#You don't have to insult or to make people feel bad
dameronology · a day ago
enemies to lovers with billy 😈
Did you mean: the best prompt?
no but fr fr i feel like this prompt is low key perfect for him because billy hargrove has a lotta enemies but probably not many lovers (like lovers in the sense of...love??) so let's examine that huh
warnings: angst, canon-typical mentions of domestic abuse & language
getting in billy hargrove's bad books is not hard. literally all it takes is looking at him wrong or bumping him into by accident and he's >:(
tbf by default he's kind of mean to everyone. we'll call it a defense mechanism
but to be his actual enemy?? that takes a bit more
you would have to hurt him in some kinda way. probably one where you meet for the first time and instantly he's taken aback by the way he feels about you - like it's warm and fuzzy and different to when he's met other people he's into - but straight away you tell him to fuck off because you know who he is and what he's like
and honestly it's quite funny because the tension between you is so DAMN obvious
it's not even bad tension. it's just the way you both give each other this intense eye contact and throw creative insults without even trying
"nice toupee, hargrove" etc
one night, you're all hanging out with your mutual friends - there's weed and alcohol and board games - and before you know it, you and billy are the last two left in your living room
you refuse to let him drive home and whilst you're bickering about how his ability to drive when he's sober is bad enough, it's like something snaps and suddenly his lips are on yours
so you starting shacking up in secret, basically
he has a few minor bruises that you see in passing but hell, you're too distracted to ask and it's not like billy would ever answer
you don't actually begin to see the depth behind his personality until one day at the pool; billy's in a BAD mood - even by his standards - and he makes a backhanded comment to you in passing that's just a little too far
so you follow him to the staff area, about to asking him what the fuck his problem is, and you walk in on him taking off his shirt
everyone (especially the milfs) had noted that he was wearing one today, which was out of character
you see bruises all over his chest and shoulders. deep, purplish-red bruises that are clearly fresh and littered with cuts. not deep ones, but that's not the point
it's a vulnerable moment for him; it's also the first time since you met that his ice cold eyes don't hold that usual spark. they're dull and unforgiving, and he doesn't say a word when you make eye contact in the middle as you're stood behind him
"oh my god," you murmur, "what the fuck did your dad do?"
you don't push any further. you don't need to.
billy is quiet as you clean up his cuts. there's not a single world said until after, when you - completely unprompted - promise not to tell a soul what you saw
he didn't expect to feel safe with you, but that connection he'd wanted to push for since the day you met was finally being forged and billy wasn't about to let that go
so he calls you the next day and, in his own words tells you everything
"i have to put up a front," he explains
"i gotta be a tough guy for my dad so i might as well be one for everyone, right? then no one suspects a thing. it fucked me off when my hard-ass pushed you away the first time we met but i had no idea what to say to you without actually explaining everything"
to be honest, it was probably the fact you promised not to tell anyone about what you'd witnessed that made him trust you. because after everything - him being a dick mostly, but specifically and especially on that day - you still showed yourself to have integrity
and it's not until you say "billy, i respect you more for being a human with emotions rather than a hard ass all the time" that he softens up a little
and now with established depth to your hook up situation, he jumps the gun and asks if you want to pursue something more serious
it's an easy decision: he's difficult as fuck so rest assured, the thrill of the chase will be there but this time, you have someone you can reside in and with whom you can find a mutual safe space
the transition isn't instant; there's a learning curve for both of you. billy has to learn when to open up and you have to teach yourself patience and not to force him
you learn together, though
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lebenspurpur · 5 hours ago
Holding the slashers while they cry HCs? (The reason is up to you, I just want some soft comfort fluff ❤️)
AN: I'm trying to get back into regular writing, so here, take this little thing. I prefer writing blurbs over headcanons, so I'm sorry if this is rusty.
Slashers: RZ Mikey, Vincent, Bo, Thomas, Brahms, Josef and Otis
Warnings: canon background stories, self-image problems in Vinny's, crying, more or less canon alcohol/drug abuse, canon suicide in Mikey's
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ℝℤ 𝕄𝕚𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕖𝕝 𝕄𝕪𝕖𝕣𝕤
To see Michael cry is an abnormal sign of trust. It'd take him years, hell, decades to show you that side of him.
Michael doesn't cry a lot and when he does, it's about either his sister, or his mom. He won't ever admit it, but the fact that his mom committed suicide because of stress he caused, upsets him a lot.
He usually prefers solitude when he's emotional, but after you gain his trust, he learns to seek comfort in you as well.
Make him a hot chocolate, give him some cookies, he adores that stuff. Michael also really enjoys having his scalp scraped and will demand it during bad times.
Sometimes all he needs is to watch a bad, gory movie with his face buried in your chest, and he's already feeling better.
Michael doesn't really “cry”-cry. There are no sounds coming from him, it's just the tears running down his cheeks and an occasional sniffle.
𝕍𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕣
Vincent cries a lot. I see him as someone who hides emotion from other people, but when he's alone? He's going all out.
When he cries, it's mostly because of his issues with himself. Vincent hates, and deeply despises, himself. That is exhausting, and creates a lot of emotional tension that requires letting out.
He is… complicated with physical touch during emotional times. Sometimes all he wants is to be held, whereas other times he needs to hold you.
He'll mostly show up in the middle of the night and just cry into your arms until he falls asleep. He will also feel very guilty the next morning.
Vincent tries to thank you by cooking for you, or take over a task you should've done that day. He wants to make sure you know that he appreciates it.
When he cries, it's near silent. Sometimes you think that's because he's had to hide his cries as a little boy.
𝔹𝕠 𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕣
Bo always says he'd rather die than let you see him cry, but in fact, you see him break down quite a lot.
It could be anything that triggers him, really. An argument with his brothers, a glass he accidentally broke, an insult he called you half a year ago, a bad dream, the list goes on.
Bo's breakdowns are shaped by alcohol and self-pity, so sometimes it's difficult to help him get out of that pit.
I'd advise going for a walk before you lie down and hold him, just so he can calm down a little.
He would never admit it, but being cherished, being cared for makes him feel so comforted. Bo likes to play all dominant and bossy, however in reality, he's really, really vulnerable beneath that shell.
Bo yells when he's emotional (mostly because he's also intoxicated) and he can get very rude.
𝕋𝕙𝕠𝕞𝕒𝕤 ℍ𝕖𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕥
Thomas cries like never. The house doesn't really provide a lot of privacy and the butcher would rather die than let Hoyt see him cry, so he suppresses most of his emotional urges.
When he does, it's usually about something small, but since he never really lets anything out, the tears don't really stop.
Thomas is one of the few slashers who really, really wants and asks for cuddles when he's sad. It makes him feel so loved to lay in between your arms. He never thought he would ever feel that kind of affection.
He isn't ashamed to cry in front of you, either. He might've grown up in a household built on toxic masculinity, but he trusts you with his heart. You'd never laugh at him.
𝔹𝕣𝕒𝕙𝕞𝕤 ℍ𝕖𝕖𝕝𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕣𝕖
Surprisingly, Brahms doesn't really cry either. Sure, he complains and whines a lot, but real, emotional crying is rare.
However, Brahms deals a lot with panic and anxiety, which can lead to him breaking down.
He yearns to be comforted. Someone cradling his head, rubbing his back, whispering to him when he's panicking – he's dreamed of that his entire life.
He's not going to let you go, either. Brahms is always clingy, but that shoots through the roof when he's sad or scared.
In secret, he often feels bad about needing your comfort so often. He is a grown man, he should be able to deal with this himself. It's only when you tell him that you like taking care of him, that he drops these doubts.
𝕆𝕥𝕚𝕤 𝔻𝕣𝕚𝕗𝕥𝕨𝕠𝕠𝕕
Now, this ass only cries like once a decade.
Emotions scare him and when he's scared he gets either high or drunk. So there is the chance of an intoxicated Otis absolutely breaking down for the first time in front of you. You likely won't even know why he's crying.
Otis likes to pretend like he hates being comforted by you, but while he's under the influence, it's impossible to hide his content.
He didn't get a lot of affection throughout his life, so pure, non-sexual affection is like a miracle to him. He could spend his life in between your arms, but that's another sentence he'll take to the grave.
When he wakes up the morning after the breakdown, he'll isolate himself for a little while. He needs to get used to opening up to you.
Josef also cries a lot, even if you wouldn't expect it of him.
He's the type to isolate himself when he's doing bad, which would be fine, if it wouldn't make him feel worse.
It takes him awhile to open up and come to you, but when he does, he feels so much better. Josef hates hiding things from you, he wants to be very open about everything in the relationship. As soon as he shows you his emotional side, there's like an invisible wall breaking down.
Josef's sobs are heartbreaking. You don't know how he does it, but he sounds truly hopeless.
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thelost-in-time · 5 hours ago
hii!! may i request beidou, lisa and eula with a reader who doesn't show much emotions, please? english isn't my first langauge so i apologize if this doesn't make sense. have a nice day!
Hi, Anon! Thank you for your request ^^
But also, I wanted to add Ningguang, Zhongli, and Xiao if that's alright?
If anyone has any issues about me adding characters, please specify in your requests, because I'll usually add more.
Ice Cold
How Beidou, Lisa, Eula, Ningguang, Zhongli, and Xiao would act with a reader who doesn't show much emotions
Warnings: none
Genre: fluff (and a sprinkle of angst for Eula)
Tumblr media
Captain Beidou of the Crux had met a lot of different people and probably every type of person
So having you not show a lot of emotions? She's not as unnerved by it as one may think.
Seeing that you don't show as much emotions as others, she finds you interesting.
Time previously spent trying to beat Ningguang in chess is now spent with you.
She can pick up when you're happy, when you're sad and more.
"Hey, look who it is. You seem quite thrilled today. Care to share?"
"Oh? Well, I guess I am feeling good today."
And she listens as you talk about what it was you saw.
It may have made the Crux confused at one point.
Seeing you talk about something while showing no emotions, but now they're used to it.
They look forward to it.
Beidou takes you places with her to introduce you to new sights that may interest you.
If you speak in a monotonous tone as well, that further intrigues her.
But she gets it.
She assumes you're doing this to not appear vulnerable to people to protect your heart.
And she relates to that.
But if that's not the case, then she just finds it rather cute as well. All the subtle signs you show.
And yet showing no emotions at the same time.
Honestly more attracted to spending time with you because of how you are.
'How unique you are.' As she puts it, but she doesn't mean anything bad by it at all.
But on nights when Beidou's mind lingers on the past, she doesn't seek you out.
She's instead focusing on the ocean, before catching a glimpse of you.
A smile graces her lips as your emotionless face saves her from her thoughts.
"Hey there, partner. You have something on your mind?"
And if you ever hug her to physically show her your concern.
She'll be clinging to you that night, and returning the favour in the morning.
"Hey there, cutie. I see you've come to give me a visit."
Lisa says in her classic flirtatious tone and a wink thrown to you.
And she's amused when there's no sight of embarrassment coming from you.
Not even your cheeks heating up when she caresses your face, cooing at how adorable you are.
Lisa sees you as completely the opposite of her, but that's what she loves most about you.
Feels like you balance each other out, and is the type of person to go like that one meme.
"My partner asked for no *insert food item here* and now you're in for a little shock."
Very attentive to you though, especially since you're not usually showing much emotion.
The last thing she wants is to make you spiral when you're already hurting.
Lisa thinks it's honestly impressive that you're not very emotional.
She thinks it's beneficial for you to not show much emotion as well, despite the struggle.
She can and will shock anyone who insults you.
She's not one to mess with, especially when it comes to you, someone she cares about.
Whatever emotion you don't show, Lisa will show it for you. That makes no sense but I mean that she is in sync with you.
If you're happy, she's happy, if you're mad, she's mad, if you're— you get the idea.
Kaeya loves to tease you for being emotionless (with your permission), and Lisa loves to give him little shocks when he does that.
Jean.... she's Lisa's best friend, but Lisa won't even show her mercy if she scolds you for being emotionless.
If it's not something you can help, sparks will fly in a bad way when someone mocks you.
If it is something you can help, sparks will still fly in a bad way when someone mocks you for it.
"Oh cutie, nobody who insults you should be expected to get away without some static shocks."
Her shocks are harmless enough to be static shocks for the entire day.
Still super annoying and painful (or... shocking) though.
Safe to say that people get the message.
And you? Well, you are still the center of her affections.
"Cutie, how ever do you manage to not get flustered by my flirts? Hmm?"
Wonders if you're secretly embarrassed deep down but just can't show it.
The Queen of hiding her true feelings behind a mask of irritation or anger.
Breaking apart every single day, but nobody can tell.
That's why she completely understands you when she sees you're emotionless.
She's more understanding of how you're feeling than Lisa because she's the same.
Sixth sense for your emotions, even when you're not with her.
"Something's not right. I can feel it."
Eula goes through her day showing no emotions, but cries alone in her bed at night when nobody is around.
Her chest heavy as she sobs, trying to be quiet as she's under her blanket, releasing her pain.
What makes you think she won't help you when you're in pain but don't show it?
She'd never want you to suffer like her, so anytime you're feeling down but can't show it, she hugs you.
Eula is also most likely the only one to ask you whether you've not been showing emotions since your childhood, or if it's a more recent matter.
If you say it's from your childhood, Eula holds back tears, and instead hugs you.
Because Eula Lawrence had a strained relationship with her family growing up, causing her to distrust and have a strong resentment to adults.
Hence why she too, had to hide her emotions as a child.
But if you say that it's more recent (since adulthood or your teenage years), she's still concerned, but doesn't sob.
If you happen to live with Eula and catch her during her nightly breakdowns and comfort her?
She in love with you. Like, even more than she already was, even if you have no emotion when comforting her.
She knows. She knows you're worried, and she's happy you're with her.
So, Eula also likes to give you little gifts too. Whether she bought it, or she made it, she likes knowing it makes you happy.
Eula loves dancing with you. And singing with you at random times.
She doesn't miss the slightest surprise that emits from you when she suddenly pulls you close to dance.
Nor does she miss the slightest smile that almost spills onto your face that's almost invisible when she randomly sings along to a song.
"Come on, my love, please dance with me."
She asks with a smile once you two are alone out at a scenic place.
Her eyes will sparkle and a genuine smile breaks out on her face when she's with you.
She knows.
You're not as ice cold as others claim you to be.
For a heart of ice, is just a shield to protect itself.
Asks you if you've ever considered doing business, especially by her side, because you not showing your emotions is an advantage.
No? Okay, no issue. She's fine with having to keep you all to herself anyway.
Ningguang, listen here for a moment, has many talents.
This woman can do anything and everything.
She bakes for you.
You heard me right.
Ningguang bakes goodies for you, because she wants to keep you happy.
She may like money (or still mora if we canon), but she knows the value of homemade stuff too.
She doesn't wanna half-ass anything when it comes to you, so baked goods for you are what she adores.
She will buy things for you, don't get me wrong, but she mostly bakes for you.
You are the only one who can get Ningguang in the kitchen tbh
"Darling, doll, my beloved. Do you want to taste this to see if it's too your liking?"
She will hold you a spoon of something with a smile on her face to feed you.
She's not trying to fluster you or anything, but if she senses you're slightly flustered, she won.
Ningguang is just as bad as Lisa at trying to flirt with you to make you fluster or happy.
She's just more subtle about it.
But she also wants to see a mischievous look on your face too, or even hear a mischievous tone in your voice
Encourages you to tease her back, she wants to surprise people who make her blood boil.
They make her blood boil by acting as if you're not a normal person, so if you ever tease her in public?
She's both blushing, and relishing in their surprised expression at your monotonous way of teasing her.
"If you ever say anything hurtful to my beloved partner, remember that Lady Ningguang is a powerful woman."
She's threatening them while covering your ears so you don't hear her words.
And people won't harass you because they know that Lady Ningguang is not just bark and no bite.
No, she's all bite and less bark.
But she gives you an innocent look as if nothing happened, asking you if you want her to make you some ice-cream.
"Geo daddy" according to some people and "Geo grandpa" to others.
But to Venti? He is "rocks for brains"
Yet even this rocks for brains will smile fondly at you looking at something of interest with an emotionless face.
"Ah, my gem, you seem to like this. Let me tell you more about it."
He says, acting like he hasn't gotten hold of Childe's wallet— he brought his own wallet for once?
He uses his own money to buy you a few things, happy at your interest and your own happiness.
Mr Zhongli gives you the warmest hugs when he senses you're down, holding you to his chest and staying silent.
Yeah, you still have to remind him to not forget his wallet though, like "Zhongli, leave Childe alone. Get your actual wallet please."
Zhongli, most of the time, forgets that you don't really show much emotions.
He just doesn't even notice you're completely blanked face until Childe asks him.
"Mr Zhongli, have I offended your partner? I'm seeing absolutely no reaction to what I said."
"No, Childe, my partner just doesn't show much emotions most of the time. I assure you, my gem is more amused than anything else by you."
Constantly tells you he loves you while looking in your dull eyes, finding it the most stunning thing ever.
Your eyes may seem dull to everyone, but Zhongli sees your eyes as having the light of the stars.
Or just reflecting the light of the stars.
Zhongli, Mr gentleman over here, will look at you after you tug his arm to get his attention, and give you his jacket.
He knows your social cues too, if you're one of those quiet people who have trouble showing emotions.
Asks you what he should cook for you, and suggests stuff if you're unsure.
Alternatively, he likes to try your stuff (if you cook or bake) because not only is he fond of your culinary skills, he also likes seeing the light in your eyes when he tries your food.
You could feed this man burnt toast and he will still tell you that it's delicious.
"Zhongli, that's a piece of burnt toast, how is it delicious?"
"Because you made it especially for me, dearest."
"That's not an excuse."
"...I just like the taste of burnt toast?"
Modern Xiao, who is friends with modern Venti, now wants to punch modern Venti.
Because modern Venti, being interested into anime as he and Xiao are, asked if you're a kuudere
"Venti, you idiot! Don't be rude to my partner!"
Xiao adores the everlasting heck out of you, and you not showing much emotions isn't stopping him.
Xiao will reassure you that he loves nobody except you, if you ask if he prefers a more expressive partner.
"Honey, I don't care if you're expressive or not. I love you as you are, you're perfect."
He's the biggest cinnamon roll ever, always looking for subtle cues about how you feel, and actually asking you about how you feel.
Honestly, Xiao seeing you expressionless wouldn't phase him at all.
He, like Eula, shows mostly irritation over other emotions because conveying emotions is hard for him.
Xiao can and will point out when you're teasing him, but he loves it.
"Hey, Xiao? You know have a leaf in your hair, right?"
"Wait what? How? When? I— you're teasing me, aren't you?"
No, he doesn't say you have no respect for the Adepti if you tease him or fluster him.
He does say that you're bold to try such a stunt, though.
Xiao has nightmares sometimes, and he seeks you out for comfort.
He knows you may be concerned and trying to comfort him, and he does feel comforted by you.
When Xiao panics, he needs someone to be calm to ground him.
You being unable to show emotions help him to be grounded.
He loves you even more in those moments, because he trusts you to catch him if he slips up
Hand holding with Xiao is you being the same as ever to everyone, expressionless.
Xiao likes to keep it to himself that you initiated the hand holding (unless asked about it, then he says so)
And he does this because he can just gaze at you with a lovestruck look without you noticing.
He thinks you're not noticing, but part of him knows that you know.
"I know you're not ice cold. You just have a hard time expressing yourself, and that's okay. I love you, and you're perfect."
Reblogs and positive comments are appreciated.
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lacallemojada · a month ago
Sometimes people on Ao3 can be really fucking assholes just saying.
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themountainsays · 5 months ago
Man y'all stop giving a shit about latin americans the moment you disagree with us on something as stupid as shipping discourse
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friendofthecrows · a month ago
You know the thing about applying to jobs that have poor company culture ratings is, when messaging whoever is in charge of hiring at that particular place, I always kind of want to advertise the fact that I can turn any workplace culture around in 6 months or less, but I always stop myself because if the person hiring there is part of the problem, then they probably don't want me there.
#i kid you not I am insanely good at that#i inherited whatever gift that is from my mom and grandpa probably so on#took a coven where most members were fighting half the time and turned it into the most loyal close-knit group of friends within a month#just through fair conflict resolution#another time (the church I work at) everyone was really stagnant bad at doing things/follow through and kinda negative#now we've been aranging events and festivals charitable rallies/vigils etc no problem the whole place is more positive board meetings#are kind of FUN and so on#it's literally not even hard and I don't understand how other people are 'powerless to change' the dynamics in a group#they just fall victim to it#makes no sense to me#although i know ultimately it's because of conformity and fear or exclusion and also submissiveness#if you believe in the hierarchy extremely and don't know how/are afraid to attempt change respectfully#then you can't do anything#if you can either make change respectfully or ignore the hierarchy as a whole then you can do wonders#best way to make change is to simply be more positive. show other people how they can be more constructive. resolve conflicts#collaborate for solutions that make the negativity *no longer needed or relavant*#it's not actually hard#sometimes you have to confront people who are Being A Problem#and doing that in a non-insulting manner is probably the hardest aspect of all of this#because if you make them feel threatened/insulted#then they're just going to dig their heels in#you gotta take a friendly approach
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a-mortal-folly · 2 months ago
If you can't separate the past from the present, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't separate opinions and facts, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't tell the difference between your own emotions/opinions and moral superiority, don't participate in discourse.
If you aren't willing to focus on and rebut arguments made instead of going for ad hominem, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't understand concepts you disagree with, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't tell the difference between understanding something and approving of it, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't be bothered to understand and consider the context and background of an event, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't rebut an argument without being dismissive or hateful, don't participate in discourse.
If you can't be bothered to make sure your facts are straight and from a preferably primary source, don't participate in discourse.
Like, express your personal emotions/feelings all you want, obviously. But leave the arguing and general assessments to people who actually have the ability to do it right. You're not helping anyone by spitting vitriol or spreading misinformation.
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heterophobiclanwangji · a year ago
y’know, you can like...treat Shen Jiu with nuance without pretending he wasn’t cruel to Luo Binghe...like he wasn’t the one who gave Luo Binghe the faulty cultivation manual, he might not have been the one to prevent Luo Binghe from being assigned a dorm room, he didn’t order disciples to bully him, and physical punishments were definitely a part of the setting, but that doesn’t change the fact that he poured a hot cup of tea on his own disciple during their first meeting, gave him disproportionate punishments, knew that he was living in a woodshed and didn’t do anything to help him (and even locked him in there on occasion), refused to interfere when Luo Binghe was being bullied, refused to refer to him by name in favor of insulting epithets, hoped that Luo Binghe’s improper cultivation would push him into a (potentially fatal) qi deviation, volunteered him to fight the Sky Hammer Elder demon without Shen Yuan’s certainty that he could win (or even survive), and very much tried to kill him at the Immortal Alliance Conference. yes the Qiu Estate was horrible and PIDW Shen Jiu probably killed Liu Qingge accidentally or in self-defense rather than purposefully murdering him, and yes there were things involving Luo Binghe that were misunderstood or exaggerated, but pretending he didn’t hate or abuse Luo Binghe at all feels disingenuous. not only does it come across as victim blaming, but it also devalues a narrative about cycles of abuse vs. the value of a little well-timed kindness in changing the course of a person’s life, and there is so much more potential in having characters acknowledge their mistakes and grow from them rather than pretending those mistakes didn’t occur in the first place
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unproduciblesmackdown · 6 months ago
also yes if winston and rian kiss and/or etc. this season i Will flip out and i can must should and do hold some of that positive anticipation in my heart but one can hardly talk about it and i gotta brace for Nothing / disappointment
#imagine if riawin goes nowhere this entire season But they also do not drop the thread. totally possible!! i would die thanks#but the riawin thread existing through 7 Consecutive Episodes on billions already is like a zillion years according to the usual pacing#yet they also sure didn't drop the thread and this Could be for a reason (eventual intended ''going anywhere with this'') and like#riawin is just already unusual / a bit unprecedented in the way it's handled so. again can't say ''well if there's been no conclusive payoff#about kissing or not kissing either way; there will never be'' and there's never such some Will They Won't They element lasting like 19+ ep#as would be the case if it doesn't resolve in s6 either but. or i mean i guess axe / wendy counts if you want but hahahahahaha jesus christ#winston billions#riawin#and you know maybe the disappointment is ''yeah rian's like oh my god i hate that you Like me i'm gonna throw up. i just didn't say so yet''#along the lines of pre s5 ''well it could be neat to give winston a romantic subplot but it'd probably be a joke at his expense about how#it's never gonna happen and whoever he's crushing on is like 'oh eugh never in a million years. i'm insulted & disgusted' so idk maybe just#Don't write that if that's all we can get'' concerns...and i suppose it could be less [another form of slam dunking on winston] about it#like idk rian is like haha ugh never. god. but i like you as my coworker pal abt it or whatever....#and i suppose it's not too early nor too late to suggest rian only likes winston as a coworker pal in a ''i see him as entertainment and#neither feel nor want any earnest / personal connection with him'' but idk. even Hey They're Standing Next To Each Other in 5x12 makes it#seem like that's not entirely the case. and so does most everything else really; so#i would love for them to be established as Actual Earnest Genuine Personal Friends whether or not they also kiss............#and not like it'd be bad for rian as a character to have multiple people to talk to / multiple dynamics of any significance#or you know; to have this avenue through which winston can reliably speak without getting interrupted / it concluding in dismissing/dunking#anyways the point is i'm Vulnerable as always. if anything at all happens re: riawin i Will have to lie down#but and also naturally if winston and taylor are ever in the same room i'm forever vulnerable to that b/c it doesn't matter how often or#consistently the writers show they aren't interested in having those two talk for any real reason / to any significant extent; you wrote and#produced and aired Kompenso and now we're always going to be looking for more of that thanks........#and having to brace for the 100% odds that winston gets some shit / deals with shit multiple times this season....it's billions#and it's also winston billions
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mejomonster · a year ago
knew each other in childhood to lovers is always a trope on thin ice for me because i hate the idea of first love being the only true love when like, often in life luck isn’t perfect and we are messy and might need to move on from messy imperfect relationships in youth and learn to make healthier choices and not settle for ppl mean to us like. generally we are not often lucky enough for our 9 year old, 12 year old, 15 year old crushes to actually care the same way back (or us to even care lol) or anyone be mature enough to care about anyone for 2 decades. like if we get lucky some lifetime best friends, if we get Real lucky maybe first love works out. but i like a lot better in stories when its X times of love and finally cause people found good fits who choose each other actively and it works out. i’ve only seen a few shows where that trope has some rights for me lol (tho if you enjoy the trope have fun cause there’s a lot of i imagine good thorough stories with it) ToT:
Till Death Tear Us Apart: money man sugar daddy was deeply in love with childhood friend. Other friend moved on from friendship that had regular value to him, became a spy, only is interacting again cause rich man is so desperate to reconnect and adores him and the spy mess kind of draws them together. they basically fall in love in real time since its the first time knowing each other As rich shady businessman and teacher/SPY. since they changed a lot. also only really a childhood crush on one side. Also the side couple just brand new met each other so even if i had hated the trope in this, it gave me something else too lol
Guardian: BARELY fits into this category, and only for the same reason as above. I realize i’m ok with the young-first-love trope IF and only if it was one sided and basically is still starting from scratch in the present. Shen Wei fell in love with Zhao Yunlan 10k years ago, presumably his first and only love (does he get a pass since he’s an immortal? no but it does make it a bit more cute). But by the time he meets Zhao Yunlan again, he’s GRIEVED and now he’s a new person basically. He’s suspicious and doesn’t know if this even is his lost love (in which case Kunlun used and lied to him and abandoned him), or if its a stranger with his face (ripping his heart open by reminding him of his lost love). For both of them its a cat and mouse of figuring out who each other are, and for Shen Wei its really falling in love anew with this ‘Zhao Yunlan’ for the first time who just happens to bring up complex emotions about his loss - later its an added benefit this is truly Kunlun. (At least in the show, in the novel I think he knows its always Kunlun? Its just still falling in love with a new incarnation). Also very fun that their story is basically an exploration of always one falling in love for the first time, and one already deeply in love for a while. Which is more like chosen soulmates running into each other in any time and place rather than childhood crush to lovers. Feels more like watching Xena/Gabrielle than a childhood crush to lovers. Only applies on a technicality since Shen Wei is sappy and refused to ever try to love besides Kunlun which... I understand, bro is extreme And went through a lot. Like. In a way yes Shen Wei only ever has one first love. But also for him, the process of falling in love with Zhao Yunlan in the present IS him risking falling in love with a new stranger, so its still kind of second love and all the caution of what being hurt/having lost something in the past leaves with you. And of course Zhao Yunlan has had many failed searches for love (in the book baby .... ;-; .... Zhao Yunlan i’m sorry you have such bad luck finding love ... honey). 
Bromance: thin ice ToT. I love this show a lot but was kinda mad about it when i realized the two leads ran into each other as children because one saved the other’s life. Truly the only thing in the show’s entire writing that wasn’t my jam lol. It would’ve been fine if one had just saved the other, but our romantic lead feels kind of like he just imprinted and always wanted to find the person who saved him. While this is mitigated by our lead wanting him to give up looking, letting him know his rescuer feels repaid, and generally both of them just falling in love in real time as adults. So like, its not that bad. Assuming it doesn’t dwell in their childhoods too much more. I get why they wrote it in - one its a super common trope in these shows, two it gave our romantic lead a reason to be INTENSE about trying to find the childhood identity of our other lead (which needed to be happening for certain angles of this plot that aren’t even romance related). So I get it. This show is definitely also given a pass because its setup is so unique and explores some issues romance shows rarely do regarding identity (I think Bureau of Transformers is one of the only other shows I’ve seen do this much regarding exploration of one’s gender identity). also like a bonus our romantic lead is bi, thank you taiwan. You gave me history 3 trapped and now Bromance, i appreciate more bi guys in media. (Bureau of Transformer also managed to give an explicit bi guy lead despite being a cdrama so again, shout out to one of my fave shows!)
 The Guest: ?!!!! Shockingly this ALSO did “knew each other in childhood” as a trope! It has rights though, because NONE of these kids fell in love at the time! They literally just ran into each other during a big murder disaster, got traumatized, went their separate ways. Then as adults minding their own business by luck happen to run into each other and all get mixed up again with the same monster who was responsible for that awful murder night. More a case of ‘coincidence in childhood.’ So not annoying at all. I get why they did it. Also this show is Not romance, so can’t fall into said trope. Though if you see inherent romance in found family, or like me kind of pick up some priest/psychic vibes, then well the trope is just the slightest touch visible lol. 
Word of Honor: Now, apparently lol??! Again, not that annoying, since based on scenes no one had time to fall in love. It was more a case of both kids getting traumatized by having a moment of calm safety then people died (so kind of the Guest vibes but over a period of days/weeks instead of one really sucky night). at a stretch, it might be slightly like Guardian just because Wen Kexing definitely extends more trust than he normally would due to recognizing familiar Four Seasons Manor fight moves and having fond memories of the place. Then having safe memories of kid Zhou Zishu. Likewise to Shen Wei having so many fond memories of Kunlun’s face he cant help but want to do anything to keep Zhao Yunlan alive even when he’s not sure yet if ZYL would kill him/kill his people/if he’s got malicious intent or not in this life or the past in retrospect. Unlike Shen Wei, neither Wen Kexing or Zhou Zishu fell in love in their younger days. Which is why they’re both so excited and over the moon they click so well with someone (considering Who they are and how hard it is to find someone compatible to that). And how they’re both CLINGING now that they think they’ve found a soulmate, and how bitter they are whenever each other’s actions make choosing to be soulmates harder. Oh you know like Wen Kexing going off the rails - Zhou Zishu like fuck can i really decide to make a life with this time bomb, or Zhou Zishu admitting he’s dying - Wen Kexing like damn even if i get my revenge i might not have my new soulmate long and he wasn’t even gonna tell me. Clearly they fell in love as adults, all the childhood stuff is just ICING on the cake of Wen Kexing’s “he already is who i wanted now you tell me he was also the HONEY in my sucky childhood he was that kid i played with the few days i was safe? god really hates me i have to lose this safety TWICE” and Zhou Zishu like “wow not only did i not manage to protect like i was told, thank fuck he is the ONLY disciple i didn’t get killed, i’m even more greatful i didnt destroy him too fuck me i CANNOT lose him he CANNOT get destroyed not even by himself i have ONE good thing and its him please” just some added nails of angst to add to the pain these bitches were already going through circa ep 13. They’re each others hopes and dreams, and to realize they also might be the only things that SURVIVED of their naive childish hopes and dreams as symbols, just makes it that much more terrifying they could lose each other who are literally the Epitome of Hope for decent lives for themselves. With of course their kids. Who are also intensely tied to their hope for a better life and the ability to be good.
#rant#u genuinely can like this trope i just dont#if u dont like this trope then this is a rec list?? lol#i just. so many people have young love where someone was abusive#or they dated a cheater or a liar or someone who simply wasnt fair to them and moved on whenever they saw a new hottie#and like that is fine. thats how young crushes go! people are rarely mature or dedicated or even know what love is#and people dont know what they don't need to put up with. love is supposed to be kind and mutual and respectful#and obviously young love Even well intended sometimes has to figure it out#even if they do end up together forever#so like. i prefer to just see people whove loved and failed fall in love#i prefer those stories where i can imagine the protagonists dated enough to know they WILL NOT put up with being#insulted or bullied or used by a lover#where protagonists know what they value in a relationship and wont tolerate#and thats much easier to run into in adult love stories. versus young love where if they're lucky it never comes p#also just like so many ppl stay in bad relationships too long thinking if ur in love its always worth it when no u are more important than#staying w someone else if they hurt u. even if they say they love u back.#and i think more adults who leave bad situations in media makes it feel hopeful like YES you can leave hurtful people and still find a#relationship that has love and treats you well eventualyl#....guardian and xena are so similar they might be the only passes of actual first love i can tolerate#and gabrielle had another crush. and shen wei basically had to start from scratch so they both had a bit of#awareness of what they really wanted/how much they valued love etc.#anyway i just get annoyed by the trope cause its SO common and i hate if its a shortcut for actually writing#good character arcs and love based on no prior foundation#like. if u really wanna write childhood crush to lover? then i want it to start AT childhood and see them crush and then see that crush#apparently date other ppl if they didnt get together until age 20 or 25 or whatever.#show me how it was messy cause otherwise they would already be together in ur story. show me their GROWTH as people#but instead a lot of stories will just show kids in love then some reason separated then reunite and REALIZE they used to have crushes#like no wheres the 'these people get crushes based on who each other are NOW'#like Begin Again with gong jun? on THIN ice cause it does this TOO#but what i like about how it handled is. its ling rui's reason to want to know if this woman changed/is the same. he doesnt assume she IS
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stillneedsmorekissing · a year ago
#Kind of a mess rn#I don't actually know why other than pms#but man it's a doozy#there's that thing that happened a little bit ago that's just eating at me#I know I made the right choice because I can breathe again and I'm not scared of getting bullied by someone I care about#for the crime of thinking human rights cannot and should not be suspended even for the Bad People#because at best it emboldens them and makes them feel like more of a victim#and like. fine. YOU PERSONALLY are not obligated to deradicalize every hateful bigot who hurts you.#but don't fucking insult the people who fucking try#deradicalization is actually a really good thinh#and it is massively fucked up to treat everyone who wants to do that as a traitor#who the fuck do expect to do that work exactly if you beat down OTHER PEOPLE#who are trying to do it SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO#and yes I also think it is extremely fucked up#to decide that Bad People don't deserve human rights like the right to not be fucking murdered#or the right to not fucking starve#I'm sorry but unless your leftism is prepared to deal with the fact#that horrible people are people and you will have to include them in the distribution of community aid etc#you are not prepared to enact your utopia#this shit never ever leads anywhere good#the majority of the victims of the guillotine were NOT the ultra rich#they were robespierre's political enemies#power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely#just...frustrated with so-called socialists who are absolutely willing to make exceptions for their ideals#and then bend over backwards trying to justify it to themselves#it's OKAY if I hurt BAD PEOPLE because they DESERVE IT#leads to shoving everyone you dislike in the Bad People Box#and that's bad actually!!!#ok ok I'm done I promise#I'll probably delete this later
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dcmkanswers · a year ago
Ah, sorry, I should've worded it better as "is there any way Hattori doesn't have better chemistry". I know Gosho is never going to make him an actual love interest, but narrative-wise he's almost the only one who Shinichi actually seems to want to spend the rest of his life with
To say he's the only one is disregarding the explicit want from him to be with Ran. But I do get what you're saying, that Heiji and Shinichi have some of the best chemistry that works juat as well in a romantic sense as it does the 'bros for life' Gosho is writing. In terms of pure writing, I think the relationships Shinichi has with Ran and Heiji are both written similarly. Especially when his 'something bad's happened' sense goes off for both.
Heiji has pretty much exactly as much chemistry with Shinichi as people read. Not something one needs to 'read into' to notice, nor is it subtle, so. Gosho not having any intention of making DC gay kinda helps with him being okay to show the two caring about each other as much as he does. Intimacy is easier to show when the person writing is doing so with a situation they're comfortable with, so even if it's just as friends, it's easy for people who want it to be more to enjoy it as well.
It's one of those things that makes me wonder why I see the phantom thief/detective gay ship represented more often than the loud, energetic detective/friendly, flair for the dramatic detective. If you're opting to not go with the baked in ship of ShinRan, HeiShin is a 'look to your left and boom, another ready-made ship that needs very little change aside from 'make 'em gay/queer''.
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soft-black-teabag · a year ago
Freshman me: omg, they think I'm gay, oh god, they're going to bully me, maybe I should stop being this affectionate?
Senior me: *just being my clown self*
Friends: Giulia, that looks gay
Senior me: well, let those bitches eat my rainbows
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mite75 · a year ago
okay but tbh I think I'm non-binary? I read a post where someone said if their consciousness was put into a robot they would still feel and identify as male. I think the expression of my body is the only thing that makes me feel attached to a female gender. If my consciousness was put into a robot i would not have a gender because my consciousness doesn't care about gender.
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kg2hub · 2 years ago
((okay. hmm. it's obvious i haven't been here a while so i may not have the whole story but i have a Few thoughts on this. wrote this right after i woke up so it Might not be coherent or explain everything the way i intended it to, so feel free to send in an ask for clarification. no promises i’ll answer it tho, because i kinda don’t want to get more involved in it than this.))
#i'll agree that shipping canon abusive relationships in a way that romanticizes it is bad#what i don't agree with is bullying and sending mean anons to each other about these things? havent seen all of them and#i haven't checked the dates but im sure this has been going on before last night. i reblogged that post for awareness; not as a signal to go#harass people over this on Both sides of the issue. which i Assume might happen simply bc i run such a big blog & more people have now seen#the post. and yeah lmao im disappointed in you if you take part that way. there are kinder ways to explain your point.#ones that don't involve hurting people's feelings about it. explaining Why something is wrong because sometimes people aren't Trying to be#bad people; they may just be misinformed and. yelling at them? isn't going to make them learn anything other than to fear backlash#rather than genuinely considering their actions and deciding on their own after gaining a more informed opinion; whether what they were#doing really is okay or not. we're in the kindergarten fandom. not an actual kindergarten; & personally i guess i'm not a fan of Anyone just#being rude to each other no matter who's in the wrong. no matter if the other person is purposely doing uncomfortable things or not; in no#situation is it necessary when you can just state your point and move on#i'm not defending the act of shipping that ship; everything there is to say about it has already been said to which i agree#just the way this information is said at some points makes me kind of. eh. :/#i don't jump into fandom drama usually but like. no one decides whether we deserve kindness or not based on our actions#there are ways to be firm without being rude abt it. and lookin at both sides there's ways to not be either guilt trippy Or insulting abt it#if they change their mind then great!! if they're still doing the problematic thing even though they aren't ignorant block em and move on#okay that's it im done here#we all do dumb shit and make mistakes. i've made huge mistakes and hurt others when i was 14 and i've grown up since then.#give others a chance to grow up too#oh and i'm applying what i said above to this kind of stuff in general. not specifically the actual situation that happened recently#|| Some Dumb College Kid || OOC.#tw; drama#tw; discourse
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marculees · 3 years ago
Not to be problematic on main but if someone has a hobby or interest that maybe you don't like or understand or find cringey, how about you keep quiet and just let them have their fun in peace without making them feel ashamed or bad for it? Because in the end, you're the one who's being disgusting for sending them hate. Not them for enjoying something innocent and that makes them happy.
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agent-murica · 3 years ago
That dress is super cute!
As soon as my eyes laid upon it I knew it was the dress. I love it so much and I just want it to be June so that I can go to Prom because I want to wear it n o w.
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milesongs · 3 years ago
I’m through xD
#and now for something completeley different#it's#text#i'm so so so brainfried#and im scrolling through a blog#laughing at the irony#some people aren't good for you yeah we are not good for each other#im getting better and im actually getting help a year before you even threw that as an insult you stupid git#im gonna rant in the tags so len fuck off and let me be#one: no one should feel pressured into thinking they need to pick a side#were both the bad people here so don't you dare go and make me look like a bad pos bc i didnt want to stick around naymore#youd let our friendship bleed to death if i wouldn't have stuck my feathers out#and the i wanna take a break from your internet persona shit#like gimme a break man#the only thing different between me here and irl is my filter#my obsessions are annoying well that sounds like smt a friend would say right#i wanna stay internet friends eh yeah no fuck off mate#brackets!!!#if were attending a con i just want to ignore you and let people who like us both talk to either person#so if we both get down and collect our adult brain cells#it's better like this#instead of pushing each other around#you know what made me sarcastic? your sarcasm and down right mean words#if theres smt i cant stand its people treating me like im bad and not willing to change#you should KNOW how much ive changed#but nope#lament somewhere about how bad and toxic i am#or better come talk in leuven its only 1h54min the same time it'd take me to go to your place#leuven is only 30 min from brussels you rat#a friendship is not merit based you dirty capitalist
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ghostonly · 7 months ago
How to have a good internet experience in 8 easy steps
#1 - Stop having a bad faith interpretation of every thing you read
If you think something someone said might have been something you disagree with, instead of starting an argument, ask them to clarify or ask them specific questions about what they said
You will be so surprised to find that half the people you assume are being shitty or negative just didn't phrase what they meant very well
#2 - Learn to block people
It's free, it's easy, and it will save your life. Tired of someone tagging your stuff with characters from a fandom you don't like? Don't try to control them by telling them not to, just fucking block them. Less upsetting to them, less work for you, less inflammatory, more effective.
#3 - Don't share your entire backstory with strangers on the internet
No one is entitled to your information - not your pronouns, your age, your sexuality, your location, nothing.
Share the things that you're comfortable with, but remember that the more you share, the more vulnerable you make yourself to attacks. Like, do not share your triggers in your bio. You are giving abusers and harassers a to do list. Keep that shit private for your own safety.
You can get harassed, you can get stalked, you can get doxxed. Internet safety is real and necessary and the less we care about it, the more we set up future generations to get hurt through the internet
#4 - Learn to say, "It's none of my business."
Don't understand someone's desire to use neo pronouns? None of your business. Can't understand why someone is a furry? None of your business. Curious about how someone who talks about being poor can have a Starbucks in that last selfie they posted? None of your damn business.
If you don't like certain things on your dash, unfollow or block people. If you don't understand how someone can identify a certain way or do a certain thing or like a certain thing or feel a certain way or literally anything, just remember, it's none of your business.
If you have genuine questions from a place of good faith (i.e. what inspired you to use neopronouns?/what do you pronouns mean to you?) Go for it. But if you're only asking questions to draw negative attention to someone or make them feel bad or to other them, you're just being a nosy asshole.
Minding your own business is also good for you because - and I mean this genuinely - feeling entitled and superior is fucking exhausting. I know, because I've been 20 before. You will have a way better time online if you just stop caring about shit that doesn't concern you
#5 - Learn to lurk
Lurking is frequently seen as a bad thing, like someone who's lurking is somehow being creepy. The truth is, lurking is a great way to learn. More people should do it.
For example, if you're new to a community, spend some time consuming content and information from that community without saying anything. This goes for fandoms, queer spaces, disabled spaces, cultural spaces, etc.
Nothing is worse than being in a community for years and someone popping in for the first time in their life and airing their opinions loudly and with zero respect for the space. A great example of this is that post someone made about the leather pride flag. You know the one.
(If you don't, basically, someone said that the leather pride flag is embarrassing and insulting to the queer community and has no place at pride and then got schooled by hundreds of people about how the leather pride flag is one of the oldest flags in the queer community and leather daddies and leather dykes were the people on the front lines protecting other queer people from cops back in the 80s and 90s)
So basically, learn the history of a community, research your opinions before you decide they're your opinions, and keep your ignorance to yourself until you're not ignorant anymore. Not only is this better for community spaces, you won't have 9000 notifications of people telling you to shut the fuck up
Learning to lurk to educate yourself about a space also makes actually speaking in that space a lot easier
#6 - Stop believing everything you read
I'm not talking about stupid funny stories. Believe them - it's not hurting anything to get a laugh out of something that may or may not have happened.
I'm talking about news and current events. If you hear that some celebrity did something and there are no receipts, go and find the receipts or discard it. People spread misinformation on here all the damn time. It's like a game of telephone and, unfortunately, a lot of small creators end up getting slandered and canceled because of it.
#7 - Quit wasting energy on hating random shit
Being annoyed by a certain fandom is one thing, but actively hating things that other people do just because you're not into it is such a waste of your energy. Not only are you actively putting more negativity into the world, you're wasting your own time on things that upset you.
Focus your time and energy on the things you do like and quit scrolling through Tumblr user AnimeIReallyHate7648's discourse blog. You might think it's fun, but there comes a point where hating something goes from kind of fun to actually obsessive and unhealthy for you as a person.
#8 - Unlearn purity culture
This is a big one guys. What is purity culture? It's referenced a lot, but I think a lot of you don't know what it is.
In short, purity culture is when people take many nuanced situations and try to divide them into black and white categories. There's the Good category and the Bad category. The problem is, life is not in black and white. You can't put a neat line down the middle between good and bad. This kind of thinking is extremely regressive. Ask any therapist alive and they will tell you that black and white thinking is unhealthy and often a Symptom of Something.
So, what happens is, someone sees something on the good side and spots something they think is morally objectionable in it and says, "this can't be here, it needs to go to the Bad side." (Cancel culture). The problem is, people are always on the lookout for anything wrong in the Good - constantly looking for impurities so that they can completely sanitize things and therefore be free of sin. So they will look harder and harder and harder and keep moving things to the Bad side of the line until there's basically nothing left on the Good side.
This ends up meaning that perfectly good media is canceled because every character in it didn't make the perfect, right choice every time. It damages media in that it demands characters be completely flawless - something no human is. When a character does something that's actually problematic, even if the media doesn't condone the behavior, instead of engaging with it and using it as an opportunity to learn and teach other people why that wasn't okay, people who subscribe to purity culture throw the baby out with the bathwater, saying the entire piece of media should be canceled because its creators support the problematic action of that character (even if they don't).
This entire line of thinking is extremely unhealthy, heavily informed by Christianity, infantilizes adults, assumes no one can distinguish fiction from reality, and promotes censorship, which has a long and sordid history.
I could go on about this at length, so if anyone wants a full post, just let me know. But the point is, purity culture is bad for community, it's bad for media, it's bad for healthy emotional and intellectual development, it's bad for interpersonal understanding and empathy, and it's bad for you.
Unlearn purity culture and you will be a happier person. If all else fails, remember step #4.
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