pulled away.
"Sorry- I guess that was uncalled-" he wouldnt let you finish, his lips were back on yours, pulling you close. You leaned into him, eye closed, guard down. Just you and him.
"I can't see myself with anyone but you." He grumbled, when he finally pulled away, lips inches apart. "I never have been able to."
"Good." You smiled softly. "I don't want you with anyone else."
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frankzapsoul · 2 years ago
tattoo artist harry styles head canon
warning and a/n: cursing, implied smut KINDA, english isnt my first language, some awkwardness & this is so LONG im so sorry wow. this tattoo shop doesn't really seem that realistic but whatever. also not really any implied gender but sorry if i used a she or he pronoun somewhere (example the nickname princess is in it so idk)
right so.....imagine ur walking out of one of your art class that was one of your extra classes that u took for fun 
because why not, your in college and young!
you see this HOT pretty boy (no, MAN) sitting on his black badass motorcycle chewing what looks like gum with black sunglasses on, black jeans, a black t-shirt, tattoos up and down on his arms and his (short) hair all over the place
you think that if you were able to look at his neck he might've had some there too. you weren't sure though, either it was tattoos or his curls
woah you think too yourself. cause you've never seen him around here before
surely you think that he's waiting for his girlfriend or something
hey, maybe that green haired girl in your class had gotten a boyfriend or something
you feel a little tap on your shoulder by none other then your friend adam
"hey, don't forget about tomorrow night" adam says to you and waves goodbye
you and adam where gonna go eat at subway or some other fast food place tomorrow cause why not????
it was his idea and you definitely didnt mind making new friends, and he was sweet and cute too but not your type but definitely your friend type!
anyways, you smile at him and try and get one of your hands free to wave at him back
your hand suddenly comes to a rest when you see him walk towards the mystery man you were lowkey just checking out
you see them do some hand shake hug and then you see adam nod aggressively, the other man laughing
the dark clothed man hops onto his motorcycle and suddenly he's gone
you'd never thought adam to have such.......badass friends
you go home, or well your dorm that you share with your roommate helene
helene was a foreign exchange student that you had quickly grown close with after a few weeks of knowing her, and you both had roommates you weren't clicking with so you both decided to just move in together
"hey!" you hear her say
"hellooooo" you say dragging the o's out while taking of your shoes
"off to photography class?" you ask her, knowing she was interested in photography and that was what she did majority of her free time
"you bet! i'll be home later then usual tonight so don't wait up for me and you can lock the door" she says
you knew she was kinda popular, at least with the foreign exchange students group (that you didnt even know existed) and was probably gonna do something with them
you nod to what she says and wish her luck
a few movies and a few thoughts about the hot mystery man you saw today later you hear your phone ring
you grin comes across your face when you see adam's contact number
hinking that he was gonna ask you to pick him up again cause he's drunk and needed to crash somewhere somehow
"heyoooo y/n, hope your not doing anything that makes me a bother. but, about tomorrow..."
"well im gonna get a small tattoo tomorrow and my dumbass had booked it at the same time we where suppose to eat or hang out or whatever so i was wondering if we could pick up the food and then maybeeeee we could eat and hang out at the tattoo place?"
you'd never think adam of a tattoo kinda man actually
"yeah yeah, but just come by my dorm whenever and we'll leave and you'll guide the way? how about that?"
he said a few other things, like when he was gonna come by and pick you up and then you hang up.
during the night you hear helene come in and go to bed
anyways, you wake up, do your daily routine, yada yada yada !
say goodbye and goodmorning to helene
12pm adam picks you up almost on the dot
"so what's the plan mister?"
"we'll we're kinda already late too my appointment so i just post mated your favorite food to the tattoo place, its cool though. the harry and i are tight"
whos harry, you wonder to yourself
"if you say so, and you're sure he won't mind me being there?" you say
"definitely not, besides i need someone to hold my hand and wont embarrass me about it later.......i also bought him food" adam says shaking his head
you two walk out of the building and hop into his car, him driving the way too the tattoo place
"soooooo, what are you gonna get?" you ask
"you're just gonna have to wait and see" he says with a smile
about ten minutes later, you arrive to a small but cute tattoo shop, with a little cafe next to it which makes it very convenient
you hear the bell ping when adam open's the door for you
the shop is nicely done, a few drawings wherever but clean and nice nonetheless
the smell off cologne reeks in the shop though
you turn to your left and see a older man, siting and waiting what looks like to get another tattoo on his already half tattooed arm
you smile at him and he returns the favor
your mama/papa/guardian raised you to be kind! even too strangers! especially too strangers!
after your eyes finish looking around your gaze goes back to adam
you dont find him at your side which kinda freaks you out
but then you look up, straight, and seeing him talk to someone
someone you cant see cause adam's big figure covers the mystery person
you go over to adam cause you wanna be with your friend
especially in places you've never been before
you see adam talking his mouth off and you see the hot mystery man from yesterday leaning against the payment table just nodding his head
you're mind quickly panics !!! cause !!! wtf !!!
honestly you cant really figure out why you're panicking the way you are because hes just a normal person......that just so happens to look like a child from a greek god and an angel
you go over to adam's side looking at your sneakers, kinda feeling clingy but whatever
you definitely feel a hard gaze on you from the man's eyes
adam's talking comes to an halt when he feels your presence, also your shoulder brushing against him
"see anything you might want? maybe you should get a tattoo too y/n" adam says winking at you
"uhhhh definitely not" you say, sure you'd thought about tattoos but it wasn't a priority right now
"boring anyways harry......" adam says and keeps on talking about his tattoo
oh, so the tattoo artist's name was harry, should've figured out that earlier
guess no more calling him hot mystery man
still having his gaze on yours
"so, who's this? got a new girlfriend, lad?" the tattoo artist asks
and oh god
his voice
and he's british
almost makes you fall on your knees
"y/n? nooo. still with emi, you know that!" adam says and pats on his shoulder
you see harry nod
him being glad that you're not with adam so he would feel guilty about checking you out, he thinks
feels weird to call him harry you think
you see harry walks and wave his hand for you two too go where he goes
you end up on a cute little tattoo station, you'd say and call it at least. it's probably wrong in the tattoo book
you grin when seeing the lollipops on the side of it, desperately wanting to take one but not knowing if you're allowed to
you're just so hungry and adam had promised you food, which isnt here
harry notices your look of desire and takes up the bowl of lollipops, still with your eyes on them, asking adam if he wanted one, adam saying no, and asking you if you'd like one
you nod and smile and take a lollipop of your desire
you talk to adam some, calming his nerves about getting a tattoo
"adam what are you even gonna get?" you ask realizing you dont even know what hes getting, cause you zoned out when he talked about it
"ohhhh, today a bass guitar on my leg. go big or go home!" adam says laughing
you smile, knowing how much he loves music and bass guitars
"that's cute" you say and go back to calming his nerves
harry, quietly says too himself a "you're cute"
he wonders what the hell is going trough him cause you are an absolute stranger, that he's never met before but god, after he saw you outside yesterday did he not stop thinking about the angel like person
the amount of joy that went though him when he saw you walking into his tattoo shop was shameful, he thought at least
he thinks it's lame that he's feeling like this
anyways, you open your lollipop before going to hold adam's hand, cause harry was done preparing everything and was ready to get started
but wow, it was hard for harry to focus correctly seeing that lollipop in your mouth, very much wishing it was something¨
he curses at himself for thinking those things
during the tattoo, harry and adam talk some and you butt in whenever
however, even with how much you love your friend adam, you really wished he would shut up so you could listen to that amazing voice of harry's talk
cause, jeez, was it attractive and hot
a few lollipops and dark plumped lips later, a girl comes to the station with a bag off food
finally!! you think and accidentally end up saying out loud
both adam and harry laugh
aND his laugh!!!! the most amazing sound in the world you think
however, the man holding the tattoo gun across the room thinks differently
the times you let out a laugh or giggle he could just feel himself warming up with happiness
the thought if it being the most amazing sound in the world crosses his mind a LOT
you sigh of relief when you see the food that you absolutely adore, glad that adam knows you that well to order it
still holding adam's hand, you open both yours and adam's food, also taking harry's out, and begin to eat!
a few conversations later, the tattoo is done
you sigh knowing that you're probably never gonna see this gorgeous man ever again and tried to remember all the special details that made him him
"see you next week harry!" adam says
"next week?" you ask
"yea, gonna get another one next week" adam says like it's obvious
"wanna go with me? you made me feel better today so....i know emi would just laugh at my cries"
"yeah sure, dont have anything better to do" you say grabbing another lollipop for the ride home
you and adam leave then, the man in the waiting room still there
and, harry knew damn well he was gonna buy a lot more lollipops next week.
a week paces and its saturday again
a lot of hanging out with adam and some of his friends
and going on many movie marathons with helene
feeling like deja vu, considering you were just in this car going to the tattoo place last week
harry had promised himself that he was gonna try and talk to you this time around, try and get to know you, he also could do this considering adam probably wouldnt be talking that much this time cause he's getting a tattoo on his ribs
he sees you and adam walk though the door, laughing 
god he wished he would be the one that could make you laugh like that
he thinks this whole crush thing has gotten too far, he knows / doubt you feel the same thing about him as he feels for you
he really isn't used to this
he always thought those romantic movies he saw with his sister and mother were lame and a never gonna happen thing
anyways, you smile at him and he smiles back which makes both of your tummy's bubble 
same station, same people but adam's in a different position, and  of course a lollipop in your mouth that harry tried his hardest not to focus on 
you where on harry's side this time, not across him
you could smell the scent of him which once again, made you weak to your knees 
and he could smell you, he tried not to let the scent of you and your closeness to him bother him that much, cause this is his job that he needs to focus on right now
also your question if he had tattoos on his neck was a no, no tattoo and just begging to be marked
"ever thought bout gettin a tattoo, doll?" harry asks you, but still his eyes focusing on adam's ribs and his tattoo
"mhmm, a little. wanna get one someday definitely but haven't figured out what or where yet though. but if i ever get one, you're the man too go to it seems like" you say, kinda regretting the last part but you blame your nerves 
harry laughs at that and nods 
"what about you? like, what's your favorite tattoo?"
"too many too choose from. maybe one day you can help me find my favorite, doll" he says with a smirk playing on his lips
you definitely blushed at that and winced at the pain in your hand, being caused by adam
after that, the conversation just keeps on going
smaller questions leading to bigger answers
and more flirting on harry's part
and a lot of lollipops of on your part
adam lowkey had a smile on his face, knowing that harry wasnt the talkative type but kept answering your questions which adam knew harry probably would've considered dumb if they came from anyone else's mouth 
sadly but quickly the tattoo was done, meaning you and harry had to go two different ways again
while adam's looking in the mirror, admiring the new art on his body
you and harry are talking, just about tattoos or whatever
suddenly an idea comes into adam's head
"hey y/n, didn't you need to get help to draw that perspective room drawing? harry, dude, why don't you helpt y/n out?" adam asks, fully knowing that you were struggling and even though you didn't need to pass this class, you wanted to anyways
harry looks at you, honestly waiting for you too just say anything 
"i mean, uh, i dont know, if you have time and would want too i'd appreciate it" you say, really not knowing what his reaction to this was 
"yeah, if it'd help you and you want do, lets do it" harry says, definitely not knowing where this nervousness is coming from
lowkey / HIGHKEY very happy about this arrangement 
"alright!! when are you available? it's suppose to be done before the 3rd, so preferably sometime before that...." you say smiling, noticing a smile on harry too
"well, im available tomorrow night, if you'd like we can do it tomorrow" harry said 
"yeah! what time?" 
"well i have a tattoo appointment at five so i should be done at six so, how about six thirty?" harry asks with a smirk 
"sure, see you then" you say and grab adam's car keys and start heading out
the next day for you felt like forever
helene had a late morning which made you have a later morning 
classes weren't too entertaining 
a lot of thought about harry crossed your mind, too many times
about the time you got home you honestly just wanted to sleep
then you remembered you were seeing harry tonight 
and sure enough a smile and excitement hit you
you began to back your stuff, considering it was five fifteen and you where planning on walking 
you ate a little snack before heading off 
a few moments later you began your walk to the shop, coming a little late with a small mishap with that a kid needed to find their legal guardian
when you showed up, you saw harry alone cleaning up a station, assuming it was where he was tattooing 
his head lifts when he hears the bell ping from the door
"hi" you say softly
"hello, doll face" his velvety voice echoed 
"how'd the tattoo go?" you ask, the question came naturally really 
"alright, guy was kinda a dick but what to do. most people are when being tattooed" harry said and ended it with a smiler
he walked towards a door, waiting for you too be right behind him
you got the hint and quickly went over to him which made him laugh which then made you embarrassed 
he opened the door to a somewhat large room with a few unopened cardboard boxes, a few desks and just tattoo material a little everywhere
he pulled out two chairs to a desk, his desk assuming 
"well? you gonna show me what we're working on or are we just gonna wing it?" 
"oh yeah" you say, bringing your laptop and a paper out, seeing that harry had already pulled out erasers and a pen
you showed him your assignment and what you had started with 
"so, im kinda going for a museum vibe, if that makes sense. i saw a picture online where it was a museum in point perspective and i thought it looked cool and like something that i can actually do" you say, hoping he's getting where you're going with your blabbering 
"o'kay, it looks good so far" he says looking down at your paper
"so what seems to be the problem if i may ask, princess?" he says looking up at you
right into your eyes
god, those green eyes 
you could stare into them forever without a complaint leaving your mouth 
harry could say the same for you, but his eyes leaving yours and looking at your lips
what he would do to get a taste
hes not proud of it but he did think how her lips would taste right after she had eaten one of those damn lollipops 
and what that nickname did too you was
.......not holy
"well i cant seem to get the art, that's suppose to represent paintings on the picture, all in a straight line to match the dot" you say, trying your best to explain it
"right, okay. it's gonna be a struggle considering i wanna teach you how to do it but also do it in a straight line when.....when you know....where two people needing to see and do a one person thing" harry said, very much hoping you got what he meant
you didnt
you scooted closer to harry 
making your shoulders and knees to touch 
harry smiled 
and grabbed a ruler to put in the middle and then draw a straight line
you sigh, not really understanding or seeing with his large hand and bicep blocking the view
"you kno what?" harry says
you look at him with confusing all over your face
suddenly you feel two very large hands on your thigh moving you
making you sit on harry's lap
you didnt mind
you definitely didnt mind
neither did he
but you cheeks couldn't help themselves to blush a very very very dark red
"good?" he asks 
"very" you says quietly, really hoping he doesnt hear it
you sitting on his lap was very much a in the moment move for harry 
but god
did he love it
he also smirked at hearing you say very and smirked at the dark shade of red your cheeks were
"alright so....." he says grabbing the ruler and keeps on explaining what to do and what not to do
it kinda ended you him doing your work for you while you're sitting in his lap, arm and hand behind his neck, softly playing with the small curls hoping he doesnt mind
he really doesnt mind this 
the feeling of your hands on the back of his neck playing with his hair makes him happy and soothes him
you really cant help but feel like this is inappropriate 
you dont even know if he's single
sure, yesterday you got to learn a lot about him but nothing about his love life
all these thoughts going through your head made you tired 
a yawn leaving your mouth indicating how tired you really were
"tired, hmm?" harry asks, knowing the obvious answer 
"no, promise" you say, obviously lying 
he grins and grabs the lollipops across the desk and gives you it
thinking it might wake you up a little
"thank you" you say, opening it 
"don't mention it, pretty" he says, feeling happy that your happy 
"you're pretty" you say quietly too yourself
harry smiles at that
the lollipop woke you up, turns out you just needed a little sugar in you
quickly you were back to commenting and asking on what he was doing and meaning
"all done!" harry says
"wow......thank you for doing my assignment for me. i feel a lot better about this now. now im also done a week before it's suppose to be done!" you say happily 
"mmmm. glad i could help, doll" harry says, feeling very happy and a warm feeling in his body
he turns his head, looking at you
you were already looking at him
you smile at this
he brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear with a dopey smile on his face
you giggled at the sudden affection 
or what you counted as affection 
he really wanted to hear that sound again
his hand not leaving you face and end up cupping your cheek 
the desire of touching and kissing your lips is driving him absolutely wild
his thumb caresses your cheek
"uh" you grunt 
he smiles 
he moves your legs
puts his hands on your hips, making you end up straddling him 
he leans back in his chair, enjoying the moment
her hands still playing with his hair, enjoying the feeling of his hair in your fingers
he really wants to kiss you
you really want to kiss him
"can i kiss you?" harry asks softly for once, really not wanting to somehow scare you off
"yeah" you nod, really not wanting to show how desperate you really are
his soft lips softly brushing against yours, just a touch
his hands grabbing your hips, the tips of his fingers ending up on your ass, digging a little making you softly moan 
this gives him a chance to slide his tongue into yours
your hands meeting behind his neck, both ending up in his hair, pulling lightly 
you break away from the kiss 
taking in a gulp of fresh air
a pout forms on his lips
lips still chasing yours when you pull away
so to entertain himself
he starts kissing down your neck 
starts sucking on you, making his own art on you
one of his hands lowering to fully squeeze your ass 
making you moan once again
"mmmmm" he says and laughs softly 
"thank you" you say 
"hmm? for what, lovie?" he asks curiously 
"for asking for permission" you say with a big smile on your face
"of course, baby" he says giving your lips another peck and starts going to town on your neck once again
"been drivin' me crazy" harry says with a light smile 
"really?" you ask
surely he couldn't have been thinking about you as much as you had been thinking about him
"yes, been drivin' me crazy by me thinking bout you ever since i first saw you when you walked outta that class" harry says while looking up at you again, giving your ass another light squeeze making you smile 
he presses a kiss on your forehead, with your hands still playing on his curls on his pretty head 
anyways, time passes a bit and you two just enjoy each others presence
"whats the time?" you ask
he looks up at the clock
"what? no way, ive been here that long" 
"seems like it" he says with a smirk arriving on his face again 
"how are your legs not numb?" you ask, cause you've been in his lap for hours
"never skip leg day, doll face" he says with a playing smile
"where ya going, love?" he asks when you suddenly pull away from his grip 
"class early in the morning, can't be here all night, sadly enough" you say, this time your the once with the pout 
"how are you gettin' home?" he asks, obviously wanting an safe answer 
"uhhh walking? thats how i got here" you say honestly while packing up your stuff in your bag and putting on your jacket 
"nope. let me give you a ride, baby" he says hopeful
"sure, gladly" you say giving him a sign that you're ready to leave
he nods and gets a pair of keys in the drawer and a helmet on the chair thats across the room
he also grabs his leather jacket on the same chair
of course he'd have a leather jacket
"cmon" he says
you two walk through the store and end up in the back outside 
"nope. no way im riding on that" you say, obviously scared of the thing before you
a motorcycle
"its just a bike, princess. nothing to be afraid off, you'll hold onto me" harry says comforting
"harry.....i dont know" you say questioning the situation 
"promise you. know we haven't known each other that long but i've had my tongue in your mouth now, think you can trust me" harry says  
"alright. i guess" you say 
harry hands you a helmet to wear, he watched you put on the helmet just too see what you where doing it right 
"where's your helmet" 
"dont have one"
he quickly hops on, waiting for you to hop on too behind him
you put your arms around his torso, feeling the rock hard abs underneath his t-shirt 
"born ready, i suppose" you feel his laugh starting in his torso and coming out of his mouth
a few weeks later
"hey lovie" you hear him say and you feel a kiss being placed on the back of your head
"hi" you say turning around putting your arms around his neck kissing his lips ever so slightly 
"what's up?" he asks, kissing your forehead ever so lightly 
"nothing really, got class in a few minutes. what are you doing here? adam's gonna be here any minute now" you say, also very curious what he's doing outside your art class, something out of the ordinary 
"had a very important question that i just couldn't wait to ask, baby" he says with a cheeky smile 
"hmmm? well what is it?" you say even more curious looking deeply and lovingly into his deep green eyes and his into yours 
"well, it popped into my mind that i had never fully asked you too be my girlfriend" he said with a playful grin
he's been wanting to ask you out ever since that night at the parlor but had been too afraid to ask, he didn't really want to know your answer, even if it was a yes
"oh yeah?" 
"mmm sooo, will you be my girlfriend, baby?" harry asks ever so sweetly 
"even though ive already considered us boyfriend and girlfriend, yes i will" you laugh while he pulls you in for a kiss
you see him basically every day after that 
but you haven't told anyone 
it's not like you where trying to keep it a secret, it just so happened to end up being a secret 
you knew it was gonna be revealed anytime now considering adam was gonna get his bass guitar tattoo fully finished and some details checked, also his rib tattoo had been itching a little that he wanted to get checked 
you knew harry couldn't keep his hands to himself and neither could you, you either always having too be in his lap, your hands always touching his, his hand always being on your thigh, and so much more
PDA is a common thing basically 
also helene had been wondering where you where going all the time
and once
his sister and mom had facetimed him
right when you where on his lap, kissing him with passion
leaving him with very pink and plumped lips
which of course his mom just NEEDED to know what happened
you tried your hardest not to make a sound or whimper, even with the aching feeling between your thighs just begging to be touched by the man talking about his sister’s new boyfriend’s pool party
"heyyyy y/n, you coming with me tomorrow for the tattoo check ups? it'd be weird if you didn't considering you've been there everytime and its kinda like a thing now, alright that doesn't make sense but pleaseeeeee come with?" adam rambles on
"adam adam adam calm down. yes yes, i'd love too! come to my dorm when we leave?" you ask already knowing the answer 
"you bet!" he says and hugs you and runs off to wherever making you giggle 
saturday around noon you find yourself where you've been the past weeks, at the tattoo parlor
the bell pings when adam and you walk in making harry look up at his now girlfriend and friend
"hey harold, ready for my check ups and what not?" adam says clapping his hands as a sign ready to get it over and doing the handshake hug with harry 
you watch as harry nods 
you suddenly feel a hand on your back grabbing you so that you're chest to chest with harry
"and hello too you, baby" harry says with a smirk, knowing that adam was watching with a surprised face, kissing you deeply and feeling your hands behind his neck carefully nit picking his hair
"woah!!!! hold on a second here.....? you two.....? since UH when?" adam says really not knowing what to do at the moment 
you giggle at adam and feel harry giving you a kiss on the forehead and pulling away to get the tattoo and cream ready
"a little while, i guess" you say while blushing 
"this was....unexpected. y/n you're YOU and harry's HARRY? im so confused" adam says pinching his nose bridge 
"adam it's really not that confusing, man. i hit you and emi up, and you hit me and y/n up" harry said while sitting down 
"well, i like it. it's cute" adam says and lays down so harry could fix his leg tattoo 
harry pulls out, a sign for you too seat yourself on him with a lollipop bowl besides him
and you will gladly do so
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dragondingus · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
364 of 365: When will I see you again..?
Dedicated to none other than the incredible storyteller himself, Mr Dean DeBlois.
Where do I even begin? I mean.. he is one of the biggest reasons I started this countdown to begin with. A decent amount of these drawings I had him in mind while working on them, but I feel it necessary to specifically name him in the dedications. I often feel like a broken record talking about how much he inspired me but- who cares. I’ll say it again.
Mr Dean DeBlois you are my biggest inspiration. I tell you that because it’s true. You gave me characters I never knew I wanted, never knew I needed. You built up an incredible world full of wonder, and danger, and dragons and stuck some scrawny-overlooked kid who was just like me right in the center of it. I fell in love with this viking and useless reptile, I’ve never related to anything more. Hiccup made me feel seen, Toothless made me feel loved. The way you are capable of telling this story full of so much heart and depth is beyond me. Through your work you’ve shown that a happy ending isn’t given, it’s earned. Heroes don’t get special treatment, it’s hard and sometimes comes with a heavy cost. You made choices not in the favor of what will appease the audience or for the sake of “playing it safe” but taking that risk to choose what felt right for the story, and boy did it pay off. You took a boy and his dragon and transformed them into a Chief and an Alpha right before our eyes, teleporting the audience to the far away isles of Berk, the magnificent ice cave of the Bewilderbeast and the enchanting Hidden World from which all dragons came.
HTTYD is unlike anything else to me. I did not know what it was to be utterly inspired until I saw HTTYD 1 for the first time that rocked me to my very core. After the credits went rolling and I slowly picked my jaw off the floor I pointed at the screen and whispered completely awestruck, “That. That’s what I want to do.” 
I never have, and doubt I ever will, feel this deep level of love and connection to another film/franchise again. And I’m ok with that. HTTYD gave me all I need to spur me on the path to my dreams. I think after seeing HTTYD 3 five times in counting, the bittersweet sadness and heaviness I used to feel about the journey ending has slowly been dissipating. As I see Hiccup and Toothless not only step into their new lives with their head high, but embrace the next chapters of their lives beyond the screen, it only encourages me to do the same. Letting go never gets any easier, goodbyes don’t always feel all that good. But in the end, it really is all worth it.
I am the artist and person I am today because of HTTYD. Because of you. And I can only dream of one day being a fraction as inspiring to others as you have been to me.
Thank you Dean. For everything. ❤️
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gendrie · 2 years ago
Anyway I also need an AU of Gendry and Arya celebrating her birthday in a amusement park and Gendry hammering those things and winning Arya a stuffed wolfie
okay so, technically, you did not ask me to but i took it upon myself and wrote a lil thing for this lol it just came to me and i figured we can use all the positive vibes we can get
“So birthday girl, what next?”
Arya bit her lip and looked around the carnival. They had already ridden the roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl and gone in the fun house. They’d shared a corn dog, ice cream and far too much cotton candy. As far as birthdays went it was already one of Arya’s favorites. When Gendry had found out her parents were going to be out of town and all five of her siblings otherwise engaged he had insisted they spend the day together.
“We could go play some games,” Arya suggested glancing up at Gendry.
“Anything you want,” he said with a smile that made the corner of his blue eyes crinkle.
Before she could respond a familiar voice sang loudly from behind them.
“For she’s a jolly good fellow! For she’s a jolly good fellow! For she’s a jolly good fellow! Which nob'dy can deny!”
Anguy, Tom and Edric Dayne were walking towards them.
“What the fuck are they doing here?” Gendry asked. He sounded almost offended by their presence.
“They’re your friends,” Arya pointed out with a shrug. It wasn’t completely true. Tom and Anguy were Gendry’s friends but Ned just happened to be in the brotherhood with him. Arya knew they didnt get along. Though, she wasn’t sure why. Ned was nice enough.
Gendry just grunted.
Tom and Anguy both enveloped her a big hug. Edric kissed Arya on both cheeks like the Dornish gentleman he was. Out of the corner of her eye Arya saw Gendry make a face at that.
She wasn’t the only one who noticed.
“Oh are we interrupting your little date?” Tom asked with a smirk. “Sorry!”
“Shut up!” she snapped at him half heartily. Tom was always saying stupid things like that.
“It’s not a date,” Gendry grumbled looking a little red in the face.
“Course not,” he replied sharing an amused look with Anguy.
The four set off towards the games and while Arya usually enjoyed their rowdy company she wished it was still just her and Gendry. She kept glancing over at him and found he was looking at her too with a similar look of longing.
Anguy showed off with a few of the marksmen games and they all got way too competitive at the water gun races but it was the high striker that Arya had her sights set on. The prize for hitting the bell was a giant stuffed wolf with grey fur and yellow eyes.
“It looks just like Nymeria!” Arya exclaimed. She needed to have it.
“Sorry lass I’d win it for ya but I can’t pick up anything heavier than my guitar,” Tom said.
“I don’t need one of you to win it for me. I can do it myself!” Arya insisted. All four guys looked dubious as Arya defiantly stomped up to the high striker. Only to make a fool of herself. As a champion fencer Arya was quick but she didn’t have nearly enough strength to strike the bell. She glared at the strongman game resenting its very name.
Anguy was the next to attempt it. He was an archery and had the best eyes of anyone Arya knew but he could not hit it hard enough either. Edric made a valiant effort even though Arya knew he was more studious than athletic. He barely got it any further than she had.
Gendry snorted. “Nice try,” He commented sarcastically as the blonde boy stepped away defeated. Arya swatted him. But he just smiled as he handed his cash over to the carnival employee.
As he took hold of the hammer Arya couldn’t help but stare. He was far bigger than the others. Both in height and muscle mass. Suddenly she noticed how broad his shoulders were and how big his biceps looked.
He’s strong.
Gendry brought the hammer up and struck it down hard. None of them were surprise when the puck triumphantly hit the bell. 
Gendry handed her the wolf plushie.
“For you, m’lady.”
Arya smiled as she took hold of the toy. Then she pulled Gendry down for a kiss ignoring Anguy and Tom’s enthusiastic cheers.
“Thanks,” she said when they broke apart. “For everything.” Gendry tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Happy birthday, Arya.”
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shigarak1slut · 27 days ago
How bnha characters would react to you breaking up with them
kirishima,kaminari ,bakugo and shigaraki
Tumblr media
He would think you are joking at first
Haha y/n . Now come I want to cuddle
And when you insisted he would look at you like a sad puppy
He would try to find what he did wrong
Was it something that I did ? Was it because I hang out to much with the guys ? I can stop hanging out with them . Is it because I didnt cuddle with you last week ?
When you give him the reason he would just look at you a bit teary
We can still be friends right ? I wont flirt with you or anything I promise
In the end you agreed on staying friends even if it took sometime to make it work
Tumblr media
He wouldnt accept it at first
You know this isnt funny y/n
But when you told him again he felt shocks going through his body
He would try to find a way to convince you to stay with him
I-I will spent more time with you ,love we can watch those movies that you like . I will let you paint my nails , I'll take you out to dates more I swear I'll fix whatever made you to stop loving me give me another chance. Please just love me again
But you still said no
He just sat in his bed looking at the floor didnt said a word until you left
He was locked in his room for days after that only going to class and practice
You even tried to talk to him once but he just looked at you and left
Tumblr media
When you told him that you wanted to break up he looked like he never did before
You instantly became an extra to him
Fine then go
You just stood there in shock
I mean you did want to break up but you thought you could still be friends
Why the fuck are you still here ? You are free to go
Bitch are you deaf? LEAVE
Katsuki please
I.said.go Go fuck other guys . Isnt this what you want ? Go be a fucking whore see If I care
You left his dorm with tears running down your face
He acted like you didnt exist after that, he moved seats and went next to kirishima, he changed study groups , he even left the room when you went in but everyone could see how angry he was
He would explode over anything ,pick up fights with Deku and todoroki more than usual and go extra hard during practice
Tumblr media
I'm sorry in advance
You should have known better . He told you hell never let you go and you went and broke his heart
He should have known you were nothing but an unworthy slut
But he would never let you go . If you were a slut you were his slut
You knew that he might get violent so you had Dabi outside waiting for you
You fucking slut you fucking whore who do you think you are ? You are dumbing Me ? You will never leave me . The only way you are getting out is if I turned you to dust first
You took a step back out of fear
This cant be him
He degrade you during sex but never when you were talking not even when you were fighting
He thought you were trying to leave him
His hand went through your neck his two fingers centimeters away from touching you and killing you immediately
Are you that fucking dumb ? That fucking brainless ? Didnt you hear what I said about leaving me ? Or do you just want to die ?
You almost could not speak out of shock
I-im not going anywhere please t-take your hand off me . Please
You tried to reason with him
He took a step back kneeled on the ground and put his hands through his hair
You said you loved me . You said you loved me . Was it all a lie ? Of course it was all a lie you dumb whore
You thought he was going to keep rambling and took it as your chance to leave the room
You touched the door handle quietly
He screamed and the next thing you felt was pure pain
You saw your hand turn into dust at the place that he grabbed you
His desperate attempt to make you stay
Your screams made Dabi get in the room
He put his hand on yours and cauterized the infection just after your elbow . Preventing you from turning to dust
What the fuck dude you nuts ?
Shigaraki looked at you in shock
You screamed looking at the place your hand used to be and still suffering from the no stopping pain
You turned around and started sobbing at Dabis arms
Shigaraki was looking at his arms and then at you he could not move his body
He didnt move even after Dabi took you out of there, you still crying
And he didnt move for a whole day after that
You were long gone
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nekomasmeow · 9 months ago
Another request! It’s for the Necoma boys (you can more if you wish), where they save a pet or animal from a bad or dangerous situation and brought it home only to reveal that they where a yokai/shapeshifter. But they have a code of honor to serve them for saving them, or pay them back with there bodies (go wild with on this one NSFW if you feel in the mood)^^
A/N: I only did Kuroo, Lev, Kenma because they’re the only ones I know I hope that’s okay. Please enjoy
Warnings: Mentions of heats, smut, nothing to crazy 
Tumblr media
All he did was save a cat that’s all he did 
the poor thing was battered and hurt and bleeding and he felt horrible for the baby 
The cat was a pretty slick black and he carried it home and cleaned the cat up 
everything was normal and he bought a little collar with a soft bell since you liked to sneak up on him he did it to keep track of you 
Kuroo had no idea the cat he saved was actually a shapeshifter and you were scared to shift thinking he’d hate you 
But you were shocked to hear him coming home early and you didn’t have time to shift back to your cat form when he saw a naked female with his cats collar around their neck 
He just froze and you feel tears gather in your eyes and you shift making his jaw drop and bolt out the opened window 
Kuroo didn’t know what to think but he was very worried when you didnt come home that night 
It was after 4 days when he saw you creeping into the house and picked you up making you hiss but you stop when he hugs you 
“God I was so worried.” He whispers into your fur and he really was 
You could tell because the place was a mess and it was rarely like this 
you started out slow and you wore his clothes and he felt a sense of pride seeing you skimpier around his place wearing his shirts and boxers 
You two didn’t get physical until you didn’t move from your spot on the couch and when he simply touched you making you moan 
He was shocked but you cried for him he couldn’t deny you, just something in him screamed to bend you over an fuck you so damn good 
after helping you with your heat he said he wouldnt do it again and you grab his hand to grab your ass 
“We have a code, serve your master with your body. And intend to keep that code.” You whisper making you moan when he smacked your ass hard 
“Well then kitty, bend over for your master.” 
Tumblr media
Kenma always liked animals but he preferred cats
they were quiet didnt bother him and rarely asked for cuddles so he didnt think it was so bad adopting a pretty white cat 
The cat was rescued from a kill shelter that Kuroo recommended and so he went an got himself a cat 
Kenma listen doesnt dote he fuckin glorifies his cat 
he got you a nice kitty bed, plenty of toys, and two jumbo cat trees and you loved it 
Kenma thought something was odd in the morning when he found food left out half eaten but he didnt question it 
he sometimes forgot what he did in the faze of long hours but it kept happening even when he came back from work or even when he didnt game much 
so he set up cameras without you knowing somehow and when he saw the video he didnt doubt anything just texted kuroo 
“You knew” was all it said and kuroo read it laughing softly to himself
Kenma comes into the livingroom seeing you and puts the phone in your face and presses play 
he sees your feline eyes widen and you turn into this gorgeous human 
he blushes though seeing you completely naked and you move touching his thigh
“Let me please, it’s the way we say thank you.” You whisper in his ear and kenma thinks 
“I have to stream, but i can say I’m sick and you can ride me.” he says and you purr feeling yourself grow excited
“I’d love too.” You whisper  
Tumblr media
Lev just needed something to come home too, he was tired of an empty house 
He was a rich model and just he needed something to keep him company 
What he didn’t expect was saving a cat from some mean neighborhood kids that he scowled
The cat was a pretty tabby and he moves giving it a bath and food he cooked himself after looking up what was safe for a cat to eat 
But he thought something was off as the cat acted well human like almost 
he had said that out loud and the cat stretches before turning into you, a gorgeous girl 
he was in shock when he saw a tail swish behind you making you giggle softly 
“I’m a Yokai.” You mumble leaning on the table not caring you were naked 
Lev was a little weird but also strangely turned on and he wanted to cuss himself for this 
“Don’t be ashamed, I want to repay you for saving me.” You mumble kissing him gently 
Lev quickly got used to you and him sleeping together 
he especially liked when you curled into him afterwards his fingers dancing over your naked back kissing it softly 
You knew staying was a bad idea but you couldnt get enough of Lev 
Lev bought you cat and human things since to save magic you’d stay in cat form for a while and he would just hold you 
he hated that he started to fall for you, and he was worried that you would leave him one day 
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parkaiur · 2 years ago
The Dark Hour - Seunghun
❀ Fantasy, fluff, & action 
❀ Word Count: 9.2 K
❀ Every day at midnight, Earth opens up a portal to an unknown underground lair that leaks monsters: demons, goblins, hellhounds and more. The catch? It only happens for one extra hour after midnight, called the Dark Hour and it’s only open to a handful of people, the same people. One night, you find yourself snuggling up to your Winnie the pooh blanket, only to be greeted by a rabid, three-headed dog shooting through your window.
❀ A/N: .. I didnt mean to write this much but omg i hope you guys enjoy this cuz it took a while !! :D tell me what you think of it ! :)
11:35 pm
“Did you take out the trash? It’s almost the Dark Hour.” My mom hummed. I rolled my eyes and spat out the toothpaste in my mouth.
“Mom, don’t be so dramatic, the Dark Hour is only open to a small group of people who are like freaky mixed martial artists or some weird whatever.” I said while tying up my hair into a high pony.
I walked out of my room and saw my mom sitting at the dinner table knitting a scarf. She slapped my butt as I walked past her. “I’m not dramatic! It’s still scary knowing that for one hour, we disappear as other people can see the entire world.”
I just sighed and grabbed a jacket. I pulled out all the trash and slipped on my shoes. “Ok mom, think whatever you want, I’ll be back in like 5 seconds and no monsters will be in my way.” I shut the door and walked into the cold winter air. I whistled on my way, feeling calm.
As soon as I could think, I knew the world I was living in. Every day at midnight, Earth opens up a portal to an unknown underground lair that leaks monsters: demons, goblins, hellhounds and more, The catch? It only happens for one extra hour after midnight, called the Dark Hour and it’s only open to a handful of people, but only the same people.
My mom was one of the many people who were afraid of portal opening up to normal humans as well.. Somehow, those who were chosen to hunt these monsters were trained. Most of them who went through the Dark Hour came back alive. They had hid the Dark Hour for a long time until more and more people were being called to fight.
But normal people never get sucked in. All the Hunters know they would be called, so they prepared for it. No one knows why this happens, but I wasn’t about to argue about why normal humans weren’t called.
I tossed the trash away and looked around. I sighed as I saw nothing spooky, just the normal neighbors who had not yet taken down their Christmas lights. Mom is scared for nothing.
I walked back in and dusted my hands off. “Yeah mom, totally fought off a seven foot demon, such hard work.” I faked yawned and stretched out my limbs to add to my act. She tsked and threw piece of string at me. “Whatever miss sass, just go to bed, you have a long day at work tomorrow.” I sighed, but knew she was right.
“Ok, ok, night mom. I will see you in the morning. Sleep, soon, alright, so that the monsters don’t get yo-” She picked up her stuff and walked into her room, sick of my sarcasm. I chuckled but knew she was just being dramatic. There were absolute zero cases of normal people attending the Dark Hour, so what was she so scared of?
I shrugged out of my jacket and straightened out my bed. I pulled my winnie the pooh blanket closer and shut my eyes.
I listened to the soft sound of the wind blowing outside. It was a peaceful night: no rain, no snow, no anything. I was grateful because I had a long day tomorrow.
I lulled off to bed, feeling myself falling into a dream. 
My eyes shot open.
What was tha-
Before I could finish my thought, a loud crash erupted throughout my room, waking me up fully.
“What the fuck!?” I screamed. I grabbed the pepper spray and turned.
Bad idea. As I turned to face my window, I saw blood and lots of unknown liquid surrounding it. And on the ground I saw a rabid, three-headed dog glaring me down. I screamed and fell back into my bed, dropping my pepper spray.
“GET DOWN!” I didn’t know where the voice came from, but I was acting purely on instinct now. I jumped off my bed and into the corner of my room. I heard loud gunshot noises, but as I looked up, I saw lasers shooting through the air.
I shut my eyes and huddled against the wall. What is going on? What is happening-
“HEY! What are you doing?!” I heard the same voice yell at me. I heard footsteps nearing me, making me gasp in surprise. I grabbed my pepper spray and raised it, turning my face away from the intruder like I was taught in self-defense class. “What the...” The person, who I recognized as a male, grabbed my spray, and tossed it.
“Don’t hurt-”
As I turned my face towards the intruder, I was shocked. I was staring at a tall, brown-haired boy with warm and serious eyes. He was wearing all black and had a some sort of vest over him, similar to a bulletproof one. If this was another situation, I would be very happy about a hot guy standing in my room, but I couldn’t because I was almost killed.
“What were you planning to do with that pepper spray? Kill me? What a lousy weapon!” The boy exclaimed annoyedly. I narrowed my eyes at him.
“Well excuse me, it’s not like I carry guns in my room or something!” I spat back, suddenly irritated with his behavior. He shot me a look, saying I was dumb.
“You definitely should start doing that, what do you plan on fighting with? Did you just forget to get in uniform before midnight? And were you just sleeping? How irresponsible of you.” He spat while cleaning off his knives as he paced around my room.
I squinted my eyes at him. All black uniform. Guns and other weapons on his person. Intense gaze. Killed a three-headed dog.
“Fuck... it’s the Dark Hour.” I whispered. He scoffed and shook his head.
“Well, duh, it is midnight. Wait...” He stopped speaking and stared at me intensely. “This can’t be...” He started walking over to me and grabbed my wrist, pulling me close to him. “Is this your first time in the Dark Hour?”
I nodded, scared of what was going on. “Yup. Very first.” His eyes widened in surprise, dropping my wrist.
“How old are you?”
“I’m eighteen.”
He then kicked a desk and yelled, “Shit!” I flinched at his kick, but I still was numb. How could I be here? I’m not a Hunter-
“So you’re not a Hunter?” I shook my head slowly. His gaze turned distraught and he groaned in distress loudly.
Then, he turned to look at me very seriously.
“If you’re not a Hunter, you’re going to die out there.” He pointed outside to where I saw numerous monsters walking around. Blood was oozing all over the streets and I saw other quick, agile, strong, Hunters fighting them off. That was not me. 
I really was going to die.
“Well, fuck, I can’t go out there then!” I protested.
He shook his head. “You have no choice! They will come here and find you, only more will come. They are addicted to the smell of blood, we only have a short amount of time until the Hunters down there lose track of one and it comes back up here.” I could tell he was frustrated as he paced around my room, wondering what to do with me.
Then, he stopped and looked at me seriously once more. “Ok, my first priority is surviving. My second is dealing with whoever you are, but if you were called to the Dark Hour, then you must have some fight in you.”
I shrugged and caught the gun he threw in my hand. “Or so we hope.” He scoffed.
“Yeah, or so we hope.”
❀ ❀ ❀
It’s like the whole world was cracked open. None of the streetlights were on, yet I could see perfectly fine.
“No electricity works in the Dark Hour.” He informed like he was talking to a child. Suddenly, I saw a glimpse of some skin as his long sleeve caught in the wind.
“You have lots of tattoos.” I noted. He glared at me.
“You have the same ones. Everyone in the Dark Hour has them. It acts as protection from the monsters.” At his words, I rolled up my hoodie and saw the same black swirls he had all over his arm. I gasped and yanked it back down. “It’ll fade when the hour is over. Now, if you see a monster, shoot it. If it doesn’t die, shout my name.”
“And what would that be?” He smiled and shook his head.
“It’s Seunghun.” I nodded. “I’m y/n.” Before I could say anything else, a dark and shadowy figure appeared out of nowhere. I raised my gun and shot it, five times in the head. I felt shaky as it fell to the ground.
“Oh my god, I just killed someo-”
“Don’t finish that sentence.” He snapped. I nodded and shut my mouth. I wouldn’t anger a Hunter. “You just killed a demon. Something that would have killed you if you hadn’t killed it first.” He gripped my shoulder, pulling me together. I nodded and hid my fear. He then gave me hard pats on the back. I tried not to cough as he started to run towards something.
I held my gun to the ground in fear I would accidentally shoot him.
“Seunghun, who’s your new friend?” Someone shouted over to him. I looked over and saw another boy who looked a bit younger than Seunghun. I noted his smiling face and goofy nature. I wondered how he was a Hunter.
“Her name is y/n, and she’s not a Hunter. I’ll explain later but first we need to protect her.” The other boy’s jaw dropped.
“Woah woah woah wait, you’re normal?!” He basically screamed. I nodded while his face turned to an ash color. “Oh shit, is this is what the government are resorting to? Great.”
“Did you just say government?” The two boys looked at each other and laughed.
“We’ll explain later, but the way, I’m Jihoon.” I reached out to shake his hand, but realized it was covered in monster juice. I cringed and pulled my hand back. “It’s fine, I forgot you were new here.”
As Jihoon was talking, he turned and took out his sword simultaneously, slicing the monster in half. I gulped as monster guts splashed everywhere. The childish boy turned and smiled. “A giant cyclops, hah.”
Seunghun rolled his eyes and took on another monster making a mad dash at him. Soon, chaos erupts. Multiple monsters came out of nowhere, running at us and other Hunters.
“Oh shit, Jihoon-”
“Got her.” The boy pulled me close to him while shooting other demons and monsters I couldn’t even recognize. I saw a monster run at me and I raised my gun to shoot it down.
It kept getting closer and closer to me. I kept shooting, but it seemed like it had no damage on the monster.
Suddenly, I saw Seunghun run front of me and rip out the heart of the monster. My eyes widened in surprise. “The only way you can kill that thing is ripping out it’s heart, it has no name but we call it the Ripping.”
“Why the Ripping?” I asked as I raised my gun to shoot a normal demon.
“‘Cause it’ll try and rip off your head if you don’t rip out it’s heart first.”
Seunghun then threw a dagger right by my head, hitting a monster I assume.
I let out a sigh of relief as he chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’re not strong enough for me to kill.” I glared at him, but he was right. I had no skill whatsoever. I just needed this hour to be over.
Soon, my wish came true as the monsters started to disappear.
“Finally, I just wanna sleep.” Jihoon said while stretching his arms in the air. Another Hunter smacked him on the head. “Shut up, Jihoon. You gotta enjoy the fight.”
Jihoon glared at the other boy and stuck his tongue out. “Byounggon, not all of us were born fighters.”
“Actually, we all were, that’s why we’re here.” Another Hunter pointed out. This one was quite short and had bright blonde hair.
“Actually, Hyunsuk, the girl isn’t. It’s her first Dark Hour and she’s never even picked up a gun before.” Jihoon laughed while the two Hunters started at me in surprise.
“Wow... how did you even survive.” I tried to shrug, but I could barely move my muscles.
“Probably only because I met Seunghun first and he gave me a gun. And saved me from a three-headed dog who tried to kill me.” The boys let out a bark of laughter as if I told a really funny story.
“Ah, Seunghun, our local prince, always helping girls in distress.” Byounggon teased while poking him on the side. Seunghun shook his head, tired of their teasing.
“Anyways, y/n, the hour is up in about one minute. You are going to wake up in your bed, which I presume your last location was before you were pulled in. No one else will remember this except us and the other Hunters.”
The others nodded as if it was weird to explain this once again. “You are not allowed to speak of the events to any normal people, ever. Of course, the normies know of us, but they really have no clue what Hunters do or what we fight.”
I nodded, trying to soak up all of this information.
“Will I still be here tomorrow night?” My question silenced him as he had no response.
“You may be, you may not, to be honest, this is as new to us as it is for you.” Hyunsuk noted carefully.
“Will I see you guys again? Do you guys see each other in real life?”
The boys shrugged. “I’ve never seen one of these guys in the normal world. We are sometimes transported to different locations if it’s busier, so it’s always changing, and-”
Before Seunghun could finish, I felt myself being pulled by an invisible hand. I held in my gasp as I felt the covers underneath my body. I shot up from my bed and turned on my lamp. I grabbed my phone from my shelf and checked the time.
❀ ❀ ❀
I couldn’t sleep all night. How was one to sleep after they had just fought in the Dark Hour? And had no experience whatsoever.
My mom was right to be worried. If I was pulled in, I wondered if anyone else was in danger. Or if those normal people had survived. I wouldn’t have if I had never met up with Seunghun.
But I couldn’t dwell in it. I was back in reality and had a job to go to at 9am. Too early for anyone to get up.
“You look like shit.” Was the first greeting I heard from my co-worker, Mashiho. I glared at the pretty boy and flipped him off.
“You are shit.” I snapped back. I pulled on my apron and tied up my hair. He made claw movements and meowed like a cat. “Wow, someone is catty this morning.”
I resisted the urge to backhand the boy against the wall. “Not in the mood, Mashiho.”
Every day, Mashiho and I would bicker about something. Mostly because he an annoying prick and I was sarcastic and snappy.
Mashiho laughed and started fill the cases with food items. “Why? Late night with a lucky fellow?” He wiggled his eyebrows as I flicked him on the forehead. “OW!”
I sighed and started to fill the case on the other side of the cash register. “No, just I couldn’t sleep, ok? Just one of those nights I guess.” My words came out more sluggish than usual as I had gotten virtually only one hour of sleep.
“Well, be careful not to fall asleep today. It’s holiday season and people will want cakes and pastries for whatever reason.” I rolled my eyes and nodded.
“I’ll be fine.” Confused at his kindly spoken words. I probably looked worse than I thought if Mashiho wasn’t annoying me.
Soon, the clock hit 9 and I flipped the closed sign to open.
I sighed at the long shift ‘til 5 was about to begin. I knew I shouldn’t have worked during the holidays.
❀ ❀ ❀
The day was going smoothly, despite the business. Even though I constantly had the urge to punch Mashiho in the face, we worked well together.
The shop started to slow down as it neared 5pm. “I need a coffee.” Mashiho whined while walking into the break room. I rolled my eyes and kept at the cash register.
As no one new was coming in the shop, my thoughts drifted back to the Dark Hour. Seunghun danced into my mind as I pictured him in his attractive Hunter uniform.
Stop, you cannot think about a boy who you met in the Dark Hour. If life goes right, you’ll never see him ever again.
Suddenly, I heard the bell on the door ring, making my head shoot up.
“Hi, welcome to...” My voice trailed off as I saw the person in front of me.
His eyes widened in surprise as well. “Seunghun.” I stated. He gave me a kind and surprised smile. “Y/N.”
“Hey, David is asking where the mop is? Where did you leave it?” Mashiho asked me quietly since a customer was in front of me.
“Uhhh it should be in the closet.” Mashiho nodded and then looked to Seunghun who happened to be still staring at me. Mashiho looked at me, then to Seunghun, then back to me.
He smirked and patted me on the back. “He’s a good one.” He winked, hinting to our conversation earlier. I turned bright red and pushed him away.
Seunghun furrowed his brows, confused at our interaction. Before he could ask questions, I spoke first. “So, first things first, what would you like?” He smiled and took a look at all our choices.
“Oh, I came to pick up a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting for my grandma’s birthday.” I nodded and went to pick up the cake that was waiting for him.
“Is the name under Ahyoung?” He nodded. I handed him the cake. “Since you paid online, that should be it. Thanks for ordering from us.” He took the cake, but he didn’t walk away from me.
I kept my stare locked on him as he didn’t turn away. Suddenly, I heard a loud snap in my ear.
“Hello~ No eye sex in the bakery please. That’s a home activity, y/n.” Mashiho said while raising his brows at me. I blushed and pushed him away.
“That’s not-” I sighed knowing no one would care what I would have to say. “Mashiho, can you just... like leave for a quick second?” Mashiho’s jaw dropped.
“Wow, ok, I’ll be gone 5 minutes, you better not be having sex on the table when I come back-”
“Just go.” I snapped. The boy stuck his tongue out at me and walked away. I turned to face Seunghun who was already smiling at me.
“Does he think we’re having sex?” I was mortified at this conversation. “Well, uh, sorta, I mean, he wouldn’t believe my story of being unable to sleep last night so.” I shrugged. Seunghun nodded and understood what I meant.
“Anyways, on the more important issues besides my sexual adventures, we need to like... meet up. What are you doing right now?” He pointed to the cake. I sighed and rubbed my face tiredly.
“Ok, but the party will be done at 11. Then, I’ll come to you. What’s your address?” Usually, I would wait longer before giving a boy my address, but this was a different circumstance. “Great. See you then.” He winked at me which I couldn’t lie, I found it attractive. But I couldn’t let him know that. I rolled my eyes and waved him goodbye.
“Wow, he’s hot.”
“Shut up, Mashiho!”
❀ ❀ ❀
Eleven never came so slowly. Thankfully, my parents were already asleep so I didn’t have to explain why there was a very attractive boy in our home.
I heard a soft knock on the door and I jumped up to answer it. Seunghun was already in his Hunter uniform. My eyes widened and I rushed him inside.
“Why are you already wearing your uniform? That’s so weird! Did you come here in that?” The boy rolled his eyes.
“Calm down, I changed in the car, I am very professional at this. I have been doing it since I was 16.” I raised a brow.
“How old are you now?” Seunghun chuckled boyishly and gave me a flirty smile.
“Are you flirting with me?” I turned a bright red and led him into my room. “Your mouth is going to get you in trouble one day.”
Seunghun smiled as I shut the door quietly. “Says the girl who just locked my in her bedroom.”
I turned to him in anger, but I knew I couldn’t hit him since it would do no damage. “I-you. Ugh.” I stuttered out while he barked out laughter.
Then, he pulled out something from his bag I didn’t notice him holding. “Here is a Hunter uniform, I’m assuming you didn’t have one since you didn’t even know you were going to be in the Dark Hour.” I took the outfit and stared at it.
“Do you think I’ll be pulled in again?” He scratched the back of his neck and shrugged. “To be honest, I don’t know. Better to be safe than sorry.”
I went to the bathroom to change and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked like the definition of a Hunter. But I didn’t have the confidence or power as one of them.
“Everything ok in there?” He called out. “Y-yeah.” I spoke out as I exited the bathroom. I noticed Seunghun scanning me, examining how I looked in the uniform.
“What?” I snapped. He raised one brow and gave me one of his flirty smiles that sent shivers down my spine.
He leaned back in my bed that he had gotten comfy in. “Nothing, it’s just that you look really good in that outfit.” I saw him lick his lips nonchalantly, making me wish we were alone in my room for a different reason than talking about the Dark Hour.
I slapped him on the shoulder to hide my attraction. “Shut up, anyways, tell me everything you know about the Dark Hour. I need to prepare myself.”
His joking expression faded as I mentioned the Dark Hour. “First of all, let’s talk about how I’ve never seen you before this. I thought you said you’ve never seen any of the other Hunters in real life?” I bombarded him with questions.
Seunghun sighed and shook his head. “I’ve never met any of my friends who were Hunters in real life, but really, I wouldn’t know if I met a Hunter in real life. There’s nothing that sets us apart from the rest of society.”
I bit my lip and tapped my finger on my lip. “Ok, then why have I never seen you before if you went to the bakery I work at.”
“Oh, that’s because I’m in town from college, visiting my grandma. It’s her 80th birthday so it’s a big thing.” I nodded, working the pieces together in my mind.
“And what does the government have to do about the Dark Hour?” At my question, Seunghun tensed. I glanced over to him; he adjusted his vest and stared into space.
“So, no normal person knows this since the government hides it pretty well. But, there is a reason for the Dark Hour. Monsters keep rising from the Underworld, since it is becoming too popularted. The government has been in contact with Hades, the God of the underworld--”
“Woah, woah, woah, wait, Hades? You mean-”
“Yes, that one. Anyways, it’s almost midnight and I need to tell you this.” I nodded and listened carefully. “So the government is in contact with Hades who says he can’t control, even though he can, the monsters that are rising out. The human government was furious, saying he couldn’t just let out monsters.”
“So they compromised.” Seunghun nodded.
“They compromised. Groups of trained humans work together to defeat all the monsters that Hades lets out at midnight for one hour. Since he’s a God, he has the ability to monitor it and make sure no normal human gets hurt. And the tattoos? The government bargained for it so that they had to explain less murders.” Seunghun gave me a crooked smile, but I wondered if he lost any friends along the way.
He glanced over at my clock. “We have five minutes.” I took a deep breath as my heart race picked up.
Suddenly, he piled a bunch of weapons on my bed. “Here, keep these. They’re easy to use.” He gave me some fancy looking guns and other weapons. “This one, you press this button, and it shoots out mini bombs. Highly effective.”
“Thank you. Like truly, I would be so dead without you right now.” I whispered softly. Seunghun lifted my face gently to stare at him.
“I believe in you. Most normal people wouldn’t have come outside with me. You were brave. I’m sure you were chosen for a reason.”
He tried to look casual, but he kept glancing at the clock. “One minute.” He whispered. For a moment, I thought, he was going to kiss me.
But he scooted away and stood, watching the window.
“Stay on guard.” He demanded. He was much more serious during the Dark Hour than in the normal time. “Remember, we might be separated as I don’t know where I will be transported.”
I stood and held my gun close, listening for any movement. All I heard was Seunghun’s steady breathing.
The night was pitch black but I couldn’t see outside the window. “y/n, the streetlamps are off now.”
I sucked in a breath, understanding the true meaning of his words.
It was officially the Dark Hours.
❀ ❀ ❀
“I guess I should say welcome to the squad then, right?” I rolled my eyes but I couldn’t help but be sort of happy that I got to spend more time with Seunghun and his funny friends.
But that happiness didn’t last long as I heard a rustle outside the room. I jumped back and got father away from my door, my run still pointing at it. Seunghun watched his back as the window was behind him, he pointed at the door.
“Wait.” He mouthed. I nodded. I heard something that sounded like footsteps, but I knew some monsters had a similar foot structure to us. I aimed my gun high and waited for a noise.
“Don’t let down-”
As soon as he said that, the door burst opened and I aimed to shoot.
“WAIT! IT’S JUST US!” At the sound of a human I dropped my gun and saw Jihoon with his hands up. I raised a brow as I saw Hyunsuk, Byounggon, and a few other Hunters there as well.
“What the fuck is going on?” One of the unknown one said. 
“I have no idea, Yedam. But whatever is going on, it seems suspicious.” Seunghun looked frazzled and ran his fingers through his hair.
“What are you guys talking about?” Seunghun barked. Byounggon came forward and looked right at me and then the window.
He walked towards my bedroom window and flung it open, revealing a dark, empty street. Seunghun’s eyes widened. 
“No monsters.” Seunghun muttered. They all nodded. 
“No monsters? What? Has that ever happened?” I exclaimed. They all shook their heads. 
“Never. Sometimes there are less, but never zero. Until you showed up.” Hyunsuk said it casually, but I could feel the tension in his words.
Seunghun was about to jump in, but I could fight verbal battles myself. “Hey, don’t act like I made this happen. I’m just as confused as you are right now, and probably more since I have no idea why the fuck I’m here.” I barked, stepping closer to him. The boy came to meet me in the middle, but Jihoon stopped him.
“She’s right, we can’t blame each other. But besides all the monsters not being there, why were we all transported to this house?” 
I froze at his words. “W-what?” 
Byounggon nodded. “Yeah, I was sitting in my room, waiting for the Dark Hour and then I ended up here. Then I saw Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Junkyu, Yedam and Doyoung appear.” Seunghun brought his hand to his mouth to hide his gasp. 
“That’s never happened before. The most we have in one spot is 3 and even then it’s in the streets, not a house.” A boy I didn’t know explained. I noticed he was around the same height as Seunghun and had black hair. 
I looked around my home, but saw nothing different than the people in it. “Well if we’re all here, there’s gotta be a reason for it.” I set down my gun as I felt there was no threat and walked out of my room and into my living room, where the rest of the boys were called. I felt Seunghun appear by my side; he was still tense despite there being no threat. 
“What are you doing? He asked quickly. I scanned the entire room like a mad man and examined everything closely. “Y/N-” 
“This is my house. That means I know what it’s supposed to look like.” I hinted at him while walking deeper into the kitchen. 
Seunghun looked at me with a confused look until someone else spoke up. “She’s looking for a clue why we’re all here; if something is misplaced in her home, it might mean something.” A young boy with black hair spoke up. I nodded towards him and he gave me a small nod back. 
“Oh wow, good job, Doyoung.” Byounggon said patting his back. The younger boy nodded and looked serious once again. 
There was nothing different about the living room. I walked into my mom’s room, but I was rarely in her room, I didn’t know where what went. I searched and searched, but I didn’t know what I was looking for. 
I turned to leave the room. “Nothing?” Seunghun said sadly. I shook my head, but as I turned my head slightly, I saw something weird. My eyes widened in surprise and Seunghun caught notice of my expression. He gripped his gun and stepped to my side. “On guard.” The rest of the boys pulled out their respective weapons.
“She’s looking at a god damn strawberry recipes magazine, what’s wrong with that?” Hyunsuk spat. I glared at him and kept a hold on my gun.
“My mom is allergic to strawberries.” I stated loudly. The boys looked as uneasy as I felt. Why would she have a strawberry recipe magazine if she’s deathly allergic to strawberries?
I reached before the magazine, but before I could, the magazine started to move on it’s own. Seunghun stood in front of me, but I felt the urge to look at the magazine so I side stepped him. 
“Careful.” He whispered for only me to hear. I nodded slightly but I wasn’t paying attention to him. The magazine soon stopped on a page, making me anxious to read what it said. 
“Watch their backs.” A boy with dark black hair said. The boys nodded and followed his orders. Seunghun stepped closely to me and turned to me. 
“Together.” I caught the hint of his words. He took my hand and squeezed it, making me feel safe. Together, we walked slowly towards the magazine, unsure if it would make a sudden movement. 
Once we got close enough to read it, my heart dropped as I saw a page with no strawberries on it, but a small line written on it. I leaned down to read it.
The end is tomorrow. There are more of you. There are more of them. Use the girl, the normal one. 
Good luck, and don’t let the darkness take you. 
Shivers ran through up and down my spine. The girl, the normal one. I was the only normal girl in our group, meaning I was screwed. 
“What are you doing?” Seunghun asked softly. I looked up at him and raised my brows. “I’m reading the message.” I answered back slowly.
“Y/n, there’s nothing on that page.” Seunghun said quietly, almost like he didn’t believe his words. T
he boy who gave ordere earlier walked over and peered down at the magazine.
“Yedam, be careful.” Doyoung told him. Yedam glared at the boy, but looked at me curiously. “Seunghun is right, there’s nothing there.” 
I looked down at the page and saw the black writing very clearly. The rest of the boys were now huddled around the message. 
“There’s nothing.” A boy whose name I think was Junkyu, if I had remembered clearly. 
“Y/n, do you see something?” Seunghun asked me firmly, peering into my eyes. I felt all eyes on me and I grew nervous. I mustered up my courage and nodded. 
“Shit, this is so creepy.” Hyunsuk said while pacing around the room.
Seunghun didn’t move from his spot and continued, “What does it say?” 
I looked down at the pages and read them once more. “The end if tomorrow. There are more of you. Use the girl, the normal one. Good luck, and don’t let the darkness take you.” 
As soon as I said those words, the rest of the boys erupted into sighs and shivers. “Oh god, what is going on?” Junkyu wondered out loud while sitting on my mom’s bed. 
“Use the girl? What does y/n have to offer, no offense.” Jihoon said. 
“It doesn’t say what for. That’s all the message says.” I glanced over at the clock which wasn’t working. 
“We have one more minute before the Dark Hour is over." Doyoung announced.
No one had an answer for the confusing events, yet none of us could formulate a question. 
“Rest well today, it seems like we have a lot ahead of us tomorrow.” Seunghun announced while finally relaxing. 
Before anyone else could answer, I felt myself being pulled out of the Dark Hour and back into reality. I fell against my room wall and saw Seunghun standing firmly. I could see he was used to it and I wasn’t. 
Use the girl, the normal one. I see the message flash once more in my eyes, but I truly had no idea what it meant. I was a normal person, what did I have to offer? I was a nobody. 
“Are you ok?” Seunghun asked, concern laced in his voice. His hands went to cup my face and I nodded, dazed by the previous events and the intensity of his eyes. He pulled away, but I felt the urge to pull him back.
So I did. He grew surprised at my bold actions but let me pull him, even though I knew he was much stronger than I. “Are you going to be safe when you’re alone?” At my innocent words, he laughed loudly. 
“Y/n, I should be asking you that, I’ve been training since I was 10 years old for this.” 
“And how long ago was that?” I had never gotten his age, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. Seunghun gave me a small smile.
“It was 9 years ago.” I smiled widely. “So you’re 19.” Seunghun shook with laughter. 
“Wow, good math skills you have there.” He gently tapped my forehead with his knuckles. 
Our conversation came to a stop and my only focus was on his face that was so close to mine. My eyes flickered to his lips, wondering how good he was with them. His eyes were taunting, like he didn’t believe I would do anything. 
He was wrong.
Before I knew what I was doing, I pulled him close to me, closing the gap between our lips. He responded quickly, his arms wrapping around me in a matter of seconds. He kissed me softly at first, but then I felt him bite my bottom lip softly, making me melt against his body. My hand wandered under his shirt, feeling his toned upper body. He sighed at my touch. 
Somehow, I had pushed him onto my bed and I was now on top of him. At our scandalous position, he grabbed my waist and pulled me aside so that I was sitting on my bed. 
I felt cold without his masculine warmth, and I was also stunned at his actions.
Oh shit, what did I just do? How did I get so lost in my feelings that I thought I could get down with a Hunter? 
I guess my face of surprise and shock was obvious because Seunghun started to talk before I could. “Y/n, I’m sorry, it’s just we only met each other yesterday and I know you’re in a confused state right now.” He talked as if he was talking to a piece of glass, which I wasn’t. But I already was embarrassed enough.
He has probably met so many female Hunters who so much stronger and prettier than me. I want to smack myself silly.
“I know, yeah, you’re right, um, I’m like, frazzled whatever. My emotions are running high. Um...” I felt myself stutter out. I felt tears brimming at his rejection, but I knew I couldn’t force him to do anything.
“Y/n, it’s fine, I just, I don’t want to... right now at least.” The was every nice guy’s way of rejection. And I couldn’t even be mad at him.
“I’m sorry, it was my fault. Um, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye.” He didn’t make a move to leave.
“Y/n, I didn’t mean to hurt you-”
“Seunghun, I’m sorry, but can you just leave?” I asked quietly, unable to look him in the eyes. Seunghun nodded, and stood, sparing me one last glance before he left, leaving me to slap my face and think about what I had just done.
Even though I was hurt in the moment, Seunghun was right. I wasn’t in the right state of mind to be anything intimate with anyone. Of course I was attracted to him, I mean who wasn’t, but I was in for about the biggest fight of my life tomorrow. 
And so was he. 
“Y/n, you’re the biggest idiot I know.” 
❀ ❀ ❀
“Looking better today, y/n, did you finally get some sleep?” 
I was immediately greeted by Mashiho’s taunting tone. But I was too upset and stressed to fight back.
“Yup, slept like a baby.” I lied. I had listening to self-deprecating music before I went to bed and then cried myself to sleep from Seunghun’s rejection and the fate of other Hunters in the palm of my hand.
I tied my apron on peacefully and said nothing else to him. Mashiho peered at my face and squinted his eyes. “What are you doing, Mashiho?” He scooted away from me.
“You seem different today. What happened with that boy?” I rolled my eyes even though he was a partial reason to my mood. 
“Nothing happened, we were never a thing nor did anything happen between us.” I stated clearly. Mashiho tsked like he didn’t believe me. 
He then stopped and leaned against the corner of the shop. “Look, y/n, I know you have no friends. So if you ever wanna tell me what happened, I’ll listen.” I started to roll my eyes, but it was kinda true, I really had no close friends. I had acquaintances and whatever, but never a friend that I would talk to into the late hours of the night. 
I felt myself tear up at his words as no one had told me that they would listen to my concerns. “Oh my god, are you crying?” At Mashiho’s blunt statement, I started to cry harder. Surprisingly, he pulled me into a brotherly hug and patted the top of my head like a child.
“Tell me what happened.” He whispered. I wiped my eyes and tried to speak calmly. 
“I tried to sleep with him, but he pushed me away saying that we both weren’t ready and we both just met each other.” I conveniently left out the Hunter thing, but I guess it wasn’t too important. Mashiho pulled away from the hug to give me a judgy look.
“Well, I didn’t think you would be the first to make a move, but damn girl.” I laughed at his goody statement but pulled away from him to wipe my tears. “Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked softly. He gave me a soft smile and shrugged.
“I’m not that big of a dick to make fun of a girl crying.” He shrugged, but I could tell something else was bothering him. Soon, the clock hit 9, and it was time to work. “Go wash your face, I’ll be fine up here alone.” I nodded. As I turned away, I gave him one more hug which surprised him.
“Thank you.”
He crinkled his nose as I pulled away. “Don’t get too soft on me now.”
❀ ❀ ❀
Mashiho and I had closed early today as it was new years eve. 
“Happy new years, y/n, try not to jump any more guys while I’m gone.” I slapped him on the back of his head, but I laughed. 
“I promise. That was my first time and last time.” He waved me goodbye and we went out separate ways. I got in my car, but I realized I didn’t want to sit at home all day and wait for midnight. I felt myself being compelled to go to the library for some reason. And not the library near my house, but the one that was out of the town I was in. I drove 30 minutes to the vaguely familiar library I had only visited once or twice. I preferred the one near my house, but this library was giant and beautiful as well. 
As I walked in, a strange man approached me. “Are you y/n?” Out of instinct, I had nodded, but then I realized I shouldn’t have told him the truth. But too late.
He smiled and nodded towards one of those private rooms. “Great, your spot is being saved in there.” I thanked him, even though I felt suspicious to walk in.
I gathered my courage and opened the door. I was shocked at who I saw. 
“Oh wow, look who came late to the party.” 
❀ ❀ ❀
“H-hyunsuk?” The blonde boy nodded and twirled a knife in his hand. I gasped and shut the door quickly. “Why are you holding that?” 
As he moved out of the way, I saw all the Hunters that I saw last night here tonight. “Why are you all here? I thought you guys said you never saw each other in real life!” I exclaimed, tossing down my bag I brought to work each day. 
“We didn’t. Until now.” Doyoung informed.
“We all heard a voice in the back of our minds telling us to come here, that we needed to come here. So we did of course.” Yedam 
“And now you’re here, so it makes sense.” Junkyu said cheerfully. 
I looked around the room, staring at all the weapons. “Why did you guys bring those though?” I asked, worried that we would be arrested for bringing those in there.
“That’s what were going to ask you.” Seunghun informed, leaning forward in his chair. As he spoke, he made eyecontact with me that I awkwardly avoided. 
“Well, I have no...” I didn’t finish that sentence as I saw a message appear on the wall.
The Dark Hour is early tonight. It will begin at 5pm. Good luck.
“Y/n?” Doyoung asked, startled at my behavior. I then realized I was leaning forward on the chair and the rest of the boys had stood in confusion. I stood up and nodded.
“Just peachy. There’s a message on the wall and it reads ‘The Dark Hour is early tonight. It will begin at 5pm. Good luck’“ I restated.
The boys froze and checked the time. It was six minutes til 5. 
“What the fuck is going on? All of this is so confusing!” Hyunsuk muttered loudly. 
“No idea, but that means we have to prepare ourselves. Put on your uniforms.” All of a sudden, they started to strip and I caught a glimpse of Hyunsuk’s abs as he threw it off carelessly. Hyunsuk was sort of an asshole, but I couldn’t help but stare. 
Suddenly, a large body covered my line of vision. I peered up and saw Seunghun who was raised a brow at my red face. “What.” I whispered harshly. 
He then leaned in closer and shrugged. “Mine is better.” He randomly said, but I knew what he was talking about. 
“Well, I could’ve....” seen them last night. I didn’t finish my sentence. Girls always got shit from boys when they didn’t want to have sex, the least I could do was wait for Seunghun to be ready. Or be fine if he never wanted me like that. I had to respect that. “Nevermind I’m sorry.” I muttered quickly, stepping away from him.
Before I could leave, he pulled on my wrist gently, making me face him once more. “One day, y/n, when all of this is over.” He promised. Before my face could light on fire, I felt someone else approach me.
Byounggon plopped an outfit in my hands. “I know you didn’t bring one, so I thought of to bring an extra. I hope it fits.” I nodded in shock.
“Thank you.” I whispered gently. He gave me a fatherly smile and patted my head. “Don’t thank me, thank whoever gave me the urge to give me an extra.”
“Two more minutes!” Doyoung called out. I realized that they all had changed and were now waiting on me. I glared at them and did spinning movements.
“Can you guys like.. turn around?” The nodded respectfully and did as I told. I stripped quickly and slipped on the fitting uniform. It was a perfect fit. “Done!” I called out. They turned back and gathered at the small table.
“Do you think there will be other Hunters there? They said there will be more of ‘us’, whatever that refers to.” Jihoon asked curiously. No one answered.
“No clue. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” Yedam responded. All of a sudden, I felt the familiar pull, meaning this time I was transferring somewhere else. 
I landed on my ass, confused of my surroundings. “Get up!” Someone called out to me. I felt someone pull me up. It was Seunghun. 
I felt relief flood my body as I saw a familiar faces all around me. 
“Y/n!?” I heard a familiar voice say. I jumped back from Seunghun’s hold and turned around.
“MASHIHO!?” I exclaimed. His doe eyes narrowed at me.
“What are you doing here? Are you Hunter?” It was weird to see him in a tight fitting long sleeve and such edgy clothes when he had always worn preppy clothes. 
“Um, not really. It’s complicated.” I responded lamely. 
Another boy stepped forward. “She must be the the girl the message spoke about. The normal one.” 
Suddenly, they started to converse in an unfamiliar language I recognized as Japanese. 
“MASHI!” Suddenly, Junkyu appeared out of nowhere and tackled Mashiho in a hug. They hug was childish and passionate.
I looked to Seunghun. “Did you know he was a Hunter?” I asked accusingly. He shook his head. “I swear I’ve never met him. I’m usually transferred to the same spots so I probably never ran into him. But I know all his friends.” 
“That’s Yoshinori, Kotaro, Asahi, and Mahiro.” I waved to them awkwardly as they gave me awkward smiles. 
Suddenly, I heard a loud explosion outside. 
“Guards up!” Seunghun yelled as I reached for the gun in my holster. “Let’s jump down!” He then broke the window and started to jump out. 
My eyes widened as he just flew down to the ground from my second story. The rest of the boys followed him. 
I felt someone grab hold of me and carry me. “Hug my chest so we can fit through the window.” Mashiho said sternly. It seemed like everyone got a bit more serious in the dark hour. I did as he told and suddenly we were falling out of my window. I held onto him harder and Mashiho landed smoothly. “I’m never going to let you live this down.”
“Shut up.” I jumped off of him and took out my gun. 
There was nothing at first.
Then it came.
“A-are those humans?” I whispered to no one in particular.
Hundreds and hundreds of humans started piling towards us with blank eyes and dirty faces. Some had clothes, some did not; skin was falling off of them, dragging in the streets. 
I felt someone grab my face and pull me close to them. “S-seunghun-”
“Look at me. Those are not humans, those are zombies who will try and hurt you. They will use psychological warfare on you, they will tell you things that aren’t true. Do not fall for that, ok? Kill them as fast as you would kill a fly. Do you understand me?” I nodded hurriedly. He stared at me a little longer before pulling away. “Good.”
“Well, stop trying to make us jealous.” Hyunsuk teased by slapping Seunghun’s shoulder. 
“Look.” Doyoung said calmly. The zombies started to run faster and soon the battle had begun. The boys, who I had known to be funny and boyish, became fearless killers as their enemies came closer.
“Watch her please.” Seunghun pushed me back to Mashiho.
“Damn I’m stuck with the burden?” As zombies came running at the both of us, I held up my gun and shot five of them in the head. He stared at me with wide eyes.
“Such a burden.” I snapped.
The zombies kept going down, coming steadily at us until one latched onto me. I grew afraid as its droopy eyes and skinny body held onto my arm with a tight grip.
“Help me!” It called out. “Help, I hate it down there, it’s terrible and scary! I’m just a girl, please!” She called out to me. Her features still looked slightly human, making my heart hurt. “I swear I just want to live more!” 
“I-I’m sorry, I can’t.”
Suddenly, her eyes turned black as she lunged for me. I took out my gun and shot her in the head.
“Fuck.” I spat. 
Suddenly, all the zombies stopped coming, leaving the large group to stand there in silence. “Is that it?” Hyunsuk called out, sitting on the ground to rest.
Seunghun was still tense and held his knife in his holster. “Stay ready.” 
All of a sudden, a streetlamp turned on, revealing a man standing underneath the solely lit lamp. I gasped and instinctively stepped back. “What? What do you see?” Seunghun whispered in my ear.
I looked up at him with concern in my eyes. “Do you not see it?” I whispered.
“See what?” Jihoon asked, looking into the distance. I gulped and stepped out of Seunghun’s hold. 
“There’s a man over there. Underneath the streetlight. And the light is on too.” 
“Is he moving? Are any other lights on?” I shook my head at Byounggon’s rapid questions.
I started to walk towards the man until I felt a hand pull me back. “No, what if he’s dangerous.” I shook my head. “I need to do this. I feel it.” 
Thankfully, Seunghun let go of my hand. “Fine, but I’ll be behind you.” I nodded and we both started to walk towards him. I felt the tenseness of the dark air, but I felt like whoever the man is was important. 
“y/n.” He called out. “y/n, don’t be scared.” I expected Seunghun to pull me closer, but I remembered he couldn’t hear him. 
“What do you want?” I asked boldly. Seunghun then tensed and pulled out his gun. The man laughed. 
“Interesting.” He commented. “He’s gotten soft for you.” 
I glared at the man. He was tall, not taller than Seunghun, but tall. He had dark brown hair and had an average looking face. No sense of crime or anger in his eyes. 
“What do you want?” I demanded once more. 
He went silent for a moment, but looked me in the eyes. “It’s over. Congratulations. The Dark Hour is no more.” He confessed. My eyes widened in surprise. 
“What, why?”
He shrugged. “You humans have done well, Hell is now not as crowded as it used to be, there is no reason for me to keep letting creatures out.”
My head spun with all this information. “Why am I here then? Why call me when the fight as almost over?” I snapped. The man shook with laughter.
“Why do anything?”
My jaw dropped at his sarcastic remark. “Well, good that it’s over then. I’m not cut out for this.” 
The man looked at me sadly. “You were way better than you ever thought you would be. That is why only you can see me and none of them can.”
“Why can I see you and no one else can?”
Before he could finish his sentence, his body to fade. “I can’t give you all the answers, honey. That would be no fun.” 
He then tipped his head down as his body faded away. “Goodbye, y/n.” 
As he faded, I felt myself being pulled back into the real world.
❀ ❀ ❀
I woke up the next morning to my alarm. I sighed and shut it off, feeling a headache from the last night. 
The Dark Hour was no more, but I didn’t even get to tell all the guys before being pulled away. I wonder if they felt it too, I wonder if they knew. 
I shimmied into my clothes and got ready for another day at work. 
The bakery was empty, with only Mashiho swiping up the floor. “Hey, Mashi.” I teased as I walked into the shop. He raised a brow and chuckled awkwardly.
“How did you know that was my nickname? Only my mom calls me that.” Now I was the confused one. 
“What are you talking about, Junkyu called you that last night.” I reminded him as the large boy had run and basically flung Mashiho around. 
“Who’s Junkyu? And you and I weren’t together last night...” He walked towards me and placed his hand over my forehead. “Are you sick?”
My jaw dropped as he truly didn’t remember. 
What happened that night? Why does Mashiho not remember what happened? Did that mean no one remembered...
Does that mean Seunghun no longer knows who I am?
My heart dropped at the realization.
“Are you ok, y/n?” Mashiho asked with concern in his eyes. I nodded and turned the bakery sign to say open. 
“I guess I have to be.” 
As soon as the bakery sign was open, we heard someone enter. 
“Hi, welcome to Treasure Bakery, can I...” My voice faltered as I looked up from the register. He was wearing dark black pants with a white button up. His hair was messily combed through, like he had just woken up. 
He smiled widely at me, making my heart pound faster at his kind greeting. 
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jojosbizarreblog · 11 months ago
i didnt see where it would say if requests/headcanons are closed- but im sorry if they are and im being a idiot!! ERFGRKG i'd just like a 3taro x f reader where we are a bit self conscious and we don't feel like we deserve joots love, like maybe he's been distant/calling us a bitch (and i understand he doesnt always mean it but, anxiety check!)? i wanna see how he'd react... ((IS THIS THE RIGHT PLACE TO ASK?!?! IDK))
(You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to my inbox! We have cookies and dirt and lots of tear. My tears)
(P. S. For those who are reading, this fic does use female centered nouns and pronouns so do be aware of that! I usually try to stick to gender-neutral terms so this is just a heads up.)
At Fault (Jotaro x f!reader)
Jotaro doesn’t know that you’ve been own lately because of him. You two spend a moment to talk.
You flinched as Jotaro pushed past you, shoving you into the wall.
“Yare yare daze...” he said. “Walk faster, woman. Always so fucking slow.”
Sighing, you scanned the area in front of you. It wasn’t like you could help it, the marketplace you two were at was jam-packed with people going in all sorts of directions. You silently tailed Jotaro, not bothering to say anything to him.
Things have been tough lately, with all the Stand users attacking the group and the looming deadline on top of it. Of course, all these events would have eventually taken its toll on you. You just didn’t expect it to come so soon and like this. For the past few days, you’ve been feeling worse and worse, silent monsters picking at your insecurities, comparing yourself to the others. They were all such skilled fighters, and you felt useless and weak as the only female member of the group.
Not to mention, it seemed like Jotaro was being more cold than usual. When you two began dating, it was understood that he was not one to display any openness or emotions. But it wouldn’t have hurt him to be a little nicer to his girlfriend.
His distance and the Stand users were really beginning to wear you down, bring whispering voices that told you that you weren’t enough, that Jotaro would leave you. After all, why bother with such a weak, useless, girl?
These thoughts kept you occupied as you followed behind Jotaro, or... tried to, really. He was walking too quickly and was passing through the crowd effortlessly while you struggled in his wake.
You tried calling for him “H-hey Jotaro! Wait up!”
It was no use, the crowd was too noisy for him to hear you as they pushed you two apart. Bodies were crashing into you, the crowd threatening to swallow you whole. You couldn’t get past them. You couldn’t get past them.
Too much, too much, too much.
“Hey.” A familiar hand grabbed your own and pulled you aside into an empty alleyway.
The fog in your head began to clear and you rubbed at your eyes in an attempt to clear away the tears, even though you knew that Jotaro already saw them. “Sorry...” you apologized in a small voice.
“Sorry for what?” Jotaro asked, frowning at your tears.
“I’m sorry that you had to come after me... I’m sorry that you always have to protect me.” You didn’t look at him as tears started trailing down your face. Your apologies were halted when he pulled you closer to him. Resting your forehead on his chest you sniffed, trying not to let any more tears fall.
Jotaro rested his hand on your back. “Yare yare daze, why do you need to apologize for that?”
“I-It’s just that I feel so... useless and insignificant compared to you or any of the other Crusaders... Plus I thought you were getting annoyed with me since you’ve been so distant lately.”
You couldn’t see his reaction, but you felt his chest expel in a sigh and heard it above you. “That’s my fault then,” he said.
Surprise shot through you, and you tried to pick your head up, only for Jotaro to gently press it back. "Why is it your fault?” You asked him.
“I haven’t been annoyed or angry at you,” Jotaro said. “I’ve just been... a little tired, that’s all. I know it’s a shitty excuse but...” He grumbled something and tilted your head up to him. His aquamarine eyes gazed back at your own.
Slowly, slowly, your faces inched together until you felt his plush lips press against your own. Closing your eyes, you savored this moment between you two. You could understand the unsaid words that passed between you two. His love for you, the unspoken apologies, a promise that he would do better.
You two parted for air, looking at each other with stars-truck gazes. “Jotaro...” You breathed. “That was... wow.”
He averted his eyes, soft pink dusting his cheeks. “That was nice...” he murmured.
“Yeah, it was,” you agreed with a dopey smile on your face. Looking out of the alley, you saw that the crowd had lessened. “Should we get going before Joseph starts to panic?”
“Yeah,” he said. “Let’s go.”
Jotaro interlocked his fingers with yours and you followed him with a smile on your face.
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nahoyaglock · 7 months ago
karasuno x gn!reader, headcanons, fluff
A/N! im so sorry that this is so long hhh + reblogs are appreciated and feedback is too :D i also did not read this over so im sorry if it sucks and theres errors
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Daichi would walk home with you since you lived nearby him
and since it was the weekend he thought he would hang out with you at your place
you two would stop at a nearby convince store, spliting up and searching the aisles for some ramen and chips
you ran over to the chips aisle after grabbing the ramen and saw daichi grabbing multiple bags
he shot you a big smile and you just scoffed and playfully kicked his shin
"we dont need that many bags daichi!"
"of course we do babe"
you left with 4 bowls of instant ramen and 7 different bags of chips
Tumblr media
sugawara had planned this for a whole week
his sweet s/o had a hard week? prepare for some clingy bf sugawara and to be spoiled
he picked you up at 4pm to let you sleep in from staying up studying all night friday
once you arrived at the lake nearby his place, you saw the little picnic blanket
he had brought out a little speaker, playing some soft, relaxing tunes
you guys ate and talked, and even just watched the trees blow in the wind
you would hear a song you like, and you would pull sugawara to his feet to dance to the song
he would twirl you and at the end of the song he would dip you, kissing you softly
"thank you so much suga"
"anything for my sugar~"
Tumblr media
you were a very reckless person, and asahi loved that about you
he would always be by your side for all your adventures, but one day you decided to settle down
you invited asahi over to your small home, your parents out for the day
your small radio played some old tunes as asahi laid on your bed watching you tend to your plants or ramble on as you always did
you cuddled with him a for a few hours until you saw the orange rays come in through your window
"asahi! asahi watch the sunset with me!"
you shot out of bed and pulled your large boyfriend after you
you opened your window and sat on the window sill, swinging your legs around to the other side
being on a second floor, you started asahi
"Hey, be careful"
"get your big ass over here!"
he followed after you, sitting next to you and wrapped an arm around you as the two of you watched the sun set
Tumblr media
fools. you are a pair of reckless fools
tanaka had proposed the idea of a late night hang out
you being just as wild you agreed, and thats how you found yourself with tanaka running around at night, nearly 1am
on your adventure, you found a shopping cart knocked onto its side, you and tanakas eyes meeting with a devious smirk
next thing you knew, tanaka had turned on his speaker and shuffled his spotify playlist as you climbed into the cart
"awe, i wanted you to push me!"
"slow poke! now push!"
he pushed you, running while you two shouted and laughed into the night, doja cat and NIKI playing on his speaker
i just know this mans is a doja cat fan
Tumblr media
nishinoya was a very energetic and fun person, and you were as well, but you just weren't as reckless
as you two walked down the road to your house, nishinoya rambled on and on about practice and his day
you didnt mind, being way less talkative than him, you liked to listen to him
he suddenly jumped into the air, a big happy and excited smile on his face as you could practically see a light buld above his head
"can we take a picture?"
"whats the catch?"
"okay okay, what if we do a handstand!"
you giggled at his request and he looked at you with hopeful eyes
"yes, but if i get hurt your gonna give me a piggy back!"
he sets up his camera against his school bag and sets the timer, running back to where you were
"okay okay, GO!"
you both did a handstand and held it until the timer went off and his phone clicked
Tumblr media
hinata loved going anywhere with you, as long as you were by his side he was already having so much fun
one day you asked him if he wanted to go to the beach, and he practically shouted in excitement
the next day, saturday, you two left in the morning to take a bus to the nearest beach, and hinata brought his bike
when you guys arrived he walked around with his bike as you ran around slightly ahead oh him in the sad
hinata had to watch over his bike so we couldn't run around with you, but then he got an idea
"hey, do you wanna go on a ride along the shore?"
"OH. MY. GOD. YES!!"
he hopped into his bike and you climbed onto the back, and you two ride along the shore at a decently quick pace
the air in your face made you feel free and you lifted your arms up, closing your eyes as you let the air hit you
hinata would take a quick glance back, but it was just long enough to see the beautiful look on your face that made him smile
Tumblr media
even though tsukishima was cold to everyone else, he was slightly less cold towards you, and hed never admit it but you made him soft
i hc tsukishima secretly being a soft boy who enjoys relaxing and reading in his alone time, sometimes even with you
one day you come over to surprise your boyfriend, his brother opening the door for you as you greeted him and his mother.
you made your way to his room and turned the door nob
"oh tsukki!"
you opened the door and saw your boyfriend laying in a pair of yellow and black plaid pajama pants and a navy green sweater, reading as some music played on his speaker
he groaned and closed his book as you walked over to his bed and jumped into his arm
"you had to come over today? you didnt even tell me."
"i like seeing tsukishima kei in his natural habitat"
you pulled a book out of your bag, one that you and tsukishima read together often and he pulled you into his lap and opened to where you had last read
the orange rays of the sun filled his room as you two read the book, soon falling asleep in each others presence
Tumblr media
constantly everyday, this boy was trying to find a way to let you into his life or show his appreciation with more than just holding your hand
one day you guys were chilling on the grass infront of his home, his mothers music playing through the living room window, loud enough for you to hear
the sun was starting to set and a slightly blue hue painted the surroundings
"hey, do you dance?"
you were a bit shocked by that question since you were usually the one to ask random questions like that
"im not that good at it but sure, why?"
kageyama stood up and held out his hand
"may i have this dance?"
you laughed at his question and took his hand, pulling yourself up
"yes you may~"
kageyamas hand rested on your hip, your hand on his shoulder and your other hands were connected at your sides
you guys slow danced, mimicking a waltz, stepping on each others shoes occasionally
kageyamas cheeks were red the whole time as he twirled you and connected his hands with both of yours
he pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and you stared up in awe as your boyfriend shot a wide smile at you, one that you havent seen before
"y-your smiling!"
"what did you do to kageyama!"
"i am kageyama!"
Tumblr media
you and yamaguchi loved to be together, bestfriends and lovers, tsukishima falling victim to third wheeling, not as if he cared much tho
yamaguchi loves flowers almost as much as you do, so when he found this small flower field a few miles past his house he knew he had to take you there
you and yamaguchi walked hand snd hand to this "surprise" place he wanted you to see
when you were close, he covered your eyes and led you past the trees and rocks, placing you in the middle of the large flower field
"ready annnnndd.. open!"
you opened your eyes and froze in awe at the colorful flowers that dotted the field
you turned to your boyfriend and wrapped your arms around his neck, tackling him to the floor
he winced softly as you whispered apologized and peppered his cheek in kisses and he just laughed
"I love you too y/n"
he turned to his side and plucked a daisy, smiling softly as he turned back to face you
he pushed some hair back behind your ear and placed the flower behind your ear, smiling widely as his cheeks turned a slight shade of pink
"i think you're the prettiest flower in the WHOOOOLE world!"
he placed soft kisses to your lips as you laid in the middle of the flower field
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lgbtyrus · 2 years ago
When TJ Was
Post breakup Tarty (yes, TJ and Marty) fic inspired by @christmacks ‘s beautiful moodboard
Obviously loads of angst + not a happy ending c:
Words: 2,899
Marty’s POV
When TJ Kippen was just another popular jock, he came up to me one time during history. He got a chair, put it in front of my desk, and sat down, staring at me like a cat watching a mouse run into a corner (only I was placed into that corner). I looked up and scanned the class- it was barely starting to fill in. The kid that usually sat in front of me walked back out when his eyes landed on TJ. I gulped and turned back, catching TJ’s green gaze. He didn’t have a smile or anything; he wasn’t even frowning. He was just looking at me. I felt my cheeks getting redder by the second, and I closed my mouth when I realized it had fallen open the very second he appeared in front of me. 
For the very first time in the history of the world, he talked to me and he asked, “Do you know Buffy Driscoll pretty well?” My heart shrank, and I was already cowering in his overpowering shadow, trying to hide from his gaze. His eyes get that sparkle like Buffy’s- that’s how I knew he just wanted something from me.
I made the mistake of saying, “I actually do.” More kids were sitting down, and TJ shifted his eyes from side to side, watching people around us take their seats.
“You should go to the bowling alley around seven tonight. Me and my basketball friends will be there,” TJ said, already getting up.
He slid the chair back to its original place as I meekly said, “Catch you there.” He was already gone, unable to catch my basketball pun.
When TJ Kippen was still callous, I went bowling with him and some of his friends. I recognized them from practice. A couple of them told me that I was their pick if Buffy hadn’t made it. I was waiting for TJ to compliment me, but he didn’t. He just sat there silently, watching the lights on the ceiling. One of them was flickering, the age of Shadyside’s bowling alley shining through. It was a weird place to hang out on a Thursday night, and my mom almost didn’t let me come. I guess my moping around from the entire Buffy “breakup” convinced her at the end. It’s not everyday TJ Kippen invites you to hang out with him and his friends (I also needed to distract myself from the entire Buffy thing (but that’s also a lie because I knew TJ just wanted me here to get dirt on her)).
I beat TJ and them at bowling, but I only cared about beating TJ. If he didn’t notice me without Buffy tied to me, he did now. All his friends gave me loud congratulations, and I felt that if I had made the basketball team, we would’ve worked well together. TJ simply passed me by and tapped my chest, saying a quick, “Good game.”
We sat down to eat the pizza we ordered, and I was right next to TJ on the booth. His elbow bumped into my arm a couple of times, but he never apologized. He was eerily similar to Buffy, the pile of napkins wasted on building up by the minute.
“So, you know Buffy pretty well?” he asked me. I couldn’t what he was thinking. The other boys were in the middle of their own conversations, so it was like if I was blown into a bubble with just TJ.
“I thought I did,” I told him.
“You dated?”
“No,” I quickly shook my head, “it’s complicated.”
I swear on everything TJ rolled his eyes and muttered, “Heteros.”
“Nothing,” TJ said simply, taking a bite out of his pizza. I sat there silently, hearing him chew, the chatter and laughter of the other boys growing louder. “Do happen to know any of her weaknesses?”
“Her ego,” I said without thinking. I immediately regretted it, though, and I admit that was the shittiest thing I could’ve done.
“She’s okay, I guess.”
“She’s incredible,” I told him.
He never asked me about Buffy again. I guess he knew I didn’t have anything useful. His ego was his weakness, too.
When TJ was still a complete bitch, I assumed I would never talk to him or the rest of the team ever again. He didn’t say hi to me when I passed him in the halls or when I saw him in class. He didn’t even follow me back on Instagram (I liked to think he just hadn’t logged on because his profile was set to public). I went back to my usual friend group- back to moping about Buffy and admiring TJ from afar.
Then one day he stopped me after school in the hall. He had the other boys around him. They followed him like little dogs. I know TJ knows how much power he has in this middle school, and I never liked that about him. I was easily just another dog to him.
“We’re going to the movies tonight,” he said so casually, making me swallow my spit in nervousness. He knew he was making me nervous, and he leveled out his back, making him look taller. I had to stop myself from taking a step back. “Want to come?”
“Sure,” I barely manage to choke out without cracking my voice. “I’ll meet you guys there.” Without saying anything else, TJ simply nodded and walked away, the rest of the guys giving me fist bumps as they walked past me.
That’s the day I started hanging out with them, almost as if I was apart of the team. One of the boys put me in their group chat, and I’d go everywhere with them. My mom didn’t really like them. It was something in her gut, I think. It’s like she knew that they would manage to hurt me.
Well, TJ would.
He always made me nervous, had me sitting at the edge of my seat. He was scary even when he wasn’t trying to be.
But sometimes, in rare moments, TJ would lay back on a tree while we’d toss rocks in the lake we always went to. He’d close his eyes, and he had a small smile on his face. TJ Kippen was a photosynthesizing plant- harmless.
One time I sat down near him in a patch of grass while everyone else jumped in the lake at 2AM. I told them that I didn’t want to get sick, so I stayed out. TJ was shivering under a towel after quickly getting out. He didn’t like the water as much as the other boys who were playing volleyball in there.  I stared at him, wondering if he was cold and if he was going to get sick. It was like he could hear my heartbeat race when I heard myself think that he was really handsome.
He opened his eyes and they bored through me. It was dark outside, so I knew he couldn’t possibly see that I was blushing. It didn’t mean I wasn’t embarrassed.
Do I like boys, too?
“You cold?” he asked me. My teeth were chattering, so I couldn’t tell him no. I simply nodded my head a little. He reached over for his backpack and took out an extra hoodie. He tossed it to me, and I put on over my thin long sleeve.
“Thank you,” I told him, shoving my hands into the hoodie’s pocket. He let out a low grunt which was the closest I’d get to a thank you. “Do you ever smile?”
“I do,” he rolled his eyes. “There’s no reason to, though.”
“You’ve ever caught a mouse?”
TJ was confused, “What?”
“Have you ever caught a mouse?” I asked again.
“What are you saying, Marty?”
“I’m asking you if you’ve ever caught a mouse,” I grinned.
“I have not. My cat has, though. Like, five times.”
“What’s your cat’s name?”
“Were you proud of him?”
“I hate him,” he said, wrapping the towel closer to his bare chest. I rolled my eyes. He was impossible.
We stayed silent for a good five minutes, splashing and distant laughter the only thing filling the lake area. My curfew was three hours ago, and I knew I was going to get in trouble. But I wanted to stay. I wanted to look at TJ a little longer that night, basking in the scent of his hoodie.
“Aren’t you cold?” I turned to ask him.
“I’m fine,” he said. “I have another hoodie so don’t worry about me.”
“How do you know I’m worry about you?” I smirked.
Then he smiled, “The way you look at me.”
I slept in his hoodie for an entire week until it stopped smelling like him. I washed it and put it on his desk before class started. He didn’t tell me thank you or anything; he didn’t even look at me. He just shoved it in his duffel bag and went on with his day, not knowing he was the main thought in my head all day.
When TJ Kippen was a handsome jerk, he sent me a selfie on Instagram (he finally followed me back) of him wearing the gray hoodie I basically lived in for a week.
The selfie was caption: It still smells like you. He was outside in the selfie, possibly on the roof of his house. It was golden hour, and his eyes were stunning, making me hold my breath for a little longer than intended. I bit my tongue, trying not to screenshot.
Is he flirting? I asked myself.
What do I smell like? I asked him, in a selfie where I covered my face with a peace sign.
I stuck a rose to his locker the next day. He didn’t ask me about it, but I know he knew it was from me. I know he smiled when he saw it.
When TJ Kippen was still an asshole, he let me reach for his fingers while we sat in the back corner of the movie theatre- just us two (everyone else was busy, and we both really wanted to see this horror movie). I went straight for this ring he always wore, and I picked at the engravings with the edge of my cut fingernail. He slipped his ring off his finger and slid it on mine, held my hand for a little longer, and then put it back down. I kept his ring on for the rest of the movie, feeling the engravings I couldn’t read with my thumb and index finger.
When we got out, we started walking home. He lived two streets down from me and Shadyside wasn’t exactly dangerous. “I’m tired,” he mentioned. It was kind of funny for some reason. TJ Kippen? Tired? He was like a sea sponge, just existing and affecting organisms around him. I forgot he could feel at all.
“Hi, tired. I’m Marty,” I laughed, getting a playful shove from him.
“How funny,” he let out a mock laugh. I reached over quickly and swiped his hat off his head and slid on top of mine, quickly running down the street. “Marty!” he groaned, chasing after me. I was no basketball star like him, but I was still a track star. I slowed down a little after a minute, letting him catch up. I felt bad for him- almost. I really liked beating him.
Then he jumped on my back, my legs almost buckling down below me as he wrapped an arm around my neck. I quickly hooked my arms around his legs and took a few steps forward, trying to get my balance and planting my feet on the floor.
“A warning would’ve been beautiful,” I joked, standing up straight and continuing our trail.
“I’m surprised you can take my weight,” he teased me, wrapping his other arm around me. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he had a stupid smirk on his face.
“You’re not exactly full of muscle,” I told him.
“You are?”
“Yes, I am.”
“I thought runners didn’t have muscle.”
“I still work out,” I reminded him.
“I guess.”
We walked quietly. I pretended that I was going to drop him about twice, pissing him off. I liked doing it because he’d let out a hissed Marty that made him sound like a little kid. It was cute.
“What time do you have to be home?” TJ asked me as we got closer to his place.
“Like in two hours, why?” I asked him.
“Do you want to hang out at my house for a bit?” he asked. He sounded so casual, but TJ Kippen always had a plan. He knew he had me at his disposal, and he probably had that sparkle in his eye at that moment.
When TJ was still a fuck boy, I let him kiss me. Not once, not twice, but countless times. The first kiss was in his bedroom (he had the rose I gave him taped to the door) a week after the movie theatre “date.” We were under a blanket fort in his room, watching a movie on his laptop. I had my head on his lap, and he was running his fingers through my hair. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, though. He was confusing and hard to decipher. He was still cold at school, and he carried distant look in his eyes most of the time. But for some crazy reason, I wanted to make him the happiest boy alive.
Then the  blanket fort fell on us, making TJ bust out laughing. It was the most incredible sound to me, making my head dizzy as if I were living in a day dream. We both sat up, struggling through the thick sheets to find the surface. He looked at me and he smiled, probably laughing at how messed up my hair was from the combination of his fingers and the friction of the blankets.
“Yes, TJ?” I smiled, running my fingers through my hair, trying to get it out of my forehead. “Am I too cute right now?”
Then my heart stopped for a second as he said, “Maybe.”
Without thinking, I asked, “What do you plan to do about it?”
“This,” he said before leaning forward and pulling me by the shoulders towards his face, pressing his lips on mine. I kissed him back, and I knew that that was one of the things I wanted from TJ Kippen. It was one of the few things I’d ever get from him.
When TJ was everything, and I was nothing, I knew what was coming. I knew he was going to shatter my heart, but I still let him tear me apart, starting with the skin of my bottom lip.
We didn’t talk about each other’s days, but we sometimes had light banter where we’d make fun of straight people. Sometimes he complained about things that worried him, and I’d reassure him, but he never looked like he cared that I was there. We never had personal conversations, but we held hands. He let me borrow his rings (he had a lot of them) and his hoodies, and I felt special in those moments when he’d nod in approval before showering me in kisses. I sometimes made him laugh hard, but I mostly ran my fingers through his hair, messing up his hair gel. He started wearing less of it on the days I was planning on going over, and I thought that meant I was special to him.
I don’t think I was anything to him, really.
I was just Marty, his friend that he sometimes made out with and giggled with in between tangled legs and blankets, in between boring movie scenes. Although “just friends” don’t look at each other the way we looked at each other.
I was still the mouse, under the supervision of the cat’s green eyes, vulnerable and dying.
When TJ was just a cold-hearted boy, he tossed me to the side. He cut me off, taking back his rings and sweaters one day and never letting me borrow them again (I’m pretty sure he fed Macaroni the rose that was withering on his door). He stopped inviting me over to his house on the excuse that he had to study for math. I never knew he had dyscalculia until Buffy told me months later. I wanted him to open up to me and to let me come to him with my issues, but I guess that’s not what he wanted me for- if he ever wanted me at all, that is.
I cornered him one time after school. He was alone; a cat without his gang. I was still the mouse, and he stood taller over me. My voice squeaked as I resisted the temptation to tiptoe and kiss him when I asked him why he stopped talking to me.
“I had to stop it before it got worse,” he said, staring down at his sneakers. “I’m sorry if I hurt you,” he apologized, walking away with my heart in between his teeth.
I didn’t even know it was bad.
Now TJ is with Cyrus, and I hear that he’s kind, thoughtful, and sweet. He’s everything I wanted him to be (he’s just not with me).
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allegra-writes · 3 months ago
i have a drummer tom request, so him and the reader are on a date and he’s trying to show off how cool he is with his drums and ends up hitting himself with the stick and is all embarrassed
Jae, baby, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU FOR THIS (I mean, I already love you in general but, you know what I mean)💖💖💖💖
Worst Date Ever
Tumblr media
It was the worst date ever. Simple as that. Tom could tell that, despite your polite, tight smile, you were zoning out, completely bored by his story. Apparently you were as unimpressed with Justin Bieber's parties as you were with his car, his watch, the freaking restaurant he had chosen...
It wasn't that you were stuck up or rude, it was just he didn't get any reaction when he showed up to pick you up in his Jaguar, or when he walked you into the french restaurant. No sparkling eyes, no gasp, no satisfied smile, nothing.
He turned up the charm, smirking as he told the punch line of his anecdote, while you were trying not to yawn into your clafoutis (tiny, as all the other servings you had had that night)
"So, there we were, drunk out of our asses, Haz and Justin hugging each other while screaming their lungs out to Bon Jovi, Harry documenting the whole thing with a super 8 camera, so wasted he didn't realize it was just a prop, and of course Jason was so far gone he couldn't even speak, but he has a habit of not talking a lot so we didn't even notice..." You didnt even knew how, but Tom had produced a drumstick from somewhere and was twirling it between his fingers as he went on, totally oblivious to the fact you had stopped listening ten minutes ago.
Undistracted by his words, you saw what was going to happen before your date did.
You watched, as in slow motion, as the stick slipped from his grasp, still spinning, flying up thanks to inertia, the butt hitting Tom right on the nose. Hard.
Tom clutch at his nose, feeling the sting of tears already burning his eyes, both of pain and humiliation. He didn't want to risk looking your way, knowing you would surely be-
There was a feeble attempt at covering it with a cough, before another, even louder snort escaped your mouth.
And then you were laughing. Heartily, childishly, doubling over, tears in your eyes, and you realized you were being so so rude but you just. Couldn't. Stop.
Tom brace himself, waiting for the wave of embarrassment to finally wash over him... But it never came.
There was no malice in your laughter, nothing but pure, unencumbered joy in your flushed face and in a sudden moment of clarity, Tom understood he would do anything, butt himself in the face with his drumsticks, a tennis racket, the freaking table in front of him, If it meant he could hear that laugh again.
You were wheezing for air,
"I'm so-sorry. I'm not laughing at you, I promise" Tom raised an eyebrow at that, "Ok, ok, I am, It's just-... I'm sorry, It's just too FUNNY" You exploded in giggles again, hand flying to your mouth, trying desperately to get yourself under control.
"It's ok. It was funny" Tom agreed, smiling through the pain. Which wasn't incredibly hard, your laugh was very contagious, "I'm actually proud of myself right now, I finally got you to smile after trying to impress you all night..."
That sobbered you up,
"What? Why would you try to impress me? I alredy agreed to a date with you, didn't I?"
"Well, to get a second date, of course" He was being honest, he knew you weren't going home with him. And for the first time in his life, he didn't care.
"No offence, Tom, but don't be stupid. I don't want you to impress me, I want to get to know you"
Smiling, he grabbed the hand you were extending towards him on the table,
"Well, in that case... Wanna go to the pub for a burger? I'm starving"
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bakugotrashpanda · a year ago
Valentine’s Day Fic: No Gifts
Bakugou x Reader
A/N: this was supposed to be up yesterday but I was driving for 7 hoursalso semi spicy at the end
Bakugou held out a box for you impatiently. You stared at the medium sized package and blinked at your boyfriend.
“What’s this?” you asked.
“A Valentine’s Day present,” he scowled as if you should know what day it was. Bakugou didn’t go out of his way to get your gifts often. “Are you going to take it or not?” He waved the box, still waiting for you to take it.
“I-Katsuki I thought we said no gifts?” you said, confused. Maybe you had misheard him when the two of you talked about it? If so, then you were in deep shit and had to go find something quickly for him.
“Yeah.” Bakugou shrugged, “And then I saw this and it made me think of you.”
“I can’t accept it?” You shook your head and crossed your arms. You didn’t have anything in return for him. Crimson eyes narrowed in displeasure.
“And why the fuck not?” he growled.
“Because I didnt get you anything! Not even a card!” you protested. It wouldn’t be fair of you to take a gift and not have something for him in return.
“Just take the damn gift.” Bakugou sighed and held the box out to you again.
“No!” You all but stomped your foot. Why didn’t he understand that you weren’t going to open it?
“Take it!” he demanded.
“Katsuki Bakugou, I’m not going to take your gift!” That time you did stomp your foot. Bakugou raises his eyebrow, amused at your outburst.
“Fine then I’ll open it and leave it on the bed since you’re being such an ass.” You stomped out of the bedroom and grabbed your wallet. If he was going to make you accept it, then you would go get something that he simply couldn’t refuse.
When you came back from the store, gift securely hidden, you ignored Bakugou who was sitting on the couch watching the news. Alone in the bedroom, you saw a stuffed animal sitting on the bed. It was a round panda with tiny nub arms and legs. You picked it up and hugged it before walking back to the living room. Bakugou pointedly ignored you until you walked directly in his line of vision. A small smirk played at his lips.
“This made you think of me?” you asked in a small voice. You still held onto the panda.
“Yeah.” he replied gruffly, “We passed a store that had it on display a couple months ago and you would not stop talking about it. I walked past it the other day and saw it again, so I got it.” You remembered that store. It had random knickknacks including the stuffed animals. You had made an offhand comment on how cute it was- ‘would not stop talking about it’ was a bit of an exaggeration. The fact that he had remembered after all this time and went out of his way to get it (you knew that he didn’t just happen to pass by the store again, he obviously set out with every intent to go back to that particular store and buy it for you) made you smile.
“Thank you,” you said and plopped down next to him on the couch. You stared up into his eyes as he tried to ignore you and placed a kiss on his cheek, “will you stop being mad at me?” A full-on smirk took over his features now.
“I was never mad at you, I wanted you to take the gift. You did. I win.”
“You’re an ass,” you laughed. Bakugou reaches over and pulled you into his lap. His hands worked down your back and caressed your butt. “But I got you something too. I don’t expect you to use it, but I wanted to make my intentions clear.” You reached into your back pocket and pulled out a foil packet. You slid it into his hand still on your ass. He brought it around and looked at the condom in his hand. Bakugou looked at you with lust filled eyes.
“Ready to continue celebrating?” he asked and hoisted you up. You wrapped your legs around his hips and let out a help as he carried you back to the bedroom.
Tumblr media
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tomhollandsgirlfriend · 11 months ago
Could you maybe write something where mob Tom finds out that his wife is pregnant ? Thank you 💕 and I love your blog!
You always told yourself that whenever you get pregnant you would try to keep it a secret and surprise Tom, it sounds cheesy and stupid but to you it was a big deal, it would be yours and Tom’s first kid.
Truth be told, you were at first a little nervous about one of the most dangerous mobsters being a father to your kid and how dangerous it really was but, you knew that he was the love of your life and he had a good heart that he would love your kid to no end with, he was always made to be a family man. No one could ever love your future kid that way he would
Tom was having a meeting in his office as he always did every week, you usually never entered the room during meetings even though Tom always told you that you were welcome to go anywhere since this was your home too.
But today you felt a little more bored and lonely, the nausea wasn’t making you feel any better either, despite that, you tried your best to find ways to keep yourself occupied. Though eventually you did finally decide to go find your husband
Slowly pushing open the doors you quietly tried to make your way over to Tom who sat at the very end on the large wooden table, everyone went silent for a moment as you entered the room, keeping your eyes on you before Tom caught their eyes giving them a glare to which everyone quickly looked away
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt anything” you whispered softly sitting down in Tom’s lap, his arms instinctively going around your waist.
“I was just getting bored waiting for you”
“No matter darling, we're just finishing up” he pressed a soft kiss to your cheek making you smile before he looked back at the men raising his brow slightly, with that everyone at the table quickly and quietly collected their things before filing out of the room without a word.
As soon as the room was empty Tom swiveled in his chair and sat you up in his lap comfortably, his soft smile now appearing as he looked at you
“Remember that big opportunity I was talking about, love? You know the deal that could make my business even bigger?” You nodded eagerly listening to his every word, already feeling better in his presence
“Well, I just closed the deal! Soo” he leaned in kissing you softly with a grin and picked you up setting you down on the table, “I thought we should celebrate”
You tilted your head slightly as you watched him stand up and take a bottle of white wine out of the mini fridge along with two glasses
“Oh, I’m very happy for you tommy and I’m so proud of you, believe me but uh I can’t have any.. of that” you paused smiling sheepishly
He raises his one messy brow looking at you carefully, “But it’s your favorite, I had it specially delivered for you” he practically whined
His whine and puppy eyes have always gotten him to get whatever he wanted from you and he knew that, you shook your head looking away from him to avoid his eyes
“I know and I appreciate it but I just-“
He placed the back of his hand to your forehead cutting you off as you looked at his worried eyes, he only used that look with you. The look of worry and adoration we’re the soft side of him only you knew about you and it melted your heart every time. You knew for sure that’s the way he would be looking at your baby
“You sure you’re feeling okay princess? You feel a bit warm, are you sick?”
“Okay okay.. I’m actually pregnant” you blurted out hiding your face in your hands, a bundle on nerves knotted in your stomach as you worried if this was the right time or place to say this
“W-what?” He stuttered falling back into his chair
You peaked out from your hands looking at Tom’s face as he stared at the ground, “I’m so sorry I didnt want to tell you like this and I wanted it to be this big surprise but it kind of just came out, and I was so happy when I found out I wanted you to be happy too” you rambled taking a deep breath before feeling Tom’s familiar lips crash into your with a heated kiss
Stumbling back slightly in surprise you stared at him for a moment and smiled into the kiss leaning into his embrace
“I am happy, I’m so happy my love. First you made me the happiest man on earth by letting me be your husband and now you’re making me the happiest man again for making me the father of our child” he grinned wide with tears in his eyes as he pulled away looking at you with the softest and most nurturing eyes you'd ever seen before in a man
“Oh Tom” you laugh softly wiping away the tears on your face that you didn’t realize were already staining your cheek, pulling him into another kiss you smiled placing his hands on your stomach without letting your lips leave his. “You’ll make an amazing dad”
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Please for me~ Sweet Pea
Requested:Can I get a Sweet Pea imagine? Where the reader is Archie’s sister and she’s dating SP. Reggie flirts a lot with her. During the bulldog and Serpent fight she tries to stop it. Archie and Reggie yell at her to move. SP pulls her away, kisses her forehead, and makes Fangs out her somewhere safe. Fight starts after that. When she goes to leave with SP, Archie says she can’t return home. She leaves anyway. You can choose the ending @princess-of-the-fandoms hope you like it
"Come on y/n you have to come everyone is coming. You can even bring your mans y/n" cheryl said as she closed your locker and you look over at cheryl. "Fine ill go" cheryl began clapping and hugged you "thank you y/n" she said kissing your cheek and having to leave to get to class you reopened your locker putting a couple books back and picking up your history book.
"I heard your going to blossoms party" you closed your locker and heard a familar voice. "What concern is it to you mantle" you said walking away. "I wanna show off my girl" reggie said as he began walking towards you. You stopped "reggie i am not your girl and i will never be your girl so why dont you leave." You began walking off to class "well see y/n" as reggie winked and went off to find his football friends and the rest of your day was peaceful. You were mostly with cheryl and helping her plan for the party.
{To Sweets🐍💚: I know you hate being on the northside but cheryl is having a party and i told her we would go.}
You waited for a reply you figured Sp was busy so you drove home and got ready you had this beautiful black dress that really showed off your curves. You and cheryl picked it out the other weekend when you both went shopping. You laid it out on the bed and went to go shower and started doing your hair. Blowdrying and beginning to curl your hair when you heard you phone go off
{Sweets🐍💚: Cant go have sorry babe have stuff here with the serpents ill let you know when im done love you😘❤}
You finished getting ready curling your hair you went through all this trouble and just because Sp wasnt coming doesnt mean you shouldnt go. You put on your dress and threw your hair back and put on the snake necklace Pea gave you on your year anniversary. You headed out and got to cheryls "y/nn you made it you look stunning as always" she said grabbing your hand and went towards the bar counter. "I see your serpent didnt come" she said as you two sat down "he said he was busy with the serpents as usual" you said kinda sad he didnt show up. "Since when does y/n get all gloomy because of a guy go enjoy yourself have a drink. You need it" she poured you a drink and left. You sat and drunk your drink. You didnt know but reggie sat next to you. "Rough night princess" you looked over and saw reggie As he chugged his beer "and dont lie to me y/n i can read you like a book something is bothering you" you looked over and saw a side of him you arent used to. "Arent you just here to flirt and walk off like you usually do" his face kinda dropped as you continued drinking. "Y/n believe it or not i care for you. Im a person there is more than just flirting to me. I can be the most caring person you met and i can be the person you go to when you need something you just have to let me" reggie said looking serious and you believed him. You knew everyone has two sides and knew reggie deep down was a good person.
You told him everything going on if someone told you. One day you would trust and actually become close friends that night you wouldve laughed in their face. But you and reggie grew close that night. You told him alot somethings you never told anyone else but because you trusted Reggie. You both moved from the bar and sat outside on the swing. You two talked for what seemed like hours. You laughed and cried it was nice to see this side of reggie.
Sweets pov
"You better not do anything stupid you got me we are trying to avoid conflict" Toni said as she had me by the arm. "And if they initiate conflict what are we gonna do" i said pushing her off my arm. "Its simple we fight back that's it now if you are done trying to fight people go find your girl shes probably pissed at you." Toni said as she walked off. I picked up my jacket and my keys to my bike and headed out to the northside. The first place i went was the party y/n was talking about.
I walked up to find cheryl "look who it is snakeboy did show up after all" i eyed cheryl and looked around the room " Im not here for you Cheryl is she here or not" cheryl looked around "why do you care honestly she would be better off without you. You dont care for her. Anyway shes out back." I started walking off to find y/n as i got grabbed by cheryl "you hurt my best friend youll get whats coming to you snakeboy" after she let go i continued walking out and heard a familar laugh
She was laying on someones shoulder laughing and talking with them. I turned around and i left "find something you dont like serpent" cheryl said drinking wine leaning against the wall. I kept walking and i got on my bike and left.
Y/n pov
You checked your phone "damn uh reggie can you drive me home" you said standing up with reggie standing up after you. "Yea no problem its on my way back to my house anyway." He said walking to his truck and you followed you both got in "thanks for tonight reggie for being there and talking to me i saw a different side of you Reg." He pulled up to your house. "Thanks again Reggie" you said opening up the door "Anytime y/n" you closed the door and walked up to your house. You went upstairs changed out your dress into a pair of sweats and sweets shirt.
{Sweets🐍💚: Hope you had a goodnight}
You climbed into bed and started going to sleep when your phone started going off and you were getting alot of text messages.
{Fangs🐍🕶: y/n we need you down here Sp is losing it and a fight is about to stsrt between the southside and the bulldogs.}
You threw your hair up in a bun and changed into a jacket, some jeans and a pair of boots. You raced over to the southside you ran through the crowd stepping in between the serpents and the bulldogs. As sweet pea threw punches at reggie and archie you blocked one and everyone stepped back. "You shouldn't be here" reggie and archie both told you. "If i wasnt here things would get worse between the southside and the northside. Fighting isnt gonna fix it. you turned around looking at sweet pea you stepped towards him. "Please stop it even if its for me" you said looking at him. You knew everyone was staring at the two of you. "Y/n get away fron that thug" the serpents turned and looked at Archie. "No one calls us thugs" a younger serpent says as the serpents step up and one begins by punching your brother and the fight starts. Sweet pea leaves you to help the serpents but you grab him by the arm "please dont" he kissed your forehead "ill be okay princess i always am" his attention went from you to where fangs and toni were watching the fight and in deep conversation. "Fangs come take care of y/n" sweet pea kissed your cheek and left "he really cares about you know" Fangs said you looked up at him "i know i just wish he didnt do things like this" you said. "I never seen him this in love with anyone and trust me hes been around" he kinda chuckles "i never seen him this happy and this in love with anyone ever. He wants to make you happy." He wrapped his arm around you.
"Fuck everyone run the cops" the fight broke up when the serpents and the bulldogs started running away. Reggie smiled at you you smiled back letting him know you were okay and he left. Archie stood a few feet away " Dont even bother coming home y/n stay with your thug family and boyfriend. And ill save you the disappointment of telling dad." He said as he walked away. You dropped fangs arm from your shoulder "Fuck you Archie" you began crying as sweet pea wrapped his arms around you. You knew fangs and toni left along with the other serpents. "Its okay princess. You dont need the northsiders y/n i love you all the serpents love you. We are your family y/n and always will be." He kissed your forehead and wiped your tears. "Thanks pea" you whispered. "I love you pea" he said pulling up your chin and kissing you. "I will always love you y /n"he said picking you up "Lets go home y/n " he carried you and you both laughed and talked for a while it felt normal. You cuddled up with pea after taking of your boots and jeans laying right next to him.
Knowing this would be the start of your new life and a life where you never had to be away from sweet pea. Which was were you always belonged.
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killmoncoochie · 2 years ago
On The Rise
Tumblr media
Chapter Four
Nova couldn't let just anyone do her hair, she only ever trusted her best friend, which lead her to the Press n Curl salon at 10 in the morning to get some box braids. She hated sitting still for so long, but she knew Brooklyn would be fine talking her head off for a couple hours and that she wouldn't be bored. 
“I can't believe you let me miss your very first performance.” She repeated for the fourth time that week. 
Brooklyn was very supportive of her friend and she wanted to be there every step of the way, she was excited that her girl finally took to a stage, but the fact that she wasn't there disappointed her to no end, and she let that be known, though it had been two weeks already. 
“How many times do you need me to apologize Brooke, it wasn't planned or anything.” She watched in the mirror as Brooklyn sectioned her hair. 
“Yeah but the nigga couldnt record it? FaceTime me? Send a carrier pigeon? Something!”
 “He wasn't focused on that, he was just trynna make me feel comfortable.” Nova watched the hairdressers face turn into a smirk. 
“Mmhm, how comfortable does he make you?” Nova rolled her eyes, handing her friend a piece of the synthetic hair to braid into her own. 
“Its not like that I swear. He’s really just the homie.” 
“So y'all haven't fucked?” 
 “He aint eat ya coochie?”
 “Bitch-- no!” 
“Y'all haven't even kissed?!” 
“” Nova stuttered out. Brooklyn stopped in the middle of her second braid, eyeing her friend through the mirror. 
“What was that stutter you lyin ass bitch, you kissed him!” She spun the chair around so they were face to face. 
“Barely. It was a peck, I was excited after my performance, it hasn't happened again and neither of us have brought it up at all so. It was nothing, I honestly forgot it happened. Adrenaline..or something.” She spun back around, tapping the arm rest of the chair singling for her to continue. 
She didn't want to be sitting there longer than she had to because Brooklyn couldn't focus. She decided to shift the conversation to something Brooke would have no problem talking about. 
“What about you and Keith, whats new with y'all?” 
Surprisingly, her friend was quiet, braiding her hair just a little bit faster before picking up another piece of hair. “What happened, are you guys okay? He’s your boyfriend now right?” 
She cleared her throat, continuing to braid in silence, glancing around the salon a couple of times. There was no one close by, one hair dresser washing a clients hair, the other in the washroom.
 “Im gonna tell you something, but you can't freak out, you can't jump out of your seat, don't react at all, please.” 
Nova rose her eyebrow, suddenly nervous. She looked into the mirror to meet eyes with her friend, but she wouldn't look at her. 
“Im pregnant.” 
Nova jumped at the words. 
“I said don't react.” Brooklyn said plainly, finishing one braid and starting another. 
“Sorry. Does he know?” 
She shook her head ‘no’ and laughed bitterly, pushing Nova’s head into a position where she could fully see, rather aggressively. 
“He won't even claim me girl, had me take down that picture I put up a couple weeks ago. I haven't seen or heard from him in days. He fuckin someone else now, I know it.” 
Nova felt her heart clench at the pain in Brooklyns voice. She knew she was just putting on a brave face, she couldnt imagine how many times Brooke had probably cried over him.
 “Why didnt you talk to me about this?” 
Brooke shrugged, “I was embarrassed. I was all about him when we first started talking after shit got bad I didn't want to look stupid. But here I am looking stupid anyway.” 
“You dont look stupid.” 
“I feel stupid.” 
Silence fell between them as Brooke put all of her focus into braiding. She sniffled a couple times, but she was always good at holding in her emotions until she got in a place that was more appropriate to express them. She got that from Nova, she wasn't always so well put together. 
“What are you going to do?” Nova broke the quiet with a soft and worried voice. 
“I..Im keeping it. I want to, I can't-” 
“Yeah I know, I know you can't.” 
The somber mood didn't last long, the two instead switching the topic to celebrity gossip. It wasn't Nova’s favorite topic, but she knew it was Brooklyn’s and she’d give anything to make her best friend feel better.
Nova pulled her mic out, plugging it into her MacBook as Erik set his backpack on her floor. 
“Im feeling the braids Novella.” He complimented, sitting his heavy body onto her bed aggressively. 
“We working on music huh?’ He eyed her equipment, for a moment with a disappointed look on his face. “
Is that not what you wanted to do?”
 “Could we chill? Watch a movie or somethin’?” 
She swung some braids off of her shoulder and unplugged her mic. “Yeah okay, if thats what you want.” 
She placed the mic on her nightstand and opened Netflix on her computer. 
“C’mere.” He said softly, leaning against her headboard and stretch his arm out to her. 
She eyed him suspiciously, “Why?” 
“‘Cause I asked you to.” 
She scoffed but slowly found her place between his legs, leaning her back against his chest. “What you trynna watch?” She asked.
 His arms reached around her, scrolling through the options. She could feel his breath on the side of her neck, she adjusted herself slightly. He leaned closer to the screen, his lips closer to her neck, she cleared her throat, moving further from his mouth, he didn't seem to notice. 
“Somethin’ funny.” He mumbled to himself. She could feel butterflies in her stomach, at the sound of his deep voice, which had never happened before, suddenly she was nervous. 
“Something..good.” He dragged the words out and she adjusted again. 
“You good Nova?” He looked over to her now, she pulled back just a bit so they were looking at each other. 
 He leaned in a little closer to her face. “You nervous.” He decided, lips hovering just in front of hers, his eyes bouncing from her lips and back up to her eyes again. 
“Why would I be nervous?” Her voice cracked, betraying her, but he didn't comment on that.
 “Cause you know I'm gonna kiss you.” She froze completely, attempting to find the words but all that came out was, 
“I don't want that.”
 His sudden confident demeanour was gone, he pulled back and looked into her eyes, he opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it. He opened it again, but she spoke instead. 
“I like this Erik. I like us, please just..dont make it complicated.” 
He nodded slow, pursing his lips as he did, the disappointment clear on his face. 
“Right. Okay, I uh..sorry.” He pulled back, she slowly removed herself from between his legs. It was awkward now. Something it had never been with the two of them, for a moment she regretted it, she should've just let him kiss her, now things would be weird and eventually they’d fall apart and she’d lose him. She went to apologize but he spoke instead. “
 I been workin’ on some stuff, I recorded a couple videos, might put one up but I wanted to show you first.” He said, his voice low as he scrolled through his phone.
 “So no more movie then?”
 “I think we should just..keep doing this, for now.” He said, opening a video of him and handing it to her. A beat she hadn’t heard began to play as Erik rapped over it. It was good, but she’d heard better from him. She slid to the left to another video of him. 
“Ay, you don't know the rules to lookin at someones phone, no swiping.” He went to grab it but she held his hand, remembered the moment they’d just had and released it. 
“What’s this one?” She played it before he could respond. 
The content was different, he was rapping just a bit slower over a beat she remembered sending to him weeks ago. It wasn't hers, something a friend made that she wasn’t going to use. She focused on the video, Erik wasn’t talking about the women he fucked, or the loud he was smoking, Erik was talking about family. The fact that he was lacking one, he was rapping about being lonely. 
“I like this one.” She stated when the one minute video ended. “
Nah, that was just..that wasn't for anyone to see.”
 “Post this one.” She ignored his comment and closed gallery on his phone, opening up his Instagram account instead. 
“Nova don't! Gimme my shit back.” 
“You forced me on stage, now I'm forcing you into the public. Don't be a bitch Erik, this is really good.”
 “Killmonger.” She spoke with the same stern tone he had, he smirked slowly then sucked his bottom lip into his mouth.
 “Yes, be vulnerable, people will like that!” She went to post the video with all the necessary hashtags, the moment she posted it Erik let out a strong breath she hadn’t realized he was holding. 
“Relax...shh. Its fine. Don't even open the app till tomorrow.” 
The sudden buzz of her own phone broke Nova from her pep talk, Brooke was calling. She picked it up enthusiastically, knowing the second Erik left she would have to tell her about the awkward moment they shared, but she lost all sense of excitement when she heard her bestfriend was crying. 
“Please tell me you’re home Nova.” She said through sobs. 
“Yes, I'm home, Brooke whats going on?”
 “He fuckin hit me, he hit me. I told him I was pregnant and he slapped the shit out of me Nova.”
 Nova jumped to her feet, Erik got up with her, unsure of what was happening. “Imma kick his ass, where are you?” 
“Im at your door now.” Nova raced down the stairs, Erik right behind her confused but matching her energy, seemingly ready to fight whoever Nova was. Once she opened the door Brooke fell into her arms sobbing and trying to explain through her tears. 
“Yo..what happened?” Erik asked, unsure of how to comfort her. 
“Your nigga, the one you be hanging with, hit my pregnant bestfriend. Your nigga Erik.” 
Erik stepped back, eyeing the situation before him. 
“Imma be back.” He patted his pocket for his car keys, pulling the front door open.
 “Erik wait, where are you going?”
 “Imma be back.” Was all he said before jogging down the street to where his car was parked, and speeding off. 
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fayesfairylights · 2 years ago
But imagine having your and cals sons home over for a weekend because they’re in college and they decided to bring a few of their soccer friends as well (because of course they play soccer in college duh) and one of the friends having a crush on you or making a little comment
lets just say he was an only child even though we all know Calum would have a litter much like Ashton
it was the last free weekend before the soccer season started that Grayson had. and even though he went to college just an hour and a half away, every chance he got to come home he took it. and you and Calum both loved it, really. yes you did enjoy the time that just you and Calum had together, it was nice to have your boy back home.
you finished tidying up your house, even though you knew that once Grayson and his friends left it would be a total wreck. you wore a simple plaid t shirt dress  with a pair of leggings underneath, and some flats. and you always did have a bit younger complexion. even though after having a child, raising him and seeing him off to college for twenty years people still mis took you for at least thirty. 
Calum however did have a little bit of salt and pepper in his hair, but he still made it work. he had a few wrinkles around his mouth, but he was still stunningly handsome. 
the doorbell rang, “Calum they’re here!” you yelled to get his attention. you opened the door and you saw your son standing there, who looked almost exactly like his father at that age. you engulfed him in a hug, “I missed you!” you smiled and kissed him on the cheek. he pulled away, his light bronze cheeks blushing a little. 
you looked past him and saw his childhood friend, max who looked like he had grown a foot since you last saw him. “max oh my goodness! you got taller!” you motioned him over to give you a hug, which he gladly did. 
“okay, so who are these guys?” you asked, and Grayson set his duffle bag down onto the entry way floor. “these are my friends, Elijah and Cameron. Cameron is a goalie and Elijah is a defender.” they awkwardly waved, “well I want a hug.” they both smiled and you hugged them at the same time. 
“well come on in, Grayson you can show them to their rooms and Calum is, oh he’s right there.” Calum brought his son into a hug, smiling wide. he greeted max with a hug too, the other two boys with handshakes. 
“im gonna take them upstairs, when will dinner be ready?” he asked, picking up his duffle bag. “In about fifteen minutes, so you have plenty of time to settle in.” you smiled, and they walked up the stairs and down the hallway. 
“Grayson don’t take this the wrong way but, your mom is super hot.” Elijah said and Grayson rolled his eyes. this wasn’t the first time he had heard that comment. “no im serious-” “yeah, I have to agree with Elijah on that one.” Cameron added. 
“guys she’s my mom. you can think that but don’t tell me. the uh, bathroom is down the hall to your left, its pretty big but don’t make a mess, mom’s kinda adamant about that stuff.” Grayson walked out of the bedroom, his cheeks a little hot and down towards his bedroom. 
he walked into his old bedroom that still had the same smell that it did just the year before. he set his duffle bag down on the floor, he pulled out his phone charger and set his phone on the dresser next to his bed. 
“dude you didnt tell us you had a pool!” Elijah shouted, “uh, it never came up.” Grayson sat down on his bed, running his hand through his black curls. “boys, dinner’s almost ready!” you shouted from down stairs. 
“hey, guys don’t say anything about my mom being hot. it didn’t end so well the last time.” Cameron snickered, “What do you mean the last time?” Grayson sighed, “my dad is just very protective of her, and one time I brought a friend over-” 
“wasn’t me, by the way.” max added, “anyways, they got a stern talking to. so just, don’t bring it up.” Grayson was the first to walk down stairs and into the kitchen. 
he took his place at the dinner table, and the rest of the boys followed. “wow Mrs. Hood this smells uh-mazing.” Elijah complimented, sitting across from Grayson. “thank you! and please call me yn, Mrs. Hood just makes me sound old.” Calum looked up at her with a confused look, but he knew that she was just joking. 
throughout the whole dinner, Calum and Grayson both couldn’t ignore how Elijah and Cameron both were staring at you. “so max how are your parents liking Italy?” you asked, trying your best to ignore the way you were being stared at by two college boys. 
“uh, I think they like it. we don’t get the chance to talk much cause of time zones and stuff.” “well if you guys wanna have a night swim I turned the jets on in the pool, so the water wouldn’t be too cold.” 
they all nodded their heads and continued talking, the subject of soccer came up multiple times, and so did music and it bounced back and forth. 
shortly after dinner the boys all got in their swim trunks, which really was just boxers, and went out to the back for a swim. Calum joined you on the love seat where he wrapped his arm around you, trying his best to engage in the episode of Big Little Lies you were re-watching for the fourteenth time. 
you paused the show, “alright, what’s wrong?” you looked up at him, “nothing, nothing’s wrong.” you did your infamous eye roll that he had seen you do for twenty plus years, “no something is bothering you. just tell me.” 
there was a long pause, “I just didn’t like the way that those boys were looking at you at dinner.” he mumbled, looking down and playing with the draw strings of his shorts. and you honestly couldn’t help but laugh a little. “you didn’t think I didn’t notice?” 
“if I have to kick em out I will.” he said, “you won’t have to Calum. plus, if you wanna, you can always remind me who I belong to.” you looked up at him with a suggestive smirk playing on your lips, and his curved into one as well. “I’ll never turn that down.” 
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hisgirlwonder · 2 years ago
One Shot - He Loves Control
Length: 1,652 Words Warning: Swearing, smut, Dom Michael/Sub reader, humiliation/degradation – read at your own discretion. Synopsis: You want to live and he’s the only way. You’ll do whatever it takes but you didn’t realise it would take so much. Notes: Set at the Outpost in AHS / This was fun to write. Hope you enjoy!!
“I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.”
His words played over and over as you were trying to fall sleep. How was he qualified to pick who lived and who died? You knew that it would be all over for if he was basing it on anything important. No wealth, no pure blood line, no hidden talents or abilities. He definitely did because he had a frighteningly hypnotic presence which made you scared of what you’d do for him. Was this the end? You’d barely graduated college, had never been kissed, you hadn’t even held hands with a boy. What was his plan?
You woke up, entirely unrested from a broken sleep. There was just too much going through your mind. Trying to eat breakfast at the table but it was pointless; a loss of appetite from the stress. You accepted the fate the gods had decided. What was the point in life if it led to this moment here? The moment where a stranger decides if you live with him in his sanctuary or are put down like an animal.
Footsteps were incoming and your stomach dropped, recognising the sound. “Hello all, shall we get this underway?” You bite the bullet, offering to go first, “I just want to get it out of the way.” You felt defeated. “Someone’s eager. I like it. Follow us.”
You followed him down the hallway until coming to the very end. Michael unlocked the door and held it open, “After you,” Signalling for you to go in first. You stepped into what must have been his office; he seemed to be a man of impeccable taste given the décor of the room. You sit down on the chair in front of his desk and watch his moves as he is seated; leaning on his arm with his elbow pressed against the surface of his desk, his face on the thumb and index finger. “Now, Miss [l/n], why do you think you are here?” He asks, curious of your answer.
“Uh,” You paused to clear your throat. “Because you are trying to find the best fit for The Sanctuary?” He laughs. “That is technically right, but why did we pick you out of everyone?” You had no idea. “Well, Sir-“ He lifts his hand, signalling for you to stop. “Call me Michael or Mr. Langdon.” Rolling his hand for you to continue.
“Okay, Mr. Langdon, to answer that question, I have absolutely no idea,” You admitted. He stands and walks around the front of his desk to sit on it. You notice he opens his legs with his crotch directly facing you. Was he trying to intimidate you? Why were you even taking notice? “Miss [l/n], we are remaking a new world and need a vessel to carry the children. We just need to find the right one.” Pausing for a moment, “Are you a virgin, Miss [l/n]”?
Stumbling over your words you admit to him you are and you can tell that he’s pleased. “That must mean you have a beautiful cunt. So pure.” You feel your eyes widen at the sound of such a word leaving those perfect lips. He leans down, hands on the arms of your chair, “Do you long for someone to touch you? Is my voice soaking those panties of yours?” He says mockingly. “I guess we could do a few things to see if you would fit in at The Sanctuary. I haven’t filled the spot I told you about yet. I want someone pure. I need a good girl. One who will obey.” Hearing the words “good girl” gave you an ache between your legs. Is this what it felt like to lust after someone? You’d never really experienced it until now.
Michael sits back up on his desk, smirking, “Tell me why I should spare your life. Give me a reason not to throw you out like the rest of the garbage. Right now you’re nothing but an unused hole to me.”
Deep breath. Heart hurting but you knew you could do this. “Well, uh, Si- Mr. Langdon. If I’m being completely honest, until today I’d never felt these things. Your power, your confidence, those eyes, your lips – they all seem to have a effect on me.” Running fingers and thumb over his face in a grasp, “Tell me more.”  Painfully apparent he was hooked on your innocence and naivety. “My mother always made it very clear to me that I needed to focus on school, not boys; it wasn’t worth falling pregnant and becoming a single mother. You see, I haven’t even held hands with or kissed a boy.”
He leans down to you rubbing fingers over your lips, “My, my, my,” Michael says, “Those lips haven’t been wrapped around anything before. I need to change that.” You interject, his hand still holding the lower half of your face, “Mr. Langdon, when do I find your answer?”
“I need you to do as I say first, prove to me your worthiness, show me what you’d do for me. Without hesitation, without question, without compromise. Can you do this?” His words seemed dangerous but you agreed; wanting to live but also feeling drawn to this man. He led you down to the bedroom.
You sit beside each other on the bed, Michael at advantage being slightly taller. “Firstly,” A hand touches your jumper, “Take this off and then get on your knees,” He points to the ground. You think it’s an unusual request but you oblige. You kneel on the cold, wooden floor. Sticking out a shoe, he tells you to kiss it. “I’m the reason you’re still alive so show me gratitude.” Where else would this go? What else would you do? As disgusting as you found it, you co-operated with what Michael said. “Get back up on the bed.” He points. “Now.” His voice becoming stern. He moves in front, palms touching his thighs “I’m going to stick this in your pretty, unused, mouth,” Pointing to his crotch.
Suddenly your body tensed up with anxiety. “What if I’m no good?” You asked him. “A virgin mouth is always good.” You weren’t sure if he was giving you a half-assed attempt at reassurance. He unzipped his pants and pulled it out. You’d never seen one up close nor had a desire to, but seeing his filled you other other feelings.
Grabbing with one hand and sliding the tip into your mouth. You look up to his eyes for approval while pushing his cock down further, almost touching the back of your throat. He starts to moan, questioning how you’re so good. Head bobbing up and down on his hardness, your spit dripping down the sides and over your hand. You go with your instincts and decide to run your tongue and up and down his shaft before ending at the tip. It’s just a like a lollipop, right? So treat it like one. You run circles around the head, alternating with taking his member in your mouth, and moving your hand up and down the length. He says, whilst moaning, “Virgin on the outside but a Devil on the inside.” He stops you and pulls away. “We’re going to do something else now, lay back on the bed.”
Following instruction, you get up and lay down. “Spread your legs.” He was looking at your underwear. “Ah,” A smile appeared, he teasingly says, “You like it.” He leans close, runs his fingers over your slit, feeling how wet you are through the fabric. His greedy hands find their way up your skirt, tearing them off without a care, and begins teasing your pussy with his long, slender fingers. He sticks one into your tightness, then two, telling you he needs to get you ready as he uses them to fuck your pussy for the first time.
“I’m going to ruin you, like I said, and you’ll enjoy it.” His other head rubbing against your slit, slowly entering you with ease; you didn’t realise someone who was pushing you for things in exchange for your life would turn you on so much.
As he enters, he warns, “I hope you’re ready, and if not, too bad.” Starting off slow then picking up his pace; you instinctively moving with him. Your legs wrapped around his waist and he pushes down, grinding his pelvic area on yours. He moves the two of you and bends you over his drawers; you can see him behind you in the mirror. He enters again, fist full of hair, warning “I’m going to wreck you,” But you find yourself not caring. Going faster, and harder, you cry out in pleasure and can feel your body heat and swell in all the right places while trying not to fall.
Pulling on your hair the closer he gets to climax, “I’m going to fill you and that precious cunt of yours up with my seed.” He continues to thrust. “I can feel you getting wetter and wetter, you dirty little bitch. Look at yourself in the mirror, with me fucking you. I’m in control of whether you live or die and all your body can do is make you dripping wet. You’re my fuck doll, with no purpose except to open your legs and serve your master.” You weren’t sure why but those words were exciting and you hold in the noise of you climaxing. You weren’t sure if you were allowed to without his permission.
You see a look of excitement and then something more upon his face. He pulls your hips closer to fill your pussy all the way, moaning as he climaxes, dropping himself against you. Recomposing himself, leans into your ear and laughing, “Not so pure anymore, are we?”
Pulling himself out of you and sticking his weakening erection back in his pants, “Go clean yourself up.” Michael runs his hand through his hair to fix his blonde locks. “You’re in.”
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fuck-customers · 3 years ago
Lmao so I work at a bubble tea cafe/Asian restaurant and on Tuesday we had this lady call in and ask for a smoothie with “bubbles” (boba/tapioca) on the side as well as a Thai iced tea with “light ice and bubbles.” So I told her (since it was one smoothie and a Thai iced tea) that it would take about 10 minutes.
Five minutes pass and I have the Thai iced tea in the fridge and now I’m making her smoothie. A couple walls in and the new hire I was training takes their order. When the ticket prints through, i notice they have the exact same order (even the “boba on the side” issue) along with an additional smoothie, so I after I blended the smoothie, I showed the couple the two tickets and asked if they called or knew the person that called earlier. They told me it was the boy’s sister and they didnt know she called, so I voided the first ticket and went back to finish their order.
I put their Thai iced on the counter and the boyfriend gets up and takes it as I’m putting the smoothie in the cup. And now he’s just standing there.
I asked, “Can I help you with something, sir?”
And he suddenly gets super passive aggressive with me like “Yeah uh I was just like wondering where our other drinks were? We had three.”
And I said “I know, sir. I’m almost done with your strawberry smoothie, but we only have one blender, so I have to clean it out after I’m done.”
And he’s all like “oh okay well I just figured since you put this one out that you were done but like it’s whatever” and he goes and sits down.
So I’m hauling ass trying to seal this cup and make other orders at the same time (it’s a fuckin dinner rush and I’m the only person who can make smoothies on staff) and I make sure I put the boba on the side and that everything is cleaned out before I start making the second smoothie, which takes a while because prior to this shift, I’ve only made 3 smoothies (all of which were avocado. He ordered strawberry banana).
So now I’m rushing to finish this smoothie because this dumbass purple haired girl is glaring at me waiting on her fucking smoothie like sorry you have to wait for your fucking order I guess. I finally get the order out and clean everything up, even asked them if there was anything else they needed, which was answered with a very passive aggressive “no thank you” before they finally left.
Flash forward to less that 10 minutes later. I pick up and I heard a very aggressive lady say “ Yeah um do you have a manager?” No ma'am we don’t it’s anarchy back here of course we have a fucking manager.
I out her through to my boss and he comes out five minutes later. He tells me it was the lady that called in and she said I was “too slow with her order” like what the fuck? You asked for two smoothies and we have one blender? And you called during a dinner rush? AND you didn’t organize yourselves well enough so neither of you knew who ordered what and when? Like okay. Fuck you too.
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tteokags · 7 months ago
could you do like a chubby reader anything please🥺 it coukd rlly be for anyone! anyone you feel like writing. i just been feeling insecure about my body lately and i need a pick me up :') thank you so much <3
I feel bad cause I usually dont do emergency requests but I'm in the mood so have a tiny Bo drabble before I sleep
R - Gn
Notes - not proof read, made extremely quickly
Warnings - Body insecurity, negative thoughts, probably cursing
Tumblr media
Delete. Delete that one too. God, what were you thinking wearing that to a costume party? The costume you had worn the previous night was a little tighter than your usual get up. While it had seemed like a good idea, the photos you were now staring at seemed to burn at your eyes and taunt you. Every single angle showed something you didnt like, the way your arms were too big and that weird crease of skin under your chest that showed when you say down.
The more you scrolled, the more you deleted. Tears were now silently dripping down your face yet you made no move to clear them away, too busy deleting the cursed photos off of your phone.
"Hey baby" Bokuto called as he walked into your house, "babyyyy?"
You stared at him. He had already caught you crying there was no use in denying it and the dark haired man had a way of reading you so you knew it was stupid to hide it.
'Kou could you take those photos of us last night down please?" You croaked
His eyebrows creased momentarily and then he caught sight of what you were staring at on your phone. You had zoomed in onto your stomach in a photo where you were sat on his lap. All he could see was your beaming smile and your curves in the costume you were wearing. You wre so gorgeous to him.
"Babe, what's wrong?" he whispered, coming to sit beside you on the couch.
You explained to him why you were crying, his eyebrows knitted closer with every sentence. Koutaro had been there for you since the first day you opened up to him. He loved your body, he made that very clear, and hated to see you upset over something he finds so stunning.
His strong arms pulled you closer to his body and you felt a soft kiss being dropped on your head. Soon, he had snatched your phone out of your hand. He had opened his Instagram page.
"Look at how I look at you in this y/n?" He asked
The photo in question was the one you were caught with earlier. Only focusing on yourself, you didn't notice the completely enamoured look in Bokuto's eyes in the photo. He was looking st you like you hung the stars.
Calloused hands tilted your chin back to him. He leant down to kiss you. It was full of unspoken affection and soft yet left a tingling feeling all over your body.
"You're so beautiful, everyone else at that party thought so and especially me. I wake up every morning and think of how lucky I am to see you in my bed and nobody else gets to have that"
Tears fell finally but he was there to brush them away. His hand moved from your chin to your cheek, cupping your face.
"Your body is part of you and I love you. I don't care what you look like Y/n, I never have" he reassured you
Sometimes words felt cheap. Especially when they're reassuring. However, there was something about the way he was staring into your eyes that screamed sincerity and you felt your heart give a squeeze.
"Thank you Kou" you whispered, pecking his lips "I love you so much"
"Hmm I love you too. Now get up, we should cuddle"
Tumblr media
This is so short notice and kinda crap but I hope you like it
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hotsterfield · 2 years ago
Hey idk if the request are open but can you do a blurb or one shot where tom's your best friend and hes in love with you but you get in a relationship with harrison so one night he gets drunk and tells you the truth but harrison over hears the convo? sorry if this didnt make sense at all lol thanks💕
This one got a little bit longer, but I’m stopping it here because I’m about to go play scrabble.  Hope this is what you meant and If anyone wants me to add more, just let me know!
Being best friends with Tom growing up, meant that you at some point was introduced to Harrison. Tom had introduced the two of you, thinking that you would get along just fine.
Friendly small talk had quickly turned to harmless flirting, that had lead to a few hookups that eventually lead to you and Harrison officially dating. At first, Tom didn’t mind, but he also thought it was hookups at first, so he didn’t say anything, and by the time you were dating, it was too late for him to say anything. 
Fast forward 8 months and Tom’s feelings were eating him up. Of course, he wanted you both to be happy, god knows you deserved to be, but he just couldn’t help but be so jealous of Harrison. Tom hated seeing how he would kiss you, how he would hold your hand when he thought no one would notice.
You and Tom were supposed to have a movie night, but because Harrison had planned a surprise date, you had cancelled. As much as Tom hated it when you went out with Harrison, he hated it more when you picked Harrison over him. Tom knew why you would pick Harrison, he knew you loved him, but he just couldn’t help but wish he was Harrison, that he was the one getting your love. 
So Tom had done what anyone trying to suppress their feelings and be happy for their best friends would do. He went to the nearest bar, where one drink turned into many and around midnight he found himself knocking on your door. He didn’t really know how he got there, he could barely keep himself standing, swaying a bit. When you didn’t answer, he knocked again, and shortly after you opened the door. 
“Tom? What are you doing here? It’s midnight?” She looked like she had just gotten out of bed, her hair a bit messy, purple bruises on her neck making his heart sink. She didn’t have to take a second look at him to see that he was beyond wasted. “Jesus, how much did you drink?” 
“I missed you” He pouted, looking at you with sad eyes. His eyes kept flickering to your neck, and he could feel the anger grow. At that moment he hated Harrison. 
“Right, let’s get you to the couch, huh? Can you walk yourself?” She asked, ready to catch him if case he fell over. 
“Can I talk to you? I need to talk to you. I should’ve talked to you a while ago but I didn’t, but… What was I saying?” He stumbled in the door, falling down on the couch, just looking up at her. “Can I talk to you?”
“Tom I really want to get back to bed. Can’t we just talk in the morning?” She stood in front of him, looking a bit annoyed, but in his drunken state, he didn’t really notice. 
“Don’t go!” He said loudly, making you freeze. You didn’t want Harrison to wake up, and as much as you wanted to just get back in bed and cuddle up to him, but the look on Tom’s face was telling her that he was going to keep calling out if she did that. 
“Alright, then let’s talk” She sighed, sitting down on the edge of the couch, making him sit up to give her more space. 
“I think you should break up with Harrison” He blurted out, making you widen your eyes. Harrison wasn’t asleep anymore. He had woken up when you left the bed, and when Tom had yelled out for you not to go, he had woken up completely. The door was partly open, allowing him to hear it all, and his heart sank when he heard Tom’s words. 
“Why? Why would I break up with him? Tom, I love him. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me” She had a bad feeling in her stomach. Something was not right, and she was scared that Tom knew something she didn’t. She trusted Harrison, but what if Tom was about to give her a reason not to?
“You deserve better. I could make you just as happy. I can give you everything that he can. He doesn’t deserve you” Tom said, trying to keep his eyes focused on you. 
It didn’t take long for Harrison to realize what was going on, and he felt bad. When he had first started flirting with you, he had noticed that Tom seemed off. Back then he thought that Tom was into you, so before you even hooked up he had asked Tom about it. Tom had denied everything, giving Harrison permission to go for the girl, but now Harrison felt like he should’ve known. He should’ve known that Tom loved you, he should’ve known that he didn’t want him to make a move. 
“What are you talking about Tom? Why are you saying this?” She asked tiredly, not liking where the conversation was heading.
“You just shouldn’t be with him” He mumbled. “Can’t you see I love you?” 
“Don’t do this to me, Tom. Don’t tell me you love me while you’re drunk” You felt your heart beating, and you hated everything about this situation. 
“But I do. I love you and I hate seeing you with Harrison. It’s killing me not to tell you. I love you and you deserve better” He continued.
“And what would that be, Tom? Are you trying to tell me that you’re better for me than Harrison? Because right now you’re not” You told him truthfully, and it was breaking your heart to do so. “Harrison would never put me in a situation like this” 
“I’m sorry! But I just. I had to tell you. You need to know” He tried, an idea forming in his head. He knew he shouldn’t say it, he knew it would be so wrong in every way, but at the moment he just didn’t want you to be with Harrison. 
“Tom, I’m not breaking up with him. I love him, and he’s exactly who I want to be with. You’re my friend and you always will be. Even if you had made a move with me, I would’ve probably turned you down. You’re my friend, and I just don’t love you like that” You could almost see his heartbreak when you said the words, and you hated it. 
“He’s cheating on you” Tom blurted out, already regretting it. He knew it would cause nothing but harm, but he couldn’t stop himself. This is when Harrison had enough. He wasn’t going to interfere, because this conversation was between you and Tom, but that crossed the line. 
“What are you talking about?” You asked, feeling the fear growing in you. You didn’t think Tom would lie about that, but you didn’t want to believe him. 
“I’ve seen him with someone else” Tom was so disappointed and angry at himself, but he just couldn’t stop the words from coming. When he saw the look of utter heartbreak on your face, it was killing him. Seeing you this hurt was enough to make him regret even coming to you in the first place. 
“How long have you known?” You asked, your voice shaking. In the meantime, Harrison had had enough. He had left the bed, jaw clenched. 
“Get out” He said to Tom, voice raised. “Go home, Tom”
“Is it true, Harrison? Did you cheat on me?” She asked, looking at him with hurt eyes. 
“No, I would never do that to you and Tom knows that,” Harrison said, and when you looked at Tom you knew he was right. You had never seen anyone look so guilty. You could see the regret on his face, but at that moment it was just too much for you to handle. “Just go home”
“I’m sorry” He said, tears rolling down his cheeks. “I’m sorry”
“Don’t” Was all you said, before walking to the bedroom and slamming the door. You just couldn’t face him right now, it was too much. 
“Haz I’m sorry” 
“Just go home. Call me when you’re sober, but don’t you dare say a word to her before you have a really good apology”
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