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Hey Lost! I read on the chapter poll (127) some people cheering for Yelena's words for the sole reason that the SC shares no higher morality than the warriors. To me it looks like they're forgetting the fact Eren was the one who forced them to do bad things in Liberio. Even during the invasion they tried their hardest not to cause massive civilian losses. Mikasa cried for Eren killed innocent people. Levi was upset and kicked Eren because of it. I know the warriors were brainwashed and all-

(Same anon) -but I’ve never seen them once thinking about the consequences of their actions and how many ppl they could get killed. What are your thoughts?

Yelena is an interesting character, she’s devious and borderline psychotic, but there’s a lot of truth in what she says in chapter 127, terrible crimes have been committed on both sides in the name of saving the world.  


Both the Survey Corp and the Warriors believed they were fighting to save humanity; the SC by saving the people of Paradis from the Titans, and the Warriors by atoning for the sins of their people by destroying the devils of Paradis.  There’s good and ill, innocence and guilt on both sides, though some have more blood on their hands than others. That’s the tragedy of war.  

I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Warriors have never thought about the consequences of their actions or shown any remorse though.  In chapter 125 Annie confesses to having committed irredeemable sins and Reiner is so traumatised by his actions and riven by guilt, that it has destroyed his mental health and driven him to the brink of suicide.  


As the end approaches, all the characters, on both sides, are being forced to question their beliefs and confront their actions, and I suspect there will be plenty of opportunity for atonement and redemption before all is said and done. 

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Upon consideration, Yelana/Yelena/Yelaena is most probably not a blood relative of the previous Northuldra Leader. They look absolutely nothing alike. Physical resemblance does not always indicate kinship – especially not in animated movie – but assuming it does, Ye-lady is more likely to be her predecessor’s daughter-in-law, niece, or a much younger wife rather than daughter.


On the other hand, there is some resemblance between the old leader and Ryder. If Yelana/Yelena/Heleainná married the previous leader’s son, then her grandchildren (I firmly believe Honeymaren and Ryder are her grandchildren) could have some of their great-grandfather’s traits.

Again, this is an animated movie and physical resemblance does not have to indicate anything. Still, playing with possibilities is fun :-)

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Melina: okay natasha I’m gonna give you a question

Melina: what happens when you drink to avoid your problems?

Natasha: i forget the problem

Melina: okay, fair enough. And what happens when you sober up?

Natasha: the problem is not solved and i feel ten times worse

Melina: okay so what should we do?

Natasha: sTaY dRuNk FoReVeR

Melina: NO

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Some SnK Ch 126-127 panel redraws plus a related drawing with dialogue taken from a Ch 127 panel :] 

I finished the Falbi/Pikulena/Mikannie pictures last month but the Jeanmarco/Levihan pictures were sketches for a good while. I finally sat down and finished them this morning so here they are now!!

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if she had to describe pieck, yelena thinks, she’d call her a violently gentle person.

on first impression pieck is a easygoing and laidback person, but knowing her the way she does now, yelena recognises that there is nothing casual about her kindness. or the way she ushers a golden tapestry of hearth-warm feelings into every room she walks. she is gentle to a sharpened point, a blackened spear of benevolence, in a way that unforgivingly pierces yelena’s conscience and makes her shrivel in guilt. in a way that suggests that the converse possibility exists: that she reserves the most wrathful of judgement for those who cross her moral limits.

pieck does it to prove some unseen creed, some higher point in her philosophical horizon that exerts its presence but lies out of reach of yelena’s comprehension. this unnerves her. yelena is ruthless, but not emotionally insipid– she may find most people too trivial to be worth her time at all, but she can get to the heart of what makes their blood run cold or their heart freeze in moments.

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Natasha: find a girl and have kids they said. it’ll be fun they said.

Yelena from the kitchen : PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!


Wanda: it’s called a fire extinguisher. FIRE. EXTINGUISHER!!

*glass shatters, things explode, wanda, peter and yelena scream in unison *

Natasha: don’t listen to them. don’t

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okay I have a life drawing AU idea that totally isn’t because I started attending free life drawing sessions at my college this year and have found it to be massively fun and something with brimming imaginative potential. but I’m imagining Pieck as an art student who needs to compile a life drawing portfolio and asks Yelena to model for her; Yelena is reluctant at first but Pieck offers her free coffee (and/or just pays her using funding from her school, lol, in this house we stan proper remuneration for labour and time) and then she does do it and Pieck draws her ~like one of her French girls~ and it’s all rather intense because their sessions are literally them alone in a room with nobody else to look at besides each other. their sessions grow longer (because Pieck just wants an excuse to be around and look at Yelena all the time), Yelena gradually finds herself staying longer and someone observes that Pieck’s life drawings have really picked up in quality/inspiration and asks Pieck who her new beautiful muse is and why she features in all her drawings and wow, is she your girlfriend or something? and meanwhile Pieck is relentlessly flirting with Yelena throughout all this and let’s her know what her friends are thinking. then a friend lets her know that, oh my god, you should just ask your model out already

(bonus points if Pieck is the model and Yelena is the art student instead & Yelena dies in every session because Pieck flirts with her constantly)

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