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Virgo: Please, Cancer… After everything we’ve been through together… you cant do this to me…

Cancer *a single tear rolling down their cheek*:

Forgive me

Virgo: NO-

Cancer *Placing down a draw 4 card and full on sobbing*: Uno

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I know zodiac is quite bullshit. There’s no way a bunch of stars that are so far far away will affect your whole entire life, or that the universe will give a damn about our little life. 

But it still fun how some people just took this seriously and tried to act according to their zodiac, have no real personalities, keep posting “zodiac sign as…” , dating people with their matched zodiac and break up with them because “our zodiac sigh are too different!” or even read about their future according to the goddamn bunch of star that probably not even acknowledged our existence. 

Your elements according to zodiac? I used to read some articles about zodiac sign and elements and one thing that pull me off is this : I’m sagittarius, so I must have fire element, you should have that personality of blah blah. What? Based on entire description, I should be water?! I am reserved and reasonable. I am not passionate, loud mouth or aggressive at all. 

Hell, even at least Tarot and Lenormand can have some accuracy, have the actual meaning and have predicted accurated future to some people, but zodiac? a stars?

If you like zodiac, just like it. Read for fun and entertainment but don’t took it too seriously and believed it like a new religion and devoted yourself like a zealot. 

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Aries: hoax

Taurus: invisible strings

Gemini: peace

Cancer: my tears ricochet

Leo: the last great american dynasty

Virgo: august

Libra: the 1

Scorpio: mad woman

Sagittarius: epiphany

Capricorn: exile ft. bon iver

Aquarius: betty

Pisces: cardigan

instagram: soufflegirll

Taylor is a goddamn genius. I’m never going to get over Folklore. EVER

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(hi queennn i lov u most 💛)

scorpios are super individual both whether they make it a point to or not. a lot of scorpios have come off mysterious me but not all which depends on their rising! but ive always seen scorpios as the quiet type of confident that doesnt come in flashy actions but rather just in yalls presence?? its just there. yall are able to get what you want because rather than goin out to get it at the wrong moment, yall wait for the right time!! which makes yall v patient and also great at strategy. yall are viewed as strong bc you guys simply never give up. yall are not confrontational bc confrontations arent an issue bc i think yall just see them as addresing something/someone which also makes yall mature in my eyes!

aquarius moons are great at detatching! emotionally which i think allows you guys to think through things more logically which i admire and find relatable cos i do that a lot too! i think yall can be mistaken for cold/emotionless because of it but yall are simply observant and also feel more through your values rather than your sensitivities/feelings. but at the same time aqua moons can feel as if theyre ‘above’ for being so detached which can make yall emotionally blocked and even more detached sooo.. be careful! doing the right thing is important to yall, there is big justice streak with aqua placements. they also can be a loner kind offjjsd. not sm in a bad way bc we can be v social and make many friends bc of how friendly we are by nature and make sure to leave no one out…but still pretty guardedsjskd. indepence streak runs through all of aqua moons bc its what yall desire and yall can acheive it bc of how yall learn to tend to your own needs. i think aqua placements are great at self love bc of this!

libra risings are like bc of how nice and pleasant they come across! v sociable and good at engaging when its one on one. you guys have lots of friends but few close friends. the choosiness only stems from yalls dislike of drama, disruption, or chaos. w all air placements, justice is important to you guys and seek to find it by seeing from all sides. once youve found a position on something, you stay with it! while yall are fair minded and balanced, yall are indecisive as well bc of your struggle to say what you really want. yall are v sweet and want to be liked but can sometimes lead to people pleasing at times. yall may not like confrontation or compromise but it is needed for growth to see what is important to you.

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Rising Signs as Animated Male Characters 💫

Aries: Zuko from ATLA

Taurus: Kiyoomi Sakusa from Haikyuu


Gemini: James Griffin from Voltron

Cancer: Fred Jones from Scooby Doo Zombie Island


Leo: Rung Ladderton from Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated

Virgo: Danny Phantom


Libra: Aqualad from Young Justice

Scorpio: Robin from Young Justice


Sagittarius: Milo from Atlantis

Capricorn: Ryan Kinkade from Voltron


Aquarius: Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Pisces: Kaz Kaan from Neo Yokio


female version

based solely on appearance/energy of characters in the provided image; race is not a factor; names are on top of the images & images are read from left to right

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