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#Yanderedev Deserves Better
yanderesleuth · 3 years ago
How Long Does it Take to Make a Video Game? A Sleuth Review
Warning: This is probably going to be one of the most rage-filled Yandere Sim related posts I will ever make on this blog. This will also be the only post where I involve myself in the chaos of the fanbase. I'll try to be as nice as I can, but it will be hard.
Just by looking at the video's title, I'm furious. I'm fuming over the fact that Yandere Dev is pushed to the point of making videos like this.
This is bullshit. Pure bullshit.
No, I'm not one of Yandere Dev's butt buddies, nor do I worship him and the ground he walks on. However, I am a huge fan of Yandere Simulator; I have been following the game for probably 3 years now, and I will continue to do so until it's finished. Therefore, I think my voice counts, just like all of yours.
I am damn near 30, yes, 30, years old and not a lot of things get my attention anymore like Yandere Simulator does. I have watched the game transform from bare-bones to BEAUTIFUL graphics, gameplay, and lore... so much lore. Which means plenty of room for theories. Work like this is definitely not made overnight. 
I appreciate that there are people who are voicing their opinions, and we can all agree to disagree. There IS such a thing called CONSTRUCTIVE criticism... There's a huge difference between this and just being an asshole.
When you are literally harassing the developer, who is clearly doing his best in a mostly one-man show [for the time being], you are seriously a shit person. I'm sorry. This may piss off some of my followers, but if you are guilty of harassing him, you are seriously shit. Have all of you forgot that he is a human too?
I've noticed that over time, people are digging up Yandere Dev's past and is trying to sling his name through the mud. I have a task for you: Try to find ONE person who hasn't done something stupid within their lifetime. I guarantee you that you will spend the rest of your life searching because no such person exists. And trust me, I'm sure half of you would have a hay day with my past. I'm not dismissing anything that anyone has done... but seriously. It's in the past. It's not your place to point fingers unless it literally involves you. Just give it a rest.
Another thing I have a problem with is the younger children who are playing the game. I have a son myself, he will be 9 in July. And I cannot imagine for 5 seconds letting him play Yandere Simulator. Seriously, if you're a parent, watch your kids and monitor what they do! "This game is not for children" has been stated REPEATEDLY. There's no excuse to an 8 year old dismembering a fucking school girl.
And seriously, patience is a virtue. Nobody likes to wait on the game, but come on. There’s PLENTY of other things to occupy our time. Talking shit and harassing the developer is only going to piss him off, and perhaps cancel the game altogether if these asshats keep it up. And trust me... if the game gets cancelled, brace yourself for world war fucking 3, with me as the leader to incite the riots. Let’s not forget all the people willing to donate monthly to his patreon, and people like me who are planning on donating to the kickstarter... paying for a product that was never even finished? 
Seriously. Stop. Grow up. 
I'm going to close with some advice...
You don't like panty shots? Don't do it.
You don't like the Yakuza? Then don't fucking use him.
You don't like Muja or Mida? Then kill the bitches and get it over with. You don't want to kill any of the characters? Then use pacifistic methods. Expel them. Befriend the fuck out of them. Matchmake them until you puke. Bully them to where they won't come to school.
And finally... if you don't like the game, THEN DON'T FUCKING PLAY IT.
Seriously, Jesus Christ, I can't believe I even have to explain this.
Yandere Dev, if you're reading this... I'm so sorry. :(
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yandereheart · a year ago
“The yandere genre is cursed”
Oh yeah, so why is Yandere Sim going on strong?
Because literally every single yandere game, inspired or spiteful, had failed absolutely miserably. Let’s break down why!
First, the WORST on this list:
Love Letter: My True Feelings: Developer of that game turned out to be a MAJOR bastard who had proof backing up his rep sheet of absolute bullshit he did during his ENTIRE DEVELOPMENT COURSE (most infamously sneaking a predator back on the team, then lying about being trans, hence why I don’t believe he’s legit NB because of the shit he pulled with pretending to be a transwoman, then realizing his fuck up when people started questioning his pronoun usage and as an actual NB that pisses me off way too fucking much) 
Also the entire thing was just a spite game from the get go, including originally going with Yansim’s new title, and he never did any real development, (not even giving his characters personality) just yoinked assets from an existing game, stole designs from someone, suckered literal children into illegal NDA contracts, also revealed he preyed on a 10 year old when he was fifteen and gave the most transparent, half-assed apology ever and blamed it on ‘not understanding what he was doing’ even though we all know he understood EXACTLY what he did, basically, he’s the WORST one on this list.   The last month or so of my blog is basically me and other people just railing on what bullshit this asshole had done, so anyone can feel free to check it out fully, links included.
Oh, and lesbian socks.
On to the next one! The State of Limerence:  Like LL, TSOL wasn’t born out of inspiration, but pure spite.  This game had NO excuse for being what it was, considering MULTIPLE people were working on it, and in fact, it was a (now inactive) anti-yanderedev blog that started it all, claiming how they were gonna make the game ‘better and faster than Yandev!”  
What followed was a project that went on for at LEAST a year, if not a fair bit longer, and as someone who infiltrated their Discord during that time, good god it was a horrible mess, and then they cancelled after not getting very far at all, and had their spoilers behind a PAYWALL on their Patreon :’D  It took quite a few people nagging before they finally decided to post them in the leak section.
Let’s just say the spoilers for their game not only showed how DISGUSTING they were (one of the acts involved ableism by having someone being beaten up to the point of being wheelchair bound and that stopped Senpai from accepting their confession somehow??)  right to LEAKING A GIRL’S NUDES AND FILMING HER FUCKING ANOTHER GIRL’S BOYFRIEND- but oooh sure that’s fine, because how? The other bad part is HOW they put so much time into the “Hawk” routes that they barely put ANY thought into the “Dove” routes, which from a VIDEO GAME STANDPOINT would not make ANY sense AT ALL.  One of the characters you have to take on a road-trip-and how would you do that exactly?? What’s going to happen? There was simply no way they’d be able to fit that stuff into their game scope, not with the way they wanted to do the game.
It was a combination of people who thought they knew how to code games + hubris that led to their downfall. 
Watashi No Mono: This is one of the two games on here that were NOT made out of spite, but inspiration. The dev was a LOVELY person who wasn’t a spiteful piece of shit, and they put on their website WHY exactly WNM got cancelled: It was due to the lack of support they received, lack of volunteers and funds. Gremlins hyped them up so much but so little got done because of how Gremlins don’t really care about HELPING a game as long as they can milk it for being “better than Yansim!” and that sadly led to the developer cutting their losses and cancelling the game, after a very long time of no updates. The developer deserved so much better than being used as a trump card for a hateful group.
This is why SUPPORTING your content creators is EXTREMELY important!
Dishonorable Mention: Yandere School While this game TECHNICALLY didn’t fail in terms of coming out and wasn’t a spitegame, it’s its own disappointment altogether.
Before TSOL, WNM and LL, the Gremlins’ go-to for “HA ITS BETTER THAN YANSIM BECAUSE IT CAME OUT FIRST!” was the dumpster fire of a game known as Yandere School.
A game that was so low-effort and was only made to cash in on Yansim’s popularity, its only redeeming quality was the fact that it had SUCH PRETTY AESTHETICS. Gameplay wise? It was awful. Just, plain awful, and the last couple of chapters you have to PAY for, and I’m not wasting a buck or two on unlocking the rinse-repeat of the previous rivals.
This game just wasn’t worth the Gremlin hype, at all. It was your generic cash-grab, the “We got Yandere Sim at home” type of deal.
I understand too that there’s this new game being developed that isn’t a spitegame, known as Sara’s School Life, and its definitely a game I’m looking forward to seeing more development of!
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zehmocha · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Yanderedev is stinky but I drew Oka in casualwear/streetwear because she’s baby and deserves better than her owner.
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consoledreams · 6 months ago
yo your blogs funny as fuck but you rb yamsim content which theres nothing wrong with being a fan (i am too lol) but just wondering if you support yanderedev
man wtf idk how old this is but no I don’t support yandev he sucks ass. i just think anime girl cute and deserve better so psppspspsspsps
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anarcho-malarkyist · a year ago
I guess this is a good time to say that although YandereDev did not deserve better it’s about time America abolishes the death penalty
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stop-yanderedev · 2 years ago
I do hope that ask isn’t taken as me defending him, the thing is, the things in the Hate and Shame video are true and happen to innocent people or people who just need to be better in the future, but a genuine creep like him shouldn’t be the one to talk.
Yeah like people deserve forgiveness, but Not yanderedev considering he’s like, actively dangerous. 
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anti-yandere-dev · 2 years ago
Cheapy the Cheapstake
You know, I was looking at a video about useless files from Yandere Simulator until I saw a guy named EpicMealDev, who developed a game called Watashi on Mono, which seems to be better than Yandiary Similater. There he was, defending the pedophile known as Alex “YandereDev” Mahan, and then, this reminded me of the relationship of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. EpicMealDev does his game with love while Alex messes up the Yandere Simulator in search of fame and attention, and perhaps money, but especially fame and attention, something he has always wanted since the times of Skullgirls. The difference in the quality of a fan-game made by a person who has a passion for what he does, especially a fan of YS, for an isolated selfish pervert who still lives with his parents and does not seem to care about his creations since he has gained attention not deserved that he wanted is remarkable. But just as SpongeBob defends Mr. Krabs, even though he’s completely crazy about money, EpicMealDev defends Alex Mahan regardless of Alex’s defending the Columbine massacre and being a crude and superficial version of Light Yagami. I mean, at least for the first few seasons, Mr. Krabs cared about Squidward and SpongeBob, so SpongeBob has some good argument to defend him. But EpicMealDev does not own it, because Alex is nothing more than a crazy incel by breasts of generic anime girls and does not care a bit about fans, unless you kiss your stinky feet, otherwise he’ll ask you to kill yourself and call you retarded, and then he will forget you, because his childish mind only holds 5th category Hentai and video games. Well, at least SpongeBob acknowledges how cheap Mr. Krabs is, and I hope EpicMealDev recognizes them as well.
P.S: About the comment from the guy who wanted to go home: This is a lot of barnacles!
- The YandereDev Wiki Guy
I think this is a pretty accurate comparison, if not funny. I do agree, I have seen some of Epicmealdev’s work, and while im not invested, I can say the models are very nice! -Mod Squig
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snowlilys-canonwife · 4 years ago
You know what frustrates me the most about the Yandere Simulator fandom is that there are so many critical blogs who have nothing better to do than tear apart every single one of YandereDev's videos and posts.
Like, it's not your game. If you don't like it, don't play it. Leave him alone. He's making HIS game the way HE wants to.
Another thing is that they are never satisfied. Y'all are complaining about how he never has time to work on Osana when most of the recent updates have been implemented specifically to appease those people who are getting impatient. If you didn't complain so much about things about the game (it's not serious enough, panty shots make you uncomfortable, Ayano is an unrealistic protagonist, etc etc etc) then he wouldn't have to stop working on Osana to try and make his game better for you.
He is afraid of losing his fan base, so he is doing everything he can to keep your hopes high. And what does he get in return? Insults, critics, and complaints. He's doing his best, working full time hours on this game.
Leave Yandere Dev alone. He doesn't deserve all this hate.
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I wanna take a dump in Yanderedev's yard but I realized he probably lives in his mother's basement and she deserves better than that.
i’m going to shit in all of his personal cups and bowls
- mod mata
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run-journalist-run · 3 years ago
Midori? Being a pure smol bean who deserves better than YandereDev?? It's more likely than you think.
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yandereheart · 9 months ago
I love Yandere Simulator, but it baffles me how many people whine about how the characters "deserve better" than to be in a game made by YandereDev when 90% of the cast just don't have personalities. And the characters that do have personalities are mostly unfinished. Like... why? What is it that makes gremlins weep over fictional characters?????
People tend to project onto characters that look aesthetically pleasing to them, regardless of how much personality they have.
Then some people take a few pieces of personality (such as likes and dislikes) and fill in the gaps themselves.  In a fan sense, this is great, but with Gremlins, it is not.   
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memeilyj · 4 years ago
i feel like sometimes the yandere simulator fan base forgets that yanderedev is a human being and not a robot. this man is taking the time out of his life to develop this game. he is under no obligation to get a build out every 14 days. i, for one, would much prefer for him to take his time... not only for his health and sanity, but so that he can develop a game that he is happy with. i don't see why it's such a big deal for him to have to announce when he's going to be late on a build, it'll be there when he's happy with the features he's working on. it's just so frustrating to me how y'all treat this man. he deserves so much better. and on a sidenote, the fact that y'all are complaining about him playing a video game on his day off is ridiculous. number one because he should be able to take off as much time as he needs. one day a month is so ridiculously small and if you want to complain about him using 13 hours a month to ENJOY A HOBBY then i am amazed at your lack of decency. number two because he can do what he wants with his day off. and number three, you realize how silly it sounds when you're complaining about a game developer playing other games? really? y'all just amaze me. being an adult is hard. working is hard. the man deserves some respect for what he's doing, he doesn't deserve to have y'all bitching at him for everything he does. if you don't like what he's doing, then leave him alone until the game releases. stop trying to whine about everything. (and yes. i am fairly certain that the part of the fan base that is complaining is probably the annoying 12-16 year old immature kids who spend their time being internet trolls because they don't have anything better to do with their lives.)
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yanderehades · 4 years ago
I’m disappointed with Yandere-kun and Yandere Simulator in general.
So I don’t want him to be flooding the #male yandere tag (not that I don’t want him in general since fan artists and fanfic writers do so much better than YandereDev) so I’ll try to post more on Yandere Heaven. Maybe even draw cute kohai Kaname Wakatsuki, the Yandere-kun we deserved. But not now, later.
Gosh, why, why, why, WHY Yandere Heaven Affection Bunny Cage was cancelled again?!?! I wish I knew.
You guys can also send me Yandere Heaven-related stuff here if you want. ^_^
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spooky-panacakes · 4 years ago
Everything sounds so much better in cursive
YandereDev should stop putting Ayano into hentai games
Kokona and Midori deserve better
Yazuka is not a fucking good idea
Shin is beautiful in a dress
I need to Nico Nico Niifucking kill myself
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elsnark · 4 years ago
wolvarinje replied to your post:
I figured it out, i'm not stupid, you know. But , let's leave it as you say, i'm not gonna waste my time on you anymore, because the smart one always gives up first.
I’m not trying to drag this out, but I need to say this.  If you were truly as intelligent as you want me to think you are, you would know for a fact that my opinion and the words I’d choose to use do not equal TheGayMan’s and the words he’d choose to use.  You pinned TheGayMan’s word usage on me which was, in fact, untrue.  I personally NEVER said YandereDev was a, “lazy piece of shit”.  Have I stated that his work ethic could be better?  Yes.  Have I said he’s lazy?  Probably and I won’t deny that, but I never called him a, “lazy piece of shit”.
You also previously said this, “look, i'm not trying to defend him or anything, but nothing in this world can give you the right to say shit about people. About no one”.  Then what were you doing?  You were criticizing me, right?  You were, “giving me shit” for something I never personally said, yes?  Throughout our conversation, it seems to me you made baseless assumptions to try to get a negative reaction out of me, but I can’t be sure of your intentions.  In any case, doesn’t this all mean you’re in the wrong and you should practice what you preach?
Hey, I’m not going to try and preach my innocence and say I wasn’t rude, but you were disrespectful first.  This showed to me you weren’t deserving of any ounce of my respect because, hey, if you don’t show me respect, I won’t show you mine.
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anti-yandere-dev · 4 years ago
So I guess I should write all about how I used to look up to Yan-Daddy and loved following Yandere Simulator, but it seems like everyone against Devpai has the same sob story, so I won't waste too much of your time. I discovered Yan Sim in like mid 2015 through Markiplier and thought it was really cool. I thought it was a really unique idea for a game since I never seen a game revolving a Yandere before. Honestly, it wasn't that I liked some of the creepy features, like the panty shots and torture. I just didn't think anything of it, since the Dev gave off some creepy/mysterious vibe in his videos. I also really had no reason to look into his past (and his EvaXephon persona), because I only took what he put out on his youtube channel and his wordpress and was content. I wouldn't have guessed that he was actually such a piece of trash. Fast forward to Yan Sim's two year anniversary, where Dev made a twenty minute video about emails (really, a turning point for a lot of us "haters"). I was a bit put off, especially considering how he took the time to make a long video complaining about how he had no time to work on the game because of emails. It also felt like he was blaming his fans for the lack of progress on the game, when he could've easily just hired a secretary to handle emails or just not go through his inbox at all. It's no secret that Dev hates his younger fans as he represents them as Midori Gurin (lit. Green Green), who's supposed to be the comic relief character of the game. He's been trying so hard to appeal to the edgy radical anti-sjw crowd, but ended up appealing to pre-pubescent and teenage weeaboos instead. Just because that wasn't his intended audience, it doesn't give him the excuse to treat them the way he does. I'm not trying to say "You can't do this, you can't do that!", but he wants to be seen as a serious game developer. It's completely unprofessional the way he reacts to his younger audience. And on the topic of professionalism, he really hasn't changed since the Mike Z incident. He still can't handle any criticism of his game whatsoever, nor will he listen to any suggestions on how to make it better. (But that's a post for another day.) Fast forward again to August 2016, where I came across the stop-yanderedev blog. I didn't realize how Dev had so many people against him, but then again, I didn't know of anything he did wrong. I started doing some research. I found a Kiwifarms forum about the precious Daddy Dev, which I've kinda been lurking around since then. I think the one thing that absolutely floored me (not to mention infuriated me) was how just about all of the assets in the game were either store-bought or ripped from another game and Dev never even credited where he got all of his stuff from. As well, (at the time) there was only one employee (seriously, I can't call them volunteers when they're basically slaving at their computers because Yan Daddy is such a control freak) who was even paid and had to fight with Dev to get the money he deserved (when Dev makes 5k a month from his Patreon and god knows how much from YT views). It gets even worse when he still hasn't stopped stealing, like with the Nemesis design and the grass texture. I want to think that he can't stoop any lower, but that's a little too optimistic. That's really all I have to say for now. I really want to write about everything wrong with Dev, but I don't have the energy to write a 700 page novel. I hope you enjoyed this post.
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