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#Young Justice

#28 “Why are you wearing a costume?” 

This is it. This is my favourite one. I love Wally West with my entire heart okay? 

Wally West loved Halloween. As in, ‘this is my favourite holiday of the year and I’m going all out’ kind of love. Free candy, funny costumes, getting to scare people? What more could he ask for? He loved Halloween - and he was going to be damn sure that he got you to love it as well.

The apartment that you shared with him was completely decked out in decorations. fake cobwebs, witches hats, the carved pumpkins that you had done as a date night. He had done a good job of it - even if it was a little bit of an over kill. Nonetheless, if Wally was happy with it, so were you.

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James: The people! They’re all so much fun! And the diversity of species that live on Earth is wonderful! So many new people to meet!

Mary: I’d have to say the technology, it’s not as advanced as ours, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Warrior: I’d have to say both the people and the cultures, minus religion because that doesn’t make any sense to us at all…..But the cultures from each planet we visit are always interesting.

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Might draw M’gann and Danny simply vibing because no matter how much I love crossover fanart with Dick and Danny

I feel like this friendship deserves more love

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Okay so I’m re-watching season one of Young Justice, and I am just now noticing how much foreshadowing there is to Mg’ann being a white martian. 

The two main instances that come to mind? 

In “Targets” (S1E10), Mg’ann (as Megan) is comparing the oppression of the white martians to the fighting between North and South Rhelasia. She says, “It’s no different on Mars. The white martian minority are treated as second class citizens by the green majority. Of course, I’m green. But that doesn’t make it right.” If she were green but still hated the injustice the white maritans were facing, she wouldn’t brag about being green or emphasize the fact that she’s a green martian. It likely would be a source of shame for her, and, if she were green, it would be far more likely for her to mention how shameful some of her fellow green martians act, rather than emphasizing the fact that she herself is green. Mg’ann only feels the need to state that she’s green because she has a negative self-image of her true white-martian self, and she wants Conner (and everyone else) to think highly of her. She feels that, in order to be accepted, she has to be green. So she says she’s green, trying to both convince herself of that fact as well as convince Connor, even thought Connor hadn’t questioned her. It’s actually very sad how poor of a self-image she has in the first season, just because she looks different, she views white martian form, her true self  as a monster), and she’s terrified to let anyone see what she really looks like. That negative self-image doesn’t even leave her until she starts to use her true white martian form in season three.

The second and more obvious clue that escaped my attention is in “Disordered” (S1E17). I don’t know how I have not noticed this scene before in terms of foreshadowing of Mg’ann’s true martian identity. While she and Black Canary are talking, Canary mentions that she had “turned white.” Mg’ann is visably upset, she bolts upright and yells, “No!” looking at her skin in horror… only to relax as she says, “Oh, you meant Caucasian.” Not only does this further demonstrate how poorly she looks on her true appearance (horrified at the idea of Black Canary seeing her), but it is a very clear hint of the secret she is hiding. 

Young Justice is such a good show, guys,    

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Getting some more practice in with a quick drabble. I’m not sure I’m thrilled with this one, but I’m challenging myself to put it out there anyway!

just a ripple (in the folds of time)

Dick Grayson/Kaldur’ahm

(Young Justice Cartoon)

“This had simultaneously been a wonderful and terrible idea.

After Tula, he had buried his want for physical reassurances. And it had proven fruitful. Single minded, he was able to prove himself as the leader of the Justice League. As Aquaman.

But he found it difficult to think of the ‘work’, or anything else, when he returned from the shower and watched his recent bedpartner dozing in the rising sunlight; lean, muscular limbs tangled in dark silken sheets.”

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