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#Yuri on ICE

Read on AO3 : Dedication

3897 words

Yuuri is Victor Nikiforov’s very best fan, he knows it. Today he has a ticket to see him skate at the European Championship, and he really hopes that he can get an autograph from his idol.
Victor has a new favorite fan.


A little explicit fic to try and get back into writing after a break… There is a hint of plot, fluff, and humor for a lot for naughtiness, I hope you enjoy! <3

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Here are some of my favourite anime’s. I know a lot of people are inside looking for things to watch and I’ve tried looking for recommendations. Give these a try and let me know what y’all are watching!



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Ace of the Diamond


Originally posted by diamond-dorks

Yuri!!! On ICE


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My Hero Academia


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Snow White with the Red Hair


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Carole and Tuesday


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Violet Evergarden


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Cowboy Bebop


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The Ancient Magus’ Bride


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I have many more but these are some of my top favourites in particular order!

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I was held down at beer can point and threatened with a ‘no access to WiFi otherwise’ situation by my sis and her gf and made to watch Yuri on ice.

Two episodes are all I have watched but holy crap.

I am about to fall in love with a certain Japan’s Ace I feel.

(And Victor. Because obviously.)

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CHAPTER 5 is up and waiting for you!
Inn this chapter Victor and Chris have a heart-to-heart, another familiar face makes an appearance and there’s first hints of something going on that our heroes don’t quite understand yet…what could it be?

Missed the first chapters? Start from the beginning right here with Chapter 1!

May this sweeten your weekend…! With this half the story is published!

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rainierorion replied to your post “Guys, I’m reblogging this to say…”

Omg I LOVE hypothermia!


Sharing this conversation with @rainierorion in case you guys didn’t know that your recs are welcome too and I’ll add it to the list! Self-rec are also welcome especially from new writers in the fandom! Please see related post I just reblogged!

(Also, crimsonseer is my main/personal blog. I know it’s kinda confusing since tumblr doesn’t allow replies from secondary blogs.)

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