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Oh thank goodness…oh thank GOODNESS! ;w; Guys I think xkit fixed the comment/chat notification spam in my activity feed!

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scorpio!! :-)

Well, aside from the wonderful you, my grandpa is a Scorpio!

You’re clever and sweet, but also intensely emotional, which isn’t always a bad thing. You’re a deep person with many interesting layers to you.

My grandpa is similar. When I was growing up, I saw several facets of him as a person: my grandpa, my dad’s dad, my grandma’s husband, a furniture salesman, and the ever elusive soldier drafted in Vietnam.

My grandpa was the guy who made silly jokes, told me stories, and brought me toys from his business trips. 

My dad’s dad was the guy who would bust his son’s butt to do things like he was still a kid. 

My grandma’s husband was the guy who would make all the innuendos I never understood as a child, the guy who would roll his eyes but smile at his stubborn wife, loving her the same way he did when he started dating her. 

The furniture salesman was the serious, non-playful side that always took care of business, remaining within moral and ethic code, and seemingly knowing a solution to every problem imaginable. 

The Vietnam soldier I didn’t see a lot. He didn’t like to talk about it. But I saw it sometimes when he’d see something about Vietnam, or when someone would bring it up. It makes me sad sometimes, but he never let this side of him visibly effect the other parts of him.

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October!!! Scifi’s 31 days of halloween!!!! Pumpkin pie!!! Cardigan weather!!! Nostalgia-ween!!!!! Goosebumps!!!! Tomodachi life starts to change colors!!!!!! Great feelingsssss!!

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I am so close to reaching my first thousand followers!! *flails arms ecstatically* and it would be the most awesomest birthday present if I can soon!!!!

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Guess who’s going to go see Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse when they visit in February?!? ME!!

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Waterstones has free wifi…

How did I not know this before!?!?!

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*Happy dances*

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Guess who I get to see on Wednesday? :-)

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omg guys!! My History teacher (aka the guy who looks like Eddy Martin lol) finally read my WorldWarII!Niff and HE LIKED IT!!!! dsfjfhkgajhksdjfhdv

He congratulated me in front of the entire class and he said he will put my Niff in a book for the school or something like that because he thinks I’m a very good writer (even if I don’t think that)

BUT HE LIKED IT DFKHGJSDGJFHDSG I can’t wait to translate it for you guys. :’)

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My favourite teacher this year (US novel: from James to Faulkner) has sent me a personal email saying my exam was perfect, and that it was such a pity that I didn’t hand in an essay to pass with honour (idk if that’s the expression, I don’t care aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!), and he encouraged me to take the postgraduate thingy and alksalkdada!!! He is so nice, I can’t fucking believe it.

I got a fucking 10. Jesus. I cannot even.

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