cowboywizzard · 2 days ago
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pov you’re watching them gossip during a boring ambassador trip
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aangarchy · a day ago
Every atla AU is like "aang was found later" or "aang was found earlier" or "aang died and someone else became the next avatar" or "aang never got encased in ice and died 100yrs later and yue became the next avatar" but what about an AU where Aang never got found at all and remained encased in ice forever?
The world would have to accept that the avatar will never be reborn. No one knows what happened to the cycle. Even spiritual experts are absolutely baffled bc by all measures, the cycle shouldn't have stopped at all. People assume the young airbender would have been killed during the fire nation raids, while in the avatar state. But there would have been reports of that. People couldn't have missed a glowing kid? And if the cycle is supposedly gone, why do we still feel Raava's presence?
All contact with the spirit world eventually ceased. Even spiritual elders like Iroh eventually aren't able to meditate into the spirit world anymore. The Fire Nation's drill plan would have succeeded. They would have conquered the Earth Kingdom fully. The only true free nation remaining would be the Northern Watertribe, who remain in their ice fortress locked away from the rest of the world forever. Airbenders remain extinct.
Zuko gives up on his search for the Avatar after 4 years. At this point the 17yr old realizes he was sent on a fool's errand. It was his father's intention for him to never return. Him and Iroh abandon the ship, and make it to Ba Sing Se, where they settle and become Earth Kingdom citizens. Sokka and Katara leave the Southern tribe around the same time, in search of Hakoda. With Katara's limited waterbending skills they make it to Whale Tale island and catch a boat from there. Then they travel the Earth Kingdom with the limited information they have to find their dad. Toph eventually runs away from home to go to Earth Rumble competitions all over the Earth Kingdom. Her goal is to become the world champion. Suki's ambition to help refugees and fight in the war would cause her to take a troop of Kyoshi warriors and leave Kyoshi Island.
These people were destined to meet, with or without Aang. Their paths would cross one way or the other. A banished prince, the son and daughter of the Southern Watertribe chief, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors, and the only heir to the Bei Fong estate, they would make a team and devise a plan to stop the war. But they would always feel like something is missing. And that something is beneath the ice, in a deep eternal slumber. Would they even succeed?
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corruptsocialite · 2 days ago
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gafield-milk · a day ago
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fellas is it gay to stare into your homies eyes while thinking that he’s the most beautiful thing in the world even though you are in the presence of THE most beautiful sunset ever (by your sister’s words)
(she’s right)
(but you’re gay)
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your-royal-momoness · 10 hours ago
Katara: how’s everyone doing?
Toph: I’m breathing
Katara: setting the bar pretty low, huh?
Toph: we’ll, it’s more than Zuko can say
Zuko, having a panic attack: honestly, fuck you
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nourtarts · 2 days ago
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ATLA x KNY part 2! Flame Hashira Zuko vs Demon Azula 🔥
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thegoldcat · 17 hours ago
ATLA Fandom Survey
A simple demographics survey. Talk to me about yourself, for I wish to have data. All answers are anonymous so go ham (edit: you no longer need an email, pls don’t break my trust by spamming/botting this!)
I don’t want numbers to be skewed to one section of the fandom so I’d appreciate if this gets reblogged. Also, I don’t have a very big atla following on twitter/instagram/tiktok, so if someone would like to share this on there, I’d appreciate that too 🙏
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ellakomskaikru · a day ago
How do you feel about the ATLA comics erasure of Zuko/Katara's relationship? I feel it's the second most petty thing Bryke could've done after their relationship ends with no closure after Zuko is fried alive saving Katara's life
Hello anon!
I absolutely hated it. The writers clearly felt threatened by Zutara, and because of that, felt the need to limit the time that Zuko and Katara spent together as friends as much as possible. Zuko and Katara definitely should have had a scene together after the Final Agni Kai, discussing how grateful they are to each other and solidifying their friendship, but Bryke couldn’t even do that because he was upset that so many people preferred Zutara over their nice guy fantasy ship.
(As I have said before, I don’t hate Aang, I am critical of some of his behavior but I think that he is a good person with flaws who simply isn’t compatible with Katara.) Bryke also felt the need to make fun of a bunch of Zutara shippers fanarts and that was just so immature and petty. If they didn’t feel threatened by Zutara they wouldn’t have felt the need to do that either. Not to be pessimistic, but I’m just preparing myself for the worst for this upcoming Zuko movie. I feel that Bryke will contrive any reason to keep Zuko and Katara apart.
Thanks for the ask!
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cyan-orange-studio · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here we present the sketch of the exclusive illustration our patrons will get on August! Patrons will receive HQ PNG, Video Process & PSD File! 
Thank you all who keep supporting my art in any way the cay :) - Sonya
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cowboywizzard · a day ago
s1 zuko had such strong internalized homophobia that if the gaang insisted his obsession with the avatar was even slightly gay he probably would’ve stopped
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dragons-dawn · 2 days ago
Getting real tired of seeing “Ursa is an imperialist monster and a bad mother because she didn’t challenge the royal family and the social norms surrounding her” takes.
Sorry but I’m not going to blame a woman who had little to no say in her own marriage for not readily challenging everything around her when it would have very likely cost her life and endangered her children. A lot of you really overlook the fact that she was forced to marry and procreate with Ozai because Azulon believed the Avatar’s genes with strengthen his bloodline. Let’s not pretend she had any kind of power or agency in that relationship, especially not against Azulon and Ozai.
Considering what Ozai did to Zuko it’s not a reach to speculate on the kinds of threats Ursa faced from him.
Azulon was perfectly willing to hurt Zuko to punish Ozai, what’s not to say it wouldn’t have been different if Ursa defied him?
Ursa ultimately assassinated the Fire Lord to protect her son, showing exactly where her true loyalty lies: her loved ones, not her country and what it’s doing. If she was really as on board with Fire Nation nationalism as some of you want to pretend she probably wouldn’t have decided to poison the head of state that readily.
Ursa is a tragic character who is motivated by survival above everything else.
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somespicyshrimp · 2 days ago
redemption arcs where the redemption comes not just from the wrongdoer’s self-sacrifice, from the easy escape of annihilation, the refuge and shelter of martyrdom, but from the hard, painful, vulnerable, ultimately irreplaceable labor of living, of changing, of mending your damage and the damage you have caused others, of forgiving yourself and allowing for the possibility that others will forgive you too. redemption arcs where there is a future beyond the hurt. redemption arcs where the redemption is not the end, but the beginning.
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chaoticsandstorm · 20 hours ago
i don’t know how to explain this to some people but children, very generally, cannot be abusive. they can exhibit abusive behaviours, sure, but they’re 9 times out of 10 picked up from an external environment, like their family or an older friend. children learn abusive behaviours. they’re never ingrained instinct.
the whole idea of abuse is that there is a power dynamic where one person has power over the other - whether it be physical, verbal, financial. it doesn’t matter. Azula, as a young child, did not have power over her elder brother. i’m aware of cases of abuse between siblings so full sensitivity here, but from what we’ve seen in ATLA, Zuko wasn’t afraid of her. she teased him and lied to him but that’s normal for children still working out right and wrong. Zuko was wary of her at times, but he was never genuinely afraid or upset with her. there’s nothing there to suggest abuse besides the fact that they treat each other like rivals, which indicates their parents abusing them rather than anything else. you can’t point to Azula and say “she wasn’t a very nice child so she must have been abusive!! look at her throwing bread!! look at her lying to Zuko!!”
abuse doesn’t work that way, and Azula wasn’t a child abuser
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sapphis-m · a day ago
anyway can we PLEASE abandon the narrative that zuko is somehow horrible for not liking azula and (unrightfully) blaming her for certain things?
like besties... you DO realize abuse victims will sometimes place undeserved blame on others, right? that for victims with siblings, they oftentimes don’t recognize that their siblings may be going through the same thing, right? 
zuko and azula stans will completely villainize the opposite sibling for displaying trauma responses and it’s obvious that one, they themselves have never been in those kind of situations, and two, they’re just blinded by their hatred for the other fire nation sibling. zuko is completely justified for not liking azula. he’s perfectly justified in having a very confusing relationship with her, where he will say that she always lies but then sides with her to return to the fire nation. and that doesn’t make him a bad character! it’s literally called, “Our father favored you while we were children and constantly pitted us against each other, effectively ruining any and all positive interactions we can have, but I still want to connect with you but our past experiences have completely ruined that chance.” but people don’t seem the recognize that. it’s literally nuance to his character and the complexities that he has. 
was it wrong for zuko to associate azula with the abuse he suffered? OF FUCKING COURSE. but guess what! to zuko, azula was untouched from that abuse. she was the golden child, the one that ozai would treat with care. you can’t fault zuko for being unaware that azula was being abused too, because he was literally looking out for himself. that’s what abuse victims do. he’s going to protect himself before all else, and so he’s going to see azula -- the one that has been praised time and time again by their father and everyone around them -- as someone that’s safe in their household. he cannot speak out against his father without being hurt, and so he goes to the next best thing: azula. in his mind, she will never be subjected to what he endured, and to him, she was just like their father. people that say that zuko should have been compassionate to azula from the get-go do not understand that zuko didn’t even realize azula was being abused until THE FINAL AGNI KAI. and even then, he doesn’t understand what she went through! they suffered DIFFERENTLY and he cannot connect with that. 
ON THE OTHERHAND, azula was literally a child that did not understand the severity of their household. do you think azula, at the age of six or seven, genuinely thought their grandfather was being serious in ordering her older brother’s death? NO. it’s incredibly likely that she thought they were joking, that azulon and ozai were not being genuine. azula literally idolized ozai and copied his behavior, which was, y’know, ABUSIVE, but SHE DID NOT KNOW BETTER. she literally had no other adult to learn from like zuko did. all she had was their father -- and yes, while she DID have lo and li, they were not there to parent her and simply fed her fire nation ideals and beliefs. azula, in my opinion, genuinely loves her brother but she is just unable to show it in a healthy manner. all she had to base her love and affection from was abusive behavior. 
azula is treated like literal dogshit by a good chunk of the fandom, unjustifiably so. zuko’s brash and rude personality gets excused but the moment azula shows ANY kind of behavior that may be rude to him, she gets dragged through the mud with at least twenty different hate posts. the only reason you should be hating on azula is because she’s an imperialist. you SHOULDN’T be hating on her for being an abuse victim that aligned her personality with her abuser to protect herself, that constantly pushed herself and actually lived up to the golden child status that zuko sees her with because she did so to SURVIVE. 
again, it all comes down to nuance of character and the fact that people just want to shit on both of these characters because they aren’t cookie-cutter perfect. 
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solborealis · a day ago
what i love the most about zuko is his duality. on one hand, he's the big bad fire lord, expert swordsman, and firebending master.
on the other hand, he's a theatre nerd and turtleduck enthusiast who can't tell a joke to save his life.
and all of those traits exist inside a socially awkward teenager.
it's perfect.
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southslates · 2 days ago
this scene because yeah, they look so good together, but katara is visually supporting zuko after saving his life and they are realizing that they've won half the battle, that aang may have still lost to ozai but that they are standing in the courtyard of the fire palace that is zuko's birthright but katara's victory, that some part of the fight is over. zuko is realizing that he now has a great responsibility and katara is holding him up, supporting him, because that is all about what avatar the last airbender is about, friendship and support and reconciling differences to make the world a better place. they could have done so much if they'd been allowed to stay friends and to support each other like they did here. zuko takes lightning for katara, katara defeats azula, they both change the world <3
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eps-epsan · a day ago
Since Yuzuru's announcement I can't stop thinking about On Ice We Fall (in love)
So I read it again aaand
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is my practice drawing of the day and I liked it so much that I had to post here
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