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it is soooo foggy n cool out tonight bro i live for this shit i loveeee this shit

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andy biersack wrote a mf book i can’t wait to feast my eyes on that shit on god i’m gonna read it sooooo hard

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ughhhh hypomanic on sleep medication my brain dizzy rn it can’t keep up

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i’m abt to finally read in cold blood after years of owning it but never making time to check it out. i’m officially a real member of the tcc

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last night i dreamt i was sitting n talking w a gurl who i haven’t seen since high school (we weren’t rly even friends then either i completely forgot she existed tbh) but today in real life is her birthday so that’s weird? i also dreamt i was on main n the street was covered in snow n it snowed last night in real life so that’s also weird?

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was playing in the same lobby w someone for an hour n they made ppl say “on god” when they accused somebody n when they left i immediately left too cuz they rly did b my friend i’m kinda sad it’s over

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i slept for thirteen hours but it wasn’t as good as i hoped it would b. my dreams were kinda spooky

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i used to do this a lot back in the day so for old time’s sake here’s a list of things

  • 800 db cloud x 100 gecs is one of the best songs ever written no offense
  • i am struggling hard to feel emotionally connected to anyone or anything which is nothing new but annoying nonetheless
  • being w truth or harper or even nick is my favorite way to be. literally never gets old
  • i can finally watch frozen 2 w/o getting choked up during into the unknown. fuck u ambrosia treatment center
  • i got a candle today that smells so good bro i can’t wait to burn that bitch up
  • haven’t seen a deer in lightyears which both concerns n comforts me cuz i rly saw them the most when i was being silly haha
  • been writing almost constantly. nothing that cool or profound but it’s a nice way to pass time n i fell off for years so
  • i can’t stop watching corpse play among us. embarrassing!!!!
  • everything so solid rn. i feel secure in all my relationships. i’m making some money. i can sleep. i haven’t been too manic lately (minus like friday night but anomalies don’t count). the sims got a hella good update. et cetera.

i think that does it for now. bye

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i don’t rly watch sykkuno but it do make me a lil sad that he cried on stream

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Originally posted by honoredsage

kakashi’s daughter (reader) oneshot ;0

i got inspired by psy’s song ‘daddy’ lol 

word count: 350

- Kakashi Hatake always has tricks up his sleeves that surprise others and this whole situation was one of them. He managed to find love with another woman and had a small family consisting of one child currently. The man adored his daughter, treating her like the princess of the house. Everyone around him was shocked to know that he of all people had a family. 

- What wasn’t a shock to everyone is knowing how smart that girl was. She mirrored her father in many ways, personality and combat wise. It made the boys drool over her. That girl is you.

- You had your father’s brains, strength, creativity and much more. Sure you didn’t look exactly like him but that didn’t matter. You succeeded in the academy like none other in your generation, the teachers widening their eyes once they see your written tests and capabilities. Your shuriken skills? Dot on. Your taijutsu? Holy crap. Your beauty and attractiveness? Awooga! Anyone who had the chance to work with you was enlightened by your words and philosophy - which one again, came from your father. 

 - However, after graduating the academy, you joined a three-man team that left you mentally drained. One of your peer’s stupidity made you lose brain cells on the daily. The other peer you had was supportive and even at your level, making you determined to show off your feminine strength. That was definitely shown at the Chunin Exams.

- Kakashi watched the battles, specifically your challenges and waved a foam finger and flag in the air, cheering you on. Maybe even his team was cheering you on. Sasuke would probably mutter things while Naruto and Sakura cheered alongside their Sensei. 

- After passing that exam, you definitely had a few fans of your hard work and determination.

- “Look! It’s the Copy Cat’s daughter! Whoa!” or “Hey! Can you like, help me train or something? You’re super strong!” or “She’s so cute but scary…”

- “Where did you get this much strength?” Someone asked.

- “I got it from my Dad, dumbass.” You say. 


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