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RWBY AMV - Toxic - (Team RWBY 2020)

Fan-made RWBY AMV just in time for Halloween!!!  My “bag o’ candy” for you!!!

Enjoy!!!  Thanks for watching!!!



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Oscar’s birthday present to Ruby

(walks into the kitchen light on Ruby’s birthday carrying a large brown square box and on top of it a smaller square box)

Oscar: how is the birthday girl?

Ruby: fine, I just got through opening the last of everyone’s cards. (points to a stack of cards on the other end of the table)

Oscar: well with that done, it’s time for me to give you my present!

Ruby: oh what did you get me!? (she asked excitedly)

Oscar: (take the smaller box of places to the side while presenting the larger bottom box in front of Ruby) first every birthday girl needs a cake, and I think this is the perfect one for you! (pulls out the sides of the box for her to fall open revealing a very large cookie cake, with “Happy Birthday Ruby” written in frosting.)

Ruby: Oh my god, where did you get this!

Oscar: get it (he scoffs) I made it!

Ruby: (eyes big with excitement) Really!!!

Oscar: well Ren might have help a little (Said slightly sheepishly)

Ruby: seems about right. (Sly smile)

Oscar: oh and this. (Presents Ruby with the small second box)

Ruby: (opens it to reveal to silver color earrings in the shape of the roses) Oh, there beautiful Oscar! (jumps up and gives him a big hug)

Oscar: (smiles slightly embarrassedly) I mean they’re not real jewelry but I figured a little something-

Ruby: they are perfect!!!

Oscar: (laughs nervously) you know your sister thought it would be funny if I gave you these gifts well dressed up in a bunny suit for some reason. Yang is really weird sometimes!

Ruby: (curious) now when you say bunny suit?

Oscar: not like that, they were a onesie PJ with a hood and giant bunny ears on them. For some reason she thought you’d find that hilarious I told her not to even think about it, but-

Ruby: (Silver eyes filled with excitement at the idea)

Oscar: You want me to go put it on don’t you. (he says in a monotone voice)

Ruby: Yep!

Oscar: fine give me a minute.

15 minutes later

Yang: (gets a text on her scroll from her sister) Oh my gods (she says excitedly)

Blake: what is it?

Yang: (shows Blake her scroll)

(On her scroll you can see a picture of Ruby with her arms around Oscar showing off her new brand new earrings. Meanwhile Oscar is holding a very large cookie cake in his hands, he is also wearing a pink bunny pajama onesie with the hood up in the ears sticking out. He looks quite embarrassed but is smiling well Ruby takes a selfie)

Blake: that’s adorable (she says sweetly)

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thinking about the parallels between raven offering knowledge to yang in return for yang staying the first time they meet and raven giving yang the relic of knowledge before raven leaves her…… there sure are parallels there but i dont know what they are yet please rb with your takes

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Happy Halloween!

We on the rewrite team wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! May you have some spooky tricks and excellent treats!

Art by: @yang-diary

Here are everyone’s costumes:

Team RWBY: Sonic characters

Ruby: Shadow the Hedgehog 

Weiss: Silver the Hedgehog 

Blake: Blaze the Cat

Yang: Super Sonic the Hedgehog

Team JNPR: Comic Book characters

Jaune: Pre-serum Steve Rogers

Nora: Thor

Pyrrha: Wonder Woman

Ren: Kid Loki

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Happy birthday Ruby!

Our most adorable shooting star is up! Ruby was born on October 31st (kept from CRWBY canon)! She came into the world just a pink little thing, and she stole everyone’s hearts with just one look. Her family loves her so much and so do we!

Line Art by: @bosiphas

Colour by: @data-plays-viola

Ficlet by: @lameclub

Edited by: @bosiphas @yang-diary @data-plays-viola and @thetopazvulpix

Ficlet under the cut!

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RWBY AMV - Toxic - (Team RWBY 2020)



Fresh fan-made RWBY AMV just in time for Halloween!!!  RWBY AMV - Toxic (Team RWBY 2020)… I love making these AMVs… I want you to enjoy them… Keep your eyes peeled for the next one…  Thanks for watching!!!

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For all of my RWBY fans out there:

I made a joke today because I’m dressing up as my own rendition of Yang. I made a pun and no one got it and I was really sad, so here it is for you guys! (This has been done before I’m sure but I still think it’s hilarious)

Some other person: “I like to start off my Halloween with a bang!”

Me who feels like the gods have smiled upon me today because I get to say this: *smiles really widely* “Well I like to start off my Halloween with a Yang!”

Everyone else: ‘the fuckkkkkkk?’

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RWBY & JNPRO Halloween costumes 2020 headcanon

Ruby Rose: Lady from Devil May Cry 5


Weiss Schnee: Luna from Final Fantasy XV


Blake Belladonna: Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3


Yang Xiao Long: Panther from Persona 5


Jaune Arc: Captain America


Nora Valkyrie: Daisy.


Pyrrha Nikos: Jessie from Control


Lie Ren: Luigi


Oscar Pine: Deku from My Hero Academia

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