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Magic in the Zelda Universe
While trying to fall back asleep before my alarm this morning, I was thinking about how magic works in the Zelda universe.
I think that in Zelda, everyone has magic. The reason why we rarely see it used is that magic is easy to use and learn as a child, but as people mature their innate magic begins to be formed by outside influences; hence why the younger Links (Ocarina of Time and the original Legend of Zelda) are more likely to learn and use magic directly while the ones who were older starting their adventure use magic with an item (or, as they would be technically termed in-universe, a “focus.”)
Items (focuses) are specifically designed to allow anyone to use magic, regardless of training or personal ability or the shape their magic took. Most magic in Zelda is performed this way, and most non-academic mages specialize in creating them.
It is possible to overcome the shape your magic has taken after it has matured, but it takes a long time and it isn't an easy process (hence why sages are often much older men and women.) However, there are people who exploit the way magic works to learn incredible abilities--Urbosa, for instance, likely has been training since childhood. Urbosa's Fury is her only ability, but it is unbelievably powerful.
Zelda is an outlier, but normally she would be trained by her mother from a young age to develop a wide variety of abilities. BotW Zelda's "training" under Rhoam was founded on a complete misunderstanding of how magic works and she only developed the sealing power at the last moment because the trauma influenced her innate magic into that shape, which is honestly a TERRIBLE way to learn all around.
BotW Link's own magic "bias" (and the fact that he's the reincarnated hero and their specific magic tends to be oriented around enhancing a sword during combat to hit enemies harder) is why the champions' abilities have to be given in such a dramatic way and why he can only use Mipha's Grace once and the other champions' abilities three times within a set period. Breath of the Wild Link’s own brand of magic is, in fact, the ability to slow time (as seen with flurry rushes and bullet time), which is something he’s been able to do since childhood. It’s impossible to know what it was that shaped his innate magic this way and it’s something so instinctive and natural to him that it doesn’t have a name, unlike the other champions’ abilities.
In Breath of the Wild, Wolf Link can teleport if the player character gets too far away. Under this theory of magic, it’s likely that Twilight Princess Link had already grown into magical abilities (probably showing itself as a gift for working with animals), but extensive exposure to the twilight and especially the curse reworked it into new abilities which mimic Midna’s.
The Sheikah Slate is, by this standard, not just a technological triumph but a magical focus enabling four main “spells.” These spells are common applications of Sheikah magic (as seen used by Skyward Sword’s Impa and Kohga, among others.) It is likely that the Sheikah train specifically so that they can achieve these spells. It is also possible that the different ethnic groups in Hyrule also have pre-existing biases for certain types of magic, particularly after centuries of magic use.
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ganondoodle · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i usually dont post as many wips here as i do over on twitter, but here are some very rough ones that im rly excited to draw once i have more time
(its a redesign of sooga/kohgas uniform/armor whatever it is)
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rrinku98illusts · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the cactus is immortal
don’t fight it
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seraphvenin · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
blood moon
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skydoes · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Color time shawty
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theryyx · 2 hours ago
Link botw Hair tie headcons:
If He and Zelda getting married (dont care wich Timeline botw/aoc) His Hair tie will be white
Before becomming Zeldas Knight or a solider his Hair tie had a diffrent colour as blue.
Link Always has some Hair ties in His Pocket
Zelda Gifts him to His Birthday/Christmas diffrent colours of Hair ties.
Zelda Loves to Match there Hair ties with the Same colour.
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fallenfeatheredarcher · 2 hours ago
I was playing Breath and I suddenly recognized an area where a memory was. So, I quickly went there, but both a guardian and a Yiga soldier were chasing me. It was hilarious to see them both just stop mid-chase just so Link could remember how the Princess was threatened by him HAHAHA.
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ladyphoenixnine · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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spideyanakin · 3 hours ago
Something to Prove
Link x Knight! Reader
Requested by @criminaly-supernatural​ // Im so happy that your writing for link now!!! I would like to request a one-shot or blurb where you and link are both knights and you kind of have like a cute friendly rivalry with each other. Like total fluff with maybe just a hint of angst?
Tumblr media
“I told you I can handle myself!” You almost screamed, this time getting seriously mad at your boyfriend who was being overprotective. You were a knight too - and a strong one at that. You could handle yourself on missions and it’s something Link sometimes forgot since you’d made it official. 
“I don’t want to see you hurt Y/n!” He didn’t raise his voice but he seemed annoyed. “I'm asking you to stay because I don’t want to see you hurt!” You had your back facing him and it stressed him out that he couldn’t see your expression. You stayed silent and it made his nerves bubble. He didn’t know if you were mad, angry, agreed with him, wanted to break up, or other emotions that Link had to time to think about before you spoke again. 
“I bet I could beat your ass.” You crossed your arms as you turned to face a confused Link.
“Sorry?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I’m challenging you to a duel. You don’t think I can do it so I’m challenging you.” you pressed on. 
“A duel?” His mouth went wide open. “Darling, this isn’t about-”
“No.” You pointed a finger so he would stop taking. “If I kick your ass you let me come. Proof that you stand a chance as much as I do.” 
“I’m sure you can beat me - but this about your security, not your skills.” He whined as he was desperate for you to stay safe at the castle. He took a step forward but you drew your sword so he couldn’t reach you. 
“I know you care about my security, Link. But I want to come with you. I won’t give up until you let me come with you.” 
“You’re impossible.” He cracked a smile and drew his sword too, heading for an attack that you gracefully dodged. 
“I know.” You smirked when you were face to face with him. “and that’s why you love me.” You attacked him on the side but he managed to dodge it too. You dodged one again until you were turning in a circle both of you wondering who would make the first new hit.  
“Y/n, why are you doing this?” He shook his head in disbelief. “You know we can’t beat each other.” He wondered and you tried to hit his side but he dodged it again. The two of you kept a calm stance of attack. None of you dared to attack to strong, scared to hurt the other. 
Suddenly you got the upper hand and you were pressing your sword on Link’s with all your strength. Your swords were crossed and your faces so close you could just reach and kiss him. Link was keeping a strong fight and you were determined to win. You leaned in as if you were about to press a kiss to his lips, using the short seconds where he was distracted to make his sword fly. 
You giggled when his face fell. “I know your one weakness, darling.” You mimicked his nickname for you.
“Hey! that’s not fair!” He whined which made you laugh. He took a step towards you as you placed your sword back in your scabbard and crossed your arms with a smirk. 
“So? Can I come with you?” You asked again as he was a few inches close to you. 
“You have to do something for me first.” He grinned and you raised an eyebrow as he did. “Kiss me. I was robbed a minute ago.”
“You’re impossible.” You grabbed him by the shirt and crashed your lips on his. 
“I know.” 
Taglist - @criminaly-supernatural​
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juiceduck · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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requiemofthespirit · 3 hours ago
I was thinking about the ending of OoT (spoiler alert)
Wasn’t it extremely cruel not to ask Link his damned opinion before sending him back in time?? I get it that it was in order to make him live the years he had lost, but hey, “time passes, people move”, and yeah, when Link had just gotten used to his new body after the shock of the change, he was immediately sent back?? Idk, it’s very heartbreaking. And maybe yes, maybe he would have thought about this too, but at least it would have been his choice.
And what if he wanted to stay? What if after having risked dying countless times and probably suffered from PTSD and depression, he just wanted to enjoy his Hyrule without monsters and slowly recover from the trauma in his own way? I don't think he would have "enjoyed his childhood" anyways after all he had to go through (and MM is rather indicative of this).
I don’t really blame Zelda since she is a victim of the situation too, but Link deserved to choose and deserved to have been remembered as the hero he was. I mean, he didn’t choose to be the Hero of Time. He didn’t choose to be a hero in the first place. And he definitely didn’t choose to grow up or to kill. He didn’t choose anything at all, he just had to do all these things and that’s sad.
That’s only my opinion btw, and we have Majora’s Mask because of this, sooo maybe it wasn’t too bad for us xD.
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lawfulschoolgirl · 3 hours ago
Shoutout to The Demon King Malladus. If nobody got my back, I know he’s reppin’ it up in bodysnatcher heaven like the cloudy blue thot he is. Lots of love, tough guy. Tough break. For a tougher man.
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funnypages · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Strange on the X-23 clones
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