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xxtc-96xx · a day ago
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if baby Huey was given pokechow XD
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postitforward · 2 days ago
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Monday is for lovers. And loving oneself is the foundation for extending our love outward. 
Gender affirmation looks different for everyone based on what is accessible and available, safe, and personally affirming to the individual. There is no right or wrong way to affirm gender, and while you’re may find yourself empowered to start your own journey to thrive as your authentic self. 
Here’s what we know...
Trans people experience an unfair burden to affirm their gender to society in order to be seen as real or valid. 
Today, we’re going to shut out the noise.
📿Mindful Mondays📿 with our host Avery for Gender Affirming Meditation at 8am ET
About the class
Trans and nonbinary gender expression is an offering of love to the universe within you, and all around you. You are so worthy of happiness! You’re allowed to be soft, to rest, and feel all the things, including the sweet ones. To be honest with what you need and want. Your happiness nourishes the collective! There’s room for everyone in the journey towards gender justice and freedom to embrace our full selves. Folks who identify as genderqueer, trans, enby, gender nonconforming, and allies too are warmly welcomed to this relaxing, affirming guided meditation to explore the boundless space beyond the binary. 
Meet Avery
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Avery Kalapa (they, them) (@yogawithavery) is a yoga teacher, community weaver, and queer and trans wellness advocate; CIYT, eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, with 20 years experience. Avery’s approach is rooted in anti-oppression: yoga for inner healing and collective liberation.
They love creating affirming healing spaces that don’t require assimilation. Celebrated for their enthusiasm, accessibility, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects deep gratitude for the Iyengar Lineage. They offer a vast knowledge of integrative functional anatomy, stability, and embody a philosophy that empowers their students to experience tangible positive transformation in body, mind, and consciousness.
Avery is involved in various yoga equity projects. They’re also a gardener, artist, and parent. Avery is a white, queer, trans, nonbinary settler grateful to live on unceded Tiwa land in Albuquerque, NM.
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I saw this response and wanted to share an old video of a cat communicating with its owner in what appears to me to be ASL. This cat is waving to and tapping their owner, both appropriate ways to get a deaf person's attention, and mimicking the sign for food (tapping the mouth with a closed hand)
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yugogeer012 · 2 days ago
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prozdvoices · a day ago
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Watch "Tom Hiddleston in The Play What I Wrote | Show footage" on YouTube
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genshin-impact-updates · 8 hours ago
Character Teaser - "Arataki Itto: That's How the Show Should Go!" | Genshin Impact
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When the Arataki Gang is involved, even the most traditional repertoire may usher in a new twist.
Although some in the audience have enjoyed such a surprise, it has caused quite the trouble for the Tenryou Commission.
Let's see who will get the last laugh this time: Arataki Itto with his booming laughter, or the soldiers who are swift at maintaining law and order.
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wilbursoot-updates · 16 hours ago
Wilbur is in this GTLive video (ft. CaptainSparklez)!
Question: Hey Wilbur Soot, how was your first Minecraft experience?
Wilbur: I died so much that MatPat named dying after me. I'm actually now just the pseudonym for death.
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pmseymourva · a day ago
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closet-keys · 22 hours ago
If any of y'all engage with “breadtube” this was a really excellent video analyzing it from a balanced, thoughtful, critical perspective.
Even if you’re not someone who watches a lot of youtube video essays, I think this video is worth the watch. Among other things, he explains youtube algorithms’ affects on Black creators (and other creators of color) as well as the feedback loop of whiteness informing the algorithm informing manifestations of whiteness, and how microcultures on the platform have a direct impact on larger cultural and political transitions we’ve seen and continue to see on a national stage in the United States.
The video also features a number of other leftist content creators of color to create a more holistic and complete analysis from varying gendered and racialized perspectives.
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wastelesscrafts · a day ago
Do you have any tips or resources for hand-sewing quilts? I have a mix of scrap textiles that I’d love to start sewing into a simple block quilt, but most of the resources I can find are for machine sewing and / or for quilters who buy all their materials new.
Hand-sewing quilts
While quilting used to traditionally be done by hand, it's common to make them by machine these days.
These YouTube video's by Suzy Quilts and Wendi Gratz will show you the basics of quilting by hand, while this video by Leah Day shows how to sew a basic quilting block by hand.
This Instructables guide on hand quilting by Mrsmerwin explains the same principles in text. For a closer look at the required stitching, check out this hand quilting guide by The Sewing Directory.
Pinterest also has a ton of fun quilting blocks to try out if you're looking for inspiration.
For scrap fabric quilt inspiration, check out The Spruce Craft and Pinterest. Try to combine fabrics that are similar in fibre and weight to ensure everything drapes well and is easy to wash.
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tomdayaland · 18 hours ago
NWH Press Tour: Part 1 2
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Thanks to @coffee-and-wings for taking her time to film this and share it with us. Sorry for my poorly editing and quasi attempt to balance the colors.
Enjoy till a much better HD version is available when it gets to Amazon.
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suskunkalbim34 · 3 days ago
✔️Ne zaman _______________________
Seni unutmak için gitsem bu Şehirden___________________________
Bir şey Unuttum deyip____________
hep geri döndüm ben___________✔️
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yaprak-0 · a day ago
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İyiyim deriz ya hep, alışkanlık bizimkisi. Peki, karşındaki kişi-de gerçekten nasıl olduğunu merak mı ediyor sanki!. 🍁
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arcane-ish · 3 days ago
Once more the origin of the Piltover's Finest ship name:
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