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#Yahya X Reader

Pairing: Yahya Abudl Mateen II x Plus sized reader

Warning(s): NSFW 18+only, unprotected sex (wrap it up before you back it up)

Word count:

Picture(s) found on: Pinterest/Google


“I need to stop this…” you whispered while shaking your head, feeling like an idiot for actually having acted like one. Your eyes were focused on Yahya, your boyfriend of four months. He gave you a disappointed look while shaking his head, the thick tension in the air making it clear that he was angry at you.

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Mopped Up. (Yahya One Shot)


PAIRING: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: “Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!”

A/N: A short and sweet writing exercise inspired by my good sis @soulfood-fics​!



“Hey! Hey!” Yahya grabbed his twin sons by the shirt collar, stopping them as they tried to escape the mess they’d made in the kitchen. “Which one of you guys spilled the red juice? Mommy hates red juice.”

As they did most days, the four-year-olds pointed at each other.

“Hakeem did it!”

“No, Hasan did it!”

Yahya lifted his hands to silence them both. “Nevermind, I don’t care who did it, which one of you is going to clean it up?”

The boys looked first to each other, and then up to their father. Yahya towered over them with an arched brow. 

“I’m waiting…”

Hasan shrugged. “We don’t know how Baba. We tried to wipe it up but it’s sticky now.”

“Yeah, Baba,” Hakeem affirmed. “It’s sticky.”

Yahya sighed and rubbed each boy on the head. “I guess you guys get a lesson on Saturday chores today. But we have to hurry before Mommy gets home or she’ll kill us all! Hakeem, you’re on bucket duty!”

The twins snickered. “Baba you said ‘duty’!”

“Hasan, you grab the mop. Meet me in the bathroom!” 

Yahya grabbed a bottle of Lysol cleaner from the storage cabinet and turned on an old school playlist that blasted through the Bluetooth speaker he kept on the counter. It was never too early to get them acclimated to cleaning during a Sade ballad. Just as he said, he met the boys in the bathroom and helped them fill the bucket with a mix of water and cleaner. Hasan and Hakeem used their combined strength to carry the full bucket back to the kitchen. Yahya dipped and rang the mop before placing it in Hasan’s small hands. 

“Alright, buddy. You put one hand over, then one hand under like this. Then you push and pull.”

Hasan mopped the floor for a bit, grinning at his father’s encouragement. “Did I do good, Baba?”

“You did awesome! Keem, you want to try?”

Hakeem nodded excitedly as his brother passed the mop to him. They went on like for minutes, taking turns while Yahya monitored and sang along to whatever slow jam was playing overhead. With very little fuss, the three of them had managed to mop the entire kitchen floor, just in time for your arrival. 

Almost as soon as they finished the last spot, they heard your keys jingling at the door. The smell of lemon cleaning products caught you off guard. Yahya was good about cleaning, but there’s no way he could have gotten anything done with the two boys running around. 

Having made a quick store run for the impending holidays, you placed your bags on the countertop. You were met with three sets of big brown eyes staring at you from the back of the kitchen. Floor wet and gleaming. You smiled and tried to stifle your laugh, already aware of their rookie mistake.

“Babe, what are y’all doing all the way over there?”

“Um…” Yahya looked up at you with an embarrassed half-smile. “Seems like we’ve mopped ourselves into a corner.”

You chuckled softly and noticed the empty bottle of punch resting in the sink.

“So, which one of you spilled the red juice?”


TAG LIST: @chaneajoyyy​ ; @essaysbyciara​ ; @muse-of-mbaku​ ; @twistedcharismaaa​ ; @l-auteuse​; @soulfood-fics​​ ; @blowmymbackout​​ ; @shyblackgurl​ ; @killmongersmistress​​ ; @harleycativy​ ; @eerythingisshaka​​ ; @write-fromthe-start​ ; @nickidub718​ ; @raysunshine78​ ; @4everchrista​ ; @shookmcgookqueen​ ; @jayyybird211​​ ; @theogbadbitch​ ; @vikkidc​​ ; @bidibidibombaclaat​ ; @fandomwritrix​​ ; @asweet-serendipity​​​ ; @yoyolovesbucky

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Requested?    Yes  l   No

By: //

Pairing: Yahya Abdul Mateen ll x Black plus sized reader

Warning(s): mention of sex

Picture(s) found on: Pinterest/Google

A/N: It’s been a while since I wrote something, tryna get my groove back


-Being with Yahya is something that happened out of the blue. You weren’t looking for a relationship as the last one you were in was very disappointing and the break up was immensely painful.

After you finally started to move on and vowed to not lower your standards for anyone, life got better for you. You had learned to love yourself to the fullest and got rid of the people who tried to hold you down with their projected insecurities, negative and immature behavior

-You met Yahya while trying to treat yourself for your favorite drink at your favorite cafe. You just had gotten your new credit card and didn’t know that the bank had forgotten to activate it, so it got declined and the line of people behind you were mumbling trash about you while you nervously tried to find some cash in your purse.

Yayha was standing right behind you and couldn’t let a beautiful, black woman like you just stress yourself over a few coins. He stepped forward and paid for your drink, his amazing scent filling your nostrils while his beautiful eyes smiled at you. “Do you want something to snack? Take anything you want, it’s on me” his low but smooth voice calmly said while you tried to not combust in flames then and there.

The two of you then sat down before you thanked him, feeling a little bit embarrassed but the actor quickly shut you down by taking your breath away with his gorgeous smile. The small talk wasn’t like the one you were used to. You quickly realized that the two of you had some things in common but had experienced the same betrayal, heartbreaks and dissatisfaction from people you once considered your friends. No one could deny the sizzling tension and soul soothing vibe that surrounded you two.

-Getting together with Yahya was also something you felt like was just a dream. You didn’t have to tell him what you wanted, he already was able to see right through you. The handsome actor was raised the right way, knew that he should respect, honor and uplift women. He had swept you right off your feet and spoiled you to the core from the first date on.

It was the best breath of fresh air of not having to tell a grown ass man how to handle a woman. Yahya was so respectful, made sure to pay for the dinners, brought you the most beautiful flowers and other (luxurious) gifts and just made you feel like you were floating on cloud nine. He knew that you were happy in your life and just wanted to add more joy and love to it, not make you drop everything and make it miserable while demanding to be your sole priority.

-Being with Yahya was amazing. He was the perfect boyfriend, supported your every dreams and visions, spoiled the shit outta you and just started a real foundation with you. Your relationship was like the one musicians sang, poets wrote about and people dreamt about.

It made you realize that the past relationships were experiences you had to go through in order to prepare yourself for the right one. Yahya thought the same thing and often expressed how you made him feel was something he had never felt before.

-Being intimate with him was also something that felt like a never ending dream. The actor wasn’t selfish, in contrary, he got off from giving you pleasure. The way you look when he was rocking your world with his tongue and gifted fingers, or his hips snapping against yours while he held you in place was something he’s never be able to forget.

You also loved being in control and have him like pudding in your hands. His low, rough voice begging you to increase the pace of your wide hips and the way he weakly shouted your name when he reached his high had your ego swell up and a proud smile resting on your face. The sexual connection was intense.

-Fighting with Yahya was your least favourite thing. No relationship is perfect and it sometimes occured that the two of you couldn’t agree on certain things. When you got frustrated, he got very emotional. Meaning that the smallest things you mumbled, he took personally

You loved that the actor was so connected to his emotions but his dramatic tendencies made you stay mad at him longer. Sometimes even resulting in you sleeping in the guest room as you needed time to cool down as you wanted to fix the issues the two of you were facing.

When you did something that hurt Yahya, it was his turn to sleep in the guest room while you tossed and turned, the guilt not letting your conscience be at peace as hurting him was never something you liked doing.

-Making up always happened quickly, the two of you could never stay mad at one another. You two were mature and acknowledged the fact that you were in the wrong. Apologising was something that came naturally and always ended up with some passionate/rough love making.

-Being away from Yahya was also something you didn’t like. But you could never tell him to stop what he loved doing the most because you wanted him beside you for most of the day. The actor always made sure that he could have a few days off to either fly you out or rest and have a decent phone/video call with you.

He always let you know that he missed you like crazy and wished that the shooting/appearances would go by quickly so he could hold your body and relax with you. Plus, Yahya wasn’t one to flirt and give unnecessary attention to other females. In contrary, when someone tried approach him with the goal to get him in their bed, he wouldn’t stop talking about how much he loved and missed you, turning whoever tried to seduce him off.

You did the same, some people tried to make you believe that the actor was controlling but you quickly shut them down. “I respect and love my partner and am not interested in giving some stranger any type of sexual attention.” was the sentence you either typed or said to whoever’s tried to manipulate/seduce you

-Yahya loved you for you. No one had ever made him feel so content and added more joy to his life. He shut everyone down who tried to corrupt his mind with lies and rumours about you or the fact that you were a beautiful big, black woman.


Tag list: @jamesbarnesappreciationsociety  l @pleasantdreamqueen l @disneymarina l @koizorahana l l @harleycativy l @itik-angsa l @sparklemichele l @melaninmarvel l @amethyst09 l @the-force-of-imagines l @bossyboyd03 l @enigmaticaphrodite l @pebblesz892 l @stars8melanin l @brittyevans l @toc1985 l @janeyboo l @badassbaker l @earthtocynthia l @lafayettes-baguettes-1 l @winters-beauty l @cannonindeez  l @ilovefanfic86 l @foureyedsiopao l @adorablespecialsnowflakes l @brittanyovens l @kanupps06 l @jazmynejack l @oliviajmarvel l @thebookwormslytherin l @theunsweetenedtruth l @talannalew l @littlexmissxfandomxlover l @amethyst-dreams-and-candy-canes l @dedebebe13 l @challaxkillmonger l @crimsonash330 l @booklover2929 l @aranelgrey l @panda-duuu l @thisismysecrethappyplace l @killmonsgyal l @lokislilcaribbeanprincess l @titty-teetee l @honey-anon l @queenxchallaxkillamonger l @princess-evans-addict l @hp-hogwartsexpress l @malindacath l @supernaturaltrashy l @letsdisneythings l @scorpionchild81 l @shado-raven l @alisoncdariel

-Emmanuelle 💋❤️

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Author Notes: It’s Halloween season and I wanted to bring a spooky but cautionary tale of wanting something so bad that it could cost you everything. These chapters will be pretty long since I want to wrap up the story by Halloween so I hope you enjoy :) 

Word Count: 4,300 +

Warning: Curse words, and Slight Smut

Chapters: (1)(2)


Don’t stop baby,” I begged with the feeling of Yahya hardness inside me. Driving deeper and deeper with every stroke was drawing me closer to my climax.  

I love you,” he breathed into my ear before heading down and swirling his tongue around my nipple.

Oh God, I lo.. love you too,” I stuttered while digging my nails into his back.

With him going rougher, I couldn’t bear it anymore as I pressed my eyes shut as I dissolved in pleasure.

Shit, baby, I’m cumming… baby,” I cry as my body jerked not realizing he was cumming as well. As we both return to reality, we tenderly kissed each other while out of breath.

Damn, I will never leave you again,” Yahya murmured as he caresses my face.

You better not,” I beamed as I brushed his hair.

Something caught my eye by the entrance to my bedroom. I turned my head towards the bedroom door and spotted someone drifting by.

Yahya,” I shrieked which provoked him to jump up and look in the area by the door.


I think someone is in the house. Somebody crossed in front of the door.”

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Author Notes: It’s Halloween season and I wanted to bring a spooky but cautionary tale of wanting something so bad that it could cost you everything. These chapters will be pretty long since I want to wrap up the story by Halloween so I hope you enjoy :)

Word Count: 4,800 +

Warning: Angst, Curse words, and Slight Smut

Chapters: (1)


(Reflection of the Past)

Khalil, are you almost finished? We are running late for our own engagement party?” Yahya shouts from our bedroom as he puts on his shoes.

I wasn’t in the mood for this party and was taking my time putting on my makeup at the vanity in the bathroom. “Everyone can wait,” I scream back as I was filling in my brows.

You know you require none of that, you are perfect the way you are,” he declares as he strides into the bathroom and drops down to plant a peck on my shoulder. Any other day, butterflies would have erupted in my stomach but today, I wasn’t feeling it.

I continued working on my eyebrows as a grin spread on his face. “You are still mad from earlier?

I didn’t answer as I seized the mascara for my lashes.  

His smile vanished, and he leaned against the counter next to my vanity. “I thought we discussed this.

No, you confirmed our decision without hearing me out,” I snapped back.

When we graduated, we both agreed that we would continue to live here and accepted the job positions. Within the last few days, you prefer to change that? I mean, we just purchased our home here so I don’t know where you are going with this?” He charged with crossing his arms at his chest peering down at me.

I set nothing in stone yet… I would appreciate if you heard me out, but you shut me down.”

Let’s say you accept the job position at UT (University of Texas) so you can be closer to your family. What about me? I don’t have a job in Texas. And what about our house? We can’t sell it since we bought it. If this opportunity took place when we first graduated then yeah, it could have been an opportunity but now it won’t work. What did you expect me to say?

I don’t know, let’s talk about this in further detail or let’s examine how we can make this work but what was the answer you offered me… oh yeah, you said Fuck No,” I returned while applying my lipstick.

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Author Notes: It’s Halloween season and I wanted to bring a spooky but cautionary tale of wanting something so bad that it could cost you everything. These chapters will be pretty long since I want to wrap up the story by Halloween so I hope you enjoy :)

Word Count: 5,800 +

Warning: Angst, Curse words, and mention of Voodoo and Magic

Chapters: (2)


You are looking at the bronze head of King of Akkad which is from the Old Akkadian dynasty,” I pointed out to my class as I was going through my PowerPoint presentation of Mesopotamian Art. “They created this particular piece using a wax technique used during this period for sculpture.” I relished the excitement of watching my students eager to learn about the history of art and how it developed our present-day world.

Ms. Howard, tell me his technique of getting them curls in his beard? I demand to learn his method to impress the ladies,” Rockie asked while raising his hand.

Rockie was one of my favorite students but also the class clown. I rolled my eyes with retorting, “Simple, Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie.” As the class snickered, I noted the time and settled down the class so I could give them their assignment. “Okay, okay… before I let you guys go, let me give you all your homework that will be due in a month.” After a few disappointments sighs, I proposed if I maybe I should have it due by the end of the week with the response of “NO” in unison from my class. “You guys know my motto, no shortcuts, work for it. Now, study at the picture on the screen, this is a cuneiform tablet also from the Mesopotamian period. Take a moment to look closely and examine it. I want you all to compose an essay about this tablet. In your essay, I require you to answer my following questions… what do the designs inscribe on the surface remind you of? Describe the arrangement of forms. What might they offer or suggest? What function might this object have? What visual evidence supports your claim?” Taking a break to catch my breath and grinning, “And last, don’t be afraid to contact me if you have questions or if you need my help. You all have a great rest of your day.”


Sitting down at my desk, I sat back sluggishly in my armchair, kicked off my flats, and closed my eyes to relax. This was my last class of today and I was ready for food and HGTV. Being a professor at Tulane University wasn’t a simple job, but I cherished it. I reached down to grab my shoulder bag to gather up my materials breaking me from my short rest. As I walked up to the front of the class, I did a double check to make sure everything was off and cut off the lights as I shut the door. I despised this part of the day because I knew going down the hallway towards the exit, I would pass by his classroom. “Don’t stop, don’t look at him, no conversation,” motivating myself as I head down the corridor but always failing. When I reached the exit, I took a peak in the window of his classroom door so I could watch him… Yahya, the love of my life.

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Part One Part Two Part Three

Warning(s): language, smut thoughts

Finally, right? I know, I know. It’s here. Super thanks to all that have read, commented and somehow found this story and left comments encouraging me to come out of hiding and finish this. There’s a small writer’s note at the end of this if you care to read. Peace and love :) 


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“Slight chance of rain, highs in the upper seventies…”

I shouldn’t be hearing the weather lady from the local news. I should be hearing you and I, us – guttural sounds, sweet sounds, whispers, giggles, moans, curse words just intermingling with each other, creating a harmony so beautiful that it has to be repeated. 

I never came because you never showed up. 

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