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yourlocaltrylingual · a month ago
That was the best weeping angels episode since blink
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nharris · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
"a lot has changed??" y'all have some audacity pb considering how you continue to cater to a hetero fanbase and wlw/mlm continues to get the short end of the stick in quite literally 95% of your books so I don't get where a lot has changed personally.
please enlighten me.
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finiel · a year ago
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it's written there in soot and ash and blood
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unproduciblesmackdown · 15 days ago
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2021 art retrospective
#corned beef #long post // #me back in feb like when i laterally crop this interstella 5555 pic everyone can know baryl's my fave band member... #no immediate brilliant Emergent Comments...idk not always apparent like ah yes these patterns or distinctive elements in my stuff grouped up #more full color items than usual i think; surprise All Full Color dec there lol. the rest like ah yes bright blue; purple; pink; orange... #sunsetty...lot of quantent; probably as much as ever lol; style shifts there hooray for smoothing silhouettes for circularity/more accuracy #the august ambitions.... #lot of Affection in everything as ever even if that's not strictly what's depicted lol. labors of love and evidently specific motivations #p.s. only march has a couple more Posts that weren't featured here....self imposed limit of four that i usually don't exceed anyways #another year of at least a drawing a month also evidently #oh yeah fondly recalling how september's drawing of winston and rian prophesized those 5x12 shots =] #(and thinking how the tmc desks are back to their usual configuration; presumably winston's & rian's will be adjacent again =] ) #plenty of riawin here lol charging and casting truly. wish me probability plausibility actuality finishing another piece before s6 begins =] #and right; also having posted a fic; the accompanying little illustrative triptych (sic?) there representing it lol #maybe things tend more Polished here lol; think there's as many or more pieces that were conceptually pondered / took more time vs like #more spontaneous ones...not that that's inherently better and Wish i was better at the spontaneity lol but i def skew towards Honing Things #and things depicted here that i'd probably thought ''hey i wanna draw that'' abt for a while and/or #are more general concepts i think about plenty already #certainly have a mental queue going atm of other drawing ideas and a text doc abt it to help keep track of them / not forget them #if only i remembered to reliably update it lol. so jot that down.... #not saying too much here By My Standards but i'm just in the [post editing all this together] efforts lol like shrug well here it is #and if you're already here then it's like well also Here It Is; what's new....ton of quantent. it's right in the blog title #(also for some reason realized the April Riawin Hug pic only displays in 540 px width on my post of it vs the full size 1080px width? #idk why. i don't think i would've like; posted it in text post format as might compress it like that. but here it is full resolution lol)
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shidoukanae · a month ago
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Ghost Game cast sketches but it’s 75% just me wanting to see Kiyoshiro wearing a ponytail lol
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thewhizzyhead · a month ago
oki so encanto being amazing isn't helping my wish for a filipino focused disney film like shit I want a filipino focused disney film even more now AAAAAAAA
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sleepy-night-child · 28 days ago
Nerezza’s tattoos
Honeys!!! It’s Feather’s birthday today!!!🥰 On 20 December 2020 I put her very first words on paper after the idea had been ghosting around in my head for a couple of months, and to this day this baby dragon WIP is a total of 117K words long😳 (Some plotties need to be changed or perhaps even deleted, but that’s not the point haha.) And if you think I’m nearing the end... I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re dead wrong🤣
Anyway, before I start getting really sentimental on here, I’ll just get to the point. I wanted to share something special to celebrate, but I didn’t have anything, so I literally started this yesterday evening and finished today. Is it the best thing I’ve ever written? Nope, lol. But it’s good enough for now haha. So, enjoy!
*Context: Nerezza was dealing with some sort of supernatural being (idk, didn’t think that through yet lol), and then he got stabbed (yikes!). He managed to make his way over to Heaven’s Aid before the injury caught up to him, and he collapsed (bc he doesn’t have all his spiritual energy, so healing doesn’t go as fast anymore). When Nova came to work, he found Nerezza, dead (except not so much), on the floor.* (Word count is 1.4K btw. Idk about you, but I always like to know haha.)
The floor is hard underneath him—and wet, making his robes stick to his torso. A pair of warm hands, shaking lightly, holds up one of his own, and the air is filled with soft, mournful sobs. Why are they so sad? Nerezza wonders.
Tumblr media
The first of his movement returns in his fingers. They twitch slightly, and the hands cupping his freeze in place.
“N-Nerezza?” a soft voice tries.
His hand twitches again, and as he slowly regains control of his body, he sucks in a deep breath to fill his lungs with fresh air.
“Nova?” he gently asks the boy—or should he say young man by now?—sitting on his knees beside him. He holds on to his hand for dear life while gawking at him as if he just saw someone rise from the dead. But what really gets to him are the tears. They stream down his face, drowning his heart in his chest. “Why are you crying?”
A breath hitches in the back of his throat, and he points a trembling finger at his chest. “Y-y-you, you were, you were dead,” he finally manages to bring out.
Oh. He feels at his wet robes, and his fingers come away stained with crimson. Oooh.
He sits up to face him, mirroring his position. “Please don’t cry, Nova,” he says softly, suddenly overcome by an immense flood of guilt. It was his fault, after all, that Nova was crying. “I won’t actually die from a regular weapon, and if I did die, the other angels would have come to collect my body,” he tries to explain calmly, though it just feels blunt; not a comfort to him at all.
Another tear rolls down his cheek, and Nerezza can’t help himself from wiping it away.
“How was I supposed to know that?” He snivels.
“I’m so sorry, Nova,” he apologises. That’s the least he can do. “It never got brought up, so I didn’t think to tell you about it.”
“Ah, it’s not your fault,” he reassures, and a hint of a smile crosses his lips. “I’m sure you weren’t planning on getting stabbed.”
Now a smile tugs at the corners of Nerezza’s lips as well. “I can’t say that I was.”
A drop of blood trickles down his back, and he debates whether or not he should ask him—he could ask Ozul as well, but that idea quickly scatters away at the thought of getting scolded by him. Yeah, he’ll have to ask Nova. “Could you do me a favour?”
His eyebrows knit together. “Of course.”
“I’m not healing as well as I should, so would you be so kind as to clean my wound? I would do it myself, but I can’t reach my back.”
“Oh, uhm, yeah, sure,” he stammers before he worriedly adds, “You’re not in any pain are you?”
“Oh, no. It’s just that the blade was probably laced with a toxin, and now it’s interfering with my healing ability,” he states, rising to his feet. He hesitates, just for a second, but then holds out a hand before Nova to pull him up from the floor.
While Nerezza gathers the ethanol and cotton rounds, he peels off the upper part of his robes—his drying blood was starting to itch, and they needed to come off in a short moment anyways. They reveal a pair of broad shoulders, and smooth, pale skin covering well-defined muscles, and his back reminds Nova of one of those marble statues he draws sometimes to study anatomy.
But, that’s not the first thing he notices. “You have a tattoo?!” he asks, astonished. A double stranded spiral—an alpha helix, he knows—runs all the way along his spine, with buds and flowers of all kinds growing from the backbone.
Nerezza twists around to face him, suddenly feeling the weight of his gaze upon him. It wasn’t as if he was self-conscious of his body—apart from maybe his wings (but those were safely hidden away, of course)—but this made him feel a little too exposed all of a sudden. Maybe he should have asked Ozul after all.
Before he can say anything, Nova exclaims, “You have two tattoos?!” when he spots another one on his chest.
“Three, actually,” he replies, not allowing his discomfort to peek through in his voice, as he sits down on the chair before him. “But the third one I have when I’m in my female form.”
“Oh, I see.” He takes the cotton round drizzled in ethanol Nerezza hands to him, but his hand stays hovering in the air before he even starts cleaning the injury next to his sternum. When he looks up at the angel, he either looks bored or like he wants to get this over with as soon as possible. First he needs to know, though; “Are you sure it doesn’t hurt? It looks, kind of, not so good.” The blood at the centre of the stab wound has taken a black tone to it.
“Yes, I’m sure, Nova,” he replies calmly. “It’ll be fine once it’s been cleaned out,” he adds, hoping it’ll get him past his worries.
“O-oh,” he stutters. “Good. I would just hate to hurt you.”
“You won’t,” he assures.
And he doesn’t. Nerezza doesn’t even so much as flinch when the ethanol touches his raw flesh. He just stays completely still. A marble statue indeed, Nova thinks. He wouldn’t be able to do that—that stuff stings!
As he dabs the cotton round over his skin, he can’t help his eyes lingering on his tattoo every now and then. It’s a picture of a dead hare that lies on a bed of mushrooms, and out of its ribcage red spider lilies grow.
Macabre? Maybe. But somehow, it fit Nerezza. There was something peaceful about it—something reassuring.
“Do they mean anything?” Nova questions. “Your tattoos?”
“What do they mean then?”
“This one stands for the fact that life always ends in death. However, out of death, new life can also grow,” he answers.
“That’s really beautiful, Nerezza,” he breathes. “What made you decide to get it?”
“I’ve just always liked the certainty of it, I guess. I don’t know,” he half brushes off the question, “I got it when I was pretty young.”
“I like that.” Nova gives him a warm smile, leaning back. “Turn around. I’m done here.”
He does as he’s told and hands him a new cotton round, again—it’s about the sixth because the ethanol keeps evaporating.
“And this one?” Nova asks, stopping himself from tracing a finger along the spiral. It’s just so mesmerising.
“Ah, it’s a DNA strand—but I hope you knew that already.” He looks over his shoulder to see Nova laughing.
“I did!”
“Good, good… The meaning behind it is that, nearly, all living organisms are made up of a set of genes. You, me, Ryuu, the flowers, and the trees, you name it. And while we are all different, our building blocks are the same, and that makes all of life connected… doesn’t it?”
He’s so wowed by what he said, he needs to let it sink in for a moment. “It does.” He smiles, and whispers, “It does.” And when he looks upon it again, capturing all the little details—the ten bases connecting every turn of the helix, how the spiral is not entirely symmetrical, and the blooming flowers—he notices; “It moved! It’s moving!” Nerezza can’t help the soft laugh rising in his throat when he hears the surprise in his voice. “The flowers have opened! Some of them were just buds earlier!” he exclaims as if he just discovered a new species of flower.
“That’s right,” he says. “The flowers close every night, and come morning, they open again.”
“Wooow,” he breathes. “I need me a tattoo like that!”
“Sorry to disappoint you, but you need to have spiritual energy for that.”
He sighs dejectedly. “That’s too bad.”
And Nerezza feels so bad when he sees his pout, he tells him, “Ah, come on. If you ask next time I’m in my female form, I’ll show you how my snake tattoo wiggles over my skin when you try to poke at it.”
He giggles. “Then you better change appearances soon—it’s the least you can do for scaring me like that this morning.”
He smiles in return, relieved that he’s not upset anymore. “Maybe I will.”
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varyathevillain · 4 months ago
you know, I'm going to write a take on Zolf and Oscar as a relationship, just because I kind of want to talk about how it feels to me.
thing is, I'm very much grateful how, through coincidence or player decision or something entirely different, the main focus of Ben describing how he feels about it is "Zolf oscillating between seeing Wilde as platonic and/or romantic partner".
and as much as I love the QPR angle, and the romantic angle when I sometimes read through fics, this "we're questioning this relationship ourselves, figuring out what is and what isn't as we play" is incredibly important to me.
thing is, with how the modern internet is quick to try and fit people and their feelings into boxes, this approach is... so good. that sometimes you have a period of your life where you and your feelings towards someone change, and you don't have a name to fit it. or that sometimes, you *never* find a right word to describe what is happening. I think it would be good to see that in the finale, myself. keep everyone guessing until the end of the line ;)
but even if in the end Alex and Ben do take a stance on what Wilde and Zolf's relationship is by the end/epilogue, even if they move it towards a romantic angle, or if they're explicitly spelled out to be queerplatonic life partners, which both are a possibility... I'm really glad that the questioning and tentative part of not knowing what's to come out of this, what sort of relationship they are *but* knowing they're not going to be separated no more, happened.
#Varya rambles #mmmmmm not gonna tag but you're welcome to reblog #like. im a nonbinary person purely bc there's no better word to describe me yet #and i figured i was aro who likes romance in media but not much in their life through RQG #since the usual tropes + stereotypes about aro ppl (especially from other aro people) didn't fit me right #so when some of the RQG fic went 'hey! you're okay for not fitting into the aro bullet points' #'being aro as with every romantic/sexuality description is something only you can truly define for yourself' #it's like my eyes opened. and so Zolf and Wilde figuring what their definition is? #really important to me personally. feels nice. #but it's not like im gonna write fic about them lmao there's enough good writers already doing that #love everyone for the cool QPR + aro allo Wilde + things that are considered romantic not always being such for the ship #it's really fuckin neat and i enjoy a lot of the fic and art! be it shippy romantically or not #actually i have more tags to tackle on: #i also think that the fact that there's less flexibility in fandom is also bothering me #like yes! i get that we want stable representation! they're fictional characters! they're made for it!! #but at the same time i think that I'd love for more fic to not just go one way or the other like many think it should be #and instead discuss 1) the discovery of not really fitting to the norms and definitions 2) that someone's relationship could change #like. romantic lovers to QPR. other way around. fluctuating on some days. feeling not up to gender/sexuality/romantic identity. #there's just so much in the world and i love all of it and i don't like when people make borders for other people!! #it can be useful sometimes with labels and figuring yourself out; but overbearing and forceful labelling can be harmful!! #ugh. i have so many feelings and so little sense :| #Varya RQGposting #bc why not. its my post about RQG and i want to find it for myself when i lose it
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escapismnotfound · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
what if I just show off all my OCs but in meme/cursed format and NEVER explain???
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the-toasted-teacake · 2 months ago
#I think one of the most utterly infuriating things about the current status of my depression is that I can barely read #reading is my solace #escaping into a story and immersing myself in another world and someone else's brain for a while #and I'll be honest: these last few years I've barely read any books #which in itself frustrates me because I used to love reading books #but the mental energy to engage in a whole new world with new CHARACTERS is sometimes too much #it is what it is #but then I read a lot of fic #amazing fic 🧡 #and it lifts my mood and makes me cry and makes me laugh and I'm in awe that people can write like this kust for the joy of it! #but right now my brain isn't even cooperating in reading fic most of the time #and I don't know what the hell my brain is playing at but I'd like it to stop? #it's almost like I've got stuck in a weird mode of wanting to read but worrying I'm not in the right frame of mind to enjoy it properly #which I realise doesn't make much sense #there's not a right way to enjoy a fic #but it's almost like I'm so looking forward to reading a fic that I want to fully appreciate it AS IT DESERVES #and then my brain says 'hold up. can we do a good job of reading this today? you don't want to be reading this in a rush' #'no? then we better hold off and save it for another day.' #while the rest of me says 'but I've been looking forward to reading this for WEEKS!' #yes. we are at the point in the tags where I've written a dialogue between me and my brain #ANYWAY. short version: I haven't read much recently but am VERY MUCH looking forward to doing so soon #on the plus side: I have a very large pile of carlando literature waiting to be devoured #when me and my brain work it out #so fic recs still always appreciated 😁 #ttt
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icharchivist · a month ago
cw cannibalism mention
Reading Tikoh’s FE before the event was such a good idea because now i’m reading the comments on the OOCGranblue account’s post of the screenshot describing how Ferdinand forced Shannon to eat her father, and see people going “what the fuck is going on with that event” and “i haven’t played granblue in a while hey what the fuck” or “should i read this event because what the fuck”, with various “i had a double take reading this screen i can’t believe they went this far” 
meanwhile all i think is “they don’t know the whole scene was described in detail in Tikoh’s FE months ago. The cannibal has been living in the code of the game for months and none of us knew. This one sentence screenshot is nothing compared to the actual scene”
aside from the cannibalism flashback (that is freaky as fuck in the event too but stripped from a lot of the most horrifying context around it), Ferdinand’s brand of fucked up was so different this event, but, hey at least i’m glad even casuals are going back at it going “hey what the FUCK did i just read”
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assassyart · 6 months ago
Me again. I liked your newest set of R&C doodles. Tangent: Do we actually know how old Ratchet is? I'm genuinely curious. I don't think the games ever say. He must have been 19 at least in the first one. I wish the games came with voice acting blooper reels, I've always wanted to hear Armin Shimerman messing up his lines as Dr Nefarious. What do you think?
Insomniac has told us Ratchet's either 15-17 in the first game. Jak X, a Naughty Dog game, had Ratchet (Deadlocked appearance) as a playable character and he was listed as 18. Insomniac, in a live stream, mentioned Ratchet's in his late twenties Into the Nexus, which makes him 32-34 in Rift Apart, depending on what age you want to run with!
Ratchet's the only character they've given us an age for, pls Insomniac how old are the rest of the characters
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hoziersgf · 7 months ago
*inhales* i will never, ever, forgive the h2o writers for not capitalizing on the mythology of the four elements during season three and instead introducing bella via some weird oirish colonial trope entirely disconnected from the original storyline
like. cleo, emma, and rikki all have powers over water, but their powers are also tied to one of the four elements; cleo is able to manipulate wind using aerokinesis, emma is able to manipulate water vapour in the clouds which further solidifies her connection to the element, while rikki can control fire and create thunder. it only makes sense that bella, who can manipulate crystal which comes from the earth, would have powers over earth
of course, this would leave the writers in a tricky position for season three, as emma, one of the four elements, is missing from the narrative. however, this could be circumvented in a number of different ways. for example, they could introduce an older (former) mermaid who was connected to louise, julia, and gracie, ensuring that bella’s story is not totally disconnected from the overarching plot. they could strongly imply that, after graduation, the three mermaids would travel to meet emma and complete their elemental group
hell, season three could even have been spent discovering more mermaids and moon pools around the world in similar groups and expanding on the mythos in a more... ahem, organic way. of course this calls the notion of the original mermaids being a threesome into question, but the girls could always meet the fourth member of julia, louise, and gracie’s squad on their travels
perhaps this mermaid, too, transformed somewhere other than the moon pool at mako, and has the same powers as bella. perhaps she is somehow connected to julia, the mermaid that we know the least about in canon. perhaps she has some connection to bella, or other mermaids across the world, who have to come together to face some threat which unites them all not the water tentacle dear god please not the water tentacle
i can hear the charlotte stans champing at the bit, so let me present you with a season three au: charlotte is still around. bella is the fourth mermaid with powers over earth. she, rikki, and cleo travel to find more moon pools and meet more merms. they meet a sociologist mermaid with a theory: it does not matter where a mermaid transforms, her personality is what informs which powers are assigned to her
for instance, had bella transformed at mako, she would still have her jelly/crystal/earth powers. had charlotte transformed anywhere other than mako, she would still have gained the same powers that emma, rikki, and cleo have. the sociologist mermaid has the same powers as emma and cleo; the other member of her 'pod' has the same powers as rikki and bella
charlotte gets an actual apology from rikki and cleo, gets her redemption arc, eventually finds herself in a pool somewhere other than mako on the night of the full moon, finds out she can manipulate water and wind like her grandma, and meets three other mermaids who are missing a fourth member. charlotte's claim in the season two finale, that she wasn't supposed to be a mermaid, is refuted; she was meant to be a mermaid after all, just not with emma, rikki, and cleo (as an aside, i think charlotte would be the only ever documented case of a mermaid losing her tail and gaining it back, and of a mermaid whose powers changed. because she is That Bitch)
anyway i think this would somehow establish a complex social network of mermaids across the globe: i can imagine smaller pods of only one or two mermaids; mermaids who transformed in pairs with only one power each searching for the other members of their pods; older former mermaids guiding the next generation; mermaids who are adults with jobs in the science field discreetly conducting research together and documenting their discoveries; mermaids whose parents and families and communities help to guard the secret; mermaids who are parents and grandparents themselves; mermaids who live at sea full time, too. cleo, rikki, and bella become the de facto leaders of this network of pods who help to protect one another from the rest of the world
but no we got water tentacle save the world from the comet crappy characterisation and piss poor writing insert dodgy irish flute here instead
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ari-is-anxious · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
A chill Finale Cairo for you all <3
#actually speaking of cairo- when i first listened to the watt soundtrack. wonu's voice was the only one i could reliably pick out #the others i just. could not recognize for the life of me #so like. i knew that cairo was there. couldn't tell you what she was doing but i knew cairo was there #(any songs without cairo i was. absolutely lost but that's besides the point-) #i also came to semi-reliably recognize lauren's voice before too long. if only bc i listened to wallflower a lot and therefore trained- #myself into recognizing riley (as i could be pretty sure that the other voice was who cairo was talking about in that song) #actually speaking of my first listen through watt- more specifically my first listen through wallflower- #on my first listen through wf [abbreviating it for tag space reasons] i heard the 'i'll always be on your team' and my first thought was #ooh okay if she's directing that at a girl. that is the gayest possible proclamation of loyalty i can think of wow- #and then immediately after comes 'you are nothing. you have nothing. without /me/' #and my immediate thought after *that* was #oohkay. uh- not the /healthiest/ thing in the world to take complete ownership of all of your partner's success + accomplishments? uh. hmm. #and then riley repeated it back to her later in the song so i was like 'oh so they're /both/ dicks' #which. yes they are. upon seeing the show (specifically the kitchen scene-) i've concluded that riley is the bigger dick of the 2 but still #(also she murders people so like. definitely the morally worse person but i'm focusing on her relationship with cairo [pre-act 2] here-) #god wf is so interesting because it just. for me it is so clearly the reason to ship cheerwives and the clear reason to not ship cheerwives #like the most telling thing in wf is that the very in-love lyric 'i'll always be on your team' is always. always followed up with the 'you- #are nothing. you have nothing. without me' line which is extremely not healthy! that is not a good dynamic in any relationship—let alone- #a romantic one. honestly the fact that those 2 lines are a package deal i feel like is such good writing on pma's part. cause somehow the- #fact that equally passionate lines with such different tones r delivered 1 after the other almost normalizes it? is i think how i'd put it? #like the dual extreme love and devotion the 2 feel towards eachother along with the very unhealthy codependency and inclination towards- #disrespect the 2 have developed is really exemplified in wf- particularly in those 2 lyrics. those 2 lines are lowkey implied to sort of- #define the relationship bc they are the most passionate ones in there. so then the fact that they so closely follow eachother then implies- #that those combined dynamics aren't unusual- and therefore established. anyways stan cheerwives (or uh. maybe...maybe don't-) #we are the tigers #watt #cairo we are the tigers #cairo watt #cairo adekoya #wf is such a fucking song
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tangledincassandra · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I miss your company, the closeness we once knew
I won’t pretend to know just what you’re goin’ through
But I’d give anything for you
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hopehufflepuff · 7 months ago
I should have known that after finding out that Jesper is mixed the same way I am (Zemeni aka Black mother and Kaelish aka Irish father) that anything about his backstory would hit me very hard.
Did not think I’d cry over it though. Yet here I am.
#six of crows #crooked kingdom #jesper fahey #insert that Rosa gif of 'if anything happened to him i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself' #i already felt that way after watching the show but reading the books... #ahhh my heart someone help i didn't think i'd cry but i kinda felt it coming on so i took a break for a second #put some stuff away then picked up the book again and cried a little anyway #ahhhhh #also and maybe i'll go more into this when i make another 5000+ word review of this series like i did shadow and bone #as a mixed person i know we have a lot of privilege in film and tv so reading the books and seeing that Jesper is described as dark #i was like 'i love Kit but maybe this role should have gone to a black person who isn't mixed or at least not as light skinned' #Kit's not light skinned he's medium skinned but he's not dark like jesper was initially described in the books #(we see this all the time when mixed people are cast as fully black characters like Amandla in Rue in the Hunger Games) #(were they a perfect Rue? yes. were they half picked because of colorism and they're not dark? also yes.) #then i found out his father is Kaelish and i was like OOOOHHH he was cast as a mixed actor on PURPOSE! YESSSSSSSSSS #so i'm glad him being mixed is an actual part of his character and not just another example of colorism in hollywood #and that also means i can fiercely identify with Jesper and cry over his mom and dad's beautiful relationship #and on that note if something bad happens to jesper i am now going to riot. i am already spoiled about something horrible #(and a stupid youtube comment even told me the chapter it happens in so thanks for that) but i've heard no spoilers of jesper #I just realized I misgendered Amandla in my earlier tags. they use they/them #I’ll edit those tags once I get home since on my phone it will be too hard #ok that’s been fixed
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localkage · 9 months ago
Thank you so much for your kind words I am sobbing I shall cherish that frog forever and with all my heart🥺💕
Have some cute hc I think about to cheer me up!
The floof on Tobirama's armor exists because his SO complained about the armour not being nice to hug. He will never admit to it but thats the sole reason for the floofs existence. He has drop kicked Hashirama who thought it would be a good idea to mention before.
Madara has immense hair envy of Hashirama because his hair looks so silky smooth while Madara's looks like a birds nesting ground. He has snuck into Hashirama's bathroom before to find out what he uses to get them this way (they're gay your honor 😔)
Soft kisses against Itachi's eyelids. His eyes are constantly strained and he barely gets to rest them because he always (ab)uses them. On a more lighthearted note, Itachi has run into glass before due to his poor sight, like a bird.
Kisame would absolutely engulf his SO in his giant cloak when they're cold or the weather conditions are bad. He rather take the winds head on than letting his SO suffer through it.
Soft mornings with Hinata. No matter how far she and her SO sleep away from each other, no matter how hard they fought, the next morning they always end up entangled to each other, holdings hands softly while talking through their issues.
Minato would collect aprons if he could. All got a silly pun on it and he loves them very much.
Kakuzu secretly fixes his SO clothes if they got holes. Also, if his SO sees some clothing they like, he won't buy it for them but rather recreate it himself.
Guy and Lee love doing facemasks with their SO. That skin gotta stay hydrated!
Shikamaru gets really embarassed about having an SO but also can't stop himself from telling Asuma- until of course Asuma tells his parents and then they're all being a drag (he secretly loves that they all love them so much as well).
Naruto, whenever his SO feels down makes a long list of things they have done- more often than not things they didn't even notice.
Ino knows a lot of details about plants but she rarely shares it because she is embarrassed by her rather nerdy interest. If she shares it with someone she truly trusts them.
Kakashi has eaten dog food before. He was too lazy to buy food for himself and ate dog food instead and was like "Wow this ain't actually half bad" (*cue a very disturbed Pakkun*).
Sakura always leaves sticky notes all over the place. She is quite a busy person running the hospital and all so to not forget anything, she writes everything down. Even stuff like "Telling SO that I love them".
Yamato personally creates wood that can be used for books because he doesn't want people chopping down trees and disturb the ecosystem (and then gets mad when he sees Kakashi reading Icha Icha Paradise because a tree had to die for that).
I am curious though- what are some of your ships? Besides HashiMada ofc which is just so valid I can't.
I hope you're doing well hon!
Also have this crappy Uchiha/Hyuuga concept drawing I made, I am not the best artist-
Tumblr media
come get yalls serotonin 😔🥺❤️
#I'm on the floor this is SO good like. I'm going crazy this is the exact amount of serotonin I needed today I owe you my life 😭❤️ #I LOVE tobirama doing specific things for his s/o but being embarrassed if ANYONE mentions it aksjsksj 😔❤️ #and madara omggg his hair is beautiful he doesn't need the 4 different organic shampoos and conditioners hashirama uses I promise 😔❤️❤️ #why would you hurt me like that with itachi... I love him. in my head he's alive with his chicken 😔😔😔😔❤️ #I LOVE KISAME SO MUCH ON GODDDD. I want a gentle giant sharkman boyfriend like kisame pls 😔😔😔😔😭❤️ #hinata is so fucking sweet like. I can't even imagine fighting with her like. she'd say smth or call me stupid and I'd just 100% agree like #yes wife you're right I love you forgive my stupidity 😔❤️ but you're right fights with her wouldn't last long and even then you'd both #still seek for each other's embrace 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️ #I'm SO here for minato and his hideous aprons. imagine him having a corgi one maybe with tofu and mochi pics on it 😔😔❤️ #KAKUZU PLS RECREATE THIS GUCCI FOR ME PL- #I wanna do a group face mask session with guy and lee. it sounds so soft and like. you'll be caring for your physical AND emotional health #because no way spending time with these two doesn't give you an instant serotonin boost like 😔❤️❤️❤️ #shikamaru is just. he's clueless you know. he likes you and doesn't want anyone teasing him for it but he also doesn't know A LOT of things #about dating so he'd ask asuma but then it would just become a mess aksjsksjs #I love naruto so fucking MUCH and ino could spend HOURS talking about flowers and I'd just fall harder for her 😔❤️ #kakashi wanted to know how it tasted like... let him live 😔😔💔 and sakura being SO organized just imagine finding that note 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️ #YAMATO PLS BECOME OUR PRESIDENT PLS I'M BEGGING YOU PLS SAVE AMAZONIA PLEASEEEEEE #I don't really have any hard ships but I see a lot on my dash and I think many are very nice and cute likr kakagai kakayama inosaku and OFC #SAKUHINA bc that one scene of sakura holding hinatas hand lives in my head rent free #and babe your drawing is SO beautiful oh myy goddd I had never thought about uchiha/hyuga but thay child would look SO FUCKING INSANE #like. imagine how beautiful and powerful they'd be I'm losing my mind 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #.ask #.hcs #naruto #thank you SO much for this I love you so much and appreciate this so much like. you literally made my day I love you babe 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️ #long post
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leatherbookmark · 3 months ago
’A multitude of variously-colored sword glares rushed over’
it seems it’s in our blood to look at a sword and think ‘yknow what would make it cooler? GLOWING, AND ALSO COLORS’
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zannylesbian · 5 days ago
sees my alternate account for a certain webcomic that i’m hypercritical of but still simultaneously a “fan” of (in the loose, “this author is dogshit and the comic itself is 80% personally injurious why are all of my creatorly passions fixated on this fucking comic” way/in the the-years-i-spent-trying-to-ONLY-hate-it-made-me-fucking-miserable-because-my-fixation-ass-brain-refuses-to-move-on-from-it-(ALSO-IT-ATE-A-SOLID-DECADE-OF-MY-LIFE-AND-*ALL*-OF-MY-CREATIVE-PASSION-FOR-NOTHING-OTHERWISE) way) appear in my “people to follow” sidebar oh jesus christ the feds are onto me. 
homestuck (for filtering purposes i’m just writing that here. it feels like i’ve just rended my clothes asunder as an act of contrition.) (i infodumped how bad the comic is in the tags bc criticizing it is about as big a fixation for me as the actual failed potential of its worldbuilding itself. its chill. i’m a big cool and i feel a good. yes i’m writing this post-the-wrest-of-the-tags and thus am settling out of an adrenaline rush. i stg if tumblr eats tags if you leave too many i’ll combust)
#i'm sorry for still enjoying h*mstuck and for all of my long term creative projects involving it #yes i know its a ableist homophobic racist shithole noone knows that better than someone whose technically read it four times. #i KNOW and my own '''''fan'''''comic would FIX things it'd be a slap in hussies FACE i'd make it WORK i'm NOT DELUDED I ACK #i even hate it in ways most homestuck critical bitches don't think of!!!!!!!! #the way it fucking hates gay men rarely fucking comes up besides the superficial criticisms of dirk!!! #like ninety percent of the gender dynamics of the comic seem to be entirely based on men who love other men being pathetic!! its BIZZARE!!! #reverse hirohiko araki! it hates gay men so much that it winds up being accidentally (terrible eugenics terf) feminist!!! #and good fucking god the way transbians like myself latched onto vriska is fucking disgusting #i say 'like myself' because i tick all the boxes except i actually dont like ableist bullies who use their own trauma to excuse theiractions #like. jfc. its.... it gets fucking sickening #also i don't think belittling victims of abuse for being 'dweebs' is funny regaurdless of gender...???? #it fucking sucks here. #these tags are a literal goddamn discourse explosion because i've been holding myself back SO BAD on this account i just. jesus christ. #DONT *FUCKING* WORRY I HAVE A SEPARATE ACCOUNT FOR A REASON I DONT WANT *THAT* LIFE CLOGGING UP *THIS* ONE #THIS'LL BE MY ONLY MENTION OF *THE WEBCOMIC* AND ITLL BE BUISINESS AS NORMAL #I PROMISE THAT THERES PLEANTY OF 'FANS' OUT THERE WHO DO GENUINELY HATE IT IN A CRITICAL MANNER. THEYRE USUALLY JUST BIGOTED FREAKS ANYWAY. #BECAUSE HOMESTUCK WAS KINDA SORTA THE GENESIS OF A *LOT* OF EVIL THINGS IN FANDOM #SO THAT ROT IS LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. YOU KINDA GOTTA HAND-SELECT PEOPLE YOU RESPECT. TRUST NOONE. #anyways if you actually read this far i fucking love you #overstating my case to the *max* but its my own personal religious opiate of sorts and it just. won't wash off. #AND I'M KINDA TERRIFIED OF LOOSING PEOPLE OVER THIS LMAO #then again the sheer amount of people who reblog posts from someone literally named 'vriska' and who has a vriska icon and a username refere #referencing arachnids i think i might be good. have things cooled off that much? hm
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touchingmadness · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WIP: Touched || Characters (1/2)
Main characters from my enemies-to-lovers, Disillusioned!ChosenOne NA standalone. In order, we have ERIS (she/her, 22), KADE (he/him, 22), HARVEY (she/her, 24), BERRY (she/her, 26), DEZ (she/her, 19), and SQUIDGE (he/him, 23).
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