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#Yrene towers
justreadertings · a day ago
I dont know what so hard to understand about this
Aedion's wife is Lysandra who is dating Aelin who is married to Rowan who is dating Lorcan who is married to Elide who is dating Manon who is dating Dorian who is in love with Chaol who's wife is Yrene.
It's simple.
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mercxrial · 2 days ago
TOG: coffee ☕️
Aelin: iced caramel, extra cream and sugar and she adds whip cream on top
Lysandra: changes it up every day but mocha is her favorite flavor
Manon: black, hot obviously (only elide knows about her weakness for cappuccinos)
Elide: vanilla iced coffee with oat milk
Dorian: hot/iced pumpkin spice lattes
Fenrys: caramel or hazelnut iced coffee or frappuccino
Yrene: prefers tea but will have hot coffee on occasion
Chaol: didn’t understand why people liked it until he met Aelin and started downing 3 cups of black coffee before dealing with her
Rowan: he’s probably a monster drink person
Lorcan: also monster drinks
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notmewrongbitch · 4 days ago
I sometimes remember that not everyone in the ToG universe is immortal and I want to cry
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fromevertonow · 4 days ago
Normally I have a very strong opinion on which Hogwarts House a character belongs to, but I am at a loss with Yrene Towers
She is brave
She is incredibly smart and loves to learn
She has this need to help others, no matter the cost (which is basically brave, but also kinda hufflepuff)
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fromevertonow · 5 days ago
“You make me want to live, Rowan. Not survive; not exist. Live.”
“Maybe you and I will have to learn how to live—if we survive this war.”
A parallel between Rowaelin/Chaorene, excuse me while I go cry in a corner
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multibookss · 6 days ago
I have a theory / question
Lorcan doesn't want to watch Elide grow old and die while he remains young, so he bound his life to hers.
Let me say it again: He bound HIS immortal life to HER mortal life.
Was that the only way for their lives to be bound together?
So, now they share a lifeline. Elide dies, he dies. Ha ages at the same rate she does. When she'll be 80, he'll look like he's 80 too. They'll age at the same speed. (If my understanding of the books was correct.)
So why, oh WHY didn't Elide bound her mortal life to HIS IMMORTAL life?
Wouldn't she then age as slow as he? Wouldn't they have hundreds of years together? Wouldn't she be almost immortal after being bound to him?
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dreaminginvelaris · 9 days ago
sorting TOG characters into hogwarts houses
did one for acotar, gotta do one for tog. this is my first tog post which is exciting! please note that i have only read this series once, have only read each book once, so i can't say im going to accurately sort them.
this one was challenging for me, i love TOG but im much more invested in acotar and its characters, so sorting these characters into houses by personality wasn't the easiest but it was fun nonetheless.
also i haven't read the assassin's blade so im not including sam cortland since idk him.
anyways lets go.
Slytherin: Ambitious, Cunning, Leadership, and Resourcefulness
Aelin: fire bitch breathing queen obviously is being sorted into slytherin. she is the epitome of the ambitious, cunning snake. there's not much to say, anyone who has read the books and seen aelin, knows she belongs here. Gryffindor i feel would be her second, could totally see her having daring adventures with the lions, but slytherin is for her. she may be one of my least favorite characters but as a fellow Slytherin i am honored to have her.
Manon: witch queen, i mean she wanted to be that queen of the witches which shows ambition, she was the leader of the thirteen which shows leadership, and she was very cunning and resourceful, she and aelin are very alike like that.
Sartaq: gives me slytherin vibes, idk i may be wrong abt this one. cant explain it
Gryffindor: Brave, Courage, Daring, Chivalrous
Fenrys: when he broke the blood oath to maeve so he can fight for aelin showed a true Gryffindor soul no doubt. in that one scene, he showed bravery and courage to the max. stan fenrys forever.
Lorcan: idk, he gives me gryffindor vibes, i don't rlly stan lorcan or really found him interesting so im just going with my first impression on him.
Nesryn: putting bad bitch nesryn in the house of brave bc well do i really need to say? She's a baddie period.
Lysandra: my girl lys, my queen, the baddest bitch of them all, ofc shes in the house of lions, as much as i would love to sort her into my house, i cant, shes a gryffindor. the amount of bravery and courage and nerve to take on the mantle of pretending to be aelin while aelin was captured is just...amazing. it certainly was not an easy thing to do especially when the love of your life hates your guts. all hail queen lysandra.
Aedion: give me jock vibes so im putting him here
Hufflepuff: Loyal, Kind, Patient, Hardworking
Elide: i debated putting her in slytherin considering she shows traits of cunning and resourcefulness, but idk when i think of elide i think of hufflepuff. shes loyal af to a queen, has been since she was a goddamn child, shes patient I would say having to endure that horrible life of hers, and i would say hardworking too, nothing was given to her, she earned it.
Yrene: queen yrene is of course a hufflepuff as she should be, ngl i wanted to put her in gryffindor because this queen is brave af, but i think yrene would be happy in hufflepuff using her healing magic to help others, because shes just so mf kind.
Gavriel: idk this is a character i don't really care abt but i mean hes loyal? to the cadre and his son. and hes kind. and patient, always giving aedion space. yup
Chaol: debated sorting him in Gryffindor but he's too uptight to be a lion. not that hufflepuffs are uptight, just that chaol himself wouldn't be a good fit in Gryffindor. and hes loyal and hardworking
Ravenclaw: Wisdom, Wit, Individuality, Intelligence
Dorian: i sorted king dorian here because imo he is very wise, i remember him giving advice to chaol when chaol was pissy at aelin, like the iconic line "you cant pick and choose which parts of her too love" yup hes wise af. hes also witty, which we see quite often in the books which just makes us love him even more, *heart eyes* and hes super-intelligent, a king has to be, plus he would definitely start a book club with the other Ravenclaws and would most definitely invite aelin.
Rowan: look, i know this might be a controversial opinion, idk maybe, but i rlly think rowan fits here. i mean the other houses really dont suit rowan imo. hes intelligent af, wise, and is himself always.
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Manon: I heard a rumor.
Aelin, innocently: Oh?
Manon: Yes, and apparently someone said that you kicked my ass.
Aelin: How weird.
*earlier that day*
Person: And then?
Aelin: I saved her because obviously I’m a great hero. But really, I kicked a 200 year old witch’s ASS—
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cassiannestas · 12 days ago
chaol doesn’t deserve yrene i bet he calls her slurs in bed 
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cassiannestas · 16 days ago
acotar and tog artists i want you all to go outside and look at black people. do any of them have 1c natural hair because i know damn well that weaves and wigs didn’t exist a thousand and whatever the fuck years ago AND STOP GIVING THEM THIN LIPS PLEASE and start emphasising their natural african features before i take matters into my own hands and start killing your mfers 
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I just found out there are people who hate Yrene from tog.. YRENE?? The most unproblematic character in the whole series?? 
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Dorian, Chaol & Aelin reunite.
Chaol: This is my wife Yrene.
Dorian: Excuse me?
Aelin: *grinning* He said that's his wife.
Dorian: *glares* Seriously! You BOTH had weddings without me? I thought we were friends.
Chaol: *scratches head and looks away, mumbling*
Dorian: What was that?
Aelin: I believe he said she's pregnant.
Dorian: *eyes narrowed*
Chaol: ...
Aelin: ...
Yrene & Rowan: *share a long suffering look*
Dorian: MANON!!!
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lord-of-perranth · 18 days ago
friendly reminder that chaol brought the couch back from the southern continent
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bookswitchcraftandcats · 18 days ago
The Last Hours characters need Yrene Towers to just drop by with her “why don’t you just get married?” 
This would solve many, many problems. 
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